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  1. The moment Skip made comments about Dak and his personal issues and then followed by doubling down on his initial statement people lost what little respect that he had. In the words of tropic thunder "you never go full retard" and Skip did that day. So anything that clown says he deserves to be ridiculed. Fan of a team and a player you never go at one's personal issues like he did with Dak.
  2. While Rodgers has started to make the most noise, he isnt going to go just like Watson and Wilson didnt get moved. He may sit out but I see no reason for GB to move him at this point, and if he retires he has to cough up 20 mil, 10 this year and 10 next year that was in his signing bonus. If he sits out then he will collect game day fines and will not get his pay check. Unfortunately for him, GB holds all the cards at the moment and he has to either suck it up and play 1 more year or retire.
  3. Its not obvious nor is the secondary loaded, you just drafted Holland in hopes of being your starting FS. You then signed Coleman to a 1 year deal to be the slot corner in which both position McCain played at. McCain is better at the Slot then he is as the Safety position but either way he filled a starting position. Not to mention you are hoping Eric Rowe turns in to the Safety they slid him to when Flores brought him in which he has been lacking at the Safety position. So yes I am questioning the move as adding a 34 year old CB, as I stated before dont see him having any juice to be a start
  4. Dont get the move while McCain may not scream stud, a 34 year old in McCourty who has dramatically lost a step isnt the answer either. Not sure if the guy has any juice left to be on top come week 1 as a starter.
  5. Not sure Mitch has other options other then being a back up or a bridge qb at this point in his career. You either have it or you dont, rarely careers are resurrected to be a franchise qb after their 1st stint as starter. I think Kurt Warner Rich Gannon and Alex Smith are really the only qbs that were able to get a 2nd shot to be a qb for a franchise and even then Kurt was really the only one to take it to the Superbowl level. Rest have been back ups or that bridge qb for a year or 2. Anyways MT will have to face competition no matter where he ends up if he is seeking to be a true starter in t
  6. Who is going to be the odd man out in the pass rush position now that the draft is over? We rolled with 5 last year in which Murphy was a healthy scratch in several I expect that to be the same amount this year. Losing only Murphy and if you put Jefferson in the DE position then you can justify losing 2 but adding 3 Basham, Roussea, and Obada. With that said Hughes and Addison to me would be one of the top 2 that gets let go. I am thinking more Addison then Hughes based on his tenure with the bills and having a more productive year even though addison had "more sacks". If that is the case then
  7. not once did I say that Tebow is going to outsell him, he hasnt even signed with a team its just talk. I think anyone talking about Tebow selling more jerseys is just messing with people or a joke. I know Tebow has a cult like following because of him living in jax and playing at UF but in no way will he be selling many jerseys. I think this is all a marketing tactic for him and for Urban to drum up the team to bring in those specific college only fans or UF alumni fans to follow the jags, it will fizzle out once the season starts and he is on the psqaud or cut. Its been a down couple years s
  8. Haha you forgot to mention that it was for rookie draft day sales that is a huge difference then sales of any sport for any player. That really doesnt mean much considering he has been the most talked about qb to come out of college since Andrew Luck and expectations of his jersey sales were going to be high once it was dropped as most fans do not know who their team will select at pick 1 months out like the Jags have had.
  9. Jimmy G also has had one healthy season so to me throwing in this idea that the league moves fast and thats why they gave up 3 1st rd picks is silly. Its because they knew that Jimmy G was holding this team back by not staying healthy and it was a huge gamble to let him stay there as the qb with no plan in sight with the idea he makes it through 17 games which he has only shown 1 time in his career with a team that was just in the superbowl. They now have a guy they can count on when Jimmy G goes down in October to fill in and start his career. You want to say that Rodgers worse season was in
  10. 13-3 NFCCG, 4k yards, 26 to 4 td int ratio 62% completion its not MVP level stats but it certainly is top 10 qb and thats not easy to come by. Year prior 4500 yards, 25 to 2 td to int ratio with McCarthy as HC is pretty darn solid to. So its not like Rodgers is the issue on the field to move on from him with a developmental qb that was a reach from the get go and proved it by not even play back up to rodgers last year and was a healthy scratch every game
  11. GB is a prime example of why you dont draft for the future in the 1st rd post cba, this situation only works if your qb is the reason the team is holding them back to advance. Getting you to 13-3 and the NFCCG the season prior, your response is drafting the future qb instead of taking the next step in bettering the team the next year is irresponsible and straight up cocky. With Love healthy scratch all of last year this team is likely a 7-8 win team without rodgers this year, so do you take the L and move on from Rodgers or do you suck it up and do what he wants GB to do. Not a good situation
  12. This team isnt flashy, they dont have a fancy new franchise qb, they dont have the ideal HC that people are talking about but I honestly like what this organization has quietly done this offseason. Goff no longer has the LA pressure, you have a solid young oline. You just need to get the weapons going and they could be ready to compete at the right time with Rodgers possibly on his way out, the division may be up for grabs.
  13. I am just shocked Demaurice Smith is still running the show for the Players he has botched both CBAs now and is demanding change after the fact is just awfu. I dont get what JC Tretter is doing if he has any say as President if so he is doing an awful job, covid or not these 2 years have cause more division with in the players then in past years. The fact is the Star players or 1% guys are the ones who have the most say. They are getting paid a ton of money and they have more to lose by showing up to OTAs or minicamps as they risk injury and would rather stay at home in their mansion and go do
  14. Doubt it happens but GB is looking for a back up plan in case Rodgers retires or they look to move him. My question is if GB came calling for Trubisky would you be for or against moving him knowing he is on a 1 year deal to play back up? While it is a good thing to have this year but long term it is likely he is gone so would it be good to move him for a player or pick in 2022? Then bring back Barkley as the back or have Fromm play back up this year?
  15. retiring involves him returning 10 mil this year and 10 mil next year in signing bonuses he was just given last year. Him sitting out means he doesnt have to pay it back but the team has every right to fine him each week he doesnt show up.
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