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  1. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    No way does this fall on the Giants or DC or the GMs that drafted or signed these turds. This is not Minority Report. I heard nothing about Baker being a bad egg in college. You draft talented guys out of the first round because they are scum. It happens all the time. See Aaron Hernandez, Larry Phillips, and Tyreek Hill. They are the same scumbag coming out of college. The Chiefs are not smarter than the Patriots or Rams. They got lucky. (that the league invented some bizarre burden of proof for Hill that did not exist for Brady) Pound Gettleman all you want for drafting a mediocre to bad DB in round 1. Don't nail him for not seeing into the guy's soul.
  2. Overrated Head Coaches

    You find many 3 TDs 7 interception Super Bowl QBs out there, do ya sporty? He was flaming garbage vs Baltimore. Like completely hideous. Luckily McNair was worse. He was bad vs KC. He was good in the 2nd half vs New England after being bad in the first half. He was about the 8th best player on the offense in the Super Bowl behind Addai, Rhodes, and the entire O-line.
  3. Overrated Head Coaches

    Not a fan of blaming lack of multiple SBs on a coach being stuck with a galactic loser at QB (Manning and McNabb for 2 examples) Manning went 1-and-done 9 times! Was that his fault or the fault of: Mora(2), Dungy(4), Caldwell(1), Fox(2), Manning's 2 SB runs are garbage. A rating in the 70s with 5 TDs and 8 picks. Dungy and Kubiak won despite Manning's subpar QB play. Manning was 1-and-done in 60% of his playoff seasons. He was 1-and-done in 57.1% of Dungy's seasons. How is this Dungy's fault?
  4. MVP’s you did not agree with

    If you think QB record has nothing to do with MVP voting then here are 3 more for you.
  5. MVP’s you did not agree with

    2016 Brees The Saints were 7-9 They lost both matchups with Matt Ryan and Atlanta. Ryan had the 6th highest passer rating season in NFL history. Brees 2016 come in at 85th. Brees did have 5000+ yards like Jameis 2019, so there is that,. Did I mention
  6. MVP’s you did not agree with

    Brees over Ryan in 2016 is garbage. Your brain has to be so completely stewed in bias to even mention it. The Jerry Rice vote in 1987 was borderline criminal. SF morons split the vote between Joe and Jerry. Jerry had 22 TDs in a 12 game season. Montana had 31 TDs 7 picks and a 102 rating. * Elway had 19 TDs 12 picks and an 83.4 rating. He also ran for 304 yards and 4 TDs (1 more TD than Rice as a QB!) * Here is the problem with Montana. He put up a 118 rating in 2 strike games and a 99.86 rating in real games. Joe Montana only started 9 of 12 real games in that season. He put up a whole 5 more real TDs than his MVP WR. Steve Young had 10 TDs and no picks for a 120 rating in the real games that year. Any SF leaning voter who voted for Montana actually stole the MVP from Rice and gave it to Elway. Elway got 36 votes Rice got 30 votes. 18 fools voted for Montana instead of Rice. In 1982 there were 5 guys who voted for Danny White or Joe Theisman. (and 35 clowns who voted for a kicker) Fouts lost to Mosely 35 to 33. How special was Mosely? Not special in any way. He was in fact 20-21 from FGs if you only look that far. He was 15 for 15 from inside 40. Does he need a cookie for that? He was 5 of 6 from 40-49. This is pretty good but not worthy of an MVP. HE DID NOT TRY A 50+ FG THAT SEASON! He missed 3 extra points on 19 tries. He did have 2 game winning kicks (including 1 in OT that was set up by a game tying FG in the 4th) Here are the lengths of his 20 MVP winning FGs: 19, 20, 20, 21, 24, 26, 29, 30, 30, 31, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38, 42, 43, 45, 45, 48 The average length of this MVPs kicks was 32.6 yards. BTW: Mosely was 4 of 8 kicking in the playoffs that season. Nick Lowery of KC was 19 of 21 from inside 50 that year and a perfect 17-17 on extra points. (he did miss all 3 from 50+) Bill Capece of Tampa was 16-20 inside 50, 2-3 outside 50 and was 14 for 14 on extra points. Was Mosely the best of these 3 guys, probably but not by a large margin. Rolfe Benirschke was 15-17 from inside 50. He was 1-5 from outside 50 and he hit 32 of 34 extra points. MVP was an absolute joke.
  7. Rank every division’s QB situations: NFC East

    Dak was an AMAZING 4th round pick who saved the franchise when they needed him. Hes a pretty good NFL QB and was one heck of a bargain for 4 years. He is not worth 28 a year let alone 35 a year. Jerrah agrees on the 35 part or he would already be signed. Dak is ONLY comparable to Wentz based on their rookie seasons. Wentz is clearly better after that. Both played 16 games in 2016. Dak is 2-6 in the extra 8 games he has played since that year. Wentz is 25-15 from 2017-2019 Dak is 27-21 from 2017-2019 Dak played about 6 easy button games last year and he absolutely dominated lesser talent. He put up 17 TDs to 2 picks against DC, NY, MIA, and the Lions. (All bottom 7 scoring defenses) He got Miami early when everyone was pounding them and he got Detroit after the Diggs trade. Good for him for doing his job in going 6-0 but Cooper Rush could have probably gone 6-0 against those teams. (5-1 at worst) How about the rest of the schedule where he went 2-8 with 13 TDs to 9 picks. That man got the franchise tag and wants 35 million a year. Wentz 2019 was a lot like Dak 2017. How did they both handle adversity? Dak is healthier but far less of a QB. Is the plan to figure out the worst teams on the schedule, play Dak those weeks, and then hope Dalton can improve on 2-8. Its radical but I kinda like it.
  8. MVP’s you did not agree with

    This is a completely accurate assessment of that 2005 playoff year. Ben was amazing for 3 playoff games then his team carried him. He was not very good in the Super Bowl. I'd still take his 2005 over either Peyton Manning SB run. (70.5 and 75.4 rating in those playoff years, yikes!) Ben was 101.7 and 91.6 in his 2 SB runs. Dilfer was 83.7 if you want a line to draw and then stick each QB above or below him. Brad Johnson was 79.9
  9. Rank every division’s QB situations: NFC East

    If you are talking about winning playoff games then I don’t like any of these QB rooms. Dak is a world class fail at leader. Not taking part in the offseason at QB is insanity. Greed over team 101. Name another real QB who did this. He’s also shown that he crumpled when facing difficult times. Dak’s MVP/LVP splits vs bad/good teams last year were incredible. Dalton is a decent regular season QB and bottom 10 all-time in the playoffs. Wentz is 0-4 at being good and healthy in the same season. Hurts needs to adjust to the NFL. Wentz’s 4 seasons are all over the place. Rookie - hot start big fade. Year 2 MVP until injury. Year 3 stat guy / team anchor. Year 4 incredible effort as his team melted around him. I want healthy + great but can’t count on it yet. Danny Dimes is Jameis jr until he is not. fumbles, picks, 4th down fails defined his rookie season. And lots of NY based over the top false hype. No idea what DC has in Haskins and people who think 6 quarters in late December define him are smoking something.
  10. Best games from last season

    Titans over Ravens. - top 10 humble pie game in NFL history - Earl Thomas is the king of bad karma all Chiefs playoff games The last 49ers - Seahawks game
  11. MVP’s you did not agree with

    Ben threw a pair of game winning TDs to Santonio. He dropped the first one. Ben also engineered that drive behind a bottom 5 o-line. Ben gets killed for 2005 but 2008 was greatness.
  12. Notable Stats and Observations

    Bears bashing on Trubisky and Mahomes is well deserved but it lets the other 29 teams off easy. These guys did not get picked at 1,2 ,3 in the draft. Every NFL Team besides KC screwed up the 2017 draft. If trading to 9 gets you an elite QB then you do it in a second.
  13. Mahomes will surpass Brady as the Goat. True or False?

    Mahomes is on a trajectory to be another Rodgers ( way better leader though). Assuming someone will win multiple Super Bowls and stay healthy and elite for 20 years is quite a reach. Let’s enjoy his career and start this talk in earnest after he wins 2 more titles.
  14. Notable Stats and Observations

    I had a thought about Dalton being able to lose games against winning teams if Dak can't lose them that week and it made me investigate QB records vs winning teams. Is it true that Stafford is now at 6-59 against winning teams? (found 5-56 on Reddit from last year and added 2019's 1-3) To be fair, Dak was something like 11-11 before putting up the 2-6 last year (but we all really enjoyed that 2-6) Dalton is something like 21-39-1 plus a well documented 0-4 in the playoffs.
  15. I really missed the point where FitzMagic won SB MVP and had the 3rd highest rated passing season in NFL history. I note that Fitz's playoff passer rating is : Sir Not Appearing In This Film. FitzMagic has been on 8 teams and he does not have a winning record on any of them. Foles is 16th on the all time TD to INT ratio list at 2.02 and 1 of only 18 players at 2.0 or higher. Note: Its 2.20 in the playoffs counting 1 ball he threw at a Falcon that was not picked and 2 balls that hit Alshon Jeffrey and were picked. Trent Green is 50th at 1.42 Fitz is far below Green at 1.30 (I'd guess around 75th) Fitz is closer to John Kitna as a QB than he is to Nick Foles.
  16. Bears not picking up fifth-year option on QB Mitch Trubisky

    Tampa and Tennessee both made the wrong move in picking up the 5th year option on their QBs and spent about 50 million on 9 wins and 13 losses combined. IF Trubisky is great next year (good luck) then they can franchise him for an extra 4 million or so. IF he's still Trubisky then they save 25 million.
  17. Bears sign WR Ted Ginn Jr

    Foles is 3rd on this list. Cam is 114th. Winston does not appear. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_rating_single_season.htm Foles is 7th on this list. Cam is 18th and Winston does not appear. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_rating_career_playoffs.htm Foles is 25th on this list. Winston is 31st.. Cam is 34th. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_rating_career.htm
  18. Bears sign WR Ted Ginn Jr

    Winston is a turnover machine. 138 picks+fumbles in 72 games Not one single team in the NFL considered him as a starter. Cam is 23-23 with an 82.6 rating since his MVP season and he's coming off 2 big injuries. Hes also a 30+ year old running back now. He's been sacked 311 times and hes taken a pounding on almost 1000 carries Not one single team in the NFL considered him as a starter. Winston and Newton have no experience or known ability to thrive in the Bears system. How about familiarity and confidence in performance? Nagy scouted and drafted Foles in Philly. Bill Lazor was Foles QB coach when he had 27 TDs to 2 picks during the 3rd highest passer rating season in history. Foles walked off the field in the playoffs with a lead that year. DeFilippo was Foles QB coach when he was Super Bowl MVP. Want to try Andy Dalton while you are at it?
  19. Which team is the best fit for Andy Dalton?

    The best place for Dalton or Newton is New England. The problem would be Belichick actually wanting either of them. Following Brady would be minimized for both guys since their reps are already in the toilet at the moment. It would be a tough situation to throw Stidham out there for 16 games while Brady lights it up in Tampa.
  20. Washington's Front Four

    I stand corrected. Dolan is pathetic.
  21. Packers QB situation

    Yeah because no coach, GM, or fan wants to win games. If we can get our teams behind by 40 early and then really let our QB compile stats then we are all happy campers! Show me someone who does not think wins and losses are a QBs stats and I will show you a loser.
  22. In a way that draft format was refreshing

    I would only change one thing. The On The Clock section with the next 3 picks in the lower left should include CURRENT PICK: at the top. Show me the name of the person who was just drafted, please! Its super annoying in rounds 4-7 when picks are flying fast.
  23. Packers QB situation

    He was 6-1 and he also ran for 695 yards and 5 TDs in those 7 games. Welcome to the new millennium, do try to keep up. Rodgers was 2-5 with a 94 rating, 124 yards rushing and 2 TDs in those 7 games. So to further the discussion: Its Lamar Jackson over Aaron Rodgers in the last 23 regular season games and its not close.
  24. Packers QB situation

    He can't be a 1 year wonder if he also did it for 7 games in 2018. You can make an argument that he has to be better in the playoffs but 23 games is not the same as 16.
  25. Washington's Front Four

    Kerrigan has 90 sacks and 4 pro bowls in 9 years. He's having a HoF level career. Too bad he plays for the worst owner in sports so no one really pays all that much attention to that team (including DC fans after Halloween)