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  1. rules question: Can you trade a player who is on IR?
  2. Tulane's team name is the green wave... these uniforms are blue
  3. He played 5 6 yard dump 5 yard dump 6 yard dump incomplete mid range pass scramble for 5 and he fumbled the first time he was hit in a real game
  4. Mariota running the McNabb 2 minute drill complete with worm-burners.
  5. A game like this is much better because I get a point every time Mariota is sacked.
  6. Its official: Doug Moron is his new name.
  7. ... aaaaand he's still Fournette
  8. Which team does Fournette play for? He keeps going in the wrong direction.
  9. Who takes a 10 yard penalty over a loss of 5 and loss of down? edit; whew
  10. It used to be done by some college kid interns in Mount Laurel, NJ. Maybe they farmed it out to India?
  11. Does Mariota know QBs can slide? and that that was a free play?
  12. Anyone want to start a thread on who is a better RB? Fournette vs Sean Astin as Rudy as Colonel Sanders