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  1. There are enough Bills in already. Reed and Kelly don’t belong as it is. Maybe they would if they won a few though. sterling Sharpe wipes the floor with Reed in head to head years. Andre Reec was the 2nd best Andre WR for a long stretch and the second best Reed WR for about a 3 year period. Stat accumulation and playing with Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas does not mean you belong with greatness. Kelly was a 20 TD and 28 pick playoff QB who is only in the hall for what this team did in the playoffs. He wax also the 2nd best playoff QB on that team.
  2. One of the reasons I am bullish on the Patriots is because Cam cares about football again. Football was 1A behind fashion for him for a while but he’s talked about chilling on that and putting more focus on football. Maybe Lawrence will write poetry or something? Poets are great unless you need them to come back from 13 down in the last 5 minutes. its like George R R Martin. He’s great at writing but it’s not his obsession anymore so he has a rich multifaceted life and no more GoT books. Lawrence could be like the post-paycheck George RR Martin of football.
  3. Brady, Manning, and Brees had that fire. Elway and Favre had it. Lawrence is just a dude who will win 2 or 3 playoff games if he does not have it. Maybe he will win 5 playoff games and if they roster build the best team around him then he can meh to a Lombardi. I feel sorry for Jags fans after reading this about Lawrence.
  4. As for Beast Mode, I think he is a lock. He may get held up by politics but his regular season stats were close enough and he was a monster in the playoffs. There are lots of guys like Eric Allen who should already be in. They will get in. The Super Bowl would have made it happen sooner.
  5. McNabb played long enough on good teams to put up HoVG stats. He even carried the Eagles in 2000 and 2001. The Super Bowl would make a difference. He is defined by that game and the soiling and puking he did in it. Change that and he's heading towards the Hall.
  6. In the last 44 years the SEC has a total of ZERO QBs that have won a Super Bowl without half of Archie Manning's DNA. There is absolutely positively beyond any doubt no advanced QB learning going on there.
  7. If you mean his team was loaded with NFL talent and there were a few dudes out of 11 on the other side who might make the NFL? sure Cam's 2010 Schedule 6-7 Clemson 4-8 Arkansas State 9-4 Miss State 9-5 SC 5-7 Louisiana Monroe 6-7 Kentucky 10-3 Arkansas 11-2 LSU 4-8 Ole Miss Chattanooga? 6-7 Georgia 10-3 Alabama 9-5 SC again 12-1 Oregon He played 4 tough games in his one year. The SEC blather is boring propaganda. SC went 9-5 3 wins were Furman, Southern Mississippi, and Troy.
  8. The Browns should have beaten the Chiefs in the playoffs. The refs altered the outcome. This was worse than the Miles Jack fumble recovery whistle because that was a very close play. This was a missed helmet to helmet at the goal line. It was not brutal and blatant but it was helmet to helmet. Compare and contrast all you like. KC did not lose to Baker in the playoffs because of a thumb on the scale.
  9. He got nailed by Seattle in the Super Bowl too. He just kept going and scored the game winning TD later I think it was a 3rd and 14 play when they were down 10 in the 4th.
  10. Brady really likes to have a quality receiving back. Last year he got by without one. He had 3 WRs and a TE who could all finish with 100+ career TDs. Somehow he managed.
  11. He also works for NFLN and they forgot he existed. They put up a cringe graphic from time to time saying Carr is a Super Bowl winning QB. (true, but while holding a clipboard)
  12. They were both Saints in the last 8 games of 1984, so this is correct.
  13. I found an obscure one on the Lombardi Packers. Paul Hornug #1 NFL 1957 and Jim Grabowski #1 AFL 1966 were both Packer RBs in 1966 The used FB HB RB as different designations, so mostly?
  14. Just now on NFL Now they talked about if the Browns sign Clowney they might be the first team with a pair of number 1 overall picks at the same position. They are incorrect. Can you name any other teams that had 2 #1 overall picks at the same position. (I know of 1 team for sure)
  15. GMs don't really build teams to win Super Bowls. If they did then they should all be paid 10 bucks an hour with a bonus for Lombardis. What they try to do is to build winning teams that are good enough to compete for a Super Bowl. Bill Polian built the 1990s Bills, the expansion Panthers, and the Manning Colts. Does 1 Super Bowl win mean he and Howie Roseman are the same guy? Are Andy Reid and Doug Pederson equivalent as coaches? This is either 100% true or 100% false: Aaron Rodgers has been worthless since 2011. If post-2010 Rodgers has value (of course he does) then ju
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