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    Peyton Barber

    https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/washington-football-coaches-dont-care-about-peyton-barbers-yards-carry Good timing- mirrors my view . I saw this after I posted .
  2. RSkinGM

    Peyton Barber

    I did have a qualifier.
  3. RSkinGM

    Peyton Barber

    He's been poo-pooed as a bad signing, why is he on the roster?, trash. Well Thanksgiving and all season in my opinion-- He shows why he's here - shows his value. Plays "teams" well and is an exceptional 3rd down back. You can't discount his talent when you HAVE to have a hard tough yard. Really quick feet to slide laterally and find a crack, put his head down and get that yard! He's a coaches player - Blue collar lunch pail guy. I'm really a fan of his . Brings a hardnose work ethic . Guys like him are the backbone of good teams .AND, from a "VALUE " bang for the buck-- This is the best free agent class we've ever had.. Shoot it down if you want -I'm impressed with these guys .
  4. Pittsburgh I can't believe I feel we have a GOOD chance of giving them their first loss. We ( barring a Covid breakout ) are healthy. Might get Lucas back - Everett, we seem to cover for him anyway with Reaves and Apke . I expect a fight to the finish with our chances like 50 / 50. This 5 pm start time is super weird !
  5. Read today he's remaining on I R-Done for the season. He may never play a down for the WFT . Oh well- you rolls the dice and this one was snake eyes !
  6. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/washington-football-team-new-name-2022/1ah8f7wq4drzf1gbfi2wrrufwb This article says we may be the WFT thru next season .
  7. Smart- maybe we won't be using a wideout at Q B like Denver had to do . 🙃
  8. If ,, we should Thump them- they'll blame it on the short week.. Rightfully so I guess .
  9. Same here-One of the things I'm sincerely and truly thankful for -This site and you guys ! It's very important to me - sad as that may be !! HA!
  10. Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor - or something like that .
  11. I sure hope you're right . Love to see them throw the Cap Space to the wind .!
  12. Moses gets hurt , but he shows up and plays hurt . Every bit the warrior than T W was . He gets my respect .
  13. We know it means squat- still want the Playoffs ! We'll get several good players in the draft and fill other holes with F A .
  14. Good post ! They sure keep swinging too! Not sure they've hit yet . I would have drafted Mayfield but he can't seem to get over the hump.. Might not be their answer.
  15. AND the old saying ! THIRD times the Charm !! This will be the ONE ! 😜
  16. Agree on Moses . Still see Charles though as our left guard though Schweitzer is a battler ! I think he's better than I was hearing when we signed him . Maybe we'd be more balanced with Charles at R T .. Time will work it out .
  17. This may be a record , our 3rd first round QB in the last nine drafts. I guess 10 drafts , Griffin was in 2012 .
  18. I must be missing his point too- COLTS seems like such a no brainer .. huh ? Like us heading into the 2019 draft- Do you want to be the Bengals or us ..?? DUH!
  19. Carolina just shut out a team that we lost to. Dallas beat the Vikings on the road. Philly on the road even with no crowd. Don't see it my man .
  20. This team is under performing, especially the defense. I don't really see another win unless it's the depleted S F squad so we should certainly get a high draft pick . We would have lost yesterday had Burrow not been hurt .
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