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  1. Cole Madison reports to Packers Activities Today

    Note to whoever started the thread: The name is Cole Madison, not Madison Cole.
  2. Kizer in 2018

    He couldn't even beat out Brett Hundley for the backup QB job in the preseason. (Some here said that management was playing Hundley ahead of Kizer just so they could use Hundley as trade bait, but I never believed that for a second.) And when Kizer did play, he was horrible. He doesn't seem to have that confidence that you look for in a QB. Hundley at least showed flashes of that at times, when things got really desperate. But Kizer was just flatlining out there. I would rather not even see him competing for the backup job this year. The trade for Randall never made any sense to me: trading away a starter for a backup, and a bad one at that.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    The Dunne article was a depressing read, that's for sure. I think its main fault is that it leans way too heavily on quotes by Jennings and Finley, who have been bad-mouthing Aaron Rodgers for years. I don't think either one of them is blameless. As some others have said, I think the article was much more damning of McCarthy than Rodgers. Even if you don't believe the massage story (and I am a bit dubious), it does appear that he was growing more distant from the team, did not pay enough attention to the defense, and failed to update the offense. This started to become apparent on the field around 2015-16. I can't really blame Mark Murphy for letting it go on too long, though. It's hard to fire a GM and coach when the team is a perennial contender. At times, they really did look just a player away from winning another Super Bowl. I do think that Murphy should've fired McCarthy when he fired Thompson, though. He created a bad situation by keeping McCarthy, just as Bob Harlan created a bad situation in 2005 by keeping Mike Sherman as coach when he relieved him of his GM duties. The article does give me a little bit of hope for the future, knowing that the Rodgers-McCarthy thing, at least, is behind us.
  4. Next step for Mark Murphy: Put Gutekunst in charge of hiring the new coach. Enough of this weird set-up already.
  5. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    That's a good list. I would add that Mike Daniels' stock is down. Maybe his preseason injury is lingering. I haven't seen any big plays from him.
  6. Contract years, Cobb vs CMJ.

    So maybe Cobb's relative lack of production has mostly been a product of him being overshadowed by other receivers. If that's the case, maybe he'll be more productive this season. It's still hard to see how he would be worth a big contract next year, though, with all of the young talent on the roster.
  7. Burks is questionable and Jones is out. There seems to be some real hope for Burks to play this week.
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    That is a good article, thanks for the link. I will add that when you use the short passing game, it eventually opens up opportunities to throw deep anyway, because it wears out the pass rushers. It seems like the Patriots have been using the short passing game more in the past few years. At other times, especially when they had Randy Moss, they threw the ball downfield a lot more.
  9. NFL News & Notes

    Yeah, that was quite a shock when Sitton got released by the Packers, especially because Lane Taylor had struggled into the preseason. But it seemed like right from the start, Taylor played about as well as Sitton. I think he's actually been better than Sitton was in his last year in Green Bay. Sitton was in decline when he was released, but the decline has been steeper than anticipated. He never looked like he was in great physical shape, by NFL standards, and maybe that caught up to him.
  10. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Probably not. But one or more of them will see more action anytime McCarthy goes to a spread offense.
  11. Wide Receiver Outlook

    So coming into the season, it seemed like we had Adams who is a #1 and Cobb and Allison who are both #3's, but now I'm thinking that maybe Cobb and Allison could both be more like 2.5's, which would average out to a 2 and a 3, you know? So I think these three can carry the load, especially with Jimmy Graham in the mix. (Graham's presence clearly had a lot to do with freeing them up against the Bears.) What we don't know is how the rookies will perform if pressed into service when there is an injury. That's why I would like to see Valdes-Scantling, at least, getting some snaps early in the season if possible. He was only on the field for two plays against the Bears.
  12. He's #27 in net average, at 36.8, so he has a ways to go. That long return was a killer. I'm surprised that 48.0 is only good enough for 15th in gross yardage after one week, not that gross yardage matters much anyway. It seems like punters have been kicking the ball farther in recent years.
  13. Trevor Davis to IR

    I don't think anyone said that, but Davis was the best option to return kicks, which is why he made the roster.
  14. DeShone Kizer (A Browns fans view)

    On an unscientific note, I was really struck by the physical resemblance between Kizer and Hundley. I think Kizer was even chewing gum. Also, he seems to have that Hundley quality of alternating between nonchalance and sheer panic. It was a brief appearance in a rough game, so it's too early to give up on him. But I don't feel any better about the trade for Kizer than I did the day it happened.
  15. Wk 1 postgame: GB 24 • CHI 23

    Nice. It's looking like Allison might be able to fill the Jordy Nelson role. Not Jordy in his prime, but better than Jordy was last year. He's a tall receiver with really good body control and great communication with Rodgers.