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  1. The bum coaching the 2000 Patriots started out 0-4. Whatever happened to that guy?
  2. @Woz I made a pick on page 50, right before BigTrav and Biggio7 ( I picked Denver)
  3. Why am I listed as no pick recorded?
  4. Brady was 26th in sack percentage in 2001. What the hell does being sacked 41 times have to do with anything in that tweet? Rookies are generally bad at avoiding sacks, even game manager rookies.
  5. Somewhere Eddie Belfour is cringing at pro sports and bribery being mentioned again.
  6. Favorite team: Philadelphia Eagles Week 3 pick: Denver Broncos
  7. In 1998 Mo Lewis was a first team all pro LB under DC Bill Belichick in NY... Conspiracy alert!!!
  8. I'm talking about the town of Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley media market, sports talk radio, and newspapers / local reporter shows. Brandon Graham did not hear anything about 6 dudes on this forum crying about JPP. On the now useless but at the time awesome and popular EMB, it was all about Earl Thomas. The Eagles Message Board was a part of the Eagles website and moderated by an Eagles employee. He heard about Earl Thomas often unless he hid from it.
  9. Almost no one in Philly compared him to JPP (who yes, was taken right after) JPP was a draft reach/gamble that paid off for NY. It was Earl Thomas 24/7 Thomas, like another famous Philly draft pass Longhorn named Williams, was a fan favorite in the leadup to the draft. Earl has become a joke in the last 3 years or so but he was an absolute stud through year 6.
  10. I'm not sure what people expected from Goff in Detroit but 5 TDs to 1 pick after 6 quarters of the 49ers and the Packers was not it.
  11. They actually swept for bugs and found none. Foxborough is the only NFL stadium certified to be bug free. Its a cool story though if you let go of reality.
  12. To be clear, he is fine in December and actually good in most Decembers, he just does not hold onto that MVP level. There are worse things to be than the 3rd to 5th best statistical QB most years.
  13. Jimmy G has a 111.4 rating through 2 weeks as the 49ers are 2-0. That puts him as the 9th highest rated QB in the league but last in his own division. NFC West QBs are not messing around. Pre-Thanksgiving MVP regular Russell Wilson is at a filthy 146.9 through 2 games.
  14. For years he wore the 'should have taken Earl Thomas instead' label in Philly as his first 4 years or so were not special. Then this happened. (he's actually been a very good player for the last 6 years or so) He's worked hard to become a very good player, a great leader, and he's a great guy. I wish him well in his recovery.
  15. OK, who had the Raiders and the Broncos fighting to be the last undefeated AFC team?
  16. Baltimore should go for this.
  17. I feel like the Ravens are about to get kicked in the Butker
  18. A fool is someone who cheats with their hands while wearing bright yellow clown gloves and then complains when the ref sees his hands cheating.
  19. I think Sermon (on his first NFL carry) and Mitchell both got hurt today. Paging Frank Gore!
  20. The 2020 NFC East featured a loser coach crying that another team did not hand him the division crown at 6-10 The 2021 AFC South: "Hold my beer!"
  21. I know Atlanta stinks (I lead with that a lot) but playing Tampa is not fair.
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