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  1. I believe Simpson will be ready. He's playing beside the best C ever and a great RT, when he's on the field.
  2. Question... We all know Gruden loves veteran players that are 'grinders' or whatever name you want to call them. Gruden guys. Savvy, gamer type, Gruden guys. Has anyone thought that DC MIGHT have just turned in to that over the past three seasons? So, we're so busy looking back at the Gannon era and that was JONs guy.. but is it possible that over the course of this process that Derek has become exactly what Gru wants? At this point, DC know the playbook inside and out. He seems to have backing from the FO even though EVERY SINGLE off season we go through the sam
  3. I would need to see a good sized leap this year unless he changes positions. A lot of mocks from guys who know more than I do schematically show him as moving to more of a hybrid LB role with Bradley as DC. If we move him from S then I give him some time to adjust though hybrid LB and S are not that far apart. If he stays in his current role, this year is the year I need to see some juice from him. His work ethic is there, his attitude is there. He shows some flashes... just needs a minute to put it together. I honestly think we sign a S in FA. Pair a centerfiel
  4. Disagree. He said he believes elite athletes believe they can win anywhere, under any circumstances.
  5. So you're on board for Russ? I don't know that I am. His window, which includes his mobile playing style, is closing. At least in my mind. 33yo? Eh..
  6. I just hope we don't do something foolish. I think the Grudock regime has done a good job on drafting the right position (reaching be damned) in the past. Probably not the right player, but I haven't been surprised by the positions they've drafted. 1A DT 1B DE S, LB, RB after that. I say every offseason I am far from a scout, but I do like Azeez, Davyion, Barmore, Phillips, and most of the guys that have been mentioned. I also wouldn't be opposed to a guy like Horn in the first if we feel like we attacked FA the correct way. The longer you can cover a guy, th
  7. I love the thought of Trey Sermon in mid late rounds.
  8. I am 100% a fan of allowing him to show why we drafted him. He is in between a special LT a top 3 C of all time. See what he does.
  9. Sadly, Wilson at 33 won't help us be considered serious contender. We are more than a Russ away from that, and by the time we fix the other issues, he is probably mid late 30's possibly closing that window. This doesn't make sense to me. Watson absolutely does.
  10. Not a fan of anything that puts heath on the field full time.
  11. It'd be a raise and he's a team guy. I think that's an important factor. Has several times over said he wanted to play out his days in silver and black. I'm not saying your wrong I'm just saying don't count it out.
  12. Let's not lots the fact that if Carr signs an extension that'll help a lot too. Read an article that if he is inked to a 29-30 mill a year deal it adds like 18-20 mill to our cap space. I forget the exact details. But that's invisible free money.
  13. I saw that comment about him and looked up the same info you did. Of the Lower 30m something guys, Carr would be my choice over and over again.
  14. I would argue that it depends on the moves after the trades. If we land Watson, it's a reload. If we go into the draft and utilize the draft capital by drafting players or trading up for a QBOTF it's a rebuild.
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