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  1. Week 7 GDT: Squish the Fish Part 1.

    S Reshad Jones and DE Moses are out and CB Xavien Howard is questionable leaning towards out with a knee injury so their weak defense will be even weaker. This is time to build up Allen's passing confidence and just make mid to deep throws on this team
  2. Zay Jones traded to Oakland for 2021 fifth round pick

    because he kept dropping the ball and separation from the DBs were mediocre. As well as being to soft to contest the balls.
  3. I just love how dolphin fans think they automatically get the 1st overall pick you still have to play the jets and bengals which could be a tough battle for you to lose. Not to mention you have grier the guy can easily pick Herbert instead of Tua, you cant just assume that your qb is going to be Tua. There are still 10 games left in the season before you can say you got the #1 pick and even then you have no idea what that GM and scouting department are going to do. Assuming is an awful thing to do when it comes to the Dolphins and Ross
  4. Who is to say you guys land Tua? GM may not even want him or the phins may not even get the 1st overall to land him. Mid 20s is because they have a capable offense to win that weak division to have a draft pick in the 20s this year unless watson goes down with an injury. Bill Obrien may be trash but the talent on that offense can carry them to winning that division. Jags dont have a qb and they just dumped their best defensive player, Indy lost luck and Brisset has done a decent job but his talents can only go so far, titans are a hot mess. When you publicly tank and look for a rebuild the players coming in are going to have to be overpaid as you are not a contender and wont be for some time, so dont expect to be getting top tier talent at a cheaper price then what Tunsil would have offered after his contract was up, you could have had him for 3 seasons before paying him as the franchise tag.
  5. Week 7 GDT: Squish the Fish Part 1.

    with the way AP ran all over that defense I expect the conservative way of running the ball still being effective. If Reshad Jones is out they need to just chuck it deep to whoever is not being covered by Howard as the DBs are a joke outside of him. Do that early on then run the ball 3 qtrs of the game to get 150-200 yards and let the defense give the phins the fitz
  6. He is above average and was essentially a top 5 draft pick that fell because of a marijuana picture. Your not going to see that type of talent in the mid 20s the next two drafts. Had they kept him to protect your future qb it would be one less thing to stress over as that is the 2nd most important piece on an offense. Just dont think 2 late 1st rd picks are worth it for an important piece like that especially one who is still on a rookie salary for the next 2 seasons. Olineman are hard to come by that have good talent. Imagine having a capable LG to help him out and they could be set on the blindside for the rookie Qb. Now they will go in to the offseason needing an entire oline and qb not to mention weapons. Even though you have 3 first rd picks thats not going to solve the teams woes. Dumping minkah for a potential top 10 was a good idea as that can be easier replaced then a LT.
  7. Bengals OT Cordy Glenn Fined/Leaves Practice

    Well Grier needs to take the fall as well since hes been there for 2 decades in the scouting department and GM position.
  8. This is a sign that Ross needs to can Flores and Grier, if you are tanking and your GM trades for Rosen for a 2nd rd pick it is a sign that they are clueless. To come out and say Rosen is your starting QB for the rest of the season to only bench him 30 min into the game. Follow that up a day after that game to announce Rosen is still the starting qb for the rest of the year then bench him the following day for fitz just proves that the organization doesn't know what they want to do even though they are to be publicly tanking. Trading away a LT before the season even if its 2 first rd picks on a rookie contract and a foundation for your oline was pathetic. You can dump Minkah and bounce back from that but to lose a talented LT for your soon to be rookie QB was a bad move. Then Drake is available for trade for weeks, all of a sudden this week he is discussing a contract extension, then 24 hours later they publicly shopping him again shows the incompetence of the organization. As a Bills fan I love it but if they actually got their stuff together. Ross should be on a plane to Oklahoma to throw a bunch of money at Lincoln Riley and say run the show in Miami with your QB and the cap money you have. Flores/Grier will prevent this team from evolving in to a contender.
  9. Bengals OT Cordy Glenn Fined/Leaves Practice

    Dont fool yourself Dolphins are just as big of a mess even if they are tanking, the organization particularly the HC, as he is clueless on simple things. The Qb situation alone proves he is lost and the job is over his head.
  10. Bengals OT Cordy Glenn Fined/Leaves Practice

    He just wants to bail as they arent winning any time soon and wants to hop on a contender or wait until next year and avoid injury. I think Aj is doing the same, he may not want out of Cincy but he knows this season is lost and whats the point of rushing back to an 0-6 team to risk further injury.
  11. Bye Week Thread

    Cordy Glenn is fighting with Cincy about the way things are being handled with his concussion and has requested his release, if cut do you think the Bills should bring him back as back up help for LT? When healthy he is a legit OT but his injuries is what has been holding him back from being top tier talent.
  12. Week 7 GDT: Squish the Fish Part 1.

    This is just as bad as losing. They need to go out and score on the first series and never look back, if they cant do that and tie until 4th then they shouldnt make the playoffs.
  13. Week 7 GDT: Squish the Fish Part 1.

    Yea in a smart organization that would be my selection. However Hurts doesn't necessarily have to be the guy if you think you have a better chance with Tua as he seems to be mentally smarter on reading defenses then Hurts but Hurts has better arm strength and I think hand size but could be wrong on the later part. Either way if you go in on Lincoln you can easily get a team going, focusing on one side of the ball which should be offense and then work on the defense the following year. This is definitely a 3-4 year build after this season for them. Do what the rams did and bring in an experienced older DC and just focus on your strength which is offense and hope he can do stuff with that defense. Your going to face a strong Pats and Bills defense for awhile so you want to do the opposite and see if you can beat them that way.
  14. Week 7 GDT: Squish the Fish Part 1.

    You have to think that he is going to be a 1 and done coach. Im in Florida so I hear all the teams talk and even though he has nothing to work with he just seems lost and unable to handle the HC responsibilities. I think he is another Steve Wilks eventhough they are public "Tanking" they still may move on from both the GM and HC. Grier has been with that team for almost 2 decades in the scouting department and he only has a handful of players on the roster. that they drafted. That organization is heavily mismanaged and if they want to do it right they need to gut the front office and coaching staff. They have a ton of picks and money that they will be able to bring in whomever they want to implement their ideas. I would even say they should go out and throw as much money as they can at Oklahoma's HC Lincoln Riley as he has done a spectacular job with QBs the last few years.
  15. Week 7 GDT: Squish the Fish Part 1.

    I actually wish Rosen started. He was talking all that smack about how he was going to get revenge on the teams that needed a Qb and passed on him in the draft. That and he is kind of a statue so he will get destroyed by the dline. Fitz is a gunslinger so he wont waste time holding on to the ball to get lit up but will likely turn the ball over.