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  1. Josh Allen UCL injury

    McCarron is hot garbage. That was Beane's mistake signing him and he tried correcting it by getting a pick out of it. The one thing I am upset about is the not signing of a veteran qb this entire offseason. You knew you were taking a rookie qb in the draft and gaining experience by learning from guys who actually played at the position for a full season would have been the right move over taking 2 guys with little to no experience hoping they would be the starter for the year. Both flopped and built this disaster. If allen had a guy like Anderson around from the beginning maybe he would be ahead of the curve more so then he is now. Unfortunately nothing can be done about the past so hopefully Derek can look promising this week and stick around to help allen develop like Mccown is doing for Darnold.
  2. Week 7 No Peterman Thank God!

    Well the bills just announced Derek Anderson will be the start this week. As the way things have been going it seems like the Bills will ride with the defense and hope that Anderson manages the clock well. I think the season could turn out to be like Marrone with Orton a few years back. If all goes well that is but it will be interesting to see this weekend.
  3. Josh Allen UCL injury

    So many qbs have that same situation and when your limited with funds and draft picks there is nothing you can do. We all knew whoever was going to be qb was going to get hit. Its an unfortunate accident and I refuse to blame the coaching staff nor beane for this. There are far to many limitations they had and when you lose your center after extending him that hurts not to mention Incognito going awol less than 2 weeks before the draft and with all of the good guards in free agency already signed to new teams. Hopefully at this point they rest him and have Anderson get the snaps moving forward and bring in a back up. I like what Allen has shown some ups and downs but atleast there is film on him and he can go in to the offseason working on his issues and hopefully with a better oline and receiving corps he can come in strong year 2. This injury may be a blessing in disguise but you got to move on for now. I think with a capable QB and a solid def they will be competitive moving forward. I would like to see them try and grab one of the available WRs for this year and long term through trade. Rumors of Amari Cooper, Demaryius Thomas, and Julio being available may be something can be done.
  4. Around the NFL

    They wont come in to teach at this point it is to play. Anderson is there to teach him. Right now its who is best to come in a salvage this season with this solid defense they have going right now. They are facing a weak opponent in Indy but they have Pats the following week which they need to have someone in and practicing as it will only be 2 weeks and if anderson isnt the guy to win them games then they need to upgrade. I am not sure if foles deal would work im just throwing that as a hypothetical since the need for shady is there. Foles will be cut next year as his price skyrockets over 20 mil and with Wentz fully healthy I could see them moving on to get that money off their plate as they are cap crunched for next year. I think Landry or Moore is the best bet at this point
  5. Josh Allen UCL injury

    I dont agree with the middle comment. It has nothing to do with McDermott or Beane. He was hit late and the helmet hit the elbow. The announcers even made a comment that it should have been flagged. You cannot blame a coach or gm even if he is getting hit based on the oline or him holding the ball to long. Its an accident and hopefully not serious. Even if it is minor it may be safest route to pull the trigger and place him on IR and rehab him slowly to make sure he is fully healthy for next year and not even bother throwing him out there this year to further injury it. Anderson should be the starter this week if he is getting the full reps at practice and quickly learning the playbook with peterman backing him up. Also bring back another tryout in jones and moore to see what works best and sign them, then dump peterman. Sign him to psquad in case one goes down to injury and bring him up as he will know the playbook. I just dont get the full on hate for these guys, you may judge them on not bringing in an olineman or not bringing them a wr but if anyone is to blame it is the pegulas for keeping whaley around and throwing out big contracts at the time they joined. They are correct his mistakes and have no choice but to lose out in a position to upgrade until 2019. Yes it would have been smart for these guys to bring in a qb in free agency at the time rather then mccarron but that is after the fact. All in all these guys are doing a great job by turning a putrid defense in to a top 5 contender with less talent and a 2 year span then what rex ryan had. Along with 90+ mil in cap space and more draft picks. These guys should be judged 4-5 years not year 2.
  6. Around the NFL

    Now that Allen may be down for a good amount of time what would be the qb options to bring in? Kapernick, me personally think it would be a horrible mistake with everything going on and this would bring it to a new level. Not to mention he isnt really that good. Landry Jones and Matt Moore both possibilities as they have had workouts with the bills this year. Nick Foles could be an interesting move to send shady to Philly for a 3rd and Foles doubt that happens. Hopefully this injury Allen has isnt serious and maybe the organization just rests him for the rest of the year to risk further injury and ruin his career by rushing him back to soon.
  7. Around the NFL

    Rumor is Amari Cooper is on the trading block. I would be all for giving up a pick to get him if they can.
  8. Around the NFL

    bwahaha i wish. I think it would be algholar if any wr is on the move for some reason they arent even looking his way since wentz came back. It seems like he was foles safety net at the time. Im still hoping they get a 2nd and a player like him or a 3rd round pick. Anything less then that to me isnt worth the trade compared to what he offers the bills. Even at 30 he is still a great player and has embraced Buffalo publicly.
  9. Around the NFL

    To be fair murphy and ivory looked pretty good in the Minnesota game. I love shady and want him to ride out his career in Buffalo however as a fan of him I do not want him to struggle behind this oline and hope he gets his 12k yard record he is hoping to get. I dont see him doing that with buffalo. If bills can get a 2nd and 3rd for him im all for the move but if its just a mid round pick then no thank you. Bills dont need clement, but i would be okay with algholar and a mid round pick. Everyone may think the asking price is to high but if philly is desperate they will. Bills are in a good place and he is more then just an rb he is a captain, leader, and has a loyal fanbase who would be angry to give him up for pennies.
  10. Around the NFL

    rumor is philly wants Shady back do the bills make a move? rumor is beane is asking for a 2nd and 3rd which i think is BS cause beane doesnt leak anything until it already happened. I would be all for this if Shady wants to go back to Philly. Bills arent ready to go this year and Philly has the capability of turning it around to make playoffs so the extra picks may help
  11. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    No one wants him on the bills I was just saying that he will be a FA and based on his past he was well deserving now that they signed the 5 year deal with Ali they will move on from Kwon.
  12. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Very disappointing and I honest think he would have made a mil or 2 more a year if he waited until the offseason but smart move on Tampa for spending the money on him now.
  13. The 2018-2019 Buffalo Sabres Thread

    Well the opener was a complete failure. Hopefully its not like the bills where people are already discussing 2019 draft.
  14. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    I said that based on them not making any adjustments to the offense. If they squander the opportunity to land top tier FA olineman because they dont want to throw that extra mil in per year like the old days then there is no hope for this team. Like I said I have a feeling that they prove themselves by landing those stud olineman to protect their qb but if they dont people need to start doubting this organization. I would love for them to fill in the holes as best as possible and go in to the draft BPA and not just based on need. Olivier from UH and Bosa seem to be the consensus top 2 players and the top 5 players are all defense so I do not mind them continuing to draft that side of the ball, as you said its the best in the draft. They are likely picking top 5 so why not grab one of those guys. Thats why i think it is key they make it a point to land top free agents on the oline. WR is thin too and not many stand out to be a #1 on a team so the bills are going to have to figure out what to do there and I can see that as a 2020 problem and just fix the oline in 2019. I do agree it is best to have continuity and I think that it will be like that with the coaching staff.
  15. He will be a nice addition to the rotation for the bills not expect him to be starter material but will fill in on the dline.