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  1. The Patriots drafted 2 TEs in round 3 this year. They have combined for 1 catch for 8 yards.
  2. The Patriots pass catchers besides Edelman are 100% trash. Here is the slop they have drafted since the year after Gronk. 2011 Lee Smith TE R5 2012 Jeremy Ebert WR R7 2013 Aaron Dobson WR R2 2013 Josh Boyce WR R4 2014 Jeremy Gallon WR R7 2015 AJ Derby TE R6 2016 Malcolm Mitchell WR R4 (decent player but had a bad knee) 2016 Devin Lucien WR R7 2018 Braxton Berrios WR R6 2018 Ryan Izzo TE R7 2019 N'Keal Harry WR R1 2020 Devin Asasi TE R3 2020 Dalton Keene TE R3 That's 1 player who is not trash as an NFL pass catcher in 10 years. N'Keal Harry is 27th in his class in receiving yards as a 1st round pick!
  3. Not sure if anyone was doing this so I will offer it up: Through 7 games 2019 Winston: 2 wins 5 losses 153-263 for 58.17% with 2972 yards at 7.88 per pass with 14 TDs 12 picks for an 82.1 rating. 28 sacks 8 fumbles 3 lost 2020 Brady 5 wins 2 losses 176-268 for 65.67% with 1910 yards at 7.13 per pass with 18 TDs 4 picks for a 102.7 rating. 8 sacks 4 fumbles 1 lost Not bad for an old guy.
  4. One idea for the 2021 cap: NFL Owners as a gesture of good faith tell the players they are putting an extra 90 million (or whatever deficit there is) in the pot to keep the cap from shrinking and they are matching the 90 million to help their 30 communities with assistance during the pandemic. The PR bonus for this would be way greater than the value of the money.
  5. I am so proud of Minshew for hiding this injury and playing through the pain instead of healing up. The Jags might have gone 0-2 the last two games if he did not play!
  6. Gurley stay on the sidelines!
  7. That football showing possession and looking like a negative is incredibly stupid. Its not as bad as the penalty colored graphic that MNF had for the first half of the first game last year, but its still bad.
  8. The rule is actually written like this: POOR BABY JESSE JAMES!!!! Everything is a catch now!
  9. It did hit the ground but I think that is a catch in today's NFL. Who can ever really know though?
  10. Megatron > AB Calvin Johnson had more yards, more TDs, and a higher ypc in his age 22-30 seasons. He did this on some really crappy teams.
  11. Remember that time that Jerrah taunted him before the Cowboys game? 329 yards and a TD Good Times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i4XkN0CXbs
  12. People with bad opinions do lie. Julio will be a first ballot HoF WR. His numbers will be insane and that toe tap catch in the Super Bowl is worth about 30 regular season TDs to voters.
  13. Do you all see the plan here with the field goals? If you don't score TDs early then you can't blow a 20 point lead!
  14. I am sure people call the Chiefs about Mahomes. It does not mean there is anything to it.
  15. The math is still possible for 4-11-1 and 3-3 in division. NY 1-6 DC 2-5 Dal 2-5 Philly 2-4-1 Tampa BYE at Philly Dallas at DC Giants Pit BYE Philly at Lions BYE at Giants BYE Bengals at Min at Cleveland at Cincy at Dallas DC Seattle at Seattle at Pit at Baltimore at Green Bay Arizona at SF at Cincy New Orleans Cleveland Seattle SF at Arizona at Baltimore Carolina Philly at Dallas Dallas at Philly at Giants DC 4-12 4-12 4-12 4-11-1 Imagine the week 17 hype for a winner take all of 4-11 Football Team at 3-11-1 Philly
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