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  1. Free Agency News

    Klein was looking for a big pay day and the bills couldnt afford to do it last year they went with DBs instead. Im not infatuated with the guy and never wanted him but that was what CBS was reporting. Now with a late round pick or another player for him with a much lower contract as majority of the guarantees will be in New Orleans favor. With them signing Demario davis they do not see Klein as a need . Either way whether it is this year or next Bills will need LB help so if the price is right this year pull the trigger if not wait until next offseason to make a move.
  2. Free Agency News

    cbs is reporting a rumor that the bills may be in the process of making a trade for Aj Klein. Coming off injury and a cap hit of $6.5 mil the saints may be looking to part ways with him as it will free up 2 mil not and 1 mil next year. This may make sense as he plays both MLB and WLB so he would be an instant starter for the bills and his cap hit will be 4.2 mil this year and 5 mil next year. Just curious what the bills would give up to get him my guess with injury it would be a day 3 pick or someone like Adolphus Washington
  3. Shaq is a man on a mission

    We invested a couple picks for a future qb its time to invest in a deep threat wr. Pass rushers arent a huge thing in McDermotts scheme as he only rushed 4 half the snaps and only blitzed 35% last year. He is about containment with his LBs and DBs. Thats where he sees them as more valuable. Even if Milano does end up going full season you still need a full time on the opposite side of him with Edmunds in the middle. Pass Rusher may be 3rd depending on the oline. If the oline works out then pass rusher will jump them. McDermott has been making tweaks to that defense to stop the run so I am more confident in the defense then I am in the offense. The oline is suspect and with Allen going to be long term we need to make sure he has the protection and the weapons to be successful. I do not want to hear any excuses of him not succeding because of the lack of protection or weapons available to throw to. We were 8th in sacks in 2016 and our defense was garbage its not an exciting thing to discuss but playing containment and shutting down the scoring is what I care about.
  4. Shaq is a man on a mission

    I dont think he is traded either but it wouldnt surprise me if an offer did show up to a team who lost a player due to injury and if shaq shows promise during media day practices and preseason he could be traded. Dont forget that Beanes big moves came late in preseason play and he showcased Watkins healthy, this could be the case for shaq as well. As I mentioned I do not see it happening as I could see the bills moving on from Hughes next offseason as they can clear 9.2 mil in cap space if he doesnt perform to the level he is getting paid. The front 7 including the main pass rushers will be something to watch on defense as the only 3 guys I can see sticking around long term are Edmunds, Phillips, and Star as everyone else's contracts are expendable. My prediction of top needs next offseason are: 1. Wr 2. LB 3. Oline 4. Pass Rushers 5. TE 6. Rb if shadys loses a step
  5. Free Agency News

    I understand that the bills arent going to fill every hole in one season but they still need to fill positions even if they are 1 year contracts thats essentially what we did with the trades of Jordan Matthews and Ej Gaines. Whether they are names or not they still have something left in the tank and the bills desperately need depth at the position. Kendricks just signed a 1 year deal with browns. So he is off the board and the bills dont have any LB depth. Some are sold on the starting line up with Milano edmunds and Alexander but alexander just turned 36 years old and milano split time last year with humbar so you cant count on them to be a full season starters. WR outside of kbenji the bills have an injured Zay Jones who may be ready for preseason/ regular season or may not. Some assume he will be ready but the coaching staff havent been open to giving the media the news as we saw that last year with players that were said to be day to day or week to week end up being shut down for half a season. Then you have kerley who has been nonexistent the last couple of years and was never really a dependable #2 even when he was on the jets. Rod Streater was injured and never had a solid career either. Andre Holmes at this point is on the squad for Special Teams. Whether Dez wants a 1 year prove it deal and whether he wants to come to Buffalo, if the bills offered him a job and no one else would he will take it. Not saying I want the guy or not just saying that in general with the wr that are still out there. The pool at the wr position is super thin, injury plagued history, and minimal playing time in their careers. I love Kbenji and I have hopes for Zay but honestly the bills could have one of the worst wr corps in the league this year. I say maclin, dez, and decker is simply because of their veteran knowledge of playing time and help with the qbs more so decker and maclin then dez since he is a diva. You have a rookie qb who doesnt have the ideal accuracy so imagine putting in someone who hasnt been in the league or on the field that long to count on them to run the proper route or count on them to make a difficult catch would be tough. Bills brought in boldin for his veteran leadership, and his good hands with route running skills. The bills need something like that
  6. Free Agency News

    as a fan im starting to get flustered as 2 spots need depth and even starters LB and WR. Kendricks is still out there that could be a great addition with the time of year he would clearly sign a 1 year prove it deal likely not much so why not bring him in to check out his ankle and meet with him? Outside of Milano, Alexander and Edmunds you dont really have any depth and to me Alexander and Milano would be rotational LBs on any other team. WR Brandon Marshall signs a 1 year contract with Seattle that can be up to 2 mil in incentives that is nothing and guys like Dez, Maclin and Decker are still out there. With the WR corps super thin and Zay injured you have to think one of those could be an impact player this year, again why not bring them in for a visit? Is this bothering anyone else or is it just me?
  7. Theory on Clay's usage in 2018

    I cant really blame Clay nor the WR as they havent had an ideal QB. Some will argue tyrod was good however overall as a passing qb he was horrendous imo and caused players to be underwhelming. Im not sold on McCarron nor Peterson or Allen but one thing is for sure I expect more passes to be made then they have been in the past 3 years. I also think daboll who was a TE coach for several years with Pats will definitely utilize Clay in a far greater capacity then the last 3 OCs have done. I do see them using alot of 2 Te sets too which Oleary can come out and shine as well.
  8. Free Agency News

    Eagles cut Mychal Kendricks. He would be a nice addition to the bills having Milano, Trumands, and Kendricks as starters with Alexander coming off the bench in certain situations.
  9. The 2019 Buffalo Defense

    Financially it doesnt make sense for hughes to be cut now. I see him being a cap casualty next year when they can clear 9 million at that time. Cutting him now would only clear 2-3 mil and may leave a hole. If one guy like Murphy or Lawson go down with injury which likely can happen based on their history then they would need to bring someone in for that price which will likely be not as good as hughes. It is a make it or break year for Hughes based on next years cap but I think he will be still on the team this year unless they can get a trade partner.
  10. Free Agency News

    Why do people insist that players will cost more? We have no clue what his asking rate is so if he is a guy that McDermott feels can help the offense then bring him in. The bills desperately need some weapons to help Mccarron and Allen out. Bills have a few WRs and with Daboll (based on his past work) will likely running double TE sets like they did in New England then I expect both Oleary and Clay out on the field most of the time. If or when clay gets injured they have Logan Thomas who was a liability at times last year so the bills will be handcuffed to play double Te sets. if they do plan on using this formation as Clay would be injured then there would be no one left to help out, this is why Fleener could be a help.
  11. Free Agency News

    Coby Fleener was cut, any thoughts of bringing him in to run double set TEs since the WR corps is limited to an extent?
  12. The 2019 Buffalo Defense

    Hughes did his job last year as he played the least amount of snaps since coming to buffalo and only shy of a few tackles from his best year. McDermott had him dropping in the flats and he led the team in completion % for that area, the other side was a disaster. McDermott isnt like Schwartz where he had them constantly rushing the qb and that is why his sack total was low. BuffaloRumblings breaks down the pass rushers and Hughes had a solid season, but everyone judges them on sacks and its not his fault as he was doing what McDermotts system is telling him. Also Carolina rushed/blitzed the passer 40% more in 2017 with Wilks as DC compared to McDermott in 2016. McDermott relies more on the LBs and DBs then he does the frontline compared to Wilks relying on DL then LBs and DBs. Im more worried about Shaq Lawson as that guy is injury prone and has yet to live up to his draft position.
  13. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Eagles Up)

    I think it is silly to grade the draft as fans we have our opinions so its a biased grade based on whether or not you like Josh Allen. Was he the guy I wanted NO but the value of a qb who has been talked about as a top 10 player picked in this draft is where you got to take the value of it, the bills landed their franchise qb at 7 whether they gave up to much is up to the experts. I think it was, as this trade seemed like what they had in place with the broncos before cancelling the deal as they didnt expect chubb to land in their laps. It is also less than what the Jets gave up that they may or may not have had a shot at their qb at 6 and kept those picks. Either way if Beane and McDermott believe this is their franchise qb a couple of 2nd rd picks is well worth it. Not to mention they landed another top 10 prospect in Edmunds who could have been discussed as a top 5 non qb positional pick for teams. Both Allen and Edmunds have some raw potential where it may be risky to have picked them but the value can far exceed what the picks are which we will likely not know until 2021-2022. Keep in mind that the bills just drafted 2 of the top needs and most important positions in the draft where they both can be the franchise guys on both sides of the ball for 10-15 years as Edmunds will likely play MLB and be the signal caller on D. I wanted Josh Rosen and he was there, I was pissed that the bills passed on him until he spoke at the media conference that night. He acted like a spoiled brat like most media personnel discussed leading up to the draft whining about 9 teams not picking him and then having to put a fake smile on his face once he was selected. With that type of attitude, coming from money, and living in a big city his personality may have not fit the Buffalo/McDermott/Beane culture of a hard working city to fight for everything they have. Josh Allen's personality fits that coming from a small town where he had zero scholarships etc. Buffalo will be the biggest city he lives in so he will appreciate the area more then Rosen, as I feel like he will speak his mind when he is unhappy. Kind of like Willis McGahee where he was upset there were no clubs or things to do like he had in Miami. Also does Rosen's nonfilter speaking, will it cause a rift in the locker room if they lose a game because of defense or no running game? Will he cry if he doesnt get the starting job over Bradford, all these characteristics had me questioning his personality and whether or not that would be a good fit in the locker room. Harrison Phillips was one of the guys who I truly wanted and for him to be there at pick 96 was great, as he was projected as a late 1st early 2nd rd pick. Nickel/Slot Corner had a hole and some can say it wasnt as important as other spots but if your HC is a Defensive specialist you want him to succeed at his strengths and then focus longterm on his weakness which is offense. So going in and landing a top slot corner in the draft in the 4th rd was a nice pick. Teller OG was said to be a top 10 olineman according to PFF as he was graded out high the last 2 years he was at Va Tech. I have said Wr in this draft class was pretty bad the top 5 WR were worth taking and can be either a 1/2 on their team but after that the position was weak and all projects so I was hoping the bills would pass on them which they did. McCloud is a gadget Special Teamer and will compete with Kerley on return duties. I also see him as a 3rd and long type back where they need to set up bubble screen etc to get him open in the field. All in all I think the draft was better then expected, no they didnt land my qb and took the qb I was against but the value of getting him was worth it if he pans out. Beane set them up for this by trading away assets he had no intention of extending and bringing in guys who he thought would fit their mold that is the downside of having a new GM/HC as they always want to replace old regime players with theres. If you look at it the bills gave up their own 2nd rd pick to get allen and thats it. Glenn was expendable after the rookie season Dawkins had on top of the injury plagued 2 years for Glenn and the massive contract he had left, so they took the 1st rd pick they earned from KC moved up trading glenn, then gave up their 2nd rd pick as well as the rams 2nd rd they got for Watkins. Yea they are picks but if it lands the franchise qb who can be their guy for 10-15 years a couple of second rd picks will not matter in a few years. If he busts Beane and McDermott will likely be gone and the new regime will come in and replace the players the current regime has so those picks wouldnt matter either. Bills are in rebuild say what you want thats what they are making the playoffs was a nice fluke story but they are in phase 2 of the rebuild process. Phase 1 was gutting the players they didnt want and cleaning up cap, Phase 2 land the foundation of your team which they have with both last year and this years offseason moves, phase 3 is to go all in on the draft and cap space they cleared to make a playoff push will likely happen in 2019.
  14. The 2019 Buffalo Defense

    My concern with the defense is that McDermott isnt aggressive at all with pass rush we need him to blitz more. Edmunds has alot to learn his physical traits are unreal but his mental football IQ on reading the offense is still raw. He has the ability to bust through the gaps but at times he misreads it and has been a liability. He can move sideline to sideline eating up space quickly and I think he will be the punisher and answer to Gronk. If he turns out to be ready to go day 1 and Vontae Davis is 100% i am confident in this defense.
  15. Russ Brandon Resigns

    Yea thats all he did and when he was confronted by the owners he denied and thats when they investigated and found out he was hooking up with several employees over the years. Some people dont ever understand you shouldnt sh** where you eat. There is a ton of women in this world you can easily find them outside you work place especially with all the dating/hook up apps that are out there these days.