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  1. NFL has cut preseason games from 4 to 2.

    Im a long term piece guy, as much as I like to look at this upcoming season I want to make sure that this team isn't a 1 and done like the Jags were a couple of years ago. I want stability so when I look at the #2 CB I only see 3 1 year contracts but for this season I think their CB position is fairly deep and would think that Levi, Ej, and Josh end up making the roster in case something happens to Tre. Ej Gaines has hit a string of injuries and even if he has a good season he is going to do what he did a couple years ago by going out and finding the best deal he can get. Bills wanted him back but didnt want to pay him long term. It seems like most teams saw that too and only got a 1 year did with Cleveland. I think Norman is a bit overrated however he did have his solid years with McDermott so I expect him to be better then what he was in Washington but obviously not like he was in Carolina as age has definitely caught up to him. IMO I think Levi could be better then both of them but he is not consistent and once he hits free agency next offseason he is going to seek a team with the biggest pay day for him. So my reasoning as to why I would be upset if dane is cut is because he is really the only Corner that is locked in long term to be the #2 if he is that good. If he gets to the psquad I will be okay with that as they still can work with him and he could be brought up next year. My hope is he proves enough in camp to earn a roster spot and be something on this team, if not then next offseason they will have to seek a long term #2 corner while paying Tre top money. Bills the past couple of years had Levi to fall back on with a cheap price tag of ERFA, now his 3rd year will be up and they wont have that net anymore.
  2. Preseason Cut in half

    No one wants the preseason other then the owners, and maybe the coaches to find a gem in their 90 player roster but as fans and players (who start) dont have any interest in preseason as it brings nothing but injury to those risking it. As for my comment the guy specifically said "There will be NO football in 2020" to base that off of cutting preseason games is silly to me. Like you said it is contact sport so protection isnt 100% the NFL is limiting that exposure by cutting preseason in half and they should do the entire preseason this year because it is simply no upside to meaningless games other then injury or contracting the virus. Back to my original point jumping the gun and making a statement as definitive to not having it played this year is a knee jerk reaction and like many of us believe that you cant dictate the season from happening based on cancelling meaningless games.
  3. NFL has cut preseason games from 4 to 2.

    Is Ej Gaines 1 year deal where he has a history of being injured a better roster spot then Johnson who is a rookie and coming up? I would be kind of upset that they let a potential gem walk to get a guy who we all know what he can and cannot do.
  4. Preseason Cut in half

    Thought I mentioned NBA but they are included and they are set to start July 28th. Thats why I said this month because I knew they were going again at that time. Nascar and Golf do have social distancing a lot easier but there are also ways that the NFL along with the other sports can prevent risk of illness. These protective masks added to the visor they are creating will be helpful along with reccuring testing to make sure they arent spreading it around. I just dont want to buy in to saying there will be no season because of these 2 pointless practice games.
  5. Preseason Cut in half

    why would there be no season when you have MLS, MLB, NHL, Nascar, and Golf all starting back or will start back this month? Just cause they are cutting out meaningless games and not having fans in the stadium doesn't mean a season can not start on time. What does preseason do for starters other then risk injury or now covid. With the NFLPA still yet to agree on this I think it may be beneficial to not have a preseason. College doesn't have practice games so why should the pros right now? The only reason teams like preseason is to find those last 12-15 players that will be back ups or special teamers who arent going to start on offense or defense. Gives times to gel on live plays but they arent giving it 100%. If you want to have your backups play so 22-25 of your starters do not need to attend the preseason they have the right to do so and then you take the remaining players from the 90 man roster have them battle it out for those spots in those two games. Its better then risking multiple teams to travel and play each other if it risks spreading the virus during a meaningless game.
  6. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    Well if people are getting offended by certain names on buildings, cities, counties, and/or statues/monuments and they are making changes shouldn't this be a change to? You want equality through out the nation and now people are listening to it then you better make it right and correct all the "racial" issues. You can not make changes because it is offensive to one race and not the other. So even if it is a small amount of people you still should make the change. If you still want an Indian type name then make it something similar to what the Chiefs or Indians named their teams that represents them without having to offend people. If you are worried about future issues that involve race then go with a team name and mascot that you couldn't offend. Find an animal that is from the area, or go with something that has something to do with the City. There is no reason to keep the name if it is constantly brought up. If anything Snyder should be all over promoting a new name as his team has been irrelevant for so long, and a new name and mascot can cause a rise in merchandise and marketing for the team if he played it right.
  7. NFL has cut preseason games from 4 to 2.

    In different news related to the Bills, the Governor has announced as of right now NO fans this year at Bills games. Hopefully it changes but as every day goes on and more cases are popping up it looks like it will be harder and harder to have fans at the game. Two people I wanted gone this off season they may stick around are Trent Murphy and Lee Smith, both of those guys know the system and rookie espenesa may need time where Murphy gets lucky and sticks. I think it is a mistake long term because that cap savings could be used for a better purpose then mediocrity that trent brings to the field. Having this shortened could also mean that any guys that could have been potential additions that have a significant cap like Clowney or Walford will be completely off their radar (unless injury pops up to current players)
  8. Offseason Talk

    He had plenty of time to heal on that shoulder he may not be 2016-2017 Cam but he will definitely be better then Stidham and Hoyer. It is a low risk high reward and with it being a 1 year deal Cam is going to go hard to get another big contract come next offseason whether it is with the Pats or another team. Just don't get why other teams who need a qb sit back and not bring this guy in to compete for starting job and let the Pats come in and pick him up. Its a vet min essentially with incentives based on playing time, wouldnt you want to bring him in to face a guy like Gardner Minshew in Jax? Chargers have Tyrod, and rookie, maybe they dont want competition but he would be an upgrade to tyrod. Not to mention the other news that came out after caught redhanded videoing Bengals call plays they get a measly 1.1 mil fine and a 3rd rd taken away from them. I think it is safe to say that the bills need to go cheat because it is clearly better to win games by cheating every year with constant slaps on the wrist then it is to play a clean game. Videoing Bengals, and Jets that were caught who knows how many other teams they video'd. They have had several issues in the past and every time Goodell and co just say you lose a nonessential draft pick and a small fine. Belichick will continue to do stuff like that if the risk is minimal.
  9. Offseason Talk

    Yes the NBA and MLS are playing in Orlando but that is because they have no time and wanted to get the season done, less red tape when you have one area willing to do it then 30 cities. The NFL still is preparing for everything so they can move on from worrying about one location where other sports do not have that option. Nascar and Golf are also back to and doing there thing. Every season the NFL faces disadvantages when a player goes down with injury or in those rare cases Mono (cough cough Sam Darnold) but that shouldn't impact whether or not a season should be played. Yes if the bills lose a guy like Allen to COVID it would definitely put a damper on the season. As for Quarantine for 14 days I believe they will have certain privileges that regular people do not. The NFL has resources, such as team doctors to be able to have every single player and coach tested on a daily basis. I think the only issue you are going to have is, will the player want to be around his family at the time of the season if they risk getting the virus and passing it on to their love ones, or their love ones pass it on to them. Some players are not a fan of deciding whether or not they want to be around family but they are making millions so they have to decide to be away from family for a short period of time to make money that no other job would be able to offer them or to stay at home and skip as season.Thats why I think the players need to vote on certain things well before the expected season to start. I have had the covid test done for preventative worries and it only requires a swab up the nose, I am sure they can offer this to all personnel every week and do daily temp checks to make sure they aren't showing any symptoms of it. As for shutting down it is 2 weeks however players are being tested now which is why these results are coming to light so they have time to get rid of it before TC. I am sure the NFL and each organization has a plan set for any members who get COVID by having a designated quarantine area for them before the start of the season and to hope they do not get it during the season. We can play the what if game all day long but it is a positive thing to see other sports starting back up even if its limited and to see that the NFL Commissioner say that everything is scheduled for TC and a regular season to start on time, just like he said that FA and Draft would have no problem being done at the correct time. We will see but we got to think positive about it and hope Goodell and Co are right and the season plays on. It is just a matter of whether or not the State/County chose to allow fans in the stadiums or not.
  10. Offseason Talk

    Well you have MLS, NBA, MLB, and NHL all starting back up even though no fans are allowed in the next couple of weeks I do not see why this would impact the NFL. With out getting to political on here it comes down to the Government, right now they are trying to jump start the economy so that it looks better for Elections come November. If a season in the NFL can't operate thousands of people are out of jobs and I am not talking about coaches and players, I am talking about concession people, employees working around the stadium, parking etc. It will hurt the players, coaches, and owners as well but these people rely on this job for them during that time of year. It also involves die hard fans who are fortunate enough to make it to the games, including travel and other expenses that are involved when they do not live in the city they are fans of. On top of that merchandise will be put at a halt so factories and stores that sell the apparel will also be out of jobs. Not to mention broadcasting and the people involved in that. As of right now majority of the country is opening everything back up so why should it be any different for a fan to sit in a stadium if they are sitting in a plane, sitting in a restaurant where some are allowing full capacity, beaches, heck even amusement parks like Disney are opening up next month. I think the people in charge of looking out for our safety in the US completely botched the entire situation from the beginning so it is now here and it isn't going anywhere any time soon. People just have to be smart and willing to do there part by following the rules. As much as I dislike Goodell I think he has been handling this fairly well, by saying attendance is based on the State and the country the team is in on whether fans will be able to attend or not and the amount. He then added that 6-8 rows at the front will be banners, which will then prevent fans interacting with the players celebration or signings during warm ups are going to not be able to be involved this year. Goodell and co along with the NFLPA should get something agreed on when it comes to insurance for players who get COVID in case it is career ending for them like the MLB just finally agreed on, that way players would feel more comfortable. I also think the players and coaching staff should look at a voting on whether or not they are comfortable with fans in the stadiums. On top of that Oakley and other companies are trying to add a face guard to protect their noses, eyes, and mouths from spreading germs, something that is partly enclosed but air can still flow through the bottom or top IMO I think they need to also cut preseason in half, they already let the HoF game go it should let 2 more go. Have the starters play a qtr in one game and a qtr-half in the 2nd game then give the backups the ability to show case themselves the other times. I mean honestly the HoF game at most you see some starters play 1 series and sit out but majority dont even play in that game. Then week 1 of preseason the teams usually have starters do 1 drive or 2 and thats it, week 2 its a qtr, week 3 its a half, week 4 all back ups. So why mess around and risk getting COVID when they can cut it in half and have no fans allowed at those games.
  11. Hall of Fame Game Canceled

    It is a wasted game anyways the 2 teams involved means they have 5 Preseason games and honestly that is not necessary as the starters at most play one series during that game. They need to cut pre-season down to 2 games and one would be for all the starters to get in some work for half to 2/3rd of 1 game total then let the back ups play the remaining game and half -game and a quarter, to get their roster in shape for the season. With everything else going on MLB, MLS, NBA, and NHL starting back up with out fans the NFL should not have any stumbles in to the regular season. The league made 2 smart moves this week by adding banners to the 1st 6-8 rows blocking fans from interacting with players and having the city/state decide whether or not fans can enter and % of how many. The NFL has now taken the pressure and blame off of them and on to the local government to decide as this will impact jobs as well. Outside a few hot spot areas I think majority of the NFL will have at least 75% attendance come week 1. Unless the 2nd waive of the virus comes through and requires more shut downs I do not see why this risk is any different then flying in a plane, going to a grocery store, beaches (now that they are open), restaurants are opening all over, and theme parks set to resume in July. So the risk is going to be there no point of shutting the season down or shortening the regular season, to many businesses have been hurt along with other organizations due to the virus. NFL has a ton of employees and will hurt the small people that are not players.
  12. Who will you be watching in TC/Pre-season?

    The conservative approach is due to the lack of offense with Allen progressing and Daboll trying to make something of it. I think Allen is to blame at times but I also see long drawn out plays that force allen to sit there to long in which he either runs for his life, gets sacked or chucks it up as either a horrible pass or an int. I want to blame daboll more then allen is because he should know better to make plays that will make Allen stronger and put him in a situation for the wr/te/rb to make the play rather then allen. Shorter faster routes would be best and he does these crazy long ones. 3rd and short I have seen time and time again that daboll tries to go for the homerun by throwing deep rather then a quick play up the middle for a 1st down. I blame allen 40% of the 3 and outs they had last year and 60% on Daboll as the plays that were drawn up were awful and what caused them to stall and end up punting to many times last year leaving points off the board when they could have had something or kept the drive alive.
  13. Who will you be watching in TC/Pre-season?

    Dabool had many head scratching plays going deep on 3rd down and short on several shots was just not the right call. He has made some bonehead mistakes on play calling even on ones that ended up working in his favor as the play was completed but a lot of these deep or long drawn out plays has hurt Allen as it takes time for these WR to complete the route and by that time Allen is running for his life. I just used the Dimarco as one of the more obvious play calls that were awful. If Darryl Williams starts the offseason as he did in 2018 I think he has an easy shot to take the RT. Ford played decent last year but has a long way to go and he cause some key drives to fizzle out. Not blaming him on the penalty in the playoffs because it was excessive however that is stuff he needs to overcome. I will not be disappointed or shocked if him or Williams starts week 1 at RT, I will however be shocked if it is Ty which means that both Williams and Ford both failed miserably at competing in the position which does not bode well for Fords future.
  14. Dalvin Cook Holding Out

    Yea I understand, Cook looking for a new contract in his eyes makes sense to protect himself but really he needs to be 100% this year by playing and showing up in order to get a new deal that he is seeking. If he ends up like Melvin where they do not cave and he comes back it is going to make him look bad and then the issues that come with not being in game ready shape during the season come in to play and that could lead to injuries.
  15. Dalvin Cook Holding Out

    Well to be fair Dalvin's only issue is he has an injury history. Leonard has an injury issue along with an attitude issue. He has publicly called out the team, he has shown up late to meetings and practices, mentally checking out at times. He just does not care to be there where I believe Dalvin wants to be in Minnesota and not somewhere else. Fournette is going to have a hard time finding a team to pay him 3-4 mil a year let alone anything more then that. Hes going to have to go in on a team with a prove it deal be mentally and physically there and giving 110% in order to redeem himself. Anything less will just mean he wont last in the league that much longer the way he is acting