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  1. Carr haters be like... *Looks at stats* "Yeah but he fumbled week one against the Ravens!"
  2. I live near Pittsburgh and work IN Pittsburgh. I have been playing "The Autumn Wind" alllllllll week long in our office. I think they hate me.... They going to hate this L even more.
  3. I wish we had a "heart" button instead of a little football.
  4. Read somewhere that while he was technically a healthy scratch, he has been dealing with some back issues. FWIW.
  5. On to Pittsburgh. This is a game we should win. Defensively they're better than the Ravens, however I feel like their line is in shambles and our DEs should feast. Ben can't move like Lamar or like he used to. I will be at this game, which is why I took the liberty of making this thread. I am pumped! LV 31 Pit 21
  6. Great game guys. I know the disappointment. But seriously one of the best games I've ever seen.
  7. I can't take any more. What a game. Goodnight.
  8. Bring your **** back to FN Baltimore!!!!!
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