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  1. McLaurin is only in between cause he got no help on the other side !
  2. Yes for sure -Dallas to win, No chance for that though !
  3. McKissic outta the backfield and moving all over is a nightmare for 3-4 yards when you need a 1st.. I think the Offense is coming on too- I'm excited. It takes a bit of TIME. The second half might be fun .
  4. Allen did lollipop that pass - as I remember he couldn't step up and didn't want to lose a big gain even though he couldn't fire the pass in there. He did what he HAD to do . He did fire that ball to Thomas for 2 points. - it was a laser right on target and Thomas should have held on even though he did get popped. Thomas ' TD catch and run was a beauty . Let's hope he's coming around .
  5. RSkinGM

    Trade Targets

    You means either way - Us trading ours or getting theirs ?
  6. I'd think they switch back and forth depending on Down/ Distance . I don't think either is locked in to a position . Curl seems like an instinctive player but lacks speed . Deshazor is slightly faster . Neither have elite skills but both might be futball players !
  7. Don't sleep on Montez man ! hahahaha 😁 BTW, I know you probably know this - A Rodgers was pick what 27 ? First round. Brett Favre was a second round pick . Brunnel rd 5, Gannon rd 4, Drew Brees , Schaub, Hasselbeck , Brad Johnson, etc etc . The list is endless. There's more top 10 bust than there are success stories from further down the draft.
  8. Reaves brought up to the active - again. 3 years in a row. Man, there are guys out there , Ha-Ha only 27, Eric Reid, T J Ward , Reshad Jones . What do you guys think if we pair Everett with Curl. Do they interchange , Does Everett move to Strong ( seems more natural ) and Curl to free ?
  9. RSkinGM

    Trade Targets

    Tim Settle is way underrated . IMHO
  10. Drive the BandWagon big guy ! I'm on it with you.. I'm pumped. ( till we lose to the Jints 😴 )
  11. My thoughts . You play the damn game to WIN ! ACE-thank you for your post. MKnight-Thanks for pointing out you don't need top 1 or 2 pick to get a Q B .
  12. Apparently C Y is playing great ! I'm still waiting to see The Predator, Superman, Generational , Game Changer, Can't Miss player as advertised .
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