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  1. Quit cherry picking and go back and read what I said. I said his time as a Raider, he's been a model citizen. I also noted his past. If you take my response and think other wise... You simply don't have any idea about this team or what you're actually taking about.
  2. Lol you use that to make your case otherwise? 😂 Fake news bub
  3. I do remember his past. But since he's been with the Raiders, he has been 100% a model citizen.
  4. I believe Good has a place on this team, but if not, I think Simpson is ready. Looked good when thrust into playing time.
  5. Yeah but I think that he gets serious consideration to remain HC in Atlanta. Pittsburgh's Teryl Austin is another idea. 17 years of experience, one of the best Ds in the league year after year. Wouldn't be a lateral move for him. I would be on board with a guy from that pedigree.
  6. I've already been googling this my friend. Nothing has excited me yet. In a realistic scenario.
  7. Everyone thought we'd have to keep up with them. Keep up with us Patrick.
  8. That's how you start!!!!! Punch them in the FN mouth!
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