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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    How do we know we don't already have a franchise QB? Carr had at least earned an opportunity to show what he can do with the players brought in. Let's not forget we have two picks next year to trade toward positioning ourselves to take our franchise QB. Another point to be made was brought up in NFL Network. When is the last time you saw Gruden go after a rookie QB? Those aren't his guys. He's a veteran QB at the helm kind of guy.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    No. I bite the bullet and take White. Not that it's a horrible consolation prize. But he's being mocked at five over and over and over again. If there is one thing we don't need to look for, it's QB. Not to say going forward we don't need one, but not at this point. Give Carr a shot with the toys brought in.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    Common occurrence or not, it's not common news. Many outlets are calling it "weird" in one manner or another. My thing is, why did it have to be us in the news? Just go into the draft, come out with 3+ starters in your first 4 picks. Commence to winning championships.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Given his past and current situation... Unlikely.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    The trades are fine. The selections are what I have issue with.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    I'd be beyond upset at that mock.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft V4

    If we take a QB, I want the best QB available. Like I'm at the point where it's go big or go home. Round out the offense with Kyler Murray, or fill holes on defense. I don't want a project QB. I want a day one plug him in guy who I honestly think Murray is, though over hyped. We have a project QB who gives us all heart attacks. I don't want to go through it again. Get THE MAN if you think Murray is, or upgrade the D.
  8. Random Raider Stuff

  9. NFL Expansion Team

    Team Name: Sting Rays Desired Location: San Diego Pick One: Nick Bosa Pick Seventeen: Best available LT. Dillard? Head Coach: Tony Dungey Logo Description:
  10. Long time Punter Shane Lechler Retires

    Greatest punter to ever play the game. He had a lot of practice in the bad years with the Raiders. Absolute hall of famer.
  11. Raiders sign LB Brandon Marshall

    Burfict and Marshall are going to make receivers think twice over the middle. 😬
  12. Who has the best uniform / logo in the NFL?

    Silver and Black baby.
  13. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Donkeykong Suh! 😂😂😂
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Good. Asuka is boring