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  1. That was the third down throw but go back to the first down throw. He really didn't give Adams much of a chance . It was a bit too hot, came out before Adams could get turned around. I've seen Adams make those catches but that one was a tough catch- Tougher than it should have been . Monday morning QB ing is so frekkin' easy huh ?
  2. Maybe so- I sure thought he had this one in his hip pocket. First and goal from the 8, he sure seemed to rush that throw to Adams.
  3. Thank you Football Gods. !
  4. Well Player Personnel seems to include pro players/ free agents too I think. Calling him a scout is like calling a CPA an accountant . IMHO , but we both know this is a stupid discussion . 🤣
  5. A bit disingenuous referring to him as "a scout".. doncha think .
  6. It's hard to refute that statement . I would like to but can't find the logic .
  7. It was kinda tongue in cheek since Turtle asked for "cheap" .. I don't want the guy but he could realistically be had for what ?? The third round pick returned.
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