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  1. Is Rivers better than any current HoF QBs?

    Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Manning are beyond any doubt Roethlisberger has more passing yards, 11 less TDs, 12 more game winning drives, and 26 more regular season wins Comparing their playoff careers is laughable Ben had 1 bad season in his entire career and that was because his head went through a windshield a few weeks before training camp This is a 37-20 type rout for Roethlisburger comparing him to 'The Compiler Junior' Eli has more passing yards, 14 less TDs, 7 more game winning drives, and 2 less regular season wins at this point. He also has 2 rings and does not suck in the playoffs Matt Ryan is 4 years younger and will pass all of Rivers numbers if he plays as long. He also has an MVP and a Super Bowl appearance Wilson already overlaps him by 7+ years and he is far superior to Rivers. Cam Newton already overlaps Rivers by 8+ years. Rivers only argument is stats and Cam is on a pace to have something like 55-60 K passing yards 350-400 passing TDs 7-8K rushing yards 100+ rushing TDs Cam has also been league MVP and played in a Super Bowl Cam after age 29 is just about on par for passing yards and TDs where Rivers was after age 31 He is ahead of that pace for comebacks, game winning drives, and playoff wins I am not saying Cam is a current elite QB, but if we are taking 9... he is in and Rivers is out. There is Rivers in 10th Favre overlaps Rivers by 7 years. Warner by 6 years Include them and now there is Rivers in 12th. You are splitting hairs about someone who played a lot of games, compiled a lot of stats, and was meaningless in the playoffs. Maybe he can get a 'Healthier Tony Romo' award in the lobby of the Canton Motel 6.
  2. Is Rivers better than any current HoF QBs?

    Kelly is in the Hall of Fame for 'going to 4 Super Bowls' He had 21 TDs and 28 picks with a 72.3 rating in the playoffs with basically an All-Star team around him. He had 6 TDs and 15 picks in his 9 final four games (AFCCGs and Super Bowls) Here are his ratings in those 9 games: 35.1 vs Cincy 126.6 vs LA Raiders 81.5 vs New York 31.6 vs Denver 44.8 vs DC 4 picks, 3 fumbles, 1 lost 71.0 vs Miami Following Reich going about 114.0 in his 2 starts 58.9 vs Dallas I think he had 3 turnovers in 8 or 9 drop backs before getting benched 79.2 vs KC 67.1 vs Dallas He did this with an offense that had a solid line with Pro Bowl players and Hall of Famers at RB, WR1, and WR2 (until Lofton left) Ballard x2 Hull x3 (and a 4th year as 1st team all-pro without a pro bowl?) Wolford x3 Ritcher x2 Kelly started 17 playoff games on that loaded Bills team and he had 3 games of 100+ rating Reich started 2 games for the same team and he had 2 games of 100+ rating. Kelly was a sure fire top 5 NFL QB from the start of 1990 through the end of the 1991 regular season. 99.1 rating over those 2 regular seasons and his only excellent statistical playoff run in 1990 The rest is stat compiling by a QB that was not a top 10 level player. He was an 82.7 rated QB in his first 4 years. Kosar was 85.1 Kreig was 85.1 He was an 81.7 rated QB from years 7-10 Kosar was 82.1 Kreig was 80.7 He was 73.2 in his last season.
  3. Is Rivers better than any current HoF QBs?

    Guys like Namath and Kelly are in under special considerations. No point in comparing the 10-12th best QB of his era to them. Rivers and those guys don't belong in on merit.
  4. Its a team sport but the QB is the unquestioned leader. This game sums up the foolishness of the Brees worship based on stats over wins. Bengals at Saints - 2006 Brees had 510 yards and 2 TDs so his stat accumulation was on-point. He also had 3 picks of which 1 was a pick-6 and the other 2 were interceptions in the end zone. They lost 31-16 and Brees with 500+ yards was the worst player on the field. (he made the 3 worst plays) This was in the dome to an 8-8 Bengals team. If he had 380 yards and no picks, they win that game and he finishes 2006 as 3rd in passing yards instead of 1st. His individual stat (510 yards) did not help the team win the game. His whole greatness is based on the individual stats of passing yards and TDs and completion percentage. Look at a year like 2016 when the Saints went 7-9. 5208 yards and 37 TDs - worship his stats! Sure his D let him down and he lost some shootouts to Atlanta and Oakland. He also won shootouts in the 30s vs Carolina and San Diego He also threw 8 picks in 3 losses to Denver, Detroit, and at Tampa. All those teams finished at 9-7 because they beat the Saints. The Lions made the playoffs at 9-7 Brees is a first ballot hall of fame QB who won a Super Bowl and will likely retire as #1 in regular season passing yards and passing TDs. I'd also point out that his 8 TD 0 pick 117.0 rating playoff run in 2009 is highly underrated. That's not enough for some people who feel the need to LeBron-ize him and insist he is greater than he is.
  5. Tevin Coleman vs LeVeon Bell

    And that is where lies lie: Pittsburgh has been top 5 in passing yards every year of Bell's career. Teams fear Antonio Brown far more than they fear Bell. Brown has 74 TDs since 2013 in 703 touches. Bell has 42 TDs in 1541 touches. Conner, Samuels, and Williams have 33 TDs over the same time period in 740 touches. Teams may game plan around the Pittsburgh O-line who blows holes in the D that Bell waits until he can run through. They are not single covering Brown while dropping 8 in the box. Here are the yards per touch of the 4 RBs who have started for Pittsburgh during Bell's career: DeAngelo Williams averaged 5.4 per touch as the Pittsburgh workhorse James Conner averaged 5.4 yards per touch as the Pittsburgh workhorse. Bell averaged 5.2 yards per touch as the workhorse. Their offense did not miss a beat in 2015 or 2018. Even Samuels comes in at 5.5 per touch (just over 6 per touch in the 3 games he was used heavily) We can safely say that Bell got more yards because he got more chances. The data supports nothing else.
  6. Favre is 74 games above .500 Marino is 54 Brees is 47
  7. Its clearly and obviously Favre Favre played in 2 Super Bowls Brees and Marino played in 1 Favre won 3 MVP awards Marino - 1 Brees - 0 Favre had 14 winning seasons, 2 seasons at .500, and only 2 losing seasons Brees is 9-2-6 Marino is 12-2-2 Favre had 10 seasons of 10+ wins Brees has 8 Marino has 6 He had 6 seasons of 12+ wins Brees has 3 Marino has 3 What about greatness? Favre was widely regarded as the best QB in the league for a while. (1995-2003) Warner outplayed him in 1999 but no one crowned Kurt after 1 season Marino had his run of 1984-1986 Brees has not been widely regarded as the best for even 1 minute of his career. Now if the question was who had the best passing yardage numbers on teams that failed to have winning records Brees wins that as passing yards champ on 5 teams that were 8-8 or worse.
  8. Tevin Coleman vs LeVeon Bell

    SI got some heat for ranking Coleman ahead of Bell. I just wanted to see the raw numbers and compare. I may add a yards per focus line later (counting runs and targets instead of runs and catches) Bell was obviously more workhorse and very publicly missed a year. Coleman is a far better prospect than McKinnon who got PAID last off-season.
  9. Here are the stats 2015-2018: Coleman 528 carries 2340 yards 4.4 per carry 18 rushing TDs 92 catches 1010 yards 11.0 per catch 11 receiving TDs 620 touches 3350 yards 5.4 per touch 29 total TDs 7 fumbles or 1 per 88.6 touches 92 catches on 134 targets or 68.7% and 7.6 yards per target. 29 TDs on 620 touches or 1 TD every 21.4 touches Bell 695 carries 3115 yards 4.5 per carry 19 rushing TDs 184 catches 1407 yards 7.6 per catch 4 receiving TDs 879 touches 4522 yards 5.1 per touch 23 total TDs 7 fumbles or 1 per 125.6 touches 184 catches on 226 targets or 81.4 % and 6.2 yards per target 23 TDs on 879 touches or 1 TD every 38.2 touches.
  10. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    How many of those 8 were awful in the playoffs, barely had impact winning seasons(12+), and were dwarfed by 10+ QBs who played during their careers? How many of them were the 3rd best impact QBs in their draft class? He's a very good QB who has not proven anything but stat compiling yet. Kerry Collins and Vinny Testaverde compiled stats as well. Collins even got to a Super Bowl. Of course Rivers is better than them, but his resume is not Hall of Fame. Rivers' playoff resume is like Kerry Collins with less Championship games.
  11. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Cam Newton? He has led his team to the Super Bowl. He was league MVP. Cam is not yet 30 and he has 182 passing TDs, 58 rushing TDs, 28,500 yards passing and 4800 yards rushing at 5.2 a pop. Cam has a great shot at 400+ passing TDs and 100+ rushing TDs There are 9 RBs with 100+ rushing TDs and 7 are in the Hall, the 8th will be (Peterson) and Shaun Alexander. If Cam plays at this pace into his late 30s, he gets in easy. McNabb was an anchor on a great team. He can buy a ticket to visit the Hall of Fame. His passing numbers as a WCO QB on a good team are horrific. Bledsoe does not compare to Rivers.
  12. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Pro Bowls mean nothing for a QB anymore. There are 6 guys in the Pro Bowl. 2 guys were DQ'd for making the Super Bowl. Another bunch of guys beg off for injury. Did Dak Prescott and Mitchell Trubisky add to their Hall of Fame resume by 'making the pro bowl' this year? They were 14th and 16th in passer rating, but they were Pro Bowl players.
  13. I don't see how your coach prevents you from even hitting a 70 rating in 4 playoff games. His rating in 30 games against the Steelers and Ravens is about 78.1 His easy wins against the Browns are gone since they are improving. His high point of 2015 was a 13 game season where he still got his 2 Cleveland games (143 rating) He was still 8-3 with a 101.2 rating outside of those 2 games, but that puts him 6th instead of 2nd and closer to the pack of guys like Tyrod Taylor's 99 rating The league average was 90.2 and even McCaron put up a 97. So sure, 2015 was a good year for him, but no reason to ignore the rest of his career. They can get out of his contract with no dead money. They should move on.
  14. Panthers re-sign Eric Reid 3 year deal

    Carolina gave up 20 points per game in 3 games before they signed him. They gave up 25.7 over the 12 real games he played (Saints rested in week 17) 23.2 ppg in 11 if you want to throw out the Steelers rout as an aberration He was a loud-mouth about drug testing and he was fined 2 or 3 times for cheap shots. Sounds like a 3 year 21 million dollar deal is in order. We all thought the Coleman deal in New Orleans was crazy at 3 years 16. I guess this money is paid with the hope that they see 2013 Eric Reid. That guy has not been seen in 5 years.
  15. Rivers has not done enough to elevate himself, YET. Stat accumulation by itself is meaningless without post season success or MVP level seasons. No one is saying he is a bum and he already has the Hall of Very Good locked up. He just needs a few more accomplishments to get to that next level. Get a few more 12+ win seasons (he only has 3 so far) Play at an MVP level once or twice (he's been close before but on mediocre teams) Win 5 playoff games over the next 4 years to get to 10 wins Play well in a Super Bowl (winning it would be a huge plus) Do those along with more stats and he probably gets in.