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  1. Y'all think Davis and McDaniels are at PF Changs yet? 🙄
  2. Can anyone say anything good about McDaniels as a head coach? Please. 🥺
  3. My guts tell me McDaniels is a huge huge mistake.
  4. I cannot see Maxx on the end of a 3-4 DL. Which begs the question, can he play standing up?
  5. I kinda see your point. But I kinda see apples and oranges too.
  6. Anyone with a Twitter tell Vinny to STFU. From Totty at FF.
  7. Honest question.... Didn't Peyton Hillis bang his wife or something?
  8. Disagree. Highest ceiling of the big three. Also you cannot reach speed. Further, he was starting to come into his own.
  9. I think teams at that point wondered about "positionless" players. Now that it's translated, I think we'll see teams try to get one themselves.
  10. I want any combination that is successful and sets us up as one of the more stable franchises. Steelers, Patriots etc. I want to be looked at as a legitimate franchise even if we have a down year.
  11. I came in here to post it could be a Dodds/Eberflus situation, but it looks like he's taking the Bears job.
  12. For me it's the job he's helped accomplish (they're close) in Indy. That's a very talented roster. They needed help inside on the DL and went and got Buckner. They've LOADED up at running back and have helped mask Wentz issues. They literally a QB short of bring a perennial playoff contender. OL is stout. Defense is awesome. I think he'd do a really good job here.
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