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  1. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    if they have a chance im sure they will pick him up but they have 10 teams ahead of them on the waiver wire and i would be surprised if he falls to the bills
  2. Trentwannabe Too Early Mock Off-season/Draft

    I like the additions to Saffold and Paradis but I think you are being to generous with the contract in Bills favor. Both guys have played top of their game and in order to land their services they are going to expect top dollar. The last 3 guards to sign contracts that showed top tier talent were averaging about 5 years 60 mil, with the same going for Centers its about 5 years 50 mil. I also like your players you retain but i am not sure if Jordan Phillips would be willing to accept a 1 year deal he is expecting to get locked in long term and I think the bills should atleast offer him a 3-4 year deal with an out after 2 years. If he plays with the fire he has been next year I think it will be in Bills favor to do that rather then go in to next offseason trying to lock him up even more. Bills have the leverage at this point since he was recently cut with the Dolphins for disagreements and bills can take advantage of that. Not a big fan of cutting Ivory and signing Yeldon, I think Ivory should play out his last year as it will only save $2 mil and he showed he can pound the rock at times with that crappy oline. Retaining all 3 rbs for next year would be best imo as that is one less position to worry about. Ej Gaines is injury prone, he was with the rams, then showed it in the bills, and has shown it with the browns this year. He shows flashes of talent but has trouble staying on the field. Would like to see someone else come in. Even with the 2 big signings on the oline i feel like you left a lot of cap space off the table. $96 million is the projected amount before cuts so you may be able to get a few more players of quality. Draft is not bad but I dont know if i would be happy drafting a wr that early. Yes they need one but Metcalf right now is projected to be a late 1st round pick. The draft has depth at WR but none of them have the talent of being above the rest. Between Metcalf, AJ Brown, harry they all can be argued as the #1 wr on the board and all 3 are projected to be late 1st or 2nd rd. Some people did mention Harry possibly being top 10 but they are basing that on potential and not current talent. My personal opinion would be if they are on the level of Aj Green or Julio Jones then you have to take it, do these guys show that type of talent or do they need more polishing? I would just hate to risk losing out on a player that can shine for years at a position that isn't necessarily a need (top of the draft is defensive heavy) in hopes of landing a guy based on potential, we did that with watkins and look how well that turned out. All in all not a bad early mock imo, i like the trade up for little as he is arguably one of the best OT in the draft between him and Jonah right now. Filled some holes through FA and draft the bills need in order to make it to the next level.
  3. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    With the official cap moving to $191.1 mil before rollover Bills have the 2nd most cap space in the league just behind the Jets. They are currently at 89.5 million (according to spotrac.com) with about $8 mil in cap space that will be rolled over. With rollover they will be 3rd in the league with cap space with Colts and Jets ahead of them. Not to mention any cuts before the season starts. We have been discussing who we want and who to look for too but not really discussing who the bills should move on from. My top 5 players I would like to see cut that will be under contract are the following people: 1. Charles Clay TE cap hit is $9 mil but can clear $4.5 mil 2. Trent Murphy DE with Shaq stepping in and being a capable starter for the year splitting reps when murphy is healthy hasnt been ideal. Cap hit $8.575 but can clear just over $5 mil 3. Russel Bodine C cap hit $2.875 but can clear $2.375. I expect the bills to go big at this position in free agency and since bodine hasnt done much to show he is an acceptable starter I would like to see him gone. 4. Vlad Ducasse LG cap hit $2.083 mil but can clear $2 mil. Another guy who has shown he is a liability at both Guard positions and want nothing to do with him moving forward. 5. Patrick Dimarco FB cap hit $2.125 mil but can clear $1.125 mil. He hasnt been utilized on the offense and has been a decent player in ST. I think this may be one that can go either way on sticking around or getting cut. All in all I blame the offense the past 2 years more so then him as they haven't really utilized him that much. I have only seen 1 play from him this year against Miami but other then that I have seen the bills use the FB on blocking max 5% of games so is there a point on having a FB or could they be better off sticking a TE flex back there when need be and save the position? With these 5 moves the bills can add an additional $15 mil to their cap space. If things work out like i hope they do, then these positions will be filled with upgraded talent at each position. Not to mention possible extensions for players to reduce cap hits and keep players longer. Jerry Hughes 30 years old with 1 year left on his contract. They can extend him another 2 years reducing his cap hit for the year of $10.4 mil and Shady McCoy cap hit $9 mil extending him for 2 more years at 3-4 mil per year can clear that up as well. Shady then can extend his career in buffalo continue to be a leader in the locker room that he has and can start to give reins to another younger rb and not having to be the workhorse he once was. I do not think he has lost a step and blame this year entirely on the bad oline. If a respectable oline was back there I expect him to be back to some form of what he was last year. To me shady is on the level of AP and Gore where they did drop in stats since hitting 30+ but continued to churn out respectable stats. I expect shady to have a bounce back year and the bills can have him locked up for a couple more years at a cheaper price.
  4. Week 14 GDT- Bills vs Jets Battle of the Rookies

    The thing is how do you expect to have good mechanics when you are running for your life? its exhausting watching this team play knowing the flaws on offense and seeing them over and over again. I just dont see how Castillo can stay as the oline coach. Yes he doesnt have ideal talent but he has yet to make any adjustments to that line until he is forced to by injury. I saw 4 plays this past Sunday where both Miller and Mills completely whiffed on blocking. Its not like they backed up and missed the blocks they were getting blown by the dline to where they barely get a hand on one and you see Allen running for his life. Then when Allen does have time you have guys like Charles Clay dropping wide open balls. Its like the Miami game all over again. It was thrown right at him up the middle and the LB was 5 yds away and he dropped it. Then there are plays when he gets a nice ball out but they get flagged for holding or illegal shift on an olineman. To me Josh needs next year to prove what hes worth. If he has terrible mechanics after they spend money on the oline and he is unable to throw the ball properly even with him having time to make the pass then i will start worrying or questioning his ability but right now the fact he isnt dead is progress. Outside of Zay and Foster and the RBs everyone on that offense can go. Teller and Dawkins show promise but then make bonehead moves and are way to inconsistent. Im not sure if Dawkins is just not getting the help from Teller/Ducasse or what but he needs to stop causing penalties. Ideally the 2 coaches I would like to see go are Crossman and Castillo. I dont have a problem with the QB coach but if they can land Defilippo who was just let go by vikings, I would like him to help allen as he did a good job with wentz in 2016 and 2017.
  5. Week 14 GDT- Bills vs Jets Battle of the Rookies

    Hes expected back before offseason workouts so that is the good news
  6. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Its not going all in on him he is just being mentioned as his creativity and having Rodgers as QB can spark the offense it once was. The frontrunner who is being mentioned by media is Josh McDaniels. The fact that Daboll is being discussed as a HC is concerning because the progress Allen was building off of will take a huge step back if he leaves
  7. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    On BR this guy was giving reasons why the bills should push to land AJ Green and why the Bengals would and should do it. Two 2nd rd picks was what he was saying would get the deal done. With the possibility of moving on from Marvin Lewis not to mention Andy Dalton possibly being released as well, would be perfect time to build assets for the bengals as they rebuild after a much needed time to do it. The reasons he wouldnt cost more than that was given is because he will be 31 years old, he is coming off a toe injury, and he has 1 year left on his contract. The bills would land their #1 wr and he has proven that even with injury he has made some outrageous catches that Dalton has thrown and this could be the security blanket Allen needs. Also the article said to cut Clay and bring in Cook on a 2 year deal similar to what Oakland gave him 10.4 mil total, as it will give Croom and Logan Thomas more time to develop in to the #1 TE for the team. Both ideas are definitely interesting and a real possibility. The offseason is definitely going to define Beans career on whether or not he can make it as a GM.
  8. Week 14 GDT- Bills vs Jets Battle of the Rookies

    Josh Allen tried to do more then he needed to that early interception was a bone head move rather then throwing it away it was 1st down and you were up. With that being said he still is a rookie and is going to make rookie mistakes but he did not lose that game for them. That oline is horrendous and video shows they were getting owned in the trenches all game long. They really need to go in to the new year and throw money at that oline or Allen will be taking off running everytime. And when he is not on the run the oline is getting flagged for holding, false start etc. Another thing that cost the bills this game was special teams, Crossman needs to go and they need to bring in someone new. The penalties and piss poor blocking cost the bills. They made that fg and wasnt blocked who knows what would have happened. Huaschka would have never received that cheap shot and he may have had a chance at that 54 yd fg without a tweaked back. Im happy the bills lost they werent making the playoffs after last weeks loss and they already beat the Jets once this year. So why waste the opportunity at a good pick. Being back 1 game to #1 overall and the opportunity to land one of the stud defensemen will be a gift the bills would like to have not to mention the position in every round being that much closer to the top of the round.
  9. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Brian Daboll being discussed as a potential target for HC job, specifically GB. He is not the front runner but he is being talked about. I dont think he did a bad job in any way with the talent he was given. He has shown some creativity so far this year and hope he continues to build on that. I do not want him to leave and hope he sticks around for atleast one more year. Continuing the progress of Allen is key and I think if he leaves he has to learn a new playbook on top of the guys who have been here as the bills will have another new OC which will be 4 in 5 years. Again I do not think Daboll is amazing but i think he has done a solid job so far.
  10. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    My only problem is zeroing in on one guy the bills are likely picking around 10-15 in the draft. I dont know if harry will be there and you cant really risk waiting to the draft to find someone unless your willing to move up to get him. Is he going to be worth the move up? I dont know much about Pac 12 players simply because im on the east coast and the SEC and ACC are the primarily conferences being talked near me. When Julio and AJ were coming out I knew those guys were going to be studs because I followed them along the entire time they were at bama and georgia. Im only hearing about Harry the past month and even then it sounds like he is more of a Devante Parker Kevin White type wr and nothing all that special.
  11. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    I liked the trade and thought last year he was a bit slow because of an injury he had. Then this year came and at first i thought it was him being super cautious of not injuring his knee and wanted to play out the season but build his confidence up. Then he has shown his attitude at that point along with him alligator arming his catches but then showed flashes of being a top talented WR. After watching this game and replaying some of the plays he literally looks like he is kicking rocks and not even trying to be involved. Before I was wanting to extend him thinking he needed another guy to stretch the field and take the spotlight off of him a bit but extremely glad they didnt do that. This guy will make excuses and if some team does end up paying them he is going to do this all over again. im just waiting for him to talk smack about buffalo because we all know it is coming based on guys like Mcgahee in the past.
  12. Week 13 GDT: Squish the Fish

    Because that is the play call daboll needs to change it up....Foster is their home run guy who will likely be that in the future but outside of zay they had no one. Benjamin clearly gave up and didnt want to be there and holmes dropped key passes that should have been caught. Those 2 are now out and they need somone to fill that hole whether it is free agency or draft. You cant expect someone to make the simple throws if nothing is there or the OC wants another route.
  13. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    They brought 2 guys up from psquad DE and CB.. they are out of the playoffs and they dont plan on paying him so they want to see what the young guys do before they decide to retain them for the future. Plus if someone picks up Kbenji they get back 2 mil and the bills cleared 1.5 mil with holmes. I think Charles Clay will be the next to go saving 4.5 mil. I think the bills staff has had it with benjamin when you rewatch the game you can literally see him walking his route he isnt even trying to look like he wants to play. The funny thing is he is hurting himself because no one is going to pay his lazy a.. His attitude has apparently gotten worse and he offers nothing to this young team. Shady may be frustrated with the oline but he isnt showing it and he is giving Allen a huge boost every time he makes a play hes there to celebrate with him. People want shady gone but i think him being there is boosting the offense on the field and on the sidelines.
  14. Week 13 GDT: Squish the Fish

    The bills lead the league in most pressured qbs of 3 sec or less at 40.7% i think its safe to say hes bailing early cause he is tired of getting crushed the 1st few games. He does not trust that oline and he had every right to do so. I think it will take him time to adjust but this man needs to get a top paid oline built in front of him. They can go through the draft and get 1 or 2 pieces that may or may not work out or they put that 93 mil to use on the oline and grab guys like pardis and/or saffold to protect him.
  15. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Well im surprised but not surprising news the bills cut both Andre Holmes and Kelvin Benjamin. I guess his latest antics of being lazy on the field was enough for them to cut him.