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  1. Our best hope is that this blowout loss (and the one to the Chargers) are somehow products of having a first-year head coach. That could be part of it, but the Packers sure looked like they were outclassed in terms of talent. The 49ers have been sucking for years and stockpiling high draft picks, and it showed. Our offensive line couldn't handle their front seven even before Bulaga went down. The Packer defense kept them in the game for awhile before the dam broke just before halftime. In the end, this was a lot worse than the loss to the Chargers. I could understand them getting surprised by a Charger team that is very up-and-down but can be quite good at times. The 49ers are a lot better than the Chargers, but the Packers were coming off a bye week and had no excuse not to be ready for them. While I think the offensive line was the biggest problem, one would hope for the coaches to be able to work around it to some extent with quick-hitting plays and for Aaron Rodgers to be able to make a couple of great plays to inspire his teammates, none of which happened. Right now it's clear that the Ravens and Patriots are the dominant teams in the AFC, and the 49ers and Seahawks are the dominant teams in the NFC, with the Vikings and Saints having a chance to get into that conversation. The Packers are in the next tier, along with the Cowboys and Rams.
  2. Yeah, I don't recall teams sitting good players against bad opponents. That would be a dangerous thing to do in the NFL. I do have some hope that the Packers could win big against the Giants and/or Redskins and rest some of their starters in the 4th quarter, or maybe a little earlier, but that's about it. Lots of people agreed with Mike McCarthy severely limiting Jones' snaps due to injury risk, but I never did. I think you should use your best players, and if they get hurt, they get hurt. They may even toughen up if you use them more--but not too much, of course. Jones' knee injuries ended his last two seasons, but only because the seasons were almost over anyway. Had they happened earlier, or if the team had made the playoffs, he probably could have come back.
  3. It's such a disappointment. I loved him as a Packer player. And he's from Kalamazoo, Michigan, where I lived for awhile and still have friends and family.
  4. It's like a Rorschach test. The interpretations are endless. I totally get it, though. A #12 overall draft pick is a big deal. We haven't had one that high since B.J. Raji ten years ago.
  5. Yep. I remember that happening to Kyler Fackrell at times--not so much the last couple years. It used to happen to KGB too.
  6. Good point, and ACL injuries are not all the same. If his is not too bad and the surgery goes well, he could be back for the start of the season. I was surprised he was on the roster this season rather than the practice squad. The team must value him, so I think they will give him every chance to stick around.
  7. I don't think GMs and scouts usually want to admit publicly that a first round draft pick is a project. I'm not saying that they think he was, but I don't rule it out either. Having said that, I was hoping for more out of Gary by this point. He had a nice sack and a fumble recovery in the third game, and since then he's been almost invisible. On the plus side, I haven't seen him getting dominated or embarrassed out there, so maybe it's time to give him some more snaps so he has a chance to settle in. A blowout win would be a good opportunity for that. It's not going to happen this week, but maybe against the Giants or Redskins.
  8. The QB rating is 5 points higher than last year, which I think is significant, and it would probably be better with more throws into the end zone. TDs and INTs are about the same as last year, as he's on pace for two more TDs and one more INT. Passing yardage is about the same too. Looking at the career stats, I was surprised how productive he was in 2016--40 TD passes, the second most of his career. I don't think of that year as a good one for him because the first half was rather poor, but he was excellent in the second half of the year. One significant improvement from last year is that he is on pace for 34 sacks this year, while he had 49 last year. Part of that is improved OL play, but I do think he is doing a better job avoiding sacks. Intangibles are better this year too, in my opinion, especially leadership. He seems much more positive and team-oriented. He was downright cranky last year.
  9. I stand by my point, which is that those stats were unconvincing. I think Aaron Rodgers is having a very good year--his best since 2014.
  10. Yes, that is your point. Sheesh! It's the usual tactic for discrediting a player's performance. I think it's remarkable how Rodgers has embraced the running game and has been very happy to hand the ball off to Aaron Jones and let him score touchdowns. I'm glad he doesn't care about his stats as much as you guys do.
  11. Graham has been mediocre, and he is not having as good a season as he did last year. It's been so long since we've had a really good TE that I think fans have forgotten what that looks like. Graham does have more TDs this year (3) than he did all of last year (2), but that was not a difficult mark to beat. His catches and yards are less than half of last year's totals, and we are 10 games into the season. Yards per catch is virtually identical. I agree with MrBobGray that Graham's blocking has been better than he gets credit for, though. He is also a high effort, high character guy, which counts for something. But we could certainly benefit from a more dynamic player at the TE position.
  12. Yes, EQ was clearly ahead of Lazard, who was on the roster bubble. Shepherd was too. EQ was in the mix for the 4/5 spot in the rotation, along with Kumerow. But he didn't do nearly as much as Kumerow in the preseason and was probably at #5 by the time he got hurt. It was not a good preseason for him. That's not to say he couldn't have played well in the regular season and established himself as the #4 or even higher. It's also possible he could've been passed up by Lazard.
  13. Preseason stats: Jake Kumerow--7 catches, 99 yards Allen Lazard--6 catches, 114 yards Equanimeous St. Brown--1 catch, 7 yards Maybe he was a world-beater in practice, but I doubt it, considering that he was well down in the pecking order and couldn't get open when he did get into the games. It was disappointing after the promise he showed as a rookie. The lackluster preseason was probably one reason they shut him down for the year. I hope he comes back strong next year, but he may be on the outside looking in, especially if they draft a receiver or two.
  14. If Biegel really is good now, and this is not just a statistical fluke, what happened? Did he improve his body? Did he improve his technique? Is he playing in a system that suits him better? Because I thought he looked completely out of his depth when he was in Green Bay. I didn't even see a glimmer from the guy. I haven't really seen him play for the Dolphins. Maybe Biegel's improvement (again, assuming he really is a good player) gives us more reason to hope Rashan Gary amounts to something.
  15. I'm on the fence about re-signing Jones when his contract is up (or before it is up). If the team does not intend to re-sign him, though, they should use a high pick on an RB with a similar skillset. I think the only high pick they've used on an RB in the past 20 years or so was for Eddie Lacey. That may need to change. Jones has made a big difference.
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