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  1. I think Robinson would be just as good and with the Jags drafting etienne 1st rd they may be willing to move him once they realize their season is lost and could use the draft capital to build up that team as they have so many holes.
  2. Yea I was thinking if we can find an answer to LG right now we could move Feliciano back to Rg and Daryl back to RT and give Brown more time to develop. Maybe feliciano back at RG can benefit his game. I put in the overall season thread on what would be good to do now during the bye in order to get things going for the second half of the season. Oline is on there along with CB. Levi showed some nice effort in the beginning of the game but then he struggled 3 qtrs of it and having another CB at the #2 position could help them out. Making a trade for one could be a smart move. I thi
  3. @Trentwannabehate to see you go. Stay Safe and good luck in the military
  4. After last nights loss going in to the bye is it time for Beane to make a move? If so what position should we be focused on trying to upgrade? Is there a LG or RG out there that we can make a move for and put Daryl Williams back at RT? Is there a run stuffing DT out there that we can benefit from that could be an upgrade to our current roster? Is there a #2 CB we could potentially look at to upgrade over Levi? I think these were the 3 issues we had last night, is this something that we need to get or is there more of a fix in house that needs to be figured out?
  5. I got to see where this line is with Daryl Williams has he been playing better RG or RT this year? If its RT then they need to look at Ford and step it up as brown struggled last night. If Daryl has been better at RG then RT continue to keep Brown at RT and hope he turns it around. The defense continues to struggle against big running backs. I know Henry is anomaly but they have to find ways of shutting down the run, Pats are going to try to run all day long when we face them as Mac is like a Tannehill in which he is a game manager. I just dont see why they never went to a 4-3 formation
  6. I think not having Milano, Tre, Levi, and Star unavailable for the game last year is what did us in on defense. We seem to be a full go plus we got guys like Groot and Epenesa stepping up and we may actually have a pass rush this year. I agree jumping out to an early lead will force Tannehill to throw more and limit the run game. Dline stepping up against the run early on making a statement could give them the best chance of winning. This team is no slouch they may have been off but having a healthy Julio and possibly Brown the weapons are as good as any offense. Disrupting Tannehi
  7. Well as you argue TE takes time to develop so wouldn't you want to hit Free Agency knowing this? Why settle for a contract now rather then see what you can get on the open market? Keep in mind teams are less likely to over pay for someone on top of giving up draft capital while teams will be willing to overpay without giving up draft capital. If you have a history of being injured and going to a team in which they are struggling to get a win and your 30 years old while trying to make one last pay day, I see no benefit in wanting to go to a team like Jags or Jets. At worst you get injured, at b
  8. Yes but do you think Ertz wants to go there? You may not have a no trade clause but you do have some say of no im not going there ill just sit out the remainder of the year and go to a new team in free agency. Pats just paid 2 TE in free agency I doubt they would put the money into ertz after henry and Smith big pay days. Bears have a mil in cap space ertz is around 5.7 mil in cap hit. I think this was a win win situation for Ertz and for Arizona. Eagles get more cap space to pay Goedhert long term and right now more picks will help their build that they are essentially doing.
  9. Solid move when your 1st in the division, just lost your Te to season injury and your trying to make a run in the playoffs I do not see how this is a bad move for a team who is 7th in offense right now. Seems like there is bitterness as I do not see this as a bad move in any way
  10. hes got 1 year on his deal and he isnt a lock to extend on where he went. So would you give up compensation as a Jets or Jags team knowing that this guy isnt going to stick around come 2022 season? He wants to get paid but also wants to play for a contender and those 2 teams are in full rebuild. Hes in his early 30s and doesnt have time to wait to win.
  11. haha the nfl wont release them thats a unique way to view it. I think Gruden being fired is on him for saying what he said in an email which we all know is dumb as hell to do. Leave no physical evidence for you to get pooped on in the future is always my thought. But I get it now I didnt think of the gruden connection until you mentioned it.
  12. I have to ask why would you want a division rival who has made the superbowl back to back times to win a game this week to an NFC team?
  13. I think the Tampa/Philly game tonight will be better then what people expect. Could be a 30+ pt per team. Phillys front 4 def is low key good and I want to see if they can get to Brady. Arizona/Cleveland would like to see how Murray does against that browns front 4 LAC/Balt will be a good one a battle of the QBs as well as either tying or taking 1st place in the AFC as the winner will be 5-1 and the bills will be the only other team that can get to 5-1. Its still way early but this game can separate the chances of getting 1st in the AFC and getting the bye or not. Bears/GB rivalry g
  14. I think he would get browns minimal trade value, stephon gilmore who is coming off season ending injury last year and was on pup list this year who also was DROY in 2019 got only a 6th rd pick. OBJ had a couple of good years on his rookie deal but other then that he has been injured, a distraction, or just flat out not great. His remaining deal of 15 mil per year over the next 2 years isnt to bad but again durability is going to be the issue. Ill say he will fetch a day 3 pick, would be shocked if its any more then that. 2023 6th rd that can be a 5th rd based on the % of snaps in 2022 season w
  15. We should have around 20 mil in cap space this offseason. Could drop lower if they extend edmunds as his hit is 12.7 mil right now on the 5th year option. I think an extension for diggs as he has 2 years remaining and his pay day is now at 11 mil a year. I also think Mitch Morse should be getting an extension as he is on his last year in 2022. I think guys like Beasley, Klein, Matakevich, and possibly Star could be cap casualties if they look to go younger and clear room for other upgrades on the team. Addison and hughes are both FA but likely not coming back as the bills have a sol
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