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  1. These QB competitions are going to be weird without any preseason games.
  2. I see no problem with Shady filling the Danny Woodhead role as a check down and change of pace back.
  3. The Jets had a bad line last year to be sure but their ineptitude is exaggerated. They were bottom 5 in a league with 10+ bad O-lines. They were not all-time bad. One of the biggest losers in the history of US pro sports played there last year and his failure always has to be about his O-line There are actual Lev Bell fanatics who preach the gospel of POOR BABY! to defend him. Odd that his success in Pittsburgh was all about him though. The Jets played 4 games where they had absolutely no chance of competing. (In NE with Darnold and the 3 games without him) They went 6-4 after that horrible NE game and Darnold was a 90+ rated passer in those 10 games. He also only got sacked 26 times in those 10 compared to their QBs going down 26 times in those first 6 weeks. Faulk and Siemian went down 18 times in about 100 drop backs! Even little snowflake improved to 7.73 per catch in his last 9 games compared to 6.03 during that ugly first 6 weeks.
  4. I think he is a decent LB but the Eagles vastly overpaid him after the Super Bowl. He was a bad signing at that salary but a good player at the bargain rate the Saints will play.
  5. Josh McDaniels won a playoff game with Tim Tebow. This defense is still loaded with talent. If Cam is healthy he does not have to improve on 6 Lombardis. He just has to be better than an 88 rated passer (24 TDs 8 picks 4000 yards) with 34 yards rushing and 3 rushing TDs. (Brady last year)
  6. As an Eagles fan who lived in Philly (and got WFAN NY coverage on the radio) during most of Eli's career, I absolutely agree. He was good to win a few games they should have lost and lose a few games they should have won almost every year. I think he eventually belongs in the HoF on the basis of those 8 playoff games but not as a first ballot guy. I also understand why people disagree.
  7. He's been pretty good to very good in all 3 playoff games. He's 37 passes short of qualifying but he's slightly above Joe Montana at 95.7 which would be 10th (11th when Mahomes also qualities) Credit where credit is due.
  8. If only that helped them to be better than 2-8 against competitive NFL teams in 2019. 11 passing TDs to 8 picks in those 10 games. He's my hero when it comes to pounding awful teams. Dak Prescott: MVP of the Week 9 of 2018 through Week 3 of 2019 Pretend Season!
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/31/sports/baseball/woman-testifies-that-she-had-sex-with-pete-rose-as-early-as-age-14.html#:~:text=Rose%2C%20the%20major%20leagues'%20career,age%20of%20consent%20in%20Ohio. Also if the bookies know when you are betting on your team and not betting on your team and you use the best pinch hitters and relievers and generally try to manage a better game when you have some money riding on the game then you are part of a cheating ring of gamblers. The rule is clear. If you bet on baseball you get the death penalty. He was and is a garbage human being who has no business in a Hall of Fame. In baseball, no one is worse than Pete Rose. NO ONE. This is from someone who has watched the final game of the 1980 World Series about 120 times.
  10. I remember "New England, The Patriots, and We" Which might even be funny to Pats fans now that they have 6 Lombardis.
  11. Does it matter that the Packers were the 4th best team in the NFC and the 2nd best team in the North in 1998? They lost to the Vikings by 14 and 13 in 2 games. They were 4-4 in their own division.
  12. The 07 team was 10-6 and they avenged 4 of those 6 losses in the playoffs. Here was their schedule: 13-3 Cowboys 13-3 Packers 9-7 DC 8-8 Philly 4-12 Jets 4-12 Atlanta 5-11 SF 1-15 Miami Bye 13-3 Dallas 7-9 Detroit 8-8 Vikings 7-9 Bears 8-8 Eagles 9-7 DC 7-9 Bills 16-0 Patriots They went 4-0 against the bad teams. They went 0-4 against the 13+ win teams (avenged all these losses when they caught fire in the playoffs) They went 6-2 against the middle of the pack Yes, this included an awful home game against the Vikings and a bad showing at home vs DC Their inconsistency is vastly overstated.
  13. From about 1984 through 1996 the NFCCG was the Super Bowl and the actual game was mostly an afterthought. There were 2 competitive games in 13 years. The NFC went 13-0
  14. In 2007 they played a 38-35 game in NY where the Giants were up 28-16 in the middle of the 3rd quarter.
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