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  1. Yeah that was pretty much my argument. Let's see what he does with talent around him. We're 2-0. It's not like Carr supporters think he's the best ever but this is the most talented team since 16. And it's showing.
  2. Not complaining at all. I'm probably the biggest Carr supporter in here. Just saying even the most bias Carr supporter recognizes the issues facing the QB in turn the team. Slow down in the sarcasm, Jack. We're on the same team.
  3. If only he can get over that Kansas City hump...
  4. Good: Carr, Waller, I called earlier today or yesterday we have to spread it around and we did, 12 guys caught passes tonight. Gruden left his hat on. 2-0. Getting some pressure.... Bad: D, Guenther. Run defense early Ugly: Two fumbles, neither were on Carr. One looked like Hud didn't get it to Carr on the goal line, the other was all Richard.
  5. I can't prove it... But I think Gruden has more faith in his offense to run clock than the D to stop them. Control the ball, control the clock. Def not arguing it was garbage. Lol
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