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  1. Redskins Losing Fans at a Rapid Rate

    Actually most seasons is maybe what 12 Sunday afternoons ,,,or less ? Most teams have a coupla late games ( 4 p m ) which gives you most of the day-take the dog to the park. Then a Monday game maybe and Thursday and Sunday nights .
  2. He will want top 3 money at the guard position. Too much?
  3. Redskins Losing Fans at a Rapid Rate

    Hey, I explained BEFORE marriage that 3.5 hours a week were mine for my Redskin fix. She ( way way back when- when she wanted to get married said -Oh that's fine ) Well, now -- it ain't so fudging fine .
  4. Redskins Losing Fans at a Rapid Rate

    What in the world is better than NFL football on a crisp Fall Sunday afternoon or snowy Winter day !!?? My wife has about a 1,000 answers for that --but that's another story ! She says that's what the DVR is for .
  5. Alex finally just got out of that Fixator thing- after 8 months. All in for 2021 !
  6. Predict QB Haskins

    Who will be catching all those TD s ?
  7. Predict QB Haskins

    I hope you're not serious .. I don't see that. All I read is he studies hard - great work ethic . Wants to be at the top .
  8. Predict QB Haskins

    Please be right , please be right , please be right !!!
  9. Predict QB Haskins

    Vince Fearragamo .. all I can come up with . Way hard to predict anyone . Big, slow footed , big arm . Also sounds like Jason Campbell 2.0
  10. Character in Question ?

    I's imagine for that kind of capital ( and at 15% - just plain desperate for money ? ) his signature is on the document .
  11. O K- he disciplined his child with a switch. I caught a few of those as a kid -- and had to go cut my own . I deserved everyone as I remember . Now this . You borrow money and promise to pay it back . Why do you need a court to tell you to do that ? Right is right and wrong is wrong. I'm not sure I want to see this guy in burgundy and gold . He can take his act elsewhere. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/07/03/court-orders-redskins-adrian-peterson-pay-million-defaulted-loan/
  12. and we take the comp pick-=That'll work too !
  13. We can tag him if he breaks out - don't see coming. He ran a 4.50 40 time. Not a burner but surely not slow ,, but he sure plays S L O W. No separation.
  14. OTAs

    That's my guy ! Hoping he can do good . Excellent speed . 4.45 I think .
  15. OTAs

    I guess but I don't get the foot thing -- all those other interesting .... things . But we digress ! Heck, Mahomes looks and faces right and throws blindly across his body to back to the left . I hate messing with natural ( things ) err, tendencies.