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  1. well to be fair that is just bad scouting. I am not sure you can say they go their to die as Gabbert and Bortles were overhyped and should have never been drafted that high. As a bills fan I followed and watched Gabbert at the College level and he look like trash. Living in Florida I can tell you Bortles playing at UCF was not that amazing to be the 1st qb taken but again the media hyped these two up and the idea of getting a local QB in Bortles may have been attractive for them. Either way Lawrence's bottom is higher then any of those 3 ceilings so they cant really mess him up unless they com
  2. Yea I do not get this move for you guys, its not like he was breaking the bank at 12 mil he was also a captain too, so he held some form of weight in the locker room. Kind of surprised by this but there has to be more to this story for them to release him just to free up 9 mil when you already have good amount of cap space. Also his production kind of supported what he did in NE so it wasn't like he is declining if anything he had one of his better years of his career. So you knew what you were getting and he stayed in line with it if not went over what his past production showed.
  3. Because the pats dont have 2 1st rd picks and one being in the top 3... Pats have no draft capital hence my statement that it could be media driven due to the fact of heavy draft capital. Having cap space is one thing but having draft capital to make it an easy guess, especially when they are talking 3 first rd draft pick min. for his services. Pats have pick 15 and thats about it. If Dolphins didn't have pick 3 you think they would be mentioned right now as a "top suitor" according to the media pundits?
  4. What about the question....Do the dolphins even want him or is it media driven logic by putting the 2 heaviest draft capital teams on the list (dolphins and Jets)? You going to give texans 3 1st and tua to only say whoops we messed up at pick 5 in 2020 so have 3 1st and him? The argument of Tua being it or not is tough to decipher just like it is with Darnold, is the reason he struggled cause he sucks or is it the lack of oline and receiving talent around him that prevented him to be successful? Miami had parker who was injured half the time and gesicki so while some think Tua is the issue oth
  5. Honestly only way I see you guys keeping Jonnu is tagging him. Several teams will be looking to pay him top dollar even if he isnt top tier talent its because the lack of talent in the draft and on the market. I could see Jags and Jets going in on him and/or Hunter Henry
  6. I think addressing it in the draft is very likely but I am not sure if they can land Tomlinson, I expect him to be back with Giants while they tag Leonard Williams. I think with access to the vaccine the NFL will likely put in a bid to give to all the players before TC happens which will then take the option of opting out off the table. Bills will be on the hook for that price tag unless he retires which I doubt. Hopefully he is in shape. I know DT is important but we desperately need to answer both edges Epenesa is not starter material and unless they figure out how to use him this year they
  7. I think that bill is due now lol especially with them landing wilson. You have to pay guys like Lattimore, Ramczyk, Marcus Williams if you want to have that continuation with the players you draft. I will be interested to see how loomis works this one with or without Wilson it will be interesting to watch him work his magic.
  8. the only thing is how do you get under cap for this year when you are already over 66 mil. Plus if you go with Wilson your not only taking on his 19 mil cap hit this year but you also carry a 22.6 mil dead cap hit for Brees, if you do a post june 1st it will be 11.1 mil this year and 11.5 mil next year. Lets say you do the later and now you have to clear over 96 mil. I know cap's can be manipulated but that amount will require a lot of effort on both the GM and players who have to be restructured to get it done.
  9. I agree with Eisen it would be dumb not to if I were Alex Smith. Patriots and Bears seem to be the best option for him if he has in his mind that competing for a starting gig is what matters to him. If he is carrying a clipboard and wants to win a ring why not play back up to Mahomes when he knew his best performance was under Andy Reid. Tampa is another option if he wants a ring to back up Brady. Smith is more then a capable back up and upgrade over guys like Henne and Gabbert. Also if he is looking to chase a ring as a back up I am sure he is looking to take less money. If he is simply chasi
  10. I wouldn't say titans have the best offense out of the 3, they just lost their OC to Atlanta. What Arthur Smith did to revive Tannehill's career was surprising. I cant say for sure what the impact would be on that but titans are about to lose Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis on that offense that was #2 and #3 in receiving for them this past year. Not to mention they have a nut job for their 1st rd draft pick that is likely never going to show up. Granted he wasnt an impact in 2020 as he played like 5 snaps for the team but that is a huge blow as that was a need they filled and could essentially be
  11. Hes going to want a 5 year deal and honestly I would pay him. I would even go a few mil more for Judon, Dupree, and maybe yannick then what Watt got but in a 4-5 year deal. I know Yan and Judon have some "issues" when it comes to handling things but the organization seems to have the culture that I dont see them being an issue if they were brought in. I see Dupree setting up as a nice piece for LDE in which Hughes then can come off the RDE. We didnt have a true LDE last year as epenesa came in super small around 260 compared to his weight in college at the 285, 290. I know we go small bu
  12. Oh absolutely the cost is clearly over the top but thats what teams have to do sometimes to land services for players. I am just shocked as I mentioned before that of all players leaving an organization that put a staple not only on the organization but the community would leave to chase a ring, with him being a hometown fan of GB growing up and GB being a contender I thought he would have taken a discount for a superbowl run. clearly that wasnt his intentions which is why he went to Arizona. I get GB has cap issues but they could have moved things around had he been serious to sign with a con
  13. It comes down to money and Buffalo doesnt have the funds to offer a 32 year old who has injury history that kind of money. Hopefully they look at a younger talented guy. If Watt was chasing a ring I would think so Buffalo is one candidate but I think GB would have been the spot for him if he was going that route. Hometown, contender could have been ideal spot for him to win a ring but this was money driven and nothing else. Cant knock the guy for that. Even with Niners injury prone qb they still have a solid core of players, Rams essentially upgraded at qb for the short period of time and seat
  14. The short intermediate stuff is Smith's forte which is why I would assume there would be interest. As he can get it to the RB/TE/Edelman (or other slot receiver if he is gone). I expect a cheaper deal whoever they bring in as you say its going to be another building year for you all. I just dont get the appeal of bringing cam back even if you bring in a couple of weapons he is still inaccurate and will count on running the ball more then anything at this point in his career. Fitzpatrick and Dalton arent bad options but fitz literally gets you wrapped up in issues where you think the game is in
  15. In all seriousness though, who is the option for Pats right now? Would it be Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Jacoby...those are essentially your options without giving up the farm to land one of the 3 qbs in the draft who have the best chance of starting right away and even then I wouldn't say wilson or Fields are automatic guarantees to start week 1. Pay Cam to come back and do what he did which is not able to throw the ball? Stidham who couldnt beat out Cam? Maybe you guys like Mac Jones but I think he is just overhyped by media. Outside of that I dont know what you all do at the posi
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