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  1. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    And this time it seriously -- 5-4 . We don't have a chance . Fitz ate us alive in the past .Always seems like an All-Pro when we play him . It's going to be another ugly loss .
  2. Redskins Sign OL Austin Howard

    Why is C Casey Dunn on the roster .. All this O line need and I haven't heard his name mentioned as being of any consideration or help -
  3. Stacy McGee Activated from PUP

    Hey ! I was about to ask .. Guess he wasn't in great demand !
  4. Stacy McGee Activated from PUP

    Is he really that bad ? In 4 years at Oakland, the most tackles he had in a season was 22 . Last season for us he had 44 ( solo and assist ) . Double production sounds pretty good ! I didn't study his play and don't know his assignments buy he'll probably never live up to the contract--I'll give you that !
  5. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Both those names were on our radar when they came out..shows how hard it is to get a decent Q B. Only 10 really goods in the entire world , 10 good ones and 10 you probably would like to replace.
  6. Stacy McGee Activated from PUP

    I don't know but we sure have six beefy D linemen ! Big big guys .. That's one area we won't be drafting in '19...I expect .
  7. Redskins Sign OL Austin Howard

    http://www.theredzone.org/Blog-Description/EntryId/73366/Patriots-sign-S-Obi-Melifonwu--LB-Albert-McClellan--release-two Pats release 2 O-linemen.. I know nothing about these guys but if they were on the Pats roster, I'd bring them in and get rid of the rubbish we just signed .
  8. Kenny Ladler cut to open the spot .
  9. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    What's the scoop on this W V QB Grier ? Great game and win over Texas. Is he mobile? Good size. Any W V's fan in here ?
  10. Redskins Sign OL Austin Howard

    Ugh, just reading an article says he plays like he 's 60. Can't move, can't bend , feet of concrete. Colts cut him for a reason . This is pure desperation. I'd find someone's young practice squad guy and try him .
  11. Richardson, Scherff, and Lauvao to IR

    I hope Sims and / or Quinn can come back from I R. Also Cobbs and Kidsy on practice squad . Scherff can get his knee healthy now . Have we picked up his 5th year option or is that due yet ?
  12. Brandon Scherff has Torn Pec

    Little ray of sunshine -- Morgan Moses has sprained MCL-Could play this week with treatment .
  13. Brandon Scherff has Torn Pec

    So next week we could be left to right . Nsekhe, Roullier, Dunn, Bergstrom and hopefully Moses . And two new backups probably
  14. Mason Foster

    Seems to me when a team has a 3rd down , they just send a back into the flat and toss him the ball. Foster always seems to "Chugging" over to cover but never gets there . Is this guy a liability?