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  1. Green Bay at 16 is goofy. First Bakhtiari is the best LT in the game as they said. He might not be back for week 1 but I would guess he plays by October. Second, what are they talking about with Wagner as 'the starter last year at RT' Jenkins played 1037 snaps Patrick played 939 snaps Linsley played 734 snaps (missed 3 games) Turner played 884 snaps (missed 2 games) Bakhtiari played 710 snaps (missed 4 games) Wagner only played 610 snaps. How is Wagner 'the starter' in that scenario? (he only started 9 games, mostly due to injuries) My un
  2. A rule is a rule and he made his choice and gets to be free to live his life. He is also 63 with 9 years as a player (pension) and 25 years as a coach so I doubt he will be in any bread lines anytime soon.
  3. The definition of making your own reality is being too lazy to Google when Rodgers actually broke his foot and then insist it was when it would best fit your conspiracy theory. It was in mid-November of 2006, Did they have a November preseason that I missed that year? Here is the box score: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/200611190gnb.htm Favre started but hurt his elbow. Rodgers came in and also got hurt. Favre started again the next week because that's what he did. A broken foot in November of year 2 has nothing to do with QB decisions in year 2 or y
  4. He was not. He broke a 92 rating once in his career. What's his best full season (including the playoff game)? 11-5 with an 88.8 rating and a 3 turnover playoff bungle 27-10 loss? 6-9-1 with 18 TD passes and a 91.8 rating? His regular season winning teams were absolutely loaded with talent. AJ McCarron is not an NFL starting QB. He was a 97.1 rated QB when filling in for Dalton because that 2013 team was loaded. McCarron lost a playoff game because of Burfict. Dalton lost 4 playoff games because of Dalton. If the question was "Is Andy Dalton a better regula
  5. The same organization took an opportunistic shot at Rodgers when they had Favre. Favre went 4-12 with 20 TDs and 29 picks in 2005 at age 36. I think this qualifies as NOT MVP LEVEL Did they hand the job to Rodgers? Favre then went 8-8 with 18 picks and 18 TDs at age 37. Did Rodgers play in year 3? My opinion is based on reality. How about you?
  6. The idea that Love was getting handed the starters job in year 2 is pure Aaron Rodgers sniffing propaganda. You absolutely embarrass yourself by parroting it. If he was the 7th best NFL QB they were going to hand the job to Love? What a load of crap. Rodgers is a jerk with a stupid idea who is also a very good NFL QB. Blaming the Packers for his complete lack of leadership and character is kind of hilarious.
  7. This is a tough loss for them. He was looking like a 1000 and 8 TD guy even in a rotation.
  8. Here to second on the context of the violence of defenders back in the days of iffy rules. Deacon Jones was a head slap monster who would concuss O-lineman on the way to the QB. Its just like Night Train Lane who was able to close line people with forearm to the neck tackles. The numbers are still impressive but there are huge asterisks.
  9. Don't set up a binary poll and then cry when people give you a binary comment before they go on to talk about nuance later. Just a suggestion.
  10. I think almost no one abuses the W/L thing. If you think Brady is not the guy most responsible for his W/L record then feel free to wallow in ignorance. Almost no one points to McNabb and his 92-49-1 in Philly and demands he goes to the Hall of Fame. The records in both the regular season and more so in the playoffs are part of the story but never all of the story. Jim Kelly is a 22 TD to 28 pick playoff QB. People who jump up and down about him earning 4 Super Bowl berths are just goofy. Context allows you to still appreciate that he got there but that
  11. Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady are pretty much all the same guy if you ignore the wins and losses. Its a very strange way to look at things. Maybe we can come up with new stats like participation trophy drives? When a QB gets some 4th quarter stats but his team still loses a close game why not give him a gold star? Maybe Vegas will let us start betting on did the QB play well but we can blame someone else for the loss and still collect the money? We will have to make room for all the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place banners for all the teams that don't win their divis
  12. Sherman did not hurt anyone (or himself) because he was stopped by police. (as far as we know at this time) If they had to take him down with a dog then its because he was out of control. (not sure on those details being verified) Denial of bail for a rich person who can afford good lawyers is not a casual thing done over minor issues. He did not kill anyone on the road because people got lucky and he hit a wall instead of a family of six or three construction workers (this luck is a fact of all drunk drivers that don't kill people) Drunk driving Hit and run / fleein
  13. It was 47 yards on grass in 1991. Kickers were 11 out of 27 from beyond 40 in Super Bowls before his attempt. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/14715726/most-impactful-plays-super-bowl-history-led-malcolm-butler-interception-nfl 2 minute drill from the Bills 10 Kelly went 2 for 3 for 10 yards and ran 3 times for 18 yards. Thurman Thomas ran twice for 33 Don't blame Thurman but split the blame on the other 2 guys. Its not like Kelly had 2 HoF WRs and a HoF RB... They dumped Norwood but kept Kelly. That worked out well in future Super Bowls. A 56.9 rate
  14. Great Quotes We will rally around Kurt Warner and play good football **** Vermeil at the start of The Greatest Show on Turf They brought the house and we brought the pain Jerome Brown after MNF in Houston 1991 Personal Favorite You want Philly Philly? Nick Foles Honorable mention: Brady is done thousands of morons between 2011-2024
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