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  1. They are both idiots, but not really phony. (MJD fits this as well) Jennings had 1568 yards and 14 TDs over 19 games for a Super Bowl winner in 2010 and he made a couple pro bowls in his carer. I blame McNabb for Philly not winning a Super Bowl but he made 6 pro bowls and threw for 37k yards and 234 TDs. MJD only says stupid things when his lips are moving, but he was a very good pro RB Brady Quinn is another good example of a complete fake. He viciously hot-take attacked Wentz in late September 2017 about how he would not win many more games Wentz won more games in the following October(5) then Quinn did in his entire NFL career(4). Down goes the phony!
  2. He's 10x better than Josh Innes, but still pretty bad. I flip between him and Texans radio depending on how full of crap he is at the moment vs how whiny or sex/fart jokey the 610 guys are.
  3. He gets hit hard (fairly) for rooting for a narrative at times but yes, he is pretty humble about his football talent for a guy who was a 3x pro bowl player who played in a pair of Super Bowls.
  4. I was listening to Sean Salisbury this morning and here are a few words coming out of his pie-hole. (paraphrasing) 'The Falcons played not to lose in the Super Bowl.' (this might be the least insightful comment I have heard on that game) Well, McNabb was on ESPN Radio after the game saying Brady should retire... OK, 2nd worst comment on the game Here was the big one though. He was talking about Deshaun Watson and how he could be a February QB. "Some guys are December QB, some guys are January QBs, and some guys are February QBs." "I was a January QB" Dude won 6 games in his entire career. He did in fact start a playoff game. His rating was 11 in that playoff game. 6 for 20 for 113 yards 0 TDs and 2 picks. For perspective, Connor Cook had a 30 rating in his road playoff game as his first career start. This clown was bragging on having started a playoff game. He scored 7 points with Chris Carter, Anthony Carter, Terry Allen on a 1200 yard 15 TD season, and Roger Craig as the backup RB The game was in Minnesota https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/199301020min.htm Those Redskins were 9-7 overall and 3-5 on the road. He was a 22 rated regular season QB and an 11 rated playoff QB. Anyone else have some nominees for biggest loser talking head bragging about his minimal talents? I love the NFL Network graphic the lists David Carr as a Super Bowl winning QB whenever he is on the air.
  5. Grade your teams draft night

    The Sixers goal in the draft seems to be to help the Celtics. Z-
  6. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    Here are the 5 WCO 49ers SB Winners rushing TD differentials: 1981 17 rushing TDs vs 10 allowed +7 1984 21 rushing TDs vs 10 allowed +11 1988 18 rushing TDs vs 8 allowed +10 1989 14 rushing TDs vs 9 allowed +5 1994 23 rushing TDs vs 16 allowed +7 Here are the 6 Patriot SB Winners 2001 21 rushing TDs vs 15 allowed +6 2003 9 rushing TDs vs 10 allowed -1 2004 15 rushing TDs vs 9 allowed +6 2014 13 rushing TDs vs 6 allowed +7 2016 19 rushing TDs vs 6 allowed +13 2018 18 rushing TDs vs 7 allowed +11 Here are the Dak in ANY/A freefall Cowboys 2016 24 rushing TDs vs 9 allowed +15 -2 in the playoff game falling behind 21-3 but Dak played really well in a shootout comeback Rodgers just made a great play late 2017 18 rushing TDs vs 7 allowed +11 +4 in the 6/7 games without Zeke *(treat the bogus week 17 how you want) That 6 games stretch started with them getting annihilated 3 times (92-22 combined) This was followed by them beating up on terrible NYG (3-13) and off the rails DC (4-7 after the bye) They also won a close game against 6-10 Oakland It would be a lie to say they were mediocre without Zeke, they were pretty awful 10 loss talent teams can look good against other 10 loss teams (or DC playing like one) +7 in the 9 games with Zeke 2018 13 rushing TDs vs 12 allowed +1 The Seattle(+6 rushing TDs) game was a good case study on the run/ pass deception Seattle was ultra-predictable trying to run into a run defense Dallas was constantly passing on run downs to go against expectations Jason Garrett completely out-coached Pete Carroll Got their butts kicked by a Rams team that was +11 in rushing TDs
  7. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    What the OP epic fails on is a basic understanding of how football works. There is no pass game in a vacuum. Almost no passing game works against dime coverage. You can play 100% dime coverage without worry if the other team has a bad run game. Your QB barely has the ball if the other team can run you over with their O-line. Lots of these high ANY/A teams are mobile QBs (or RPO type offenses) where there is great risk of the run game so lots of efficient short yard high completion passes inflate the figures. The Mahomes 2018, Brady 2007, Manning 2004, Rogers 2011, Manning 2013 type offenses are the exceptions to the rule. Play action is so important because you have LBs and safeties playing the run while the pass goes over their heads... duh! How is this not obvious to everyone? Football is a chess match between the offense and the defense. When these ANY/A gods get down big and must pass, they are destroyed more often than not Manning 2013 Super Bowl Rogers 2011 Divisional Manning 2004 vs Patriots
  8. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    We all know who the 49ers QB from 2012 - 2016 was Their ANY/A in those 4 years was: 6th (Smith / SJW) 7th (SJW) 24th (SJW) 28th (SJW / Gabbert) 24th (SJW / Gabbert) A fool would point to the 6th and 7th rankings in 2012-2013 and give him a huge contract The superior team carried him Its a lot like a team that plays in Texas with the same QB in 2016, 2017, and 2018 ranking 3rd 16th 17th Please pay the guy 34 million a year!
  9. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    They absolutely should consider him but will he pick them over 5-10 other teams that never fired him and would he even consider a discount for LA?
  10. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Russell was basically fired from the Lakers for disrespect in the locker room. Swaggy P was cheating on his gf and Russell outed him. It does not mean he can’t or won’t go back there, but there was bad blood and hurt feelings.
  11. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Hershel Walker trade part 2 for a 1 year rental. He was 99% going to the Lakers in 2020 for no trade compensation. LeBron sniffing is shielding just how incredibly awful this trade was. There are ilots of people who still think the Lakers won this deal because they rented the superstar.
  12. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    LeBron is the oldest 35 in league history (minutes played or miles run or any measurement)
  13. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    How are any of these guys a worn down 35 year old dude? Rondo was a 2nd year player Pierce was 30 and averaged 3 playoff games a year before 07-08 rookie year was age 21 KG was 31 and averaged 4 playoff games a year in Minnesota Yes, he entered the league at 19 Allen was 32 and averaged just over 5 playoff games a year before Boston rookie year was age 21 Even the first 3 off the bench were 23, 26, and 29
  14. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    You did get older Robinson and older Duncan /Ginobli in San Antonio but that's because those teams had HoF coaching and fantastic depth.
  15. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    All other Super teams that worked were made up of players entering their primes or in their primes. You won't find a single 35 year old dude in a superstar role on the Heat, Cavs, Warriors 1 or Warriors 2: KD Boogaloo The Heat were a solid team, adding 2 superstars 4 straight finals was an expected result the criticisms were competitive balance and attitudes, not will they be good The Warriors were a deep and talented team that grew up together Draymond was a 2nd rounder while Klay and Steph were 11th and 7th overall from a bad team building it up Barnes was also 7th overall Igudola was the piece they added when they were ready They later let go of lots of depth for KD as a 4th star The Lakers were a solid team that added Shaq and traded for Kobe The Heat were a decent team with a 2nd year Wade that added Shaq. They won in Wade's 3rd season when Shaq was a 33 year old who did not play in the NBA at 19 and he did not play point forward The Raptors were a 1 seed that upgraded to Kawhi The Kahwai Spurs were a loaded team before drafting him at 15 He developed his offensive game under Hall of Fame coaching over 3 seasons and 41 playoff games before that finals. You can't find a case like the 2019-2020 Lakers that has worked None of those teams above are anything at all like this team will be built