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  1. Offseason Talk

    yea I read that article and agree with most of the stuff they say. I have been saying for a couple weeks now that Spain should be bills top priority. He not only played 99.4% of snaps with out a sack it also assisted Dawkins in getting better at the LT position. To me the LT and LG are on the same page can allow an oline to thrive as we saw last year we do not want to lose guys that can protect allen. I also like the idea of bringing waddle back, he may have not been able to play but he knows the play book and would be able to compete for the RT position. Continuation on that oline is one of the key factors to the success for this offense. I think letting both Phillips and shaq test the open market is key, some people may want to resign one or both but they may think they can land far more lucrative deals with other teams. Let them see their worth then either match it or let them walk. I still want Yannick and Hooper as the top 2 FA targets but will settle for Clowney, and then shaq if neither make it to Buffalo.
  2. Offseason Talk

    He definitely had a solid day yesterday, but it also had to do with a weak performance on the Texas Tech LT he just looked lost every snap he played whether it was anae or another pass rusher. Anae had a solid week of practice from what has been discussed. Even after yesterday media is still projecting him a mid 2nd to early 3rd. I would be surprised if he was drafted in the 1st round but anything is possible after watching Oakland take Ferrel at 4 last year.
  3. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    I feel like Bills organization and fanbase should rejoice for Antonio Brown not willing to go to Buffalo. We dodged a massive bullet not going after this guy, he is a hot mess and is likely done in the league after his final antics this week.
  4. Bills Reps meet players

    So the rumors are starting on who the bills are meeting with this offseason, usually it shows a sign of the need and possibly the player of interest: Senior Bowl Brandon Aiyuk Wr Arizona St 6'1 205 pounds Bradlee Anae DE Utah 6'3 257 lbs Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame 6'5 229 lbs Antonio Gandy-Golden WR Liberty 6'4 220 lbs East West Shrine: Rodney Clemons S SMU 6 205 lbs Calvin Throckmorton OG Oregon 6'5 309 lbs John Penisini DT Utah 6'2 320 lbs Michael Danna DE Michigan 6'2 260 lbs Kevin Dotson OG Louisiana 6'4 321 lbs Please feel free to add to this, it will be interesting how many players that end up on this list are drafted by the Bills
  5. Update: Jaguars hire Jay Gruden as OC

    2 things: Marrone isn't a peach to deal with a ton of bills players came out and complained once he left Buffalo so he alienates players similar to Tom Coughlin but things can be different now, I do doubt it though. I am absolutely shocked by the Gruden Hire. I think it was great for the Jags but kind of a desperate move on Gruden's part. There had to be more stable jobs then this one for him to step in to it. Yes the talent is there on offense for him to work with but will Marrone allow him to make the play calls? Not only that he is also risking his opportunity to be an OC on another team long term as Caldwell and Marrone are already on the hot seat. So if they end up at .500 or worse they are likely out of Jax and then Gruden is likely then out of a job. the only thing I can think of is Gruden sees this as a one year prove it deal to be a HC next offseason no matter how the Jags turn out. Ijust figured he would go to a team who has a defensive mind hc and is going to be around more then just 1 year.
  6. Raiders Officially known as the "Las Vegas Raiders"

    die hard fans travel that is a given the point is that most people who live in Vegas will not be adopting a new team over the team they grew up to watch. It is hard to build a fan base in a city that has a ton of transplants, in order to fill seats your going to have to count on those fans traveling. You will also get the opponent diehard fans traveling to vegas to cheer on their team so it may not be a predominantly home fanbase at games like they did in Oakland.
  7. Raiders Officially known as the "Las Vegas Raiders"

    Problem with LA, Vegas, even Miami, majority of people living in the areas are transplants from different cities and hold value of the original team that they grew up watching over the team that is in the current city they are living in. For me living in miami you have a ton of fans that are Pats Giants Jets Eagles Steelers and even Bills fans because majority move to live in warmer weather but are still die hard fans of their teams. I can imagine it being the same in Vegas and LA which will cause issues like Miami and LA (more chargers then rams) have had recently with low attendance. If your team starts winning and becomes relevant in the league then more then likely the fan base will be getting bigger as they jump on the bandwagon at the time but once they start losing again they will start to disappear again. Im interested to see how many people show up for the Rams games early on in the season since they didnt make the playoffs this year.
  8. Offseason Talk

    If Jeudy, Ruggs, Higgins, Lamb, and Laviska are off the board come bills pick would people hate the idea of drafting LB Kenneth Murray from Oklahoma, then go with a wr in the 2nd rd with Pittman or Jeferson?
  9. Bills Mock Draft 1.0

    I would prefer LSU LB Queen in the 2nd round over bringing in Klein. A lot of people have talked about him coming to McDermott/Beane because of past history but when he left the Panthers the Bills did not even look at him. I think it will be the same this time, as he will land a decent contract, which can extend a guy like Poyer. Neal has proven that he is a capable Nickle Corner/Safety when needed as he replaced Turon at times. You pay Klein, you have to remember Milano is a FA after the year so you are paying 2 LBs. With Edmunds needing to be paid in 2 years. Drafting a LB to replace ZO may make the most financial sense while retaining your guys over paying FA. Beane seems to be making a foundation of drafting, retaining, and paying his own guys over bringing guys from outside. If Milano was drafted by old regime like Shaq then I can understand them willing to move on but these guys like Poyer, Hyde, Tre, and Milano are all McDermotts guys so keeping them would be a priority over paying one to come in.
  10. Offseason Talk

    If Yannick does get free, I would be shocked, as I could see them franchise tagging him as they have no one else of importance to use it on, and I know they have stated this is top priority. Lets say they do no re-sign him and he hits the open market its going to be $20 mil a year. Last offseason he broke contract talks with Jax because they wouldn't budge above 18 mil. I think a 5 year 100 mil with 50-60 guaranteed is going to get the job done to get him in Buffalo. This also means shaq will hit the open market and Hughes will likely be gone after 2020 season.
  11. NFL to try new onside kick rule for pro bowl

    This is dumb to many factors involved to lose a game when a head. This benefits the team that is losing more so then the team that is winning. its a 50 50 shot when an onside kick is being done. With a 4th and 15 even though it is 15 yards it still has better odds for the losing teams as penalties can be in play, one holding, PI, roughing passer, face mask, etc. can give them the opportunity to get back in the game.
  12. Offseason Talk

    Clowney is a top caliber guy talent wise shaq is not. You can see this year of 3 sacks is meh but realistically he didnt sign with the seahawks until a week before the season to learn a completely new defense. Shaq has been around for 4 years and this year was his best and still wasnt even close to a top 20 pass rusher. Not to mention both play different positions this year. Clowney plays Murphy spot (LDE) the one who doesnt traditionally rush the passer where shaqs only job was to. Continue to hype up shaq but if Yannick is available I would pay that man 20 mil and let shaq walk in a heartbeat at RDE. If they cant land Yannick then Clowney should be the next man up as someone who can seal off the leftside cause murphy blows. Then go after the other side in the draft depending who they sign.
  13. Offseason Talk

    he has no say unfortunately, as he can get tagged and right now the front office including Marrone are desperate to win. so I can see them easily tagging him and hope he shows up to play for the year.
  14. Offseason Talk

    Piss off Lawson? I am sorry but the guy had 1 decent season and was really nonexistent for the last 3 seasons. It comes down to money, if you try to bring in guys like clowney or yannick and miss, it should have zero effect on lawson. These guys are focused on money and will go where it best suits them. If Lawson feels that his value is more then what the bills are willing to pay him should beane and mcdermott be pissed? It can go both ways. If yannick or clowney are available meaning they hit free agency and Beane/McDermott feel they can be an impact player they need to go after them whether Shaq is happy or not. Im sorry but Shaq isn't a must have and if your willing to settle for him by not talking to other players to better your team whether you get them or not then you shouldnt be GM.
  15. My ideal offseason before the draft

    Yea well Julio has been healthy and was 29 when he signed his deal. Meanwhile Aj Green hasnt had a full season in 3 years and he will be 32 years old when the season starts so you cannot compare the two. 2 things why would he stay on a team that is rebuilding and in no way competing in 2020 season? Why would an organization pay him to stay when they are rebuilding and getting younger? Also new coaching staff that came in last year may not have an interest in keeping him. So for that price tag of 3 years 33 mil is realistic. The bengals have other needs over paying an older wr that has yet to prove he can stay healthy. As for Dalton, you have Winston Brees brady bridgewater all free agents and seeking new contracts that will be better then dalton short term. Then you got guys like Mariota and Flacco that will be available as well. He may find a team willing to compete for starter but his role these days are designated to back up at best a bridge qb.