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  1. CBA Approved

    At this point anyone who does not think that Kaepernick blackballed himself by his disgusting behavior is beyond hope. Just add them to your ignore list. Really, they don't deserve to be recognized by rational people. While Reid is a complete turd, he is probably correct to raise the issue. His re-vote request is laughable, but the version of the deal with the original wording should be part of the deal IF it was in the deal when they voted. He does not get to call a re-vote if he is sad about the results. Anyone can bring up a point of law that a change in a contract after the parties ratified that contract is a breach of that contract. It can very well be a case that the NFL has to honor it how it was written, even if they don't want to. The NFL can't just back out of an agreement that both sides ratified. Its an interesting point even if Eric Reid is one of the most boring humans on the planet.
  2. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Did you watch every one of his playoff games? They are free now on Game Pass. Did you watch the 2013 season? The 2014 Season before his injury (pay close attention to how bad the offense was including him until he started running for his life in the 2nd half) He had to run for his life the rest of his season. Sanchez decided not to run for his life and he got sacked more, went 4-4 and the Eagles missed the playoffs. Year by Year: He acquitted himself well on a demolished team that got Reid fired in 2012. He was better than Vick on the 2013 Eagles. He was better than Sanchez on the 2014 Eagles. There are some interesting games in there. His comparison to Keenum in 2015 is complicated, and he was AWFUL in Green Bay and in Cincy for sure (maybe Pittsburgh too) In the round robin 3 games each vs the same division teams, Foles was superior. In 2016 he was asked to play 2 games and he won them both. In 2017 he saved the season and won the Super Bowl (this is important, right?) In 2018 he took over a 6-7 team in must win mode and he won 3 playoff level regular season games, another playoff game, and was driving to win yet another playoff game In 2019 he threw a beautiful TD pass to an emerging WR in Chark and he got DESTROYED by Chris Jones. When he came back after a collarbone injury he struggled like Rodgers 2013 and 2017 and Romo 2014 His production was close to identical between him and Minshew from the Texans game through the Chargers game when they played the same number of quarters. This had lots to do with the injury and lots to do with minshew learning and a ton to do with the Jags being pretty awful at that point. They gave up 200+ on the ground 3 games in a row, (1 Minshew, 2 Foles) For some reason he is not allowed to have bad games unlike every other QB except maybe Brady (Brady gets crushed whenever he is not perfect, he must be done now!) Foles was freakin bad vs Tampa in 2019 and he should have gotten benched. I'm pretty sure I said to bench him in the gameday thread because it was needed for that team and their future. He played like he was concussed vs Dallas in 2013 And then he was out a week with a concussion He had a very bad game against the 2014 Harbaugh D in SF which was coming together He was terrible in Green Bay, in Cincy, vs Pittsburgh and maybe once more for that trash 2015 We are Moving Rams team. He had an ugly preseason game against the Patriots. He had a very bad day in a week 17 scrimmage against the Cowboys. Tory Smith dropped a ball in his hands with lots of room to run Ertz fell down on a route He only threw like 8 passes in a fake game.., who cares? He got destroyed in DC in his first career start on that 4-12 Eagles team. We are talking about 8 bad games out of 53 regular season games. He's got 8 starts with a rating above 120 (9 games if you count the 22 passes against Indy when Alex Smith got hurt) Hes got 17 starts above 100 rating (19 games if you also count the 25 passes vs NY after Vick got hurt) 4 of his 6 playoff games were above 100 rating. His career playoff rating is 98.8 but he's got 2 Alshon picks that hit him in the shoulder and the hands. (plus that awful Cooper drop) He's also scored on a TD run and a TD catch in those 6 playoff games. His play in the 2013 season was nothing short of greatness. (on a team that was 1-4 without him) His play in the 2017 playoffs was top 20 all-time playoff greatness. (including the Atlanta game in a driving wind where his 100.1 rating was 14 points higher than Matt Ryan) 2017 regular season is insanely overblown He had a 4 TD game against the Giants. He had a messy game in the cold on Christmas night in Philly (59.4 rating) Is Derek Carr a good QB,, and an NFL starter? He had a 48.1 rating in the same conditions. I am sensing a theme that cold weather games in Philly can be tough. His play against 4 playoff teams in 5 weeks in 2018 after taking over a 6-7 Eagles team was inspiring. Not perfect in Chicago or New Orleans, but good enough to win. If a guy put together highlights in college like Foles did in the pros, he would be a top 5 pick in the draft. You don't have to trust me on any of it. Watch the film. If you can't be bothered than embrace your ignorance and get off his back.
  3. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    You think that 34 games is a fluke but I can't call 5 games a fluke. Do you have the sad feelings? I get that you are a Foles expert after watching Foles throw 8 real passes before a collarbone injury and then watching him play like Minshew for 2 1/2 games after the collarbone injury. Your pathetic premise above has been completely debunked. Chip Kelly was given control (like BOB, I think ET can relate) and he made a series of idiotic moves LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alanso Cutting DJ Foles and a 2nd for Bradford and his contract (possibly the worst trade in my 40+ years as an Eagles fan) Not because Foles is Joe Montana but because he is/was better than Bradford and it also cost a pick and it also ate salary cap This somehow strengthens your argument to you? really? Jeff Fisher was fired following the season he cut Foles. He cut him because he got the #1 pick and took Goff. Keenum was also much cheaper. We can dig into the specifics of Foels 8 playoff teams in 11 games vs Keenum facing 2 in 5 but that takes a willingness to have an open mind which you don't I could also point to the 3 apples to apples division games and how each QB played, but its probably beyond you. Fisher made the right decision to cut Foles and his salary to keep a cheaper vet to start a few games before throwing the #1 pick to the wolves. The Rams and the Giants tossed Kurt Warner out like trash. Is he no longer a HoF QB because of this? Is Fisher on the level of Coughlin? (trick question as we know jag fans look at guys who won SBs elsewhere and then hate them for not winning one in Jacksonville.) If Foles was Keenum or Flacco, or Rivers, or Brees, or Dak wanting 35 million on your team and Minshew was dirt cheap would you rather keep that QB and stay in cap trouble or learn about the exciting young kid with some flair who will be entertaining even if you go 6-10 and set yourself up for the future? Does it have to be that Shad Khan hates Nick Foles and is also godlike in his QB understanding (that would make last year very strange) Or could this just be the best move for everyone without it having to be a death sentence for Nick Foles career? I am done talking about how he left KC and Philly. Its all out there and its obvious. Get a clue or shut up about it. Your disgusting hatred of a player who took a beating for your team is pathetic.
  4. Bears sign TE Jimmy Graham (2 years, $16 M, $9 gt'd)

    That was a bad effort / attempt even if he was fooled by the 2-man action. That being said, Rodgers will win the Super Bowl now that McCarthy is gone... Oh wait, now that Jimmy Graham is gone... Oh wait, he's got no shot at ever winning the Super Bowl again because he's such an awful leader / big game guy. Unless its in Lambeau (as he cried this year) ...then he's 4-2 instead of 3-3 because of the Dez drop/catch/whatever. Yeah, the common thread in all of A-A-Ron's failed relationships is A-A-Ron. Aaron Rodgers: 1-1 in the playoffs at Lambeau against Eli with less rings than Eli
  5. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Andy Reid, Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson, John DeFilippo, Frank Reich, and Matt Nagy vs Khan You Dig It, Jeff Fisher, Chip Kelly, and .Buzz ... That's a tough one Bob, I'm going to go with the guys with all those Super Bowl rings! * * Yes, Nagy does not have a ring and Fisher got one as a puppy Bears assistant after he retired as a player in 1984. Always remember, a 5 game fluke in 2017 got Jacksonville the lamest nickname in pro sports.
  6. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Deleted something that was borderline a shot at a fanbase
  7. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    A person with a brain looks at Foles 2013-2018 and sees a guy who's team was 27-7 when they relied on him over every game excluding St Louis. This counts 2 long relief games (Philly v NY and KC vs Indy) it ignores the meaningless week 17 game after the 1 seed clincher in 2017 Its only 7 losses in 34 games so I can go into detail on them. 2018 at Tampa Bay 27-21 loss He played really well with a group limited by injuries. Clement, Perkins, Aiken, Smallwood and Gibson combined for 21 of his 48 targets Agholor was 12 more (Ajayi 1) And yes, a solitary professional target named Ertz was the other 13 2014 at SF - This was an UGLY outing 42.3 rating, multiple picks, way too much focus for 1 bad game 2014 at Arizona - Up and down game with 412 yards passing 2 TDs and 2 picks Josh Huff fumbled inside the Cardinals 10 yard line Foles led the Eagles on a 2 minute drive but it stalled at the Cardinals 10 2013 A terrible outing in Philly vs Dallas where he might have played while concussed He missed the next game with a concussion. 2013 A 48-30 blowout in Minnesota where he had 428 yard passing 32 yard rushing 3 passing TDs and a pick for a 103.5 rating 2013 Playoffs - 26-24 loss -- He drove the Eagles down the filed late in the 4th quarter with just under 5 minutes to play. He walked off the field for the last time with the lead. The Saints got a long return and a face mask and started at midfield They pushed forward for 8 runs and a 6 yard pass, bled the clock, and kicked the FG as time ran out. A nobody CB had DeSean Jackson shut down for most of the game. The turning point was Riley Cooper dropping a slant pass in his hands that could have gone for a score. That's a 70 yard TD pass (at worst he gets caught around the 10 after 60+ yards) Foles still had a 100+ rating with this pathetic drop. 2018 Playoffs at New Orleans Foles had bad numbers in the 2018 playoffs. He also had to play on the road in Chicago against that D and in the DOME where his team lost y 41 earlier in the year. If I could change one throw from his career it would be the under-throw to Ertz in this game. The Eagles had the chance to go up 21-0 He just needed to lay it out another yard or two. Three other huge plays turned that game as well: Brees fumbled, Graham recovered, but he dropped it and the Saints got it back. It could have been a scoop and score at best or the Eagles ball on the Saints 30 at worst if he holds on. Taysom Hill did Taysom Hill things on a 4th down at the Saints 30 right after that Foles pick. If they get stuffed its game over Last but not least... Another Foles 2 minute drill but then ALSHON! Are you kidding me with his pathetic WR effort? That's it. Those are all of his losses out of 34 games and you think he's a bad QB? or not a starter? I rest my case and the jury convicts you of not knowing anything about football.
  8. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Flukes do exist. Ken O'Brien 1985 is a good example. He never repeated that or even got close. If 2013 was a fluke than what the hell is this?
  9. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    I'm going to give you two NFL QBs. One is your reliable 16 game starter. The other can't stay healthy and is always getting hurt and had 2 years as a backup. QB1 started every game for 16 straight years. He made the playoffs in only 6 of his 16 seasons and he was 1-and-done in 4 of those 6 playoff years. He put up lots of empty TD and passing yard stats on some mediocre or losing teams. He only won more than 10 games in 3 of his 17 seasons. He finished his career with a break even .500 record. He also had 2 incredible playoff runs for the ages. QB2 started 16 games twice in his 16(14) year career. In this bum's first 2 seasons he only started 8 games and had a 2-6 record. He had a magical year 3 with playoff success In year 4 he was a bum again with a 3-6 record. At this point he was just a fluke in year 3 but in the games that really matter if you are demented he was 5 wins against 12 losses Fluke! Fluke! Fluke! He put it all together in year 5 but was up and down in the playoffs and they lost in round 2. In year 6 he has another good year on an absolutely loaded team that barely misses a perfect season. More playoff success! In year 7 his numbers dip down closer to his first 4 years, the team has less success and he gets brutalized and injured in the playoffs. In year 8 he gets healthy for week 1 but re-injures himself and misses the next 8 games. When he comes back he puts up a pathetic loser worthless Nick Foles 2014 type season with team wins but bad stats. WE HATES HIM for years 1,2,4,7,8 and ignore the glory of 3 and 6! His team trades for a stud QB in the off-season to replace him. In a really weird year 9 he starts 9 of 12 games and his backup starts 3 games. He puts up a 100 or so rating in the real games but that's all on the talent around this system QB. The other guy put up a 120. He gets benched in their 1-and-done playoff loss. The next year he is in and out of the lineup and he struggles to an 8-5 record with stats that are a bit off. The other guy's passing stats were worse but he won 2 of his 3 games and he's healthier, younger, and a dual threat. Do you go with the backup now for the playoffs? Injuries! Up and down play! Does not play 16 enough! The starter has been injured twice, outplayed by his backup, and has only started every game in 3 of 10 seasons. One of those was just a 9 game season so it doesn't really count. He's a beat up 32 years old compared to a healthy 27 year old stud in his prime. What happens next may be the best QB play in the history of mankind over the next 14 months. 117 playoff rating 112 regular season rating 146 playoff rating That is followed up with the closest a team has ever been to a 3-peat in the Super Bowl era. Of course Nick Foles is not QB2 or anywhere near QB2's level. But this makes absolutely clear just how stupid the idea of dismissing a guy because he was a backup or could not stay healthy while 290 lb guys ran into him or he shared the position with some incredible talent. or some of his teams were a mess
  10. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Just because you can type things does not mean you understand the words you are typing. Lets make this 100% clear. Foles had a bad contract in St Louis that allowed the Rams to hold him in purgatory. I know it may be a secret with him finally being released on Hard Knocks and all. Since that point he has had escalators and out clauses in his contract so no team can ever do that to him again. https://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/red-zone/article94717147.html Here I am in reality again and you with ravings about Andy Reid not wanting Foles around. You think not paying Smith and Foles about 31 million combined means they hated Foles? Reid highly recommended Foles to his good friends Jeffrey Lurie and Doug Pederson who both already knew and liked Foles. If you don't remember all the scuttlebutt about the Foles contract after the Super Bowl then I can help your ignorance. Actual story - Talented QB gets some playing time in KC, puts up a 100+ rating, and leads them to a pair of wins so they make the playoffs. That QB and his agent made a smart deal that allowed him to capitalize on his performance by forcing the team to dump their excellent starter or to let Foles hit free agency. When another player does this, they are savvy, When Foles does this its because EVERYONE HATES HIM BECAUSE 100+ rating 2-0 QBS REALLY SUCK! If Foles is just a backup then there have been about 60 real QBs in the history of the NFL by your standards. Unless you want to go with the Kerry Collins and Vinny Testaverde were great QBs angle. You prefer Jay Cutler's pair of 10 win seasons to a Super Bowl ring, another playoff win, and a 117 rating miracle season? I'd rather run the wishbone for 4 games and play Foles for 12 and the playoffs then lean on Cutler when it counts. (or just have a decent backup who can play some games) Its hard to gauge what you think good or great or starter means. Rivers is 60-68 with 2 playoff wins during Foles career. If he GREATER than Foles over that time period? 2006-2011 Rivers was pretty great, but Foles could not really compete with him from High School and College. Are 16 game season important when your team fails to win 10 games in 8 of 9 years? Foles is one of the 20 best QBs in the league right now. His moments of greatness (and there are many) have been far greater than all but a handful of other QBs currently playing. Hes a massive upgrade over Trubisky's 3 years of play (Trubisky could go somewhere and be Jim Plunkett or Rich Gannon, you never know for sure) If you were to release Mack, Robinson, Fuller, and Jackson to make the Berars a bad team then adding Foles would be a bad move. The Bears are adding him to a good team that needs his play and leadership to take the next step. That step could be a wildcard round win or it could be more. Any step above Trubiskys 8 wins and 83 rating (more like 70 rating when not facing Detroit) will be a huge improvement. That's worth a 4th round pick any day.
  11. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I'd go as far to say its completely useless. I'd love to see a version of this from last year and how it completely fell apart when tested against reality. Its the 2011 dream team index. Its the 2019 Browns index. NO WAY did the Colts improve that much. Rivers is 35-45 since 2015. He is 17-15 over the last 2 years. He was 5-11 last year. He is an old interception machine. Jameis to Brady is a WAR improvement of 6 out of 16 alone. The 2019 Bucs would have been 13-3 with Brady. Pretending this is not an accurate reading of WAR while also pretending Rivers generates wins is completely asinine. WAR in football is for idiots with too much free time. It means the same as the phrenology of your placekicker. This chart has the Patriots going 0-16 and the Giants winning 11 or 12 games. OR the wins in WAR don't actually mean wins in which case the stat is even worse. A baseball player with a WAR of 4 means that your team will win 4 more games than if an average player took their place. A football player with a WAR of anything means nothing in this endeavor.
  12. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    QFT The guy is a mediocre passer combined with a talented but fading 30-something runner with bad wheels. His passer rating for 2016-2019 is 82.6 His passer rating from 2011-2014 was 85.4 He actually looked like he might have righted the ship in 2018 through 8 games at 15 TDs to 4 picks and a 6-2 record. He tanked the rest of the season going 9 TDs to 9 picks for an 0-6 finish. Cam should star in a fashion show produced by LeBron instead of playing football. The could call in Insufferable
  13. tampa resigned Suh

    I was going to joke about at least Brady does not have to worry about him stepping on his face now, but he might do that in practice.
  14. Eagles sign CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

    The next time he properly tracks a football in the air will be about the 20th time hes done it in his entire NFL career. (on 350+ targets) If Eli Apple was 2 inches shorter he would be Ronald Darby. Brady did not throw for 505 yards in the Super Bowl for no reason. I hope that he goes to another NFC East team.
  15. Eagles sign CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

    Not even close. The Jeff Triplette game of Tennessee at KC where he no called a pair of Mariota fumbles due to 'forward progress' defender hits the QB, the ball comes out... forward progress. He was forced to resign in the offseason after it. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/controversial-officiating-mars-titans-chiefs-game-andy-reid-doesnt-want-to-talk-about-it/ Those calls were far worse than not calling an obvious PI.