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  1. Sounds like he'll play this week with the injury . day to day week to week. Yoy know, we have a great history of moving R Bs to receivers . The two greats -Bobby Mitchell and Charley Taylor. Maybe Gibson should follow --at some point .
  2. Huh, I'm lost . They went at 11 and 15 . I guess you mean if we didn't make the Playoffs ?
  3. Just read Landon says he's too small for L B --DUH !
  4. Yeah, looks like Tarzan .... πŸ™„
  5. Yep, you're right . I saw the clip. I looked back but haven't found it .
  6. That's true but he hit RSJ in the hands in the end zone ( game before ) and I believe L Thomas would have caught it . He hit D Brown in the right front of the endzone. He didn't hold on- He's not getting a ton of help.
  7. It won't happen but ,, If I could call the first play, I'd call a Q B draw just to get Heiny hit and get him into the run / takeoff mode. Well not necessarily hit -O K if he slides. Just get his head in the game from the first snap . ! Second play, look deep and let fly if its 51 / 49 our favor or hit the T E, R B under.
  8. Jamin ,, seems soft. I saw a hilite where an O-line guy tapped him and he went down Like Linda Lovelace. You young guys can look it up .😚
  9. Give the man a seegar - agree 100%
  10. O K then let's throw Kyle Allen out there - what the hey ! He has a stronger arm . He can run . Doesn't have Heinies pocket awareness.
  11. Meanwhile Hopkins turns into the next Gano . He'll be a fine kicker for someone in the league for many more years .
  12. You think they haven't messed with his head - keep thinking that .
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