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  1. Bryce Love?

    O K, thanks. Confusing rules.
  2. Bryce Love?

    He's not on the reserve - he's on the NFI-ACTIVE .
  3. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Why is edge rusher #2--The good Q B's ( as you stated ) have already gotten the ball out of their hands .
  4. Redskins have signed a FullBack

    So-- Ryan Anderson is out of a job ( on offense )
  5. Bryce Love?

    Actually - he's not on the PUP, nor I R. He's on the "Active -NFI " list. (non-football injury ) cause it didn't happen in the NFL. Means he can be activated anytime he's medically cleared.
  6. Williams to Browns Rumor

    I'll blame him. From what I read the team doctor(s) told him to get a second opinion. These people treat football related injuries. Not growths on the scalp. He has some culpability .
  7. Weakest Links ?

    I trump you one Dan Snyder-- but I meant on the field !
  8. Weakest Links ?

    I must be blinking during the flashes ..!
  9. Weakest Links ?

    He intercepted Brady - Blind squirrel thing !
  10. Weakest Links ?

    Well Monte is my number ONE-- Am I unfair to him. I'd be interested in the your/ the boards thoughts . I think he's killing our defense. The one REALLY bad apple .
  11. Weakest Links ?

    Monte Nicholson- I think this guy is awful. Against the Dolphins, he's in the middle and let's the T E catch a 33 yard gain late in the game. He bent his knees and extended his hands as if to intercept, the T E goes up and catches the ball. Nicholson coulda / shoulda played the man and nailed him therefore breaking up the pass. He left Norman out to dry earlier in some games when he seemed to be was responsible for deep help --and Norman -needs all the help he can get ! Norman - no need to state the obvious ! Paul Richardson - I've been giving him some slack but now I've come over to the haters side. Paying him a lot of money for next to nothing. Trey Quinn- I actually thought he might be very good ! Oh well ! I know we have no replacements for these duds.
  12. A little OJ in the morning

    Seems like a natural --for the mad genius in New England.
  13. Rosen wasn't free . Weren't we talking about offering our second for him . Back to square one .
  14. Who do you want as HC

    If that happens , maybe it'll be O'Connell's team
  15. O-line Health, or lack thereof . Damn ! Penn has a knee-limited. #77 at L G is the only one I haven't seen listed as injured. and Bergstrom. Roullier - knee ( what's his status ? ) Martin has a chest injury, Scherff- ankle ( I said from the beginning I bet our luck he had a high ankle and would miss 4-6 weeks ), Moses a shoulder. Pierschbacher is back last I read. Christain is OK I guess. Should be interesting as to who starts to get this new running game going .