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  1. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    Am I the only one not excited for the special team players? Meaning the punters and kickers? Hausch kind of worries me but i think he has to stay on for now. The punters are a big concern as neither have shown anything great. I know he doesnt have a huge leg but I wouldnt mind letting Carter go, who is injured, and picking up Ryan Allen who the Pats just let go. He can show his skills off the last game of preseason to beat out borj
  2. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    he has had 5 total carries/catches, just because he made 2 plays against 3/4th string defenses doesnt mean a team is going to come in and pay him. The bills cut him they then go through waivers for a team to claim for 53 man roster if not then bills can put him on psquad which no other team can snake him from at that time. I just dont see it happening for a raw running back. Its an exciting preseason follow for fans but that is all it will be, as he still needs more time to develop. I will not settle to keep him on the 53 man roster because some other team may take him, the bills have more important things then hoping for a 4th string rb who doesnt play special teams, blocking other teams by landing him. They need a guy like Perry come in and be a back up for them but is also featured on ST.
  3. Bills Pre-season Wk 2: @Carolina

    To me Kroft is going to be put on IR to come back week 7. At that time they will let Croom go. You dont cut Lee cause the cost is 900k more then keeping him on the roster. Like trent said he is still blocking te which is what they need you just dont see it because he isnt putting stats up.
  4. Bills Pre-season Wk 2: @Carolina

    its safe to say Tyree and Sills both fan favorite UDFA are more of a miss then a hit this year. I do not see either making the 53 man roster nor the psquad. I am rooting for Johnson and Sweeney and definitely could see both making the 53 man roster with ease. Lee Smith contract pretty much locks him in but I am unimpressed with him so far and Hauschka as well.
  5. Bills Pre-season Wk 2: @Carolina

    Everyone is hyped on Wade and he sure had another big play but he is facing 3/4th string guys, is he involved on special teams and is he making an impact there? If so and the rules are incorrect and can make a 53 man roster then this is where they need him to perform better as the bills will keep 4 and right now Perry is making that 4th spot. I know he fumbled and didnt have an ideal game on offense but he is making waves on special teams which is what they need him to do as the top 3 rbs are shady gore and singletary.
  6. Bills Pre-season Wk 2: @Carolina

    From what the rules state, shows he cant make the 53 man roster on the 1st year and is on the practice squad which holds an additional roster spot giving the bills 11 spots (that includes 1 international). If rules are true then he will be with the bills psquad and cannot be taken for another team unless bills cut him which makes zero sense to do.
  7. Bills Pre-season Wk 2: @Carolina

    As part of the International Player Pathway system he can only make the Practice Squad as the 11th player and is ineligible to play in the same season he was selected allowing him to be available for the 53 man roster in 2020
  8. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    I said IF they were to make a move for Clowney I could see that he would be a piece to the package. As for Tim John and any other source they are all garbage when it comes to rumors. The reason I say that is because NO ONE has any inside scoop when moves are being done until they are over. No one know anything about, sammy, dareus, darby, etc until the move has been made. I expect the same to happen whether it is clowney or someone else.
  9. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    I think Pitts can be part of a package deal if they try to get Clowney which Houston is pushing. Some rumors say they are in works with them and other rumors saying its not happening. With Beane at the helm and always quiet when making a move if he does pull the trigger for clowney Pitts could be part of it and possibly Ike as those are 2 big needs texans would like to fill.
  10. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    sorry should have said he is closer to andy dalton level then top 5 qb level. either way dak shouldnt be sniffing 30 mil a year
  11. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    exactly no one wants middle of the league that is essentially a glorified clock manager. He is on Andy Dalton level then on top 5 Qb level. So why trade and pay him all this?
  12. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    And look at those organizations that paid him the only one worth a damn was Matt Ryan who actually carried his team to a superbowl and put them in a position to win where the defense cost them the game. Joe Flacco made it to the playoffs via defense and he carried them to a superbowl game but then counted on the defense to win it and that was before he got paid. After that he has done nothing. The only person that deserved their paycheck is Matt Ryan the rest are over paid. Which is why i think the continuation of overpaying mediocrity is going to be bad for business in the long run unless the league continues to increase the salary cap.
  13. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    how is 30-34 good for the team? Im sorry but he is not top 5 money in the league. Statistically he was 15th in yards in 2018, 16th in TD, 13/14 in completion and attempts......2017 16 and 14th, 2016 19th and 15th....He is middle of the pack as I said. I think giving him mid 20s is the appropriate credit he deserves and 30 is putting a label on him to carry the dallas team to a superbowl if not he will be on the Jimmy G bust train. Until he can prove he is on the same level as the top talented Qbs in the league who constantly produce at a high level deserve 30 mil or more not someone riding middle of the pack thats how the league gets out of hand. Look at all these NBA mediocre players getting paid Elite money because teams are desperate to land someone.
  14. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    I do not get the hype of Dak. Yes he has played some what decent, he is a middle of the pack qb not a top tier. In no way would or should any team put a 3 in front of an 8 figure amount, he is a mid 20s at best per year. He is not a game changing qb and he shouldnt be paid like one. Teams caving to overpaying mediocre players can only lead to a higher salary cap for teams or handicap the team permanently with a contract of this magnitude
  15. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    Apparently Miami had an agreement with Houston on getting Clowney, but Clowney did not want to agree to a long term deal after the season so they backed out. I wonder who he is willing to go to that can afford him and need a pass rusher? Im assuming you do not trade in your division so teams that have the short and long term cap like Colts and Titans are out. Miami is out if he denied them. Leaving the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots as the ones able to pay him today and beyond.