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  1. Potential Trades the bills can make

    The bills have holes that will likely not be all answered in free agency or draft this year so the next move would be to look at possible trades that would benefit both teams. Two guys that will likely not be on the trade block but could make sense. Xavier Rhodes CB for Minnesota. I doubt he will be available but with limited cap of $5 mil, and them looking to beef up Thielan's contract I could see Xavier being a cap casualty. 28 year old corner who is coming off a not so great season. He is still a stud corner and could match up great with Tre on the other side and having Levi Wallace rotating in. I could see a 3rd rd pick for him as well as a late rd pick or 2020 mid rd pick. Aj Green WR for Cincinnati. I doubt they move on from him as well but coming off of back to back season on IR, turning 31 years old and in his last year of his contract. Bengals can look to the future by stock piling draft picks as they are likely in a rebuild year with a new regime coming to town. Something that hasnt happened in over 15 years. I could see the bills giving up a 2nd rd pick as well as a 2020 2nd day pick. Again I doubt that these will happen but they are definitely intriguing and not so out there moves. What about other scenarios in the trade department?
  2. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Vikings only have 5 mil in cap space and are reworking a new thielan deal they have said they will not tag or extend Anthony Barr. Is he someone the bills should be looking at? Outside of Lorenzo Alexander playing 1 more year the bills do not have a long term answer at SLB should they look at bringing him in to team up with Edmunds and Milano for the next 5+ years?
  3. AAF League

    like @DER10N92is saying I do not see it folding nor rushed, and with someone coming in like the Hurricanes owner putting money in to it and being a board member now I can see other people backing it as well. As it is gaining traction with people. They definitely have some positives to it and it is good for the NFL. the CFL and Arena have different rules and some players (very few) make it on to the NFL level. This is more of a Minor league Brand that CFL and Arena do not have. This gives the NFL an opportunity to have a scout go to the games and watch these veterans play and media is starting to break down some of their plays which is getting attention from GMs. They tried to have a veteran combine which didnt help out a few years ago but putting players in football shape and playing a few months after the NFL season is over and right before OTAs and pre-season it will benefit both sides. This is a start up and will definitely have its growing pains but i think this will be more successful then the XFL which will push to be its own entity and have different rules that would never be used at the NFL level based on previous experience of watching years ago. Im not going to say that these AAF players are going to automatically go to the NFL as I see most of these guys being there for the rest of their careers, but you will definitely see a bunch of them getting picked up to 90 man rosters and a few making it on to an NFL team. Getting a 2nd opportunity by showing their skill set out of College is hard to come by and this league gives them that opportunity. Zac Stacy, Trent Richardson, Jalin Marsharll and Rashad Ross are just a few guys who are showing people that they have what it takes to compete and hopefully an NFL team gives them that opportunity again.
  4. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Apparently he has been very forth coming about sitting out like Leveon if he is franchise tagged again and apparently dallas is willing to accept that and not tag him again. They are hoping to get a long term contract done or move on from him. So it seems like he will be hitting free agency if a deal isnt done by the 11th of march.
  5. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    yea knowing the bills luck he gets injured mid season and they are on the hook for that. It may be better to not do it and if he has a good year transition tag him for a mil or 2 more and not risk being on the hook for that money if he does go down with an injury. The bills may be at 100 mil now but that will quickly change once they sign guys in free agency this year.
  6. Bills Release Charles Clay

    Crazy how quickly a team picks guys up. He just signed a 1 year deal worth 3.5 mil with the cardinals. Amazes me that he got that much after a lackluster performance in Buffalo.
  7. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    You think Shaq Lawson has shown enough promise to be a future pass rusher for the bills? He has been decent in the run but his pass rushing abilities have lacked greatly for a guy who would get paid $10 mil in 2020.
  8. AAF League

    First off, has anyone been watching the AAF? Any one have any particular team they are rooting for? The reason I bring this thread up in a Bills forum is because the league offers prospects on veterans who havent been shown that much attention outside of a random work out for a team and this can essentially be a minor league version to show off veterans who could get a second shot in the NFL. 2 guys that have come to mind when watching that I wouldnt mind the bills bringing in to camp and giving a 2nd shot, are Jalin Marshall from the Apolos and Rashad Ross from the Hotshots. Both are wide receivers and Ross has played Special Teams at the NFL level which the bills could use at return man. What are your thoughts?
  9. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    What should the bills do at pass rusher? With Jerry Hughes turning 31 years old and going on his last year of his contract the bills have Shaq Lawson who is on his last year of his contract, do they offer his 5th year? I do not think it is worth it as he has yet to truly prove he is worth the money. Murphy is in his 2nd year of a 3 year deal but he hasnt really lived up to his contract either and the bills can save $5 million by cutting him. Could the bills extend Hughes and reduce his cap hit leaving him in Buffalo until he retires? Could they look at the top FA and make a splash by going after guys like Clowney, Lawrence, flowers, or take a risk on a guy like fowler? Signing a free agent like one of these not only help the dline out but it will also put pressure on hughes to take an extension at a reasonable price or have him walk next offseason. The bills wouldnt look so desperate and hughes will no longer have the upper hand if they do this as he knows he is the only real pass rusher on the team. With so many holes to fill and around 80 mil still left in cap is this one of the top priorities the bills should focus on?
  10. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Im torn on this, yes the guy has talent and is a top tier wr that Allen can definitely use but his ego and off field issues cause a lot of issues that the bills do not need. That is one thing the bills have been good at keeping the locker room gel'd together. I think he would stir the pot as soon as he doesn't get the ball or they are losing. Is it really the risk the bills can afford to make with a young qb and building this said "process" which values high character guys? I also do not like the fact that he said hes willing to go to the team who is going to offer the most guaranteed, which to me means a new deal he is seeking. Everyone is digging deep in to this, "why is he acting out" type move and it is simple. he is 31 years old, his contract expires at 34 years old and he cant cash in where he is now. So the only way to get out, is to talk smack about everyone on his team to force their hand on moving on from him. Once they trade him he will then demand a new contract or sit out, that team will likely cave as they just gave up draft picks and/or players to get him.
  11. My Mock Bills off season

    Do we even know what scheme they will be playing on oline? New Oline coach has never been an OL coach he has always been an assistant, and Daboll hasnt really implemented his entire offense as he has been handcuffed with limited resources. Paradis is hands down the best center available and the bills desperately need that hole filled if not then allen will likely be running for his life every down like he has been his rookie year.
  12. Bills Release Charles Clay

    Yes I think it was the right move since he was starting to lose confidence with the new regime. Once of the multiple players that Whaley overpaid for. I still expect a few more releases. I also wouldnt be surprised if the bills tender Logan Thomas as he will come cheap. As well as be in the market for a TE, ideally Jared Cook would be a great addition for Josh Allen to throw to but I am not sure that Beane will offer a deal around the 2 year 15-20 mil marker that is being projected for him.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Bills Pick 9th

    Johnson is a slot corner, I wouldnt move him outside at any time. As for Levi he only had 7 games under his belt where he played and did a decent job but he is still raw and could easily get exposed. Him taking a step forward in year 2 could be a gamble and I do not want them to risk it. Maybe signing a veteran corner would help out in case he does flop but if Greedy williams is there and is considered Best Player on the board they should take him. To me this draft should be BPA and they already should have their main holes plugged through free agency. If not then they will reach for a position at 9 and I do not see it being a corner in that situation. Either way the bills need more depth at CB outside of those 3 they have guys who are more ST type players then backups at the CB position, like pitts.
  14. Bills Sign C Spencer Long

    So Mike Rodak came out and said that this deal is essentially a 1 year deal at 1.2 mil that could become 3 years at the 13 mil price. I think this is a perfect investment as the incentives are driven by the overall teams performance, his playing time which can depend on who the bills end up getting in free agency. This is essentially a cheaper back up then both bodine and ducasse.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Bills Pick 9th

    I hope they move ahead of the bills for a qb so one more talented player drops im just not buying them doing that. To me it just doesnt make sense you go and pay a guy 2 years 40 mil and then look to release him a year later while trading for a qb with 3 years left at 64 million which produced almost identical stats in the last 3 years. Someone tweeted yesterday a comparison in stats. I know stats dont really give the overall picture but it is interesting. IN 3 seasons Joe Flacco Started 41 games put up a 63.8% completion averaged 242 yds a game with 50 td and 34 Ints. Case Keenum started 41 games 63.8% completion, averaged 235.1 yards, 49tds and 33 ints.