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  1. It is unfortunate Byron Jones got injured in the 2nd qtr I wanted to see how he would do. I do not understand why Howard wasnt on diggs most of the day, hes one of your top paid CB he should be covering the best man on the offense?
  2. I know that these two guys were added just recently and with the lack of performance for the LB corps yesterday if they plan on making a call to Lorenzo Alexander to come in and play. Just because he called it quits after the texans game, he has yet to submit his retirement papers and he has said through out the several months that he went from retiring to possibly coming back to stating depends on the call from Beane/Mcdermott so he has an interest in coming back at the right time if he believes he can contribute to a team that is on the cusp of being a contender, which we currently are. I know klein played out of position yesterday but he struggled some in week 1 so it might be an option to bring him back if they can be better on defense.
  3. Yes it is unfortunately frustrating to watch that stuff. We bills fans know the pain of a horrible offense like that and how predictable it is. As much as bills fans hate divisional rivals at the same time we know the pain of dealing with a coaching staff such as that. I truly wish they got rid of gase just because it seems to be hindering Darnold's progression. Just look at Ryan Tannehill with Miami and what he has been doing with the Titans. Gase pretty much held him back and I would think that he is doing the same with Darnold. They should quickly look at Joe Brady OC for Panthers and was OC for LSU last year when they won the NC and give him the ability to come in and bring a spark to Darnold. If for some reason the Jets land the 1st overall pick and Lawrence can be an option look at the Clemson OC who has been with the Tigers for 9 years and has been OC for 5-6 years now. Hiring him with drafting Lawrence could be another good option to give light for the future of the organization. Darnold will be going in to year 4 and the Jets need a lot of work and not to mention Douglas didnt draft darnold so he doesnt have any reason to keep him and end up paying him a year later, not to mention the chance of landing a guy in Lawrence he has been the most sought out Qb since Luck. You can trade darnold to a team who is on the cusp of being a contender that just doesnt have the ability to get the qb they want in the draft and they can build around lawrence the right way with the picks they accumulated from Adams.
  4. Offense did their part yesterday but can some one tell me why 3rd quarters are their kryptonite? I mean last year and this year they come out at half completely flat, it is crazy how that happens. Hopefully it is something that can be changed. Outside of that I can not complain at all about the offense. The play calling was much better. the run game finally got going in a sense, I am still concerned on whether it is the right move to just have Moss and Singletary when a veteran like Freeman can come in and assist on the field and on the sidelines, as I saw a few times they hit the hole then ran in to the defender rather then running the opposite way where it was wide open field for them to get at least 5 or more yards. the passing game was great outside of a couple of bad passes the wr made up for some of it with spectacular catches, diggs with the preventative INT and Davis with the full lay out for the go ahead td. While excited and happy about Allen I quickly realized it was against the Jets and the Dolphins, a real match up will be this week with Ramsey vs Diggs and an overall better rams defense. So that type of game will be a better example of how much better Allen has got from year 2 to now Now for the defense the LBs were a huge disappointment and I think that was the main reason they struggled because the defense had to go more in to zone then man to man leaving guys like Tre in a bad position at times. The defense was getting shredded and I knew that fitz just slings it so they were going to cause issues but man Milano and Edmunds need to be back for week 3 or the rams are going to work them as Higbee and the run game were solid against philly yesterday in which the LBs play a major role in that. Also Levi was getting worked and I do not know if it was because of the zone or if he just isnt that good so I am hoping Norman will be good to go week 4. Finally Bass had 1 fg and it may be picky but that one was close to missing too. Maybe I complain about this after I watched KC kicker pipe 1 53 yard and 2 58 with out any issues to win the game in OT. While bass almost kicked it right on a 38 yd fg, it just gives me Norwood flash backs every time he goes in to kick a fg. hopefully he gets better
  5. Hamstrings are tricky they just do not heal right away especially at a wr position. I will be shocked if parker plays as that is risking a longer setback just look at what happened to the Jets with Bell by forcing him back in to the game after coming up lame he ended up going on IR. If they want to risk it we all know he isnt 100% so he wont be seeing many snaps and if he does he is just going to be out there as a decoy more then anything. I am more curious about howard and byron as both were mentioned with injuries as well that could be bad for them if both are out as well as diggs brown can do some damage and a ton of their cap is invested in the CB position.
  6. With the ability to add people to the roster from psquad, then deactivate them back to psqaud, plus locking in members on psqaud for the week, and finally putting anyone on psqaud this year is going to be constantly moving pieces. It isn't the norm but I actually like this idea and think this should be a long term implementation. I hope the league makes this a permanent thing. I saw that philly has Josh McCown a 41 year old qb on the psqaud which is nuts but great at the same time.
  7. Massive blow losing one we can get by but both being out might cause a ton of issues on a defense they play an intricate role on what makes this defense so good. Hopefully the phins do not exploit this early or they may have an easy chance of moving the ball compared to if they were playing. I really like milano and is a big part of the defense but this is one of the reasons why I am not sold on giving him a deal as I have yet to see him stay healthy all year. His rookie year is the only year he did not miss at least one game because of injuries. To pay him 12+ mil a year your going to need to have some one you can count on to be on the field every game.
  8. dont get me wrong it is time to move on from hausch but the confidence in the new guy is making me look back and want hausch on the roster as his veteran experience will not be rattled compared to bass. I am just not overly confident in the kicking situation we are in right now, going in to weeks that may make the difference. These are chip shot fg and excuses of it possibly being good because of going over the upright and laces out is an easy way out, those should be down the pipe without question, if it was a 45+ yard fg I would be okay with it but a 34 and 36 that should be a given everytime especially when you spend a draft pick on a guy as you are confident they have the ability to make simple kicks that way. To me it is just frustrating to see as we have experienced those close games they were lost because of a fg and having weeks 3-6 look to be difficult is a bit worrisome. Again hopefully come next Monday I will have seen enough to be happy with the decision of keeping bass because he made some against the phins.
  9. Yes Fitzpatrick definitely gives the bills d the fits at times and coming off a bad game I could see him having a better performance or he knows he is done in Miami if he doesn't as Tua will likely take over week 3 if he is bad again.
  10. I briefly saw the rules when they first announced it but there is no tailgating in the parking lots, they have recommended (not required) entrance times on the tickets, masks need to be worn at all times unless eating and drinking. They have social distancing with seats not available. I heard they were chained off for the distancing spots, and a maximum of 4-6 tickets (if purchased together) can sit with each other then seat around need to be blocked off and empty. The last part is what I heard but nothing to confirm that. Let us know how it works as I am interested to see if they actually care in South Florida. A lot of talk with politics and media but actions aren't really being taken seriously. Don't get me wrong there are people that care about it but when it comes to the people in crowded areas like the beach and bars/restaurants its a disaster as those are the people not looking out for the well being of themselves and others.
  11. Yea I think bass should have the opportunity this week against the dolphins but any misses we need to look at hausch as weeks 3-6 can come down to a one possession to determine a win or loss and missing a fg while in the redzone could cost us points and momentum
  12. Honestly I do not see this one being such a blow out the DBs are much better then what the Jets have and the game will come down to turnovers and the run game, if we are able to eliminate the fumble mistakes and move the ball down the field with the run then we shouldnt have an issue scoring the other thing is to take advantage of Fitz and his turnover mistakes which we have been able to do in the past
  13. Edmunds and Milano are day to day but I have a gut feeling that Edmunds will be a go however based on Milanos previous injury history with Hammy he will likely be out or capped at a certain % of snaps. I also found it interesting we brought in 5 Cbs for a visit one being Trumaine Johnson, not sure what Mcdermott is seeing but it seems like they are not confident in what they have or if Norman will be back in time.
  14. Do yourself a favor and wear masks when out, we just went to phase 2 of openings down here and people do not care as we have a high covid rate. If you are concerned with COVID take care of yourself and enjoy the game.
  15. While we can break it down I get that the read option was good for baltimore but Allen is careless with the ball when running he is averaging a fumble a game since coming in to the league that is not good at all. I am sure they will not be shy with it this coming weekend either but this dude is also running the risk of getting injured. He could eventually be the next cam newton in which he is just taking shot after shot and refs are calling less and less penalties because they are both so big and they know that they both run so much so it can be debatable on whether or not he is a qb or a runner at the time in which flags could be drawn at times. I just prefer him to stay in the pocket and have the 2 RBs you spent draft picks on run the ball and let your skill players make the plays rather then you risking injury and having a fumble issue. As for Bass whether it was good or not you cant justify a chip shot going that far right to be acceptable he had accuracy issues in college and his pros are being a guy capable of booting the ball. In a close game this needs to be a simple chip shot and over compensation can cost them a game. It is worrisome when you have weeks 3-6 coming up where the games are going to be close ones. Hopefully everything is cleaned up but Bass should be on the hot seat if he misses a chip shot in Miami.
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