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  1. Now... I'm not super business savvy. Does this put more cash in Mark's pocket? It's been talked about they say he's cash poor. I'm thinking bonuses and all that with free agency.
  2. Just thinking about this. This could be the best defense we've seen in silver and black in a while. Now.. that maybe be somewhat in part to us literally sucking for ten years. But I think it'll be much improved.
  3. James had better not beat out Leatherwood who was picked at 17...
  4. I'll be honest, I just READ about the prospects. I haven't watched a UB game in my life. I thought there was better players available but I'm not going to ***** about it. Like I said before it's a direction and you can never have too many edge rushers.
  5. It's direction. Maybe he pans out, maybe nothing. But at least we're making an attempt. These picks could be a LOT worse.
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