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  1. Well I am also wondering if Networks will also care whether or not fans are in the stadium? Would it make an impact if lets say KC has their 10k fans in the stadium vs bills not having any fans in their stadium. I think a lot will go in to this when they start looking at the matchups.
  2. While some may say we are the overall better team the chargers just have not known how to finish sometimes like the bills as they start off quick and just fizzle at the end to hold the lead. Their offense is 3rd in total yards and while they aren't scoring as much Herbert is more then capable of slinging the ball (similar to Allen in that sense). With them getting their RB back since week 4 and having key guys like Henry, Allen, and Williams it will be a battle on the field. The Bills d finally getting Levi, and Norman back will be a nice ability to have help covering these guys. It will come down to who makes more mistakes on offense and which defense comes up with it. The good thing is everyone seems to be healthy for the bills which hasnt really happen since the start of the season. I think Bills win it 34-27 but it will not be a blow out as their offense has proven to stay with it.
  3. It is a possibility. Keep in mind 1st round of playoffs will have an extra 2 games so I can easily see it being Sat 1, 430, and 830 and then Sunday 1, 4 ,and 8 . Its comes down to the seeding though Hopefully both 4 vs 5 in each conference will be the 1st 2 games of the playoff schedule.
  4. Bills vs Broncos have changed to Saturday December 19th at 4:30 pm. The bills remaining 6 games 4 of them are prime time games Week 13 MNF @ San Fran Week 14 SNF vs Steelers Week 15 Sat 4:30 @ Broncos Week 16 MNF @ Patriots
  5. It will be nice to have him levi and tre active. Any news on Dane I have yet to hear how bad his knee is? Also Isiah Hodgins is able to come back and the bills have up to 21 days to activate him. If they do so I wonder who will be the odd man out, will it be at a different position? This team is finally getting healthy.
  6. There are a ton of needs going in to next year, I think you slap the RFA on Levi and let Dane play out with Levi and Tre, plus I think you are stuck with Gaines since he opted out for covid. Let Norman walk and try to bring in another CB mid round. You have 1T, pass rusher, LB (especially if milano leaves), Guard and RT, not to mention TE as all needs going in to the offseason with little replacement that is currently on the roster and very little cap space.
  7. I would too but Dane is injured and we still dont know what his status is for the remainder of the year as it didnt look so good when he got hurt. If he is healthy you leave it as is or you replace worley with Desir but to me they both arent that great and to take more money out of the rollover for next year just doesnt make sense at this time.
  8. None what so ever, whil Jefferson would have been a cheaper option he is also a rookie and would need room to grow while Diggs is a veteran and is helping Allen grow. The only thing I would have done over the Diggs trade is make a move for Hopkins with only a 2nd rd pick to give up, but financially the diggs move was better.
  9. Disappointed to see titans get the win but the colts still manage to pull one out of GB. Was hoping they both lost while the bills sit steady at #3 seed. Was also hoping for Raiders to pull one out but that was a crazy ending. As for dolphins it shows Flores is a bit over his head with the managing of an entire team. He has definitely brought a solid defense to the table but he made an unthinkable move to bench Fitzpatrick after coming off back to back games for Tua to say they want the future to start now and then when things get tough you bench him to put Fitz back in. Not sure how you think you are going to have a qb grow if they arent put in to the scenarios such as that one. I am not impressed with Tua at all and I think the Dolphins made the wrong move by drafting him over Herbert. Tua reminds me of a younger version of Tyrod Taylor he will be a good short range passer and able to run but he just cant get it done when they are down. At best he would be a clock managing qb, I know it is early but Herbert and Burrow have had a really solid rookie season so far. I am a bit concerned for the Chargers as they can be a sneaky team this week as their offense is ranked 3rd in total offense so far this year. I also came away with Broncos not being that impressive either, while the defense made a few plays fitz coming in with 10 min remaining in the game he was able to rip up some yardage on them fairly quick. I think the remaining schedule of toughness will be 1. Steelers 2. Chargers (because of their offense) 3. Pats 4. Dolphins 5. San fran (without Jimmy G and Kittle) 6. Broncos I am hoping for a 4-2 record but could see it 5-1 or 3-3 putting the bills around 10-6 to 12-4 hopefully that will be enough for 3rd spot as Titans have to play colts, GB, and Browns (all winning records) as well as 2 more divisional games with texans and Jags. Colts have titans, steelers, and Raiders left with 2 games vs texans and jags.
  10. If klein continues to play well and the bills continue to have all healthy people I think they wait until after the niners game to activate him as they probably want milano to be ready for playoffs and not risk further injury.
  11. We should have looked at Baker. After all that off field issues he came out clean, and he was drafted 1st rd in 2019. I think with Worley signed and Norman, Levi coming back there is no room but I would not be mad to put Pierre on the psqaud and see where dane is at if his knee is bad then put him on ir and let deisr take his spot.
  12. I am not sure cause the Steelers have the ravens, colts, bills, and browns who all have winning records so them losing this weekend may not be significant now but if they lose again and then play the bills with 2 losses could mean more then them still undefeated. Watching a couple of their games some are not impressive particularly a Cowboys game with a psqaud qb almost beating them. Anything is possible as for KC as they still have the Bucs, Saints, Vegas, and Dolphins remaining. Bills have to focus on themselves but these teams do not have a cake walk to #1 and #2 seed.
  13. I am sorry if someone was suppose to post this but I wasn't sure. Just wanted to talk about who we should be rooting for this weekend: Steelers@ Jaguars this is actually a tough one because you want the Jags to lose to put Steelers at 9-1 but you also want the Steelers to win just in case the Jets do find a way to win then the Jags take the #1 pick Jets@Chargers As mentioned above lets go Jets, as I do not want them to have the opportunity to land Lawrence Dolphins@Broncos Broncos would be a nice upset but Lock is day to day and may not play, with them winning it would put the Dolphins an extra game behind the Bills Patrios@Texans ideally we want the Texans to win as the Patriots losing is always fun to watch plus it allows the Texans to drop in the draft in which the dolphins own their 1st round pick Titans@Ravens, while they both are 6-3 ideally the Ravens winning could be best for us as the titans have the tie against us if it ever came down to that decision Chiefs@Raiders, similar to the Titan Ravens Raiders winning this game would be in our best interest as it would put us only a game behind for the #2 seed This to me is the perfect time for a bye as it will allow more players to rest up and get healthy as John Brown, Cody Ford, Dane Jackson, Mitch Morse, Matt Milano are still not 100% and then you have the players on COVID list that could be able to come off.
  14. We have not we had a Ford Feliciano Winters and a Ford Morse Winters but not that combo. We also took Norman off IR and put Levi on IR during the same week so we havent had all 3 either. Will all 3 be on the field though or will Norman come off the bench with Turon in the slot? Marlowe is another one I would like to have back as he started coming in to his own. Ideally Week 13 we may have an actual 100% defense if Milano is activated something we havent had all year. Perfect time to make a run on the division and playoffs if so for both sides of the ball.
  15. Haha I feel your pain and know exactly how you feel as I do the same.
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