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  1. How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

    The Bubby Brister would have taken us to glory angle is not an argument I see too often. Also, the Patriots annihilated the Steelers on special teams in the 2001 AFCCG with a punt return and a blocked FG. I'm not sure that counts as being outcoached, As a playoff QB, Slash Stewart makes Andy Dalton look good.
  2. Farewell, Patriots

    Sorry if you got offended by the way I handled your back-handed sarcastic hot-take swipe at the Patriots disguised as a joke about them winning again. I posted on the END OF NE (take 10) (you broached this and you don't control how we respond) I also just posted on the parity angle. Enjoy your night.
  3. Farewell, Patriots

    Also Parity is not a league with either Roethlisberger(5), Manning(5), or Brady(12) in each of the last 15 AFCCGs. Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincy, Dallas, DC, Houston, Miami, and Oakland have not been to even 1 AFCCG or NFCCG over that time. The Titans just got back to the AFCCG after 15 years away. BTW, Andy Reid is going to his 7th AFCCG since 2001.
  4. Farewell, Patriots

    Deja Vu from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. These hot takes have to be right one of these years, don't they?
  5. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Good News :Green Bay only needs to win 1 game to get to the Super Bowl Bad News: They were -90 DVOA the last time they faced SF.
  6. How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

    First: I think Cowher is an easy decision for the Hall of Fame (absolute yes) Second: Go ahead and justify Jim Kelly's place in the HoF (its based ONLY on getting to 4 Super Bowls) Reeves got to 4 as a coach and 11 overall (2 of them were pre-Superbowl Championships)
  7. How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

    I'd be interested to see what people thought of these 2 guys: Dan Reeves the coach (probably Hall of Very Good) or Dan Reeves the player, assistant coach, and head coach As far as I can tell he took part in 9 Super Bowls (11 total title games) 2 as a player in Dallas (4 counting pre-SB title games) In 66-67 he combined for 13 rushing TDs and 14 receiving TDs as a Christian McCaffrey type of the '60s. 3 as an assistant in Dallas 4 as a head coach in Denver (3) and Atlanta (1) Just as an FYI here are his numbers compared to Gayle Sayers (WHO IS CLEARLY BETTER) from '66-'67 (Reeves only 2 years as a full time starter) Sayers 2111 yards 15 rushing TDs 5.1 per rush 50 catches 573 yards 3 TDs 11.5 per catch 5.8 per touch 2684 yards from scrimmage 18 Total TDs Note: Sayers missed 1 game in 1967 Reeves 1360 yards 13 rush TDs 3.9 per carry 80 catches 1047 yards 14 TDs 13.1 per catch 5.6 per touch 2407 yards from scrimmage 27 total TDs Like Sayers he got mangled before medicine could handle it and he was a part time player after that. Unlike Sayers he was nowhere near a HoF player, but he was no slouch. His most famous play was a 50 yard HB pass to give the Cowboys a 17-14 lead late in a title game you may have heard of. (Starr wins it very late with a 1 yard run) I'm am not saying he should be in for sure but its interesting to consider guys like Reeves (player/assistant/coach) and Seifert (assistant/coach) Seifert was DC for 6 years in SF and they were a top 10 D in all 6 years (2 SB wins) They were top 10 for 7 of his 8 years as head coach also He won 2 more SBs as a head coach and his win% is insane (16th all time including his 1-15 last year) He was also the DB coach from 80-82 for the 1st Super Bowl (5 total for him) That '81 team was 3rd in passing yards and 5th in picks with 3 rookies and a 3rd year player as the starters (it helps that Lott was one of them for sure) Again, not in for sure but an interesting conversation
  8. Centennial Class revealed for Pro Football HOF

    Add Stanley Morgan (7 year overlap) and Harold Jackson ('68 to '83) as 2 more contemporary WRs to go in before Drew Pearson.
  9. Centennial Class revealed for Pro Football HOF

    Pearson played from 1973 to 1983 He put up 489 catches 7822 yards and 48 TDs 22 games 68 catches 1131 yards and 8 TDs in the playoffs 1 catch for 13 yards and 0 TDs in the Super Bowl win 6 catches 132 yards 1 TD in the 2 losses to Pittsburgh Carmichael had 577 catches 8414 yards and 77 TDs during Pearson's career (and put up another 41 catches 570 yards and 2 TDs outside of 73-83) As a 70's Eagle he only got to play in 7 playoff games: 29 catches 465 yards 6 TDs He had 5 catches for 83 yards in the Super Bowl when Jaworski was not hitting open Raiders. Branch had 471 catches 8243 yards and 67 TDs 73 catches 1289 yards and 5 TDs in the playoffs 14 catches 181 yards and 3 TDs in 3 Super Bowl wins Stallworth and Swann entered the league in 1974 so shift 1 year: Stallworth put up 387 catches 6799 yards and 55 TDs. (and then played 3 more productive years) He absolutely dominated in the playoffs. 18 games 57 catches 1054 yards and 12 TDs Super Bowls : 11 for 268 and 3 TDs at 24.4 per catch. This was really 2 meh SBs of 5 catches 32 yards and 2 legendary games of 6 catches 236 yards and 3 TDs at 39.3 per catch. Stallworth belongs in the Hall of Fame Swann put up 336 5422 and 51 in only 9 seasons but he absolutely dominated the playoffs 48 catches 907 yards and 9 TDs in 16 games Swann did not have a catch in SB IX In the other 3 he went 16 for 364 with 3 TDs at 22.8 per catch including The Levitating Leap The Kangaroo Catch And this sweet TD grab Carmichael destroys Pearson on numbers 2 more TDs in 15 more playoff games and a Lombardi trophy with 1 catch for 13 yards in the game does not put him past Carmichael at all Carmichael had 2 more 100 yard games and the same number of multiple TD playoff games as Pearson in 1/3 as many games. Stallworth beats him everywhere. Branch destroys him on numbers and Super Bowls Swann is in the Hall of Fame like Troy Aikman. He was so dominant in Super Bowls that the rest of his career is gravy. On the '75-'78 Cowboys teams that went to 3 Super Bowls, Drew was 2nd in playoff TDs by guys named Pearson. From '73-'77 he had 4 more regular season TDs and 1 more playoff TD than Golden Richards and Richards missed 5 regular season games. Pearson was a Hall of Good WR surrounded by incredible talent who made a very famous divisional round catch.
  10. Why don't MVPs win the Super Bowl?

    14 of the last 26 went to the Super Bowl. That's actually a lot. The years in BOLD the MVP played in the Super Bowl. In 1993 Smith was MVP and won the Super Bowl In 1994 Young was the MVP and won the Super Bowl In 1995 Favre could not stop the Cowboys yet with the Deion Sanders power up. In 1996 Favre was MVP and won the Super Bowl In 1997 Sanders it was Lions gonna Lions In 1998 Davis was the MVP and won the Super Bowl In 1999 Warner was the MVP and won the Super Bowl In 2000 Warner got mangled and limped back to lose a weird wildcard game (Faulk MVP) In 2001 MVP Faulk actually won the Super Bowl on Earth 471 (which is the same alternate reality where the Patriots taped walkthroughs) In 2002 Gannon had to run his exact same offense against a team coached by the guy who installed the offense 2003, '04, '08, '09 Manning are self-explanatory In 2005 (Alexander) it was either the refs or a fool WR pretending to push off getting called for pushing off. Add in a dash of sweet WR option pass TD. 2006 Tomlinson it was not enough play-making and too much crying about disrespect. In 2007 it was a bleepin' helmet catch. In 2010 Brady and 2011 Rodgers they were both 14-2/15-1 team choke jobs In 2012 Peterson was a RB on the 10th best team in the league (by record) In 2013 Manning it was the Legion of Boom In 2014 Rodgers it was a game so wacky that the officials forgot to bring the footballs to the field for the next game because they were too busy watching the earlier game. In 2015 Newton it was because he is so sensitive and the scary men were near the football. In 2016 it was because the real MVP was accused of heresy and witchcraft. The actual award winner was up 28-3 in the Super Bowl. In 2017 it was because of this: In 2018 it was because Dee Ford could not position himself properly in relation to the football. In 2019 it was because of this: and also a 14-2 team choke job
  11. Is Patrick Mahomes the new face of the NFL?

    Its a thing now after the Head and Shoulders commercial.
  12. Is Patrick Mahomes the new face of the NFL?

    I have not been keeping up with the numbers but I am 99% sure that Mahomes is now the best statistical QB in NFL history through 34 combined starts. This was pretty much true from games 3 through 34. Yes, he is the face of the NFL. And the face of the NFL really likes ketchup.
  13. How Much Do You Think Patrick Mahomes Is Going To Make?

    Wow, your joke about his head injury, torn ACL, and back injuries is so funny! Do you actually think you score points with anyone but Dak sniffers with this trash?
  14. Notable Stats and Observations

    Henry is a bit like Reggie White and LeBron (maybe Lemeiux and Lindros from Hockey) Humans are not normally made that big, that skilled, and that quick all in the same package. You see highlights of big guys like Riggins busting through the line and everyone has to chase him down from behind. You see Henry bust through the line and guys downfield have the angle on him and he outruns them to the spot. (or stiff arms them into Bolivian)
  15. Jaguars fire OC John DeFlippo

    Here is the thing you don't get. This is not a Jags fan forum. We don't care about your feelings or your expert insider information when it is spat at us like we are evil for not watching Jags press conferences. Flip had a job. He lost that job and I was talking about the performance of that job in relation to the talent around him. Its great that you added the detail about this being a mutual parting of the ways but your smug instant-attack attitude about everything Jags adds nothing to the conversation.