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  1. Players or people can get vaccinated or not. I just dont see why there is so much talk on this discussion especially from football players. They literally go crashing into each other knowing the risk of CTE, they take pain pills and other substances to catch an edge at times. Just dont see why its such a big deal to get the shot after dealing with all that. You telling me that these players didn't get vaccinated as a baby? This is no difference, and Jerry's comments have been spot on why doubt the scientist who have been doing this for years. People put alcohol, food, and sometimes drugs that
  2. With the 51 man cap they are 1 mil under the cap however they are well over the cap as of right now. There have been talks about them signing Steven Nelson and if they are so close to the cap someone has to either be cut , traded or restructured. The likely person is Ertz, the talks of extending Goedert have also ramped up whether it happens now I am not sure. Running the risk of not extending him could possibly cause for the franchise tag or him hitting free agency. Each guy thinks differently but if Roseman views Goedert as their long term TE and not ertz I do not see the point of spending t
  3. I find it hard to believe he will be on the team. Not saying he will be here but he has a cap of 12.7 mil and they are over the cap now and will be at the limit when they dwindle it down to top 51 salaries. With constant talks of extending Goedhert I just dont buy him being there when they can clear more then 8 mil this year. Also they were rumored to be front runners for CB Nelson over the past week. dont see how you can pay him with no cap space.
  4. Yea I didnt think so either however with the acquisition of Stafford they are set to go all in on a superbowl run and even with the issues they had off the field if they felt that gurley can be a contributor they may suck it up and do it but it is slim. While AP may be 36 and isnt what he use to be he may be a nice back up option to Henderson and he knows stafford. Another guy who may be a shell of himself but could be interested is Shady McCoy. They may also make a late round trade on a guy who is on a cheap contract.
  5. It is disappointing that he has to go through social media rather then just keeping his mouth shut. He is just talking his way out of his contract. People will say its impossible but its not, it can easily be said it was a cap clearing decision. While he is a great player on the field the distraction may force the front offices hand. I think he is good as gone in 2022 but he may latch on this year just because it is late in the offseason and your making a superbowl run but I can see his playing time drop if he stays on this year.
  6. Todd Gurley 2.0 time? AP is also out there. I think Henderson is more then capable of being the #1 with someone coming in to back him up. Definitely a bummer to see Akers go down with an injury a week before camp.
  7. Wonder what the front 5 will look like this year. I can see spencer being placed at RT in some situations with Daryl sliding in to RG and Feliciano going to LG. I assume it will start off with Dawkins, Ford, Morse, Feliciano williams but changes could be made at times. Will be interesting to see how this oline stacks up as they were fairly solid against the pass last year
  8. no thanks while he may have been solid last year he hasnt had a healthy career, he may also be a ball hawk but he gets worked in coverage. if he doesnt get the interception he gets abused at times. His coverage outside of 2020 has been shaky. Not to mention the big elephant in the room in which he got paid in 2019, 2 years in to the deal he is already demanding a new deal as he feels like he should be making more than he his teammate Byron Jones. He is going to seek a new deal to any team he goes to. If you give up any form of value of a 1st or better expect those feelings of needing a new dea
  9. I didnt see him as a viable option anyways. The chances of him moving to the east coast after living his entire childhood and professional career on the West coast would have to take a good amount of money to come here plus him being 34 years old. I am comfortable with them rolling with dane/levi at cb2 like Levi has been doing for a few years now beating out people to start the cb2 spot.
  10. who is going to be the run game coordinator? I figured this was coming as it is the next step to be OC if Daboll leaves next offseason
  11. From what it seems that they showed interest in him early in the offseason however during OTAs Frazier and Mcdermott spoke highly of Dane and Levi for the #2 cb role. It seems like they plan going in to TC with the guys they have and wait to see what other teams do during that time where players are put on the trade block or cut. As for Nelson there were 8 teams mentioned that were interested in him and yet he still stays unsigned which has to make you wonder what the hold up is on him, is it an injury that has yet to be reported or is he asking for to much and no one wants to pay him right no
  12. I just dont see the hollister signing having any impact on the Bills going after Ertz. Hollister is more of a depth guy behind Knox, if Ertz were to come in that would put Ertz in the driver seat while Knox continues to take the necessary steps to grow and hopefully turn the potential in to something consistent with out counting on him to be the TE1 in 2021 season. Holister also can get cut as it will only count against the cap as 139k. We will see I think the move of freeing cap for diggs wasn't random nor required as the rookie signings were already done without the money. If it had anything
  13. The transition I think for the Pegulas when coming to buffalo had a lot of uncertainty in the beginning so I am accepting of what had happened to the Bills early on. You legit signed a HC a year prior to selling the team in which you gave him a contract where he had an opt out clause and to be able to collect money, the unknown of the ability to move the team, and a front office that you had to take time to adjust to. I think phasing out Brandon was the best move they could do. Having a guy like Whaley and him were bad for business. He has always been an issue since essentially appointing him
  14. We will see but the last time this much smoke was there we trade for diggs. I thought it was all chatter when 2019 Trade deadline was coming around and thats all it was but when 2020 offseason hit he was traded to the team. I definitely think something is there it just depends on the deal as Minny didnt want to dump Diggs at the time and Beane waited until the offseason to make the move. I think this is the case for Ertz. Just not sure what the hang up is whether it is contract or pick issues.
  15. A guy who has been in sports talk for 40 years with Eagles who hasnt had the need to give out information about a move has done it with Ertz, he may have said a gut feeling but I think he has a source who isnt entirely credible but believes that there is smoke to it. We will see as Beane still has made comments at OTA that they arent entirely happy with the TE corps and would be open to making a move if needed. I think if Philly is asking for much they will eventually get less as they need to clear some cap and 8.5 mil is a nice way to do so. TC is coming up and if there is a shot at making th
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