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  1. I doubt he would have been the pick -- cept for Haskins being picked .
  2. Probably true but all he has to beat is T Will,, and it's a close race .
  3. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    Geez, Turtle . I thought the hyperbole was obvious .
  4. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    I understand that ! The first few comments sounded like we'd signed **** Butkus Darn, system wiped out his first name . Also a name for male genitalia -Big Brother !
  5. What to do about the quarterbacks?

    Wow, did this thread ever get sidetracked !
  6. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    Pretty much what I thought . He's been on what - four or five teams mostly as a back up/ sometimes starter .
  7. I love the guy but he was overdrafted now we'll have to overpay to keep him . That's a hellova chunk of the Salary Cap -- for a guard. The heart says pay him, the head says let him walk dumbass ! Draft his replacement and take the comp pick. What would Belichick do ?
  8. #FireBruceAllen

    so, if we go 28-4 over the next two seasons , we get to .500 .
  9. The Leader We Need

    Turtle, nothing short of a SuperBowl win will change Doc's animus ( new word of the day ! ) for our Coach . He hates him through and through and has never wavered in his dislike- Gotta give him credit for that . As for myself - I just usually skip over that part -works well for me .
  10. The Leader We Need

    Doc, to quibble -Shouldn't that properly be AN anathema ? ( anathema being a noun ) .
  11. I was thinking about the Smith injury as you mentioned Turtle and his two year recovery . He could looking at that time frame too . We're almost 16 months from the start of the 2020 Season- Maybe he'll be good to go .
  12. Foster's injury sound very serious . I have seen the words "nerves and arteries" in addition to the torn ACL.
  13. From what I can glean - I agree . Hope he fools us all of us . Thankfully we didn't reach and use a 3rd round pick on him thinking he shoulda been drafted in the 2nd !
  14. Charges dropped against Nicholson

    I never understood throwing away that 4th for Ha-ha and benching Nicholson. Or-- was he hurt at the time - not sure . Anyway he's still young . I hope he can be the answer.