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  1. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    I think KNox will get it done, i dont see him being amazing but he will be serviceable and a long term answer for this team. The issue is a new TE coming in to the league has a tough time adjusting right away and needs time to develop. Bringing in Rudolph would have allowed Knox to learn everything without the pressure of having to be an impact week 1. I wonder if the vikes werent comfortable having Irv Smith Jr be the starter and decided to continue with rudolph in case he flops.
  2. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Texans GM Brian Gaines was fired, I feel like that was a raw deal for him as the owner is a whacko and wouldnt let him do his job. It also seemed like O'Brien had it out with him. Anyways I hope the bills bring him back to a similar role he once was in
  3. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    i dont see why the niners would trade kittle they arent in a cap crisis and need him on offense for jimmy g? Not sure what bean would do, i think he would like to better the team anyway he can to an extent but wont over do it. You can see that with all these contracts they have put in place allowing to cut almost anyone after 1-2 years. He isnt like Whaley where he throws a ton of money at these guys and overpays just to bring bigger names to Buffalo, Bean seems to be more like the Pats a system guy where you plug and play players. Pats are going to either push for another TE maybe Rudolph or they have some form of inside info that Gronk will show up after some spring training is done. I just like the idea of Rudolph coming to Buffalo I think he is an overall better option for Allen then Kroft is. Nothing against Kroft but Rudolph has been a consistent player for them and that would benefit Allens production.
  4. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Not sure if anyone cares but Bills fans no longer have to hear or deal with Espn's Mike Rodak. I may be the minority or the majority of wanting him gone but I am glad he will no longer be reporting Bills news. No more Boston loving Bills bashing reporting. Some how Buffalo manages to bring a Carolina reporter in Marcel Jacques, I am interested to see his take on Bills reporting. From my understanding he was a reporter for the Panthers the last 2 years so him and Beane/Mcdermott might have not crossed paths on a professional level.
  5. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    I know the worry and talk about Allen's progression has been a huge topic of conversation with media since OTAs started but has anyone heard or seen anything on how Tyree is doing in camp? I have been hearing other teams back up rookies being talked about but nothing on tyree
  6. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    I definitely agree they carry 4 TEs this year, my only argument is if they traded for Rudolph then things would get murky as to who stays and who goes depending on Training Camp. I would have put Kroft out if Croom or Sweeney showed promise as it wouldnt cost the bills much money to let him go and free up cap space now and next offseason. Some can argue that if it is a clean break then he wont have that issue anymore which is not the case. A guy who is 200 pounds plus running around for a living on that foot can cause constant issues soft or hard injury it is not good especially when he had 9 months to fix it the 1st time. Im just not sure if bills staff are looking to make that move to get Rudolph until some guys are back to 100% like Bodine and Morse to make a move like that if minnesota is still looking to move him. One thing that does concern me is the Patriots coming away with him as they just cut ASJ and a big part of their offense was relying on gronk. Rudolph is no Gronk but he is a nice consolation prize. He is a top 5 receiving TE the past few years in number of receptions he has had. He isnt going to carry an offense but he will definitely be a solid contributor that you can rely on.
  7. Gerald McCoy to sign with Carolina Panthers

    im not sure how ravens fans are upset he passed on them. From an outside perspective the Ravens are rebuilding and have no real identity especially on the defense after letting so many veterans go. Im not saying the Ravens wont be good I just dont think they are playoff contenders this year as they are taking a step back from what they were last year. The defense is what kept that team alive and they dismantled it to start younger so I see them more of an 8-8 team at best then a playoff contender. Maybe I will be wrong but I dont see McCoy passing on Ravens to sign with Panthers just to stick it to Tampa twice a year. Carolina's defense is ready to be a contender in their division this year while ravens may be 2-3 years out from being ready on defense. Signing a 1 year deal allows him to show his talents in hopes of landing a decent 2-4 year contract on another team before he retires.
  8. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    Croom reinjured his hamstring those things can be an issue but i see him the odd man out anyways unless the bills plan on holding on to 5 TEs. Where do you see that Kroft will be back for preseason? Hes expected to miss 4 months for recovery, that puts him mid september to be fully healed. Then to get back in training and on the field practicing your expecting October at best. I expect to see him placed on PUP and to be able to become activated week 6, croom may stick on because of this and then someone let go once he is activated. I was hoping they make a move for Rudolph who has been a consistent and reliable big target the bills could get for Allen and to put pressure off KNox from having to perform immediately. This would then look to allow the bills from moving on from Kroft if he is unable to recover from this injury as it happened again and he had 7.5 months to have surgery and recovery and it only took 1 day of OTAs for it to be reinjured. As for Lee he came in strictly to block and every once and awhile go out for a pass but in no way is he expected to be an impact outside of protecting Allen. Sweeney was drafted for the same reason. Leaving only a healthy Knox who is still raw and Croom who is between 70-80% healthy as receiving te projected to open the season as of right now.
  9. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    exactly, why deal with the pressure of having a no name on the team when he is likely cut and cause negative media nonsense. Police did arrest him for domestic violence as there was proof at the scene he will be in court June, they may wait to see if he is convicted of it or not but this is bad for bills. Look how much hate KC is getting between hunt, hill, and clark and those guys are good this guy was an UDFA for a reason.
  10. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    even if it is false im not sure why they are keeping him around this long. it just causes more negative talk and him making the roster seems unlikely at this point. Should just let him go and someone else can deal with it. If it was oliver or McCoy then it would be a different story.
  11. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    Quinton Spain had to have thumb surgery and will be out for a few weeks. Jason Croom has reinjured his hammy and will be out for a bit.
  12. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    well if you trade for rudolph then kroft is clearly no longer the #1 TE in the group thats been my argument, I never said to cut kroft without an actual replacement....Sweeney was drafted and usually their draft picks stay on, he may not be a lock though. He isnt a receiving threat and is coming in to be strictly a blocking TE if he proves himself in camp of doing that job he would stick around long term while Lee loses out next offseason, as his contract is essentially a 1 year deal as well, even though he signed on for multiple years. If not then i could see sweeney going to p-squad and them keeping croom. Its either you go in to the year with Croom, Knox, Lee, Sweeney with Kroft on PUP list and then let go of Sweeney, Lee or Croom at that time and activate Kroft (my guess is going to be week 6 for his return) or you make the trade for Rudolph have the season start with Rudolph, Knox, Lee, and either Sweeney or Croom and Kroft on the Pup list. If Knox isnt showing that he is progressing by week 6 then you keep kroft and let go of croom sweeney or lee at that time when you activate kroft. If you see Knox progressing as a #2 Te then you let kroft go with an injury settlement which is essentially the guaranteed money he is due.
  13. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    Apparently Jason Croom was injured yesterday and no new news on his injury as to what happened. Whether its a big injury or not are the bills really comfortable going in to week 1 of the season with Knox being the starting TE receiver?
  14. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    Well the intentions of bringing in McCarron to compete for starter and be there for 2 years was also said by Mcdermott and Beane and look how that worked out? Keep in mind they signed kroft knowing they needed a TE as the trade options werent available at the time, as it was a sellers market and the draft still has yet to happen. If the bills did trade for Rudolph then kroft would be the odd man out your not going to keep more then 4 TEs on the squad with Lee and Sweeney are mainly blockers and knox a rookie needing time to be polished. Vikings only have a mil in cap space and Rudolph wants an extension, with them drafting Irv Smith in the 2nd round it looks likely that he is a cap casualty, if Beane and McDermott feel that he would be a great piece to the team then I do not see them paying Kroft, Rudolph, and Lee the money they are assigned too. This whole discussion is moot if they do not trade for Rudolph. Ill just say this I will take Rudolph over Kroft if the option does present itself and I am sure they have been in discussions about whether or not they would make a trade for him.
  15. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    1st off its not a multi year, its a 1 year deal with only 4 million in implications if let go and if he overproduced then they have the safety net of 2 more years with zero guarantees. 4 mil in dead cap is a drop in the bucket for the bills as of right now. Players get cut all the time there is a reason why 90 players start the offseason and only 53 stay on. If Rudolph is traded to bills then Kroft is expendable plain and simple. A receiver who has now rebroken the same bone in his foot where he constantly runs on it will likely have issues again with it, he had the injury during week 5 of last year missing 11 games and had an extra 4 months after the season was over for it to heal, so to say that he is going to be good to go week 3 is dreaming. Beasley and Morse had their surgeries a few weeks ago and the recovery time of a core muscle surgery is anywhere from 2-8 weeks, like I said completely different scenarios. Even if they sit out some of training camp they will still be in for preseason and practicing at that time to get things ready for week 1. Also keep in mind that the bills did sign and then trade McCarron last offseason so anything is possible with Beane. If he is confident that Rudolph is worth the move then someone is out of a job and its likely Kroft. Just because Kroft has played in the NFL doesnt mean he is able to get a pass on missing stuff, he has a new playbook where he may learn in his mind but needs reps running those routes, getting the timing down on Allen's passes and building something there. You cant build chemistry just off the field you need to build it on the field by continuous repetition . You can keep Kroft and put him on IR/Pup list to return and have him come back if he cant perform you can cut him with an injury settlement as things like that happen all the time and it would only cost them the 4 mil. You dont necessarily need to cut him today but can cut him before he comes back to prevent any extre money going his way and he can find a team to get on at that time.