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    Kobe is most definitely top 5.
  2. When are you going to learn I don't give a ffff what you think? About anything. Ever. ✌🏻
  3. Personally, I vote to add more talent around Carr than have two QB 1s on the roster.
  4. I'm a little confused as to the point of him entering. He's already a champion. Why would he enter?
  5. New Derek Carr thread

    I am 6'4". So I'll be able to see every person I throw those 90 picks to. lol
  6. New Derek Carr thread

    Add in Waller... Excuses will be gone. I could throw for 30TD and 4000 yards in that offense.
  7. Raiders extend CB Nevin Lawson (One year, $3.29 M)

    Or... could be looked at as a depth signing. A guy who will get snaps intermittently. If a starter goes down, he has starter experience.
  8. Raiders extend CB Nevin Lawson (One year, $3.29 M)

    Honest to god was just sitting here thinking.... the paperwork HAD to say Las Vegas Raiders....right? lolol
  9. Yeah, I was thinking do the trade even for a 4th. You save a ton of cap space. Grab an extra mid round pick in a deep draft. The drop off wasn't that much from Gabe to Good. and JJ and his running talent can help hide line deficiencies much like LT did all those years ago for the Chargers. My vote says, Push for the 3rd. Settle on the 4th before the deal fails.
  10. This is a good question. We as a forum are unsure if Jackson was healthy when he came back from injury. It plays like this... If this is the new post injury Gabe, we can go with Good. If this was injury hampered Gabe, he gets another shot. I personally feel like Good played well enought to make Gabe (and his salary) expendable. RG isn't a hard hole to fill. So getting Kirksey and a 3 would be fantastic for a guy who is on the chopping block already. EDIT: What team is the offer from? I am wondering what position the 3rd or 4th is? High 3rd? Low 3rd? etc....
  11. FA 2020

    I bet it will be Brady. I HOPE it is Littleton or Armstead someone to help shore up some issues on defense.
  12. New Derek Carr thread

    Sometimes when having conversation with others, you must understand some are similar to a brick wall.
  13. Las Vegas Stadium News

    At this point... they know there will be a return on investment. One of the biggest points is to make sure you connect with your fan base before, during and after a move.