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  1. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    The thought was if the hype is real on the QBs, 1. Quinnen, 2. Bosa, 3. Haskins, 4. Murray, 5. White, 6. Jones, are taken in the top 6. At 7. Oliver/Gary/hock/taylor (Jags essentially have the same wants and needs we are looking at so its hard to figure them out)8. Allen/Oliver/Gary. At pick 7-8 teams that are still interested in qbs could look to move up ahead of denver to land Lock: Bengals, or Dolphins. Other options are teams like Carolina, Houston, and Atlanta looking to land a top Olineman as well. I think the only way to land Oliver is if 3 qbs go in the top 8. If the 3 qbs dont get drafted then I do not see Oliver falling to the bills. If White some how falls im all for taking him at 9 but i do not see the Bucs pass on him unless Williams or Oliver is the answer and to move on from mccoy. Take white at 9 and trade a 5th and 7th for McCoy would be a huge get for the bills. The thought of Cardinals down playing Murray makes zero sense so I do not see why they wouldnt come out and say we are taking Murray. They have veteran camp this week from tues-thurs if they were going Murray at 1, why would they want Rosen out there practicing risking a weird injury like a non contact acl or something to that extent if you are planning on moving him? Also why would you not say we are taking Murray and open to trading Rosen for the right price in hopes of getting a bidding war going? The top teams who need QBs are saying they have yet to hear from Arizona, so they arent even reaching out to them to let them know he is available. I truly think the Cardinals have no clue who they are taken at 1 and its likely going to be a dlineman over Murray at this point.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    So smoke is growing about the redskins interest of haskins and they are being linked to trade with the jets at 3 as Raiders are rumored to be interested as well. It can all be a smoke screen but if some how murray ends up going pick 1 or 4, haskins at 3, and giants love Jones enough to take him at 6 the bills may have an actual shot at oliver, quinnen williams or josh allen, the later 2 we would need to move up a bit but still an opportunity.
  3. Your Top 5 Big Board for pick 9

    With the talks heating up more and more I think Oliver and white will be off the board by the time the bills pick at 9 so I have decided to update my top 5 that should be there or close to it at pick 9. 1. Monteaz Sweat, He has a heart condition which the league cleared, if he is there and the bills medical staff cleared him upon meeting with him this is the guy to take, not only was he a combine beast but the 2 years he played at Miss St he had the 2nd most sacks only behind Josh Allen in the SEC. He was #1 in run stopping % last year and 11th most pressures in College. 22.5 sacks in the 2 years is pretty impressive. His speed and arm length are better then the average. I think he would be the long term pass rusher the bills are looking for. 2. Tj Hockenson as much as I didnt want this as I feel like Te is an overrated aspect of the offense he could be a safety net to Josh Allen and put some extra blocking on the run game if need be. 3. Christian Wilkins another DT raising up as he is a 3 tech DT the bills need to fill long term as I like Jordan Phillips I just dont see him as starter material and think they would complement each other. Only knock on him is he is a huge DT and Mcdermott made the comment they arent looking for space eaters and want someone more agile. Even at the size of 315 he still can move. 4. Jawaan Taylor he is a true RT the bills could look at 5. Brian Burns, he has the grit and attitude Mcdermott likes to see his speed is not as quick as Sweats but is close and can be wreaking havoc on the passer, the only bright spot on FSU team the last few years with 38.5 sacks. His knock is his weight which is 249 pounds but will likely bulk up to 260 by the time the season gets under way. With Oliver and White off the board and all 5 still available come pick 9 ideally want to see if they can make a move back with a team in hopes of recouping an extra 2nd rd pick.
  4. Your Top 5 Big Board for pick 9

    Hes already put on weight and proved he did not lose his speed. He is expected to put on more before camp according to his agent. The bills obviously see something as they met with him several times. So weight cant be to big of concern for them.
  5. Your Top 5 Big Board for pick 9

    rumor is skins and jets are in talks of a trade, that means jets drop to 15 and one more team comes up for a qb which allows players to slide down.
  6. Free Agency Thread

    Kc may not think he can fit the 4-3 de mold even though the niners want to try. May want a more traditional pass rusher at the 4-3 setup. Not sure what their thought process is but they have to win now cause they have another dlineman seeking 100 mil next off season not to mention the media amping up a new contract for mahomes which is said to be 200 mil. Plus if hill comes away without getting in trouble he will be seeking the most wr money in the league.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    i dont think it would cost to much, he has an injury history. pick 29 that the chiefs gave up for clark is essentially equivalent to swapping picks with the texans, whether they want to do that or not is up to them. I would also say that you give a 2nd rd pick in 2020 for him. Anything more then that im good with just waiting. I dont mind the money aspect of it and expect him to get 100 mil, well worth it if he can perform as a top tier rusher and make an impact that puts the bills over the top. They have a ton of cap space moving forward and could be a nice addition to the bills squad.
  8. Chiefs trade for Seahawks Frank Clark

    Dee Ford is a 3-4 OLB, Frank Clark is a more traditional 4-3 DE. They changed their defensive scheme getting rid of the 3-4 base to go to a more 4-3 base which is where this move comes in to place. I dont mind the trade, contract is a bit over the top but giving up that much for a guy who likely will be a free agent next year is the issue i see it as. You gave up a contributor in the 29th pick and likely a contributor next year in the 2nd round for a guy who will cost 105 mil. Cap space and now picks are going to be a bit scarce for the chiefs especially with Hill being a huge question mark on playing or not. I assume he gets the AP treatment and suspended for a year as he did a similar act by spanking his son with a switch, while hill broke his sons arm.
  9. Free Agency Thread

    Clark is 3 years younger, and fits the mold of a 4-3 defensive pass rusher compared to ford who is more of a 3-4 olb and they were transitioning over to a new defense. Even though its old he has a domestic violence situation before entering the league just proves that performance trumps issues such as that which i do not understand why they dumped hunt if they were willing to make this move and still keep hill on the roster after a 2nd domestic violence situation.
  10. Frank Clark Situation

    Looks like you guys got quite the haul for Clark. Seattle organization owned the chiefs on that trade deal. Guess Franchise Tag makes a bigger impact then people have thought
  11. Free Agency Thread

    Frank Clark to Chiefs so much for grabbing him Seattle got a 1st this year a 2nd in 2020 and swapped 3rd rd picks. Crazy that a franchise tag player can get that
  12. Free Agency Thread

    Patrick Peterson is rumored to be traded to an unknown AFC team, I doubt it is the bills but the impact of him being on an opponent as well as the draft can be greatly impacted. Hopefully its a rumor and he stay in Arizona to finish out his career on that lackluster squad.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    Lets say the bills do move down from 9 to 14-17 as those are the teams who have rumored interest of moving up.....If Hockenson has yet to be picked which team would select him before the bills pick? I would be surprised if teams like Bengals, Falcons, and Dolphins take him. Green bay might at 12 but that is simply a luxury as they have jimmy graham and have other needs to fill right away. So the idea of hockenson may be there even if they do trade back to one of the several teams looking to move up unless a team in the 20s want him to jump ahead of bills
  14. Your Top 5 Big Board for pick 9

    Thats a possibility as he does have the sideline to sideline speed to play SLB, keep in mind Anthony Barr was a 3-4 OLB in college before being drafted by the vikes, (at pick 12 i think??). Still wouldnt be a bad player to have in that role long term either as it needs to be filled this offseason or next.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    I think it depends on the QB situation, if Murray goes to Cards or Raiders and no other qb is taken until pick 9 I could see the bills receiving interest from bengals 11, dolphins 13, redskins 15, and giants at 17 as Haskins, Jones, and Lock have been mentioned as possible top 10-15 picks. Teams like Atlanta and Carolina have made it known they are interested in getting a top OLineman and bills may be in the perfect spot for them too, as one or maybe zero olineman will be taken until 9, as its relatively top heavy with defensive players allowing guys like Taylor, Jonah, and Dillard (top 3 OTs said to be on the board) to be available. If Beane feels that he is happy with oline and have several players they are interested in are still on the board then he could make that move. No particular order but i expect the top 6 picks to be murray, oliver, quinnen, bosa, white, and allen. Picks 7 and 8 are question marks, my assumption is Gary will be one of them. If allen drops to pick 6 i think Giants take him over haskins, but if Allen is not there and they arent comfortable with sweat or burns that early then they grab haskins at 6. My mock is a bit different simply because this is what the unexpected does: 1 Cards pass on Murray and bosa taking the best player in the draft with Quinnen Williams 2. Niners take bosa 3. Jets take a guy to pair nicely on the front line with Leonard Williams by drafting Ed Oliver 4. Oakland, with the firing of scouts and keeping it a secret, Gruden/Mayock surprise people and take Murray to be future QB in Las Vegas 5. Bucs have holes in MLB, will likely move McCoy but they go best player in Devin White 6. Giants need a pass rusher and land Josh Allen 7. Jags, this is the most tricky one ahead of the bills as they can go with a RT such as Taylor or Jonah, they need a TE Hockenson could be the option, but they go with a guy who can fluctuate on the dline with Gary as he can play both DT and DE in a 4-3 defense. He will replace Malik Jackson this year and possibly replace Yannick as he is expecting a big pay day next offseason. Either way he is a long term answer on the dline they will need to revamp with so many guys needing new contracts in 2020 offseason (Ramsey, Yannick, Dareus) 8. Lions Montez Sweat or Brian Burns will be the pick The other option I see is Jets going Allen like everyone is expecting, Haskins goes to Giants, Oliver goes to Jags or Lions while Gary goes to the other team. Which still leaves the bills with all 3 olineman on the board and Jones, Lock available.