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  1. Mock 5 days before draft

    Now that the schedule is out Bills and Giants agree to a trade the day of the draft Bills get: Pick 2, 66, 2019 5th rd Giants get 12, 53 and 96 this year....2019 1st rd pick and 4th rd Point Charts do not necessarily come into play as this years draft with the Qbs is in high demand and bills want to land their guy. Also noting that Jets trade with Colts did not set the market for the trade as every agreement is different and comes with no template based off another teams trade. Bills essentially move up to get their qb but take a big hit with next years 1st gone because the giants are running the risk that it will be much better then this year's value of pick 22. Bills also swap their first 2nd rd pick for giants 3rd rd pick and losing out on their second 3rd rd pick this year. Bills swap future late round picks giving up 2019 4th rd but in return get giants 2019 5th rd pick 2 Josh Rosen QB UCLA- Bills land their franchise qb hopefully for the next 10 years 22 bills trade out with Browns getting picks 33, 34, and bills give up 22 and 117, browns move up to land Derrius Guice Rb LSU (Browns go out with a bang landing Josh Allen, Bradley Chubb, and Guice) 33 Leighton Vander Esch MLB Boise St- Not only do the bills land their franchise qb but also land one of the most important pieces on Defense 34 Harrison Phillips DT Stanford- with Kyle Williams likely done after this year Phillips can become the guy they need to anchor that defense next to Star for the next few years as well as rotate in this year giving Kyle a chance to last through the entire season without slowing down. 56 Frank Ragnow C Arkansas whether he plays center or Guard it is up to who wins it out between Bodine/Groy/Ragnow at center. 65 Carlton Davis CB Auburn- future pairing for Tre White can be dangerous 66 Josh Sweat DE FSU- 5 star player going in to college he has the ability to be a Clowney type player at the next level but with injury plagued college career and coming out early he has dropped. Will be a rotational guy but could become the star pass rusher if he stays healthy and can take over Hughes position in the future. Could be a high risk giving that shaq lawson is an injury plagued player but they are comfortable with the move 173 Shaquem Griffin OLB UCF: Bills need an OLB for depth and this guy brings heart, I do not expect this to happen but I wanted to add him to my mock simply cause Im rooting for him at the next level. I know people will not like this mock one of the reasons is not answering the WR position, after reviewing what is out there it didnt make any sense as the 2nd wave of WR outside of the top 3 are slot type receivers having kerley and Zay inside adding another wouldnt be ideal at this point. They wait until next year to bulk up the younger wr corps, and go out in free agency and bring in a guy like Jeremy Maclin or the infamous Dez Bryant (dont want him just throwing it out there since they have mentioned about being interested in him). I also expect Incognito to come back for one more season as I think it was a childish and knee jerk reaction on his part after the debacle that went on with his restructure. Beane accepts this as the team does need to have LG support for Shady and AJ this year. Would be willing to cut him before season starts if he acts out or if Groy or Ragnow show they can handle the LG position.
  2. 2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule

    I was willing to part ways with that 1st rd pick next year in order to save the multiple 2nd day picks the bills will have to give up to move up and get the qb now Im starting to think that it may be beneficial to not give that 2019 1st rd after seeing this schedule
  3. 2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule

    At best 6-10 with the current roster, im waiting to see what they do in the draft. If they get their qb in the draft and not settling for one at 12
  4. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    it all comes down to what player is taken at 1 and what players beane want...If Bills dont want allen and browns take him at 1, then it can all fall by giants taking Barkley, leaving the 3 qbs still available to jets which allows the bills to work with browns at 4 denver at 5 and colts at 6
  5. 1 week away from the real thing! Trents Mock Draft

    At this point it is not a need as they have Clay and Oleary. With other position of need I just cant see them taking a TE over those positions that have gapping holes and to bring in this guy who may be future TE he will be 3rd or 4th on the depth chart this year. Again he may be a fit but the bills desperately need LBs, Olineman, WR speedster, and dlineman. TE and RB i think are the deepest position the bills currently have
  6. Free Agency News

    Giants cut Brandon Marshall a week before the draft, this could mean they have interest in Dez. Cutting him clears 5.2 mil and we all know he wants to stay in NFC East
  7. 1 week away from the real thing! Trents Mock Draft

    If Allen and Rosen are still on the board passed 5 no need to move up for Allen the only team that would move ahead of the bills would be arizona to grab a qb and that will be for rosen. Im not buying allen per previous thread so wont get in to it. Without knowing what other picks were tight end isnt something I would be thrilled about at 49 that isnt a need right now with the massive holes on oline, wr, and MLB i would much rather go that route also DT is another need cant keep on counting on Kyle Williams coming back so if that stanford DT Harrison is still available I would take him over TE. I can live with Ragnow and Miller. Bills spent most of their pre draft picks on CBs so I expect an earlier one then round 7.
  8. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    Josh Allen played 27 games total and the last 2 years it was 25 games and he was sacked 49 times. Baker Mayfield played 27 games the last 2 years and he was sacked 43 times. Josh Rosen only played 17 games and was injured and was well known for having an atrocious oline was sacked 45 times in the 30 total games he played. Sam Darnold played 27 games in the 2 years of college and was sacked 35 times. Not only was Allen sacked the most you he played the least amount of games...Stats can be looked up online if you need a link. No one is hating on him or atleast I am not hating on him. I just dont want to see the bills move up on the draft for a guy who isnt ready for the NFL. If he was drafted late 1st or even 2nd round where he should go he wont catch much flack if he busts just ask Paxton Lynch. The fact hes being discussed at top 5 is worrisome for his career especially if he goes ahead of the other 3 qbs that are ready for the nfl more so then him.
  9. Bills Draft Prospect meetings

    The Wr group is kind of weak this year so him falling may not happen based on teams needs. Also only ridley has been proven to be the #1at his position in the draft and I even think that may not be the case as they all are all close in talent to where Miller or Moore can go 2nd at their position or 5-6th.
  10. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    Allen is being based solely on potential where as darnold, rosen, and mayfield have all proved something in college. They have shown improvements in every category on the field. What has allen done that shows he is capable of getting better? Combine pro day where he is in shorts and a t shirt with out any distractions coming at him like in real time. Watch his tape yea the arm is nice but he is incapable of reading defenses and it has shown time and time again. His accuracy is the worst out of the top 4 and could be argued as the worst out of the top 6 qbs. He holds on to the ball way to long and causes sacks. Brock Osweiler and Mike Glennon were told similar things coming out of college. You can only do so much with making adjustments to your mechanics. You either have it or you dont and I think most of us see him not having it. If bills stay at 12 and miss out on the other 3 guys then so be it and land him at 12 but in no way should they move ahead of the jets or broncos to land him over mayfield and/or rosen those guys have more potential to be ready to go week 1 if need be where allen may need 2-3 years to learn before going.
  11. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    To me he reminds me of a brock osweiler at best a Ryan Tannehill. I was all for him last offseason had he come out and then watching and hearing his breakdown this year I lost that hope for him. I want a qb and hope they get the right one but to me this guy screams bust. Everyone is talking about how he has improved with a qb coach but good qbs like Manning and Marino have said when you practice mechanics and tweak stuff you can repeat it over and over but when a pass rusher is coming at you ready to mess you up in a live game your memory muscle kicks in and goes back to the old ways. Which his feet work are sloppy which throws off the accuracy, with or without talent around them he should be throwing balls. What really catches my eye is that people love his big arm but out of the 4 qbs in the draft he has had one of the worst uncatchable ratings of passes 15 yards or more at 26.1%. So what is a big arm good for if your not accurate. Tyrod was 53% this year of uncatchable balls i dont know if i want to see that type of throwing for more years. I rather take the guy who has a chip on his shoulder which people consider a "character issue" for him but tom brady doing the same thing on the sidelines by yelling at McDaniels or talking **** people say its okay for him to do. Mayfield is the grinder who has had to work for everything first one in last one out in film room, in practice etc. He also has the attitude bills need to lead the squad. Again Tyrod great human being but if you look at any of the videos in the locker room or any team members talking about getting guys pumped up it wasnt Tyrod doing it he was a follower and not a leader. Can this kid from Wyoming be a leader or is he a choir boy and just saying what media wants him to say like Brock did when he had to come in to take over for Peyton the year they went to the superbowl and then during when a team paid him that contract?
  12. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    The issue I have with Allen is he didnt show improvement he had 56% in 2016 and 56.3% in 2017...With Stafford his 3 years improved in college going from 52.4 all the way up to 61%. Im not comfortable with going up and trading for a guy who didnt show much improvement in college very questionable accuracy only to have a big arm. He is boom or bust on potential I am more comfortable of them giving up picks to get a guy who has shown more consistency and improved over their college time. People have critiqued Allen saying his accuracy is bad, he cant read defenses and he holds on to the ball to long. Moving up to 2 or 4 to get that guy is untrust worthy to me. If the bills were pick 2 and had all their other picks then fine go for it but trading multiple picks for that would suck.
  13. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    I am not buying Allen going over Rosen.. The more and more that is being discussed about the hype on that guy thats all it is. Allen wasnt good in college and I question if it will translate over in the nfl. Big arm big hands bad weather bit is lame as you dont win games in snow storms you win the games on the ground or short passes not 60-70 yd bombs. Also the more and more i read up on Mayfield the more I want the bills to trade up and get him which means to 2. I believe that if rosen darnold and mayfield are available at 3 jets will still take mayfield. He has the accuracy that has been better then anyone to come out with having 68.5% in his 48 games played throwing for 1497 passes, of the 4 qbs he has had the least amount of percentage throws from 0-5 yds so he wasnt patent stats, 22% of his passes over 15 yards were considered uncatchable which included the ones he threw away. 14,607 yards and 131 td and 20 ints......no im not comparing him to peyton manning but look at what he did statistically in college and everyone loved him he played 45 games threw 1,381 passes 62.5% completion 11,201 yds 89 tds and 33 ints......If may field was 6'3 he would be considered the best prospect to come out since Manning but because he is short they question him for that. I like Rosen and was coming around to the idea of wanting him 1st over anyone but Mayfield seems to be the most impressive guy in the draft not to mention his capability of being able to roll out when need to and scramble a few yards. He reminds me so much of drew brees when he was at purdue and I think this should be the guy we want in buffalo next week.
  14. Bills sign WR Jeremy Kerley and DT Tenny Palepoi

    I think moving Zay permanently outside is a mistake as he should be in the slot where he was in college. They need a speedster outside opposite to kbenji and zay is not it. People may be down on him because of last seasons performance but he was a beast in college not dropping his 399 passes. To me he reminds me of a landry type wr and I think with the right qb he can come out of his shell and shine. Having a speedster opposite of kbenji can also stretch the field
  15. Bills sign WR Jeremy Kerley and DT Tenny Palepoi

    Depth signing with kerley as he will play back up to zay in the slot...He also can compete with Kaelien Clay on Kick off and punt returners. I believe his 4 game suspension was fully served last year so this shouldnt effect him in any way. Tenny played with Star in Utah and get to link up together and will be great against stopping the run but he sucks against the pass. All in all 2 decent signings to continue to add to the 90 man roster and possibly making the 53 man roster with little finances involved.