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  1. OROY

    I meant Baker because of the hype. The list does look like it has changed quite a bit from the past. I only see a few bad apples there in Borges (a real scumbag, look him up), Prisco (old-school idiot) and King (great sources, horrible conclusions) There is still a group of leftover 80s-90s guys like Don Banks but 4 women and 9 former players is a nice change to see. Armando Salguero is an American treasure. Read about his Kaepernick interview over Castro. He should have gotten an award for that day.
  2. OROY

    The voters are not what I would call deep thinkers, so Baker will run away with the award. All the bad mojo about Cleveland also applies to that Giants O-line and Barkley was fantastic. Baker had a very good year and Browns fans should be thrilled. Barkley is OROY based on production and his rankings compared to all other NFL runners, not just rookies. We can compare Barkley to 2015 Gurley or 2016 Zeke later. (I expect Zeke to have better numbers) I agree that Nelson has ZERO shot, but he was fantastic.
  3. OROY

    Mayfield is not the OROY. Don't look at his passer rating. Look at it in the context of 2018. He was the 19th rated passer and he was 6-7. He took the league by storm by finishing behind Derek Carr in passer rating! Good for him, but not OROY Barkley had a better year than Elliot at RB. #1 in yards from scrimmage 3rd in total TDs 5.0 yards per carry (T-2 out of all 1000 yard backs) Quenton Nelson was an absolute monster who transformed the Colts O-line. Chubb, Lindsay, or Mayfield could have all possibly been the OROY if they played all 16 games, but they did not.
  4. Morey-ball

    Some teams are already doing this often. Eagles, Saints, Patriots, Chiefs, etc. There were 15 attempts to convert 4th down last week in the 4 games.
  5. So not facing Flacco(1-4 vs Brady), Dalton(1-2), and the Dumpster fire in Cleveland(1-6) is why the Patriots are dominant? Not facing Rivers (0-6 vs Brady regular season), Luck (0-4), or Manning (3-9) twice a year is easy for Brady? ITS EASY FOR THE OTHER GUYS TO NOT FACE BRADY TWICE A YEAR! The league removed Manning from Brady's division in 2002 to give him a chance. The put him with Cap Hell Jacksonville 2 years in to a 4 year suck They put him with expansion Houston They put him with 7-9 Tennessee who recovered in 2002-03 before sucking the next 2 years. Your point would actually hold water if you meant Manning, or Roethlisberger, or Rodgers. There is an AFC Division that all teams are welcome to join. Its called the playoffs. Brady is 23-7 in that AFC division Next Up: We learn how Wayne Gretzky was just a product of the Smythe Division!
  6. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Its hard to judge a players ability when they fail the availability test. Watkins is fast, dangerous, a TD threat, etc. He is not elite. His career highs are 1047 yards and 9 TDs He has 85 yards in 2 playoff games. He can get behind you like DeSean Jackson but if Watkins and Jackson are elite then you just mean NFL talent elite or 1 of 25 fast guys elite.
  7. Roethlisberger is 19.5% better in the AFC North than outside it. 59-19-1 (.753) vs 85-50(.630) That division is the reason the Steelers make the playoffs so often. but, the Ravens won the Super Bowl! but, the Bengals were playoff toilet paper 7 times! Brees is 7.64% better in the NFC South than outside it. 2018 - The Bills were 2-4 in division and 4-6 out of division The Bills crushed the Vikings. How many games did they miss the playoffs by? The Dolphins were 4-2 in division and 3-5 outside of division The Dolphins beat the Bears. By how many games did they miss the 2 seed and a bye? The Jets were 1-5 in division and 3-7 out of division I guess you could say the AFC East was unfair to the Vikings and Bears. They were a combined 4-4 against the AFC East and 16-7-1 in the rest of their games.
  8. Here are the Patriots' records by year, AFC East, Outside AFC East 2018 5-1 7-4 (so far) 2017 5-1 10-3 2016 5-1 12-1 2015 4-2 9-3 2014 4-2 13-2 2013 4-2 9-3 2012 6-0 7-5 2011 5-1 10-3 2010 5-2 9-1 2009 4-2 6-5 2008 4-2 7-3 2007 6-0 12-1 2006 4-2 10-3 2005 5-1 6-6 2004 5-1 12-1 2003 5-1 12-1 2002 4-2 5-5 2001 4-2 10-3 The Purple Season they played without Brady In the seasons that are not indented they were completely dominant outside of the division. They went to 11 AFCCGs and 8 Super Bowls in those 13 seasons In the indented seasons where the AFC East propped them up, they were a total of 2-3 in the playoffs with only 1 AFCCG They got to that AFCCG because they beat the Texans who were 6-0 in the AFC South and 7-5 outside of it (including losing to the Patriots twice) If you think losing the 2012 AFCCG is what defines Brady's greatness then you are a clown.
  9. Brady is 6-3 in the playoffs against the AFC West He is 5-2 in the playoffs against the AFC North He is 11-1 in the playoffs against the AFC South He is 1-1 in the playoffs against the AFC East Maybe the truthers are on to something. The rest of the AFC sucks so bad that the AFC East needs to more do to stop Brady because those other squads can't handle him. A QB who is 22-6 against the rest of the AFC is not being propped up by their division. Who cares if Miami or Buffalo made a few extra wild cards and got killed in round 1 or lost in Pittsburgh or New England in the Divisional Round?
  10. I hope a 31 year old QB gets much better in year 9 vs the 30 year old 2017 SB MVP who has beaten the best D in the league in the playoffs 2 years in a row. That's a tough call. I think someone should pick up Dalton and start him. He is CLEARLY one of the best 32 QBs. (probably top 20) I just think Cincy should move on.
  11. Dalton has ZERO dead cap so its a free release. He is one of the worst playoff QBs in NFL history on merit. 0-4 55.7% completion 1 TD 6 picks and a 57.8 rating. He also took 12 sacks and fumbled 4 times. He only faced 1 statistically impressive defense in those 4 games (2011 Texans) Dalton had a very good 2015 regular season. He was crap in the playoff game after. The rest of his career is nothing special.
  12. 1) Kitchens is set up to make the playoffs next year 2) Does Zac Taylor get Nick Foles and some key free agents on D along with a D-heavy draft? Dalton can be cut with no cap charge leaving about 66 million in space. 3) Fangio - He will improve that D and they have Lindsay to run the ball. Get Keenum to play more like 2017 or move on and add some weapons (see if Sutton is the real deal) 4/5) Not sure about the Jets (all over the roster) and the Bucs (that defense) 6) LaFleur - Rodgers is all the headache of LeBron but nowhere near as talented/effective right now He is set up to fail with Minnesota and Chicago as solid defenses 7) Flores - Miami will probably tank for a year like you said. 8) Kingsbury - He may be innovative but he needs someone as D-Coordinator to stabilize him as he learns the NFL. Oh wait, Vance Joseph was D-Coordinater in Miami for only 1 year? And they were the 29th in yards, 18th in points, and 12th in turnovers ranked D? Oh, he had Von Miller in Denver... 3rd in yards, 24th in points, 26th in turnovers followed by 22nd in yards, 13th in points, 6th in turnovers. It looks like both sides of the ball won't have a clue. Maybe he can teach Rosen something in a very ugly year 1?
  13. You would think no but after those 49ers no one thought they would be completely and utterly eclipsed. The only GoaT conversation was Montana or Rice back then. They could have kept it rolling but they went for Giovanni Carmazzi
  14. You know how the world in 'The Man in the High Castle' is an alternate reality? A 2001 Patriots team that did not have Drew Bledsoe and his contract when they signed the players you mentioned is also an alternate reality.