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  1. Around The League V.2

    Mahomes out a few weeks. 😬 I'll never ever wish bad on a pro athlete. But, this changes our division.
  2. Player Appreciation Thread

    I do see that point. But you cannot sell out just based on situation. It is like guy getting mad when you're down by said 2 scores and you continue to run the ball. You have to in order to keep defenses honest. Throwing short of the sticks... another story completely.
  3. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Another gem, Elway.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Oh my. 😂 Donkos
  5. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Please Tie....
  6. Raider Injury Report

    I was wrong. It was lisfranc
  7. Raider Injury Report

    Pretty sure it kept Darren McFadden out for months. IIRC.
  8. Random Raider Stuff

  9. Raiders trade for Zay Jones

    I was at the Bills game that year. He was absolutely amazing in that game. I thought he bloomed right in front of me. Turns out he was just a flash in the pan.
  10. Player Appreciation Thread

    Agreed. I too take this stance on Miller. That and he has a vet G next to him that is as nasty as they come. The combination of things is really helping him out. Adding weight and being healthy helps too. But credit where credit is due. He's been solid. Thanks Cable.
  11. Okung one time pro bowler drafted 6 overall Unger two time pro bowler. Gallery was never a pro bowler Fant had started 17 games since 2016. I rest my case.
  12. He's in year two and showing some upside. Go on...
  13. I'll wait here while you humor me with a list of guys who have developed under Cable.