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  1. Miami offers #4, a second and a 2021 1sr round pick for Dak. Do you pull the trigger?
  2. Anyone buying into the Jordan Love hype train? Kid looks legit.
  3. I really want Xcavier McKinney S Alabama on this team. Currently the second rated safety next to Delpit but I think that could change.McKinney is a gangster, we need more of that.
  4. Jim Harbaugh and don’t look back. Has had success in the NFL and will inherit a talented roster. Not afraid to hold players accountable. I wouldn’t mind the roster taking up after his personality. We are too used to being the good guys, it’s time take up the bad guy mantra and smack people in the mouth and set tones in ball games.
  5. 👀 For those that haven’t seen this...your welcome.
  6. I can see the Dlaw and Bennett combo (personality wise) as a spark plug for the defense. His addition will help the back end. I can see him filling in for woods on 3rd down, keeping him fresh and still making an impact. We wanted war daddies...we got them.
  7. Gerald McCoy would be a solid addition to the roster. I wonder if we can get him for a second?
  8. Maybe we can reel in Malcolm Roach this year, The kids a stud!
  9. We have a serviceable 1tech....he’s just hurt.
  10. Just imagine ever play Jeff Heath almost made, and Replace him with Jamal Adams. I think Adams is an elite level upgrade that makes a day 1 difference. He too is a huge Cowboys fan. If we get red hot and need some help getting to the promised land. Take my first and third all day. We’re gonna need guys like that against,Brees, Wilson, Rodgers, Goff and Wentz.
  11. Jamal Adams would be a nice addition. I would give up a first and a third for that monster.Byron Woods and Adams in a single high 3 coverage opens up blitz opportunities for our front seven. I’m on board with Adams too.
  12. Hi guys my first thread and a long time fan of the site. (10 years) just had some questions. Any ideas of a trade scenario that would help us make a hard push for a playoff run/Championship ? Is there any one there that’s worth being Pursuing that will make us instantly better? Example: Coop Von Miller, Patrick Peterson, Jamal Adams, Jalen Ramsey are a few guys that could be traded. does anyone see any trade scenarios? Any favorites you’d like to see dawn the star ? I think Von Miller would make this one of the best LB groups in NFL history. He’s versatile and experienced (Super Bowl). It would be cool to bring Von home, he wanted us to go up and get him, he screams hometown discount. He makes our LBs and our Pass Rush better.
  13. After we whip the dog s**t out of the Jets we should try to lure in Jamal Adams...pipe dream but hey, I can dream. He would do great in our secondary. The guy can cover and play in the box.
  14. Let Gene Steratore have the final call since he agrees the refs on the field screwed a call up. What’s the point of the monitoring a game from New York if they’re just gonna sit on they’re hands and do nothing. Forget the PI challenges and have New York correct the call if it’s wrong.
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