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  1. Sucks to see that Carolina gave up only a back up te and a 3rd for CJ Henderson and a 5th rd. To me that would be a solid move to add more CB depth for this year and then an answer to the #2 Corner spot for the next 3 years on a rookie deal, after 2021 season.
  2. Glad to see Allen get his grove back. The oline got away with some holds early on which set up the first touchdwon for saunders. He has been a great addition to the offense and expect more from him moving forward. ON the defense side I was kind of disappointed that we didnt get a real sack that game and I thought the pressure wasn't as aggressive as it was last week. I know they dropped in coverage to cause the turnovers but they seemed to have barely blitz as they usually bring more. With a weak WFT oline I was expecting guys like Rousseau to feast and coming up empty seems like a disappointm
  3. Not confident in Cam he got shredded in Preseason. Hopefully Levi and dane are able to play as they were full participants today. Good to see Star not questionable though. Need consistency on the dline to continue to be aggressive
  4. Watching the Houston game last night it seems like their dline was successful at times on stopping Carolina's offense I think this will be our main concern week 4. Mills didnt show much and I am not sure how great Carolina's d is but to me the Bills defense should be able to step up in this game. We have the advantage in the next 2 games and we need to make sure to take advantage but do not look past them as Bills still have big targets on their back from going the distance last year and both games have had 10 days to prep going in to the game in which is an advantage in their favor
  5. Star not practicing is worrisome, it seems like these injuries arent going away I just hope that he is able to play as he was helpful last week. The oline is going to have its work cut out for them and pass protection needs to be key, giving up a sack last week Daryl Williams needs to step up and bring 2020 back. The fact they kept ford at RG all last game removing Ike from the equation this seems like the best was to continue building that oline. I am hoping the run game gets going early as the dline in the pass game can cost us chances of scoring. I am also worried about the punt
  6. Welp looks like we added back Bobby Hart to our practice sqaud. I know we need to replace the olineman we just lost but there has to be better players then him. Not only was he a disaster for us in the preseason but the dolphins who have arguably one of the worst olines in the league just let him go. I hope to god he is never activated or he will get Allen killed.
  7. I wonder with the work out of CB Dunbar if he will be added to the Psqaud now that they have a spot available? It would be nice to have some extra veteran CB presence in case Levi's cramping is more serious then what is being discussed.
  8. Your defense needs to blitz a lot, the oline is weak and attacking their offense will give you better field position. Run heavy offense will help out too as they lost their run stuffer to IR last week. Waller will be key if Howard is on Ruggs. Byron Jones was easily rattled against the bills.
  9. Dolphins oline is non existent, tua/brisset are no good and the defense is average at best. I do not see them competing that much for the division may hold on to a wildcard but that may be asking much as both the AFC North and AFC west have looked better then the Pats and the Dolphins. Jets are just looking who to draft top 5.
  10. Mario missed practice for personal reasons he a definite go for sunday? tough to decide who gets the scratch betwen efa and boogie, I would think Boogie has the edge cause of special teams but not sure if obada plays ST too.
  11. I just get so frustrated with this. He has been a very disappointing signing for the amount he got paid. I just hope harrison makes up for it and they should look at Damian Snacks Harris. Lose a 3tech DT and bulk up at the 1 tech moving forward. Not saying Snacks will be the permanent answer just think he is a big body against the run which seems to be an ongoing issue from last year.
  12. why cause he freaked out on his father in law after some drinks? or is there more to that as I dont pay attention to some of the stuff that is non bills related.
  13. Wonder why they went norman over sherman both past their prime but at least with sherman he knows the system.
  14. Dupree is no longer on the team and Watt is currently sitting out as he has been all offseason. While players are forced to be at practice to prevent the high fines for skipping they are put on the sideline to work on their own and just show up to meetings but he hasnt been in team practices which contact is involved. Apparently his agent is saying he will sit out if he doesnt get a new deal done and the steelers are said to be only offering him the first year of guarantees and nothing beyond that. Even if watt does play he only has a total of 0.5 sacks in the 2 games he played vs buffalo. Hey
  15. It is going to be a fun match up. It will be interesting how the dline handles the Steelers offense. It will likely be a run heavy offense with Najee getting the bulk of the carries the key is shutting him down and having Ben throw the ball as much as possible. His arm is starting to get weaker as we saw more and more as the season went on. With no huge changes to the passing game they still have Diontae who may continue the case of the drops and Juju who tends to focus more on dancing/ celebrating then working on his game. If these two guys put the work in they may have a better wr corps then
  16. Bills didnt even offer him a p sqaud invite even if there were options on the table or not. The point is the bills front office and coaching staff werent high on him as fans thought they were, considering that they are going in to the season with 2 guys, which one is always injured rather then keeping hollister.
  17. Hollister was a surprise to bills fans but it seemed like the bills staff wasnt interested as they didnt even offer him a psqaud spot and took someone else instead. GM then later went on and told the media that they assume he will find a new home. Bills are thin at TE with one who tends to get injured based on his past and having only 2 on the roster which is why fans thought he would be a lock. Hollister showed some promise when he was facing the 2-4th string players but never got a ton of 1st string reps in practice. He may be good on the jags but he lacked the consistency in blocking and hi
  18. If Hollister is still out there and they sign Warring to psqaud over him I guess the coaching staff was not high on him.
  19. Issue is his inconsistency as one punt could be 60 yards and the next 5 yards. He seems to have cleaned it up a bit and is more consistent but his ability to pin it inside the 20 yard line is always an issue of his and if your expecting him to get the ball inside the 5 yard line everytime you will be disappointed. He can be a game changer by flipping the field with good punts.
  20. I think it will be one of those wait and see moves mid season. See how knox plays if he continues to struggle on being inconsistent and find a team in which they realize season is lost they can make a move. NYG, Philly, etc if they start out 0-6 or 1-5 they may be willing to move one of their TEs just to get a pick. I know its a long shot and I doubt Detroit would be interested in doing it but I wouldnt be all for some how swinging two 2nd rd picks for Hockenson. That may not be enough to get it done but that would be an interesting move especially if they struggle early on and they are trying
  21. I dont get the obsession of the coaching staff over sweeney. I guess since we never really see him play in preseason or regular season since being drafted as he is always hurt but they must see something in practice to keep him. Rolling 2 deep at the position when you have 1 that is always hurt is a bit risky but I am interested to see how it pans out and a mid season trade for one may be in the works if knox doesnt show he has the ability to be the #1 te on the team.
  22. At first I was thrown off by them cutting him but I get the reasoning. However how does that impact his contract since he signed an extension earlier this offseason? Im shocked we went without hollister as Tommy Sweeney cant stay health and knox is inconsistent at times. Will be interesting to see what happens at this position as the season goes on.
  23. Bills signing Mike Love DE to Psqaud
  24. Jake Fromm will sign with Bills for PSqaud
  25. He may be but he could be true. Will be interesting to see how Bill's remaining coaching career ends. The best way is he puts a team together and proves the people who call him out wrong. Thats the one thing I hate and admire about Nick Saban, at the end of the day he continues to produce championships with all new players at the college level so no one can ever question whether he was great based off of one player. BB needs to show that he can rebuild a contender without Tom. I just dont see it happening if McCorkle isnt the guy as BB is no spry chicken.
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