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  1. That one was natural after the team sprayed fans with a busted sewage pipe from above.
  2. As an Eagles fan my reaction is Booooooooo! He did a good job this year, I would not have missed him.
  3. Emotional is a funny word because you are red lining right now. I am just talking about demographics. The same was true of the Nationals when they moved to DC. Phillies, Mets, Orioles, Braves, and other fans dominated many games. Political types with no local loyalty or back home loyalties were the celebrities there. They also had the older stadium for the blue collars for several years before being replaced by the hot new stadium with PSLs and high prices. it took years and years for them to build up a strong home fan base. Number of Rams fans who we
  4. Honorable Mention 1971 Jim Plunkett Ken Anderson Archie Manning Joe Theismann Dan Pastorini Lynn Dickey
  5. The difference between the Rams and the Dodgers, Lakers, and Kings is that those teams all stayed there. People grew up rooting for them. They went to games with their parents. They watched them win titles as the town was electric for a month or longer over it. You think LA people gave a crap about the 1999 St Louis Rams and the buzz lasted 22 years? Yeah, maybe for those blue collar 'your people' types who make up a few thousand season ticket holders. I heard a theory that if you have a buddy that talks to some of them they will suddenly fill up a stadium for playoff games.
  6. Cite my sources as to the Rams moved to St Louis and the Raiders moved back to Oakland? I lived in the region for several years. I both know the region and am an example of a sports fan who buys tickets and could care less about the Rams. The Angles and Ducks might fit closer to your blue collar LA dominance delusions. The Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, and Kings? No way. The idea that you have 'a people' that can be insulted in a metro area of 20 million plus is beyond asinine. Those people are pretty much as I described them (of course you can dial the numbers around) If P
  7. The timing has to be just right for this to work. If your 1 and 1a HC choices are both in favor of Fangio then its OK to talk to him before he commits elsewhere. If you go around your candidates then its really weird.
  8. You think Steelers or Cowboys or 49ers fans that live in LA are not allowed to buy seasons tickets because it hurts your agenda? You can love the NFL, love your team, and buy tickets to the local team. I've been to about 8 Eagles games in Philly and about 30 NFL games outside of Philly. There are millions like me. Its not magic. LA/Riverside/OC had 14 million+ people in 1995 and they did not support a football team. This is not an opinion. No one had to pass a polygraph to buy Rams tickets. Rooting for the Rams when they are not playing the 9ers because why not home te
  9. Here is the only reason Rodgers has ever played in a Super Bowl Bears QBs 19-38 233 1 3 45.2 rating Dilfer Rodgers was able to advance at 17-34 244 0 2 55.4 because his team carried him that day. Of course he was 9 TDs to 0 picks and amazing in the other 3 playoff games but they lose that NFCCG if their D was not incredible that day. He's 0 for life at playing well enough to carry a team to the Super Bowl.
  10. Note: I am not saying there are not 70k diehard Rams fans around LA. I am saying there are not 70k who can afford season tickets and playoff tickets and seat licenses and all of that. And even if they were, lots of them would be elbowed out by all of those others listed above.
  11. I think people are starting with the wrong baseline for Rams fans in the building. This is not Philly or Pittsburgh or Dallas. There is no stadium full of diehard Rams fans in LA. They don't exist. (in huge numbers, yet) The team left town in 1995. Of the Rams season ticket holders its possible that 15% of them are already 49ers fans. It could be 20% SF owned California football for the past 40 years. People move from a giant metro area like SF/SJ/Oak to a giant metro area like LA/OC all the time. Its also possible that the Rams season ticketholders break down s
  12. Brooks was a fantastic guard but he could not stay on the field. Thanks for 2017 and best of luck.
  13. So the current Packers are done. The era is over. The only path forward is an instant infusion of draft capital and some smart salary cap manipulation. That can't happen without throwing Breitbart Starr overboard. (I stole the name from Nick Wright) Its true they won 13 games for 3 years in a row but this team was a downgrade. Their expected win/loss the last 3 years was 9.7, 10.9, and 10.4 Their rankings on O and D were 1/5 13/9 last year and 10/10 13/9 this year. No way were they getting the 1 seed again in 2022 with Rodgers and a gutted roster. No way were a bun
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