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  1. CB Ronald Darby to Redskins (1 yr, $4 million)

    Philly better move up cause Raiders will be scooping him up at 12.
  2. Bills Sign OT Daryl Williams

    This move is nothing more then camp competition. Moving Ford to Rg isn't really a done deal. Feliciano was strong at the RG position and I do not see him going anywhere at the moment. Maybe when his contract is up they have Ford go in as starter at RG but this season and this signing of Daryl doesnt mean that ford is moving inside. Just more flexibility of what the bills can do in the draft. I think adding Waddle back to see what he was suppose to do before he got injured last year would be a solid move as they will have Dawkins, Ty, Ford, Daryl, and Waddle as OTs going in to camp
  3. Bills Sign OT Daryl Williams

    I think this move is essentially replacing Waddle's position, ideally I would like for him to be resigned to compete too. Depending on the contract with Daryl and if they sign Waddle it would be interesting to see who wins the spots as I could see Ty being the odd man out. Ford played almost 70% of snaps on offense while Ty played 34% at RT, if you thought Ford was a bad option then you would like to see ty not be out there as ford seemed to over power ty for starting RT. I know Ty got injured a couple of games but after week 2 Ford started seeing more and more snaps. So I am not sold on moving ford to Guard just yet as I think he would have to lose out to Daryl in order to be pushed to guard. Competing in camp for RT is the smart move, if ford beats out Daryl then they need to cut Daryl. Hopefully they resign waddle at some point and see what he can do. If Ford loses out to RT I can not picture him taking over Feliciano spot this year, he would likely be back up to both positions as Feliciano has had a strong performance last year. Long term I could see them putting Ford in to RG as Feliciano may want a pay day once his contract is up after the year. Since they signed spain, morse, and expected to extend dawkins, Feliciano will be the odd man out.
  4. Bills sign CB EJ Gaines - 1 year deal.

    Not a bad move however I think getting a CB in the draft for longterm purposes is the right move. Norman, Gaines, and Levi are on 1 year deals. Levi's ERFA tender is up after this year so hes going to expect a reasonable pay day. Tre is going to be up for a big time contract and a good way to balance it out is to have a rookie contract at the #2 position. I like the competition approach here as a lot of people are battling out for a position except for the obvious ones.
  5. Bills acquire WR Stefon Diggs

    This is what every one is concerned about no one was able to go up and get the ball and the bills have had those issues for years. Allen has some accuracy issues but he has also had players dropping the balls on him. With someone able to go up and get the ball he should see better production on his stats this year and the bills will see less and less 3 and outs.
  6. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    they approved it today any one making under $75k will get $1200 and I think it is $500 per child if you have one. $75-99k will get less and anyone that makes more gets nothing
  7. Bills acquire WR Stefon Diggs

    I appreciate the feed on him and being a non bills fan. So no bias on your take. I think he is going to do what he usually does, I just hope that he doesnt get frustrated early in the season if hes not getting the looks he is expecting as Allen has the chemistry already built with the other wr. Hopefully this opens up for Smoke to do what he does best as well as beasley. I dont really care about what they gave up for him as he is a proven WR and most of the time in drafts the WR can be a total c-ap shoot, getting diggs just means a veteran reliable wr for Allen to be able to take the next step at qb. Beane played it well knowing that Jeudy and Lamb werent going to fall and to move up with what they gave up for diggs in value is around the 17-18 pick in the draft so they would have had to give up a lot more plus the unknown on whether or not the wr would make the next step at the pro level. Diggs has been doing his thing with guys like cousins, bridgewater, bradford and keenum so I know he is going to do just fine with Allen at Qb. He buys in to the bills culture then the offense should be firing on all cylinders next year.
  8. Offseason Talk

    I got news for you if they traded Watson that will be the end of the Houston Organization. Getting rid of high profile players like Clowney and Hopkins is one thing getting rid of your franchise QB who has actually carried the team at times and is still in his prime is marketing suicide and no way can that organization come back from that. Pats are clearly creating this narrative as they still believe the organization is bigger then any other team. Now that Tom has left I expect to see them hit rock bottom in the AFC East for a couple of years before they regroup again. Bill is good coach but he is no savior, and people will start to see it. Same goes with the Bucs they landed Tom but he is 42 years old and has lost a step he will be facing some stiff competition in that division with Atlanta and NOLA this year.
  9. Offseason Talk

    With the trade for diggs and resigning of mckenzie its not out of the realm they roll with what they have at the position and not draft a wr at all. These moves have clearly put the bills in a position to draft whatever player is best on the clock. No massive holes are needed and the depth is there so if they are on a clock and they have an Rb LB or something else above WR then they may go with that position going down the line of picks.
  10. Bills acquire WR Stefon Diggs

    @Trentwannabe that is what I have been saying without moving up to top 10-15 they were not landing the top 2 guys in jeudy or lamb, so this had to be an option to land a legit #1 wr. I like ruggs but I do not see him as a legit #1 he is a complimentary #2 to a different style wr. I have him as an ideal pick for Raiders as they have Tyrell who can be their big guy and then ruggs as their burner. I was not impressed with Higgins at all and didnt see the hype, I would have maybe said Jefferson at 22 but even then it could be a reach to have expectations of them being a #1 right away. Now the interesting thing would be if Higgins is available in the 2nd rd when bills are on the clock if their minds would be different to take the risk on him knowing that he doesnt have to be the guy right away but still could contribute as a 2/3 for the team.
  11. Offseason Talk

    they dont have the funds to pay him 10+ mil a year to be back up. I am sure he is also looking at teams who may have qb competition to be a back up and compete to be the starter. So even if the bills offered him a deal I doubt he would accept it knowing he isnt going to have a chance to compete. I feel bad for the guy cause he did post 5100+ yards and 30+ td even though he hit the 30 int mark. His oline was getting killed and the running game wasnt all that great. He did make bonehead moves but to me he is way better then guys like tannehill, carr, foles, minshew, all who will be starters next year for their teams.
  12. Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

    If bills land 2 guys in free agency lets say chris harris and melvin gordon (I say this because these positions were linked to draft prospects and these 2 players are just examples it could be other names plugged in), I could see the bills taking 2nd and 3rd picks to move up in to the late 1st round to grab a player they believe in that they were not expecting to fall. Beane has been very active in the trade market during draft day so I wouldnt miss out on day 1 assuming they wont be picking when they may actually be.
  13. Bills acquire WR Stefon Diggs

    When Beane went after AB last year they were willing to take on his contract and willing to trade picks. They got that far from what was said, the issue was AB wanted a new deal with more guarantees and Beane said no and backed out. Now I would assume this was the same way, they were willing to give up the picks and willing to take on the current contract, I think the cap hit will be the same but some changes to the contract will be made where Diggs will receive more guaranteed money which he currently has none. All in all there is a 4 year 48 mil deal still left in his contract, giving half that in guarantees could be enough to keep him happy and willing to play out the current deal.
  14. Bills sign DL Quinton Jefferson and Vernon Butler

    Bills arent cutting Hughes he has a higher dead cap then he does cap hit this year. Plus they need depth at RDE behind Mario, as Mcdermott is constantly rotating guys out. So I expect those two to share the position, Ed and Jefferson will be the D3 Tech, butler, harrison and Star are D1 tech, Jefferson may slide to Murphy spot having butler or harrison slide to the D3 tech. The player I can see being cut is Murphy as they can clear 8 mil with only leaving 1.7 mil in dead cap.
  15. Offseason Talk

    Im surprised Daryl Williams isnt an option I mean they are pretty much collecting all of the Panthers players that are available. It seems like Beane does all his work at night while the rest of the league makes the moves during the day. Wouldn't mind sitting back tonight and reading the bills picking up Chris Harris and Melvin Gordon. It seems the bills are around 30 mil in cap space right now after all the signings and their top priority for extension was Poyer, so I would like for them to see if they can land these two guys as the bills could be primed for a run at the East now.