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  1. 😂😄🤣 He was running with a Kevin King parachute, bro. Uncatchable is meaningless. That looks like a legit hold by the O-line. Now give us the other 80 plays looking for other holds not called.
  2. Just FYI Favre had to look at Rodgers in the QB room for 3 years. Joe Montana had to look at Steve Young in the QB room for 4 years John Elway had to look at Tommy Maddox for 2 years. Drew Brees had to look at Philip Rivers in the QB room for 2 years, and Brees was only 25 when they drafted Rivers. Brady had to look at Jimmy G for 3 years
  3. This is hilarious stuff. King turned himself into a parachute by turf skiing behind the receiver. When he was done yanking with one hand he grabbed again with the other. The tug on the shoulder pad on the pick was a foul (they let that stuff go all day) The pathetic joke loser foul that Kevin King committed was a 10 million out of 10 million call. EVERY TIME
  4. I also blame NFL competition. This is big boy school. No one hands you a trip to the Super Bowl.
  5. I did not put 2 and 2 together yesterday but just saw this on NFLN Rodgers breaks McNabb's record for consecutive NFCCG losses. He now has sole possession of the record (4)
  6. Kind of crazy that his dead cap is only 14+ million. I'd get rid of him now if you can get a haul for him. (I would not do this if he was 34) They are not winning next year anyway with Rodgers 37 million cap hit and their particular cap issues.
  7. NE gets their Covid guys back. NE could get Jimmy G for cheap NE could sign a couple WRs (Robinson maybe?) They will find a TE upgrade (eventually) The Patriots are my pick. Tell me about the health of Brooks and Johnson and I could make a case for the Eagles. They need to nail that number 6 pick though.
  8. I'm already done with the GoaT vs kid angle. Mahomes turned 25 in September. He is a 4th year pro and a 3rd year starter. This will be his 54 start. That was his 3rd AFCCG. He's a big boy now. 😎
  9. Lots of non-Philly Iverson fans for the same reason back in the day. (incredible talent and leading a squad of decent players to the final)
  10. Everything about LeBron is weird but I'm not going to tell people how to consume sports entertainment.
  11. You can say Pick Em about Seattle but almost everyone who bet on the game bet when Seattle was favored. It moved to pick em at the last minute after 98% of the betting eventually pushed it that way.
  12. Seattle was a small favorite. He's 2-0 as a dog and 4-3 as a favorite
  13. What success did LeBron have in his first run in Cleveland? Did people have to stop rooting for him when he was a free agent like thousands of other professional athletes?
  14. So I get that Rodgers owns the Packers and all that but Jones and Williams are now free agents. Are they allowed to have someone on the team who knows the offense and can run the ball next year? Were they allowed to draft Rodgers when Favre was still going strong?
  15. There is a term for someone trying to sell Montana over Brady. Its not a very nice term.
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