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  1. 2020 Draft thread

    I need 5, 18, 39 and a second next year ,, to start going hhhhmmmm .. ?????
  2. Super Bowl VII What If

    Boy, Ii've wondered that for what -40 some years . They killed Larry Brown in that game . I think Sonny was 38 then, not in hi prime . We'll never know but I'd pay good money to watch that game over with him under center.
  3. Redskins sign Kendall Fuller 4 years/40mil

    Well that was confusing .
  4. Redskins sign Kendall Fuller 4 years/40mil

    One year stop gap ? You mean Fuller ? Are you saying the contract gets us off the hook after 1 year ?
  5. 2020 Draft thread

    Ha ! Talk about a man's MAN !
  6. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    man, was hoping we'd take it off the table before he could sign it like Carolina did to Josh Norman .
  7. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    I don't know if I'm serious or not. So who does, but--left tackles have gotten , or they are getting so hard to find and so expensive-Maybe we should trade down and take the bets available tackle. Hopefully he'll play well and be "cheap" for 5 years. I'm going against my own view of drafting BPA in the first round and that seems to Chase Young by all accounts. ( Turtle, don't blow me outta the water ! ) Our Defense at this point seems somewhat competent-maybe. The offense needs the help. Maybe we'd extra picks to get a receiver also-- tough , tough calls for the front office. Again, If I hear "with the second pick the Redskins take Chase Young". I wont be disappointed.
  8. 2020 Draft thread

    Doc- you've been posting long enough now that I'm sure you're open to Making and Receiving an offer !!
  9. Redskins sign Kendall Fuller 4 years/40mil

    After letting this settle in, I said somewhere we'd have one overpay in free agency . This seems to be it . He's a good SOLID player . but $40 mill ? I don't think he'll live up to the contract .
  10. I'd think because he finish 2017, 2018, and 2019 INJURED . Gets old .
  11. University of Mars Martians . Love those red unnies.
  12. Redskins Signing TE Richard Rodgers

    I kinda went HUH ? Then almost broke a rib laughing. I needed that .
  13. O-Line Situation

    I hope we bring in a bunch of UDFA and find one keeper !
  14. I did see that stat. 2 lost fumbles in 4 years . I didn't realize he's a "teams " guy .
  15. Don't know much about him but his YPC has decreased every year for 4 years .. Sure seems a meh running back .. Not much to get excited over here unless you guys have some bling .