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  1. Man, Kyle Allen gets no respect ! 😁
  2. Seems it was drugs and/ or alcohol. Died peacefully . Dead at age 37😞 https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/former-university-of-hawaii-football-star-colt-brennan-dies-at-37/ar-BB1gCjvF?li=BBnb7Kz
  3. and maybe Brad Johnson and Nick Foles .
  4. We gotta hope he's a late bloomer ! Walk on in college at Western Kentucky and UDFA in the Pros. Good Sr. season, 52 catches for 688 yards and 8 TDs !
  5. We also signed Deon Yelder, a 4 year guy. Read he could be a sleeper .
  6. 😁 I'm only saving the ones where he agreed with me .. BOTH of them ! 😁
  7. O K ! so.,, we're down to seven on the roster .
  8. I'd give this post DOUBLE like If possible ! Spot on - agree 100%
  9. McCain- just another average safety. 7 interceptions in 6 seasons . Average range, speed . He's AVERAGE. Hope this is just due diligence .
  10. The Left Tackle cut by Chicago is coming for a visit on Monday also-Charles Leno.
  11. I never realized Cooley was that S L O W.. wow, man. He didn't look it .
  12. I would have like him better in round 5 or 6 but I guess they graded him out in round 4.
  13. I can't generate much enthusiasm for this pick. Wish I could love it but ..is what it is I guess. Seems like we drafted a T E, just to draft a T E .
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