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  1. Teddy Bridgewater

    I follow the jets just as closely as anyone else. we will see but he is nothing special and it was shown when no other team looked in to him including the vikings during free agency. You can tell me I am way off when the jets get a 3rd rd or higher.
  2. Preseason week 2

    At this point Peterman hasnt shown that he is above the rest like the one guy said whatever mistakes Allen makes Peterman would likely make the same thing. You saw I was anti Allen in the draft and still question it but after seeing what AJ and Peterman can do it shows that they arent above Allen in much competition so I would like to see how allen does in the 3rd preseason game against the 1s and if he shows what he has done in the first 2 weeks he deserves to start. His vision and strength in throwing puts DBs in a tougher position to try to pick it off. Peterman playing against the 3s stat wise showed he should be starting but 2 throws he made the DBs dropped the interceptions, he stared down the wr and when the DB jumped the route they dropped it and one could have been a touchdown. Allen doesnt waste time to throw the ball and when he does he fires it in there giving the DBs little time to try for the interception. I wanted to give allen time to develop but he has been improving faster then most people expected and Peterman/AJ havent been wowing anyone to deserve the start over allen. Giving him playing time may be the only way he can improve himself as a qb
  3. What team do you think would trade for Teddy Bridgewater?

    Problem is neither the bills nor the cardinals had interest in him. Arizona wanted Sam Bradford and Bills wanted Aj McCarron. The fact that no one has come in to pick him up already and no one outside of the Jets organization went after him during free agency shows his stock is low and at best would get a day 3 pick or a back up player at another position. His value may be best just staying with the jets in case Darnold goes down or hasnt shown he is capable to start week 1.
  4. Khalil Mack

    I agree on the jets not trading a 1st for Mack as they gave up the 2nd round picks to move up for Darnold. I don't see the Jaguars moving on from Fowler as he had 10 sacks last year which was his best season unless the Jets give up Bridgewater and a 3rd or 4th rd pick for him even then I could see the jags turning that down.
  5. Teddy Bridgewater

    Seahawks denied that they offered anything for him. Brissett is more valuable then Teddy simply because he didn't have a serious leg injury, he has 2 years left on his contract with 750k each year and his ceiling has yet to be shown. Teddy's ceiling hit when he was in Minnesota. If Teddy drumming up so much interest why would the jets be the only team interested in him during the offseason giving him essentially a 1 year 6 mil deal? Not many teams want him even when healthy, they could have offered him something if a team was interested. I think the Jets will be lucky to get a day 3 pick or a player for him. I think the smart move is Jets just keep him and use him if need be.
  6. Training Camp Thread

    I agree everyone wants to bash the WR corps yet not give them the opportunity to see what they can do. Zay Jones had a solid college career and we all know what Tyrod (tuh-rod) is capable of doing and we saw that on Friday night with the browns. Im not completely blaming tyrod for the wr issues but it is no surprise that the wrs he had while in buffalo had career years on their new teams (Woods and Goodwin). Plus getting Streater back who was a solid contributor in camp last year. I also am impressed with Ray Ray Mcloud. All in all I dont see the WR position in a bad place 1. Kbenji 2. Kerley 3. Zay 4. Streater 5. Holmes 6. Ray Ray 7. Coleman (no particular order). I think the biggest concern the bills have is the oline. With Peterman and AJ tending to be less mobil then Allen and their arm strength when firing it to the wr are lacking which cause turnovers or sacks Allen has been able to make up for it. I do not expect him to carry a bills squad right now but I think with veteran guys in kbenji kerley and clay he can count on them to do the work along with a running game in shady/ivory/murphy, he can be a game manager and count on the run and defense. On another note I am also worried about the LBs outside of Edmunds who finally came around on the 2nd drive of browns game they were nonexistent. The bills are going to need to upgrade both sides as Milano is struggling and Alexander is getting up there in age.
  7. Khalil Mack

    When I say do whatever it takes I mean that with in reason, this isnt madden football where you give fake picks to land a guy. Mack may be good but he holds all the cards and the Raiders have no leverage its either pay the guy or let him sit. If mack was willing to stay on his rookie scale and had some time left then I would agree 2 first round picks would get it done but he wants 22 million that is more then 10% of a teams annual salary meaning they have to fill 52 other slots with 90% of their cap space. Giving up 2 first round picks for a non qb and paying him that much would put a team back 5-10 years. Especially if the guy just wants the money and sits back and collects a paycheck. Is he going to be hungry after getting paid that is something we see all the time from players, especially with Marcel Dareus. Qb's may get two 1st round picks but a non qb would be lucky to get a 1st and something else either a late round pick or a player. I may be dreaming on a 2nd round pick but you are dreaming if you think your getting 2 first and a player. It will be interesting to see what happens to mack but I think Raiders will cave and pay him the money once they realize that they need him on defense more then what they get from him in a trade.
  8. Khalil Mack

    If the bills gave up 2 first rounds for a DE and paid him 22 million a year I would be on the bandwagon of firing Beane. In the case of Shaq lawson he has been one of the most improved players in camp this year as he lost 20 pounds and has increased his power and speed. Only playing time will tell on whether he has done better. This is a make or break year for him and if he doesnt perform well then they could move on from him. His history of injuries are concerning as well as he can not stay on the field for an entire season.
  9. Training Camp Thread

    One thing that I noticed compared to Peterman and Mccarron was that Allen doesnt take his time holding the ball he trusts his receivers to be where they need to be and he rifles it there. Peterman releases the ball faster then AJ but not as strong as Allen. These things come in to play especially with a shaky offensive line. Peterman seems to have trouble getting out of things and last night he struggled at times with the 3rd string offense. He had that wide open touchdown pass and relied on Oleary which is great but I do not see peterman as a starter in the league. His time to get the ball to the wr is a lot slower which leads to interceptions. As I said if it wasn't for the 3rd string defense Peterman would have had 2 picks last night. Comparing Jp Kizer EJ to Josh is not something that should be said. Josh may have some time to work on stuff like accuracy but his vision on the field, his mental toughness, arm strength and mobility is well above what those 3 guys had. I wasnt a fan of drafting him and still skeptical but he has proven to get 1st team reps with his performance. He will have growing pains like most young qbs but I do not expect him to be of those 3 standards. Hes picking up the play book faster then the coaches expected. His teammates have been rallying around him and he has sparked that offense when AJ couldnt get it done. Starting next game and playing a qtr or 2 would be ideal to see what he is capable of doing and if he performs like he has the past 2 games he should start week 1. His awareness to move around like he did on 3rd and goal proves he is up for the challenge as i believe peterman would have either got hit or sacked on that play as he has shown in the past.
  10. Training Camp Thread

    Not sure but he struggled big time I expect Groy to start week 3
  11. Training Camp Thread

    After tonights performance and Aj going down it is Allen's job to lose. Comparing Kizer to Allen is a joke Kizer should have never seen the field as he was a project and was way to raw. Eventhough Allen isnt refined he is well ahead of kizer. Thats like comparing darnold to hackenburg. Anyways Allen sparked that offense he is a quick release type qb which the bills definitely need since the oline looked suspect. He is also mobil so that will help out as well. I didnt want Allen to see the field right away but at this point they kind of have to. I was unimpressed with Mcarron tonight and if its a fracture he will not be ready to go week 1 nor prove he is the starter by sitting out. Peterman still struggles yes he had some solid stats but after a blown play on defense majority of his yards came off of that touchdown from Oleary. Peterman still makes the mistakes he did last year and turning the ball over isnt something I want to see. With Allen his arm strength doesnt give defenses much time to jump the route as peterman's passes were in the hands of dbs but 3rd string defenders tend to have butterfingers which helped in his favor as 2 should have been int's and one possibly to the house.
  12. Khalil Mack

    Not many teams can afford his contract to say I am wrong and that so many teams would be interesting is just a pure opinion. Realistically not many teams can afford him at the moment which puts the bills in a good place. As of right now the rumors are the Packers, then the bills, then the jets as top teams interested. Again it is mere speculation based on media which comes and goes all the time but if he were to be an option it seems that bills would be up there to get him based on need, space, and pieces willing to offer up for him.
  13. Training Camp Thread

    What about Milano and his position? And the Center position? Croom is a big dude and physically more fit to play the TE role. I am surprised how Oleary has fallen, i thought that he would continue to step up ever since he was put on the p-squad a couple of years ago. I guess he isn't the guy he was in college. How many TE are expected to be kept 3 or 4? If so Clay, Croom, and Thomas would be my guess for the 3 spots with Lee and Oleary fighting it out for the 4th.
  14. Training Camp Thread

    So who is a lock to start this season: Offense: LT Dawkins LG Ducasse RG Miller RT Mills RB Shady WR#1 Benjamin TE #1 Clay Anyone say who is winning the Center and the WR #2 position...Im assuming Kerley is winning the slot Defense: RE Hughes, DT Star, DT Williams, OLB Alexander, MLB Edmunds, CB #1 White, CB #2 Davis, Poyer and Hyde at safety Looks Like Milano is struggling to keep the starting LB position, anyone know who is winning the slot corner position? Im assuming if murphy is healthy he will be starter at DE unless shaq blows up in preseason It seems like outside of QB these are the 4 battles that I havent heard a definitive answer on who will get the GO come week 1
  15. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Haha IR they are good, suppose to be back at practice today.