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  1. I gave him a pass on the first one. Two in a row is more concerning though. And it's not like he's been making a lot of other catches to compensate for the drops. I think he is in some danger of getting cut, but we're only halfway through the preseason, and there is plenty of time for him to bounce back.
  2. It's worth mentioning that Spriggs was originally supposed to be an LT because he is more of a finesse blocker, but they couldn't trust him there. (I think it was Spriggs who got Hundley injured in his second preseason.) The move to RT was already a demotion for him, and he knows that's where he has to play now, which probably has something to do with him bulking up in the off-season. I was hoping he would be able to build on that decent stretch of play he had for a few games late last season, but his overall trajectory still appears to be headed downward. My next best hope is that Spriggs is one of those guys like Breno Giacomini who takes four or five years to become a serviceable NFL OT. However, if that's the case, he may not be worth keeping.
  3. Hundley has had two good preseason games now, but I still don't think he's worth anything in a trade. I'm thinking Kizer might be worth something, though--either a low round pick or a player for another team that has some talent but is a backup or is getting crowded out of a roster spot. Hundley may be more valuable to the Packers than to any other team because he knows their system. I kind of hate to say this, because after last season, I just wanted them to get rid of Hundley.
  4. Spriggs got demoted from the top backup RT spot for the first preseason game, so there's that. Last night he was listed as the starter at RT, but I'm not sure if he started there or if it was Murphy. Does anybody remember who started?
  5. Preseason Week 2 - GDT vs. Pittsburgh

    In spite of all the scoring, this game seemed to be more of a mixed bag than last week's game. Some takeaways: OFFENSE: None of the three drafted rookie wide receivers did much. Moore and St. Brown both had drops. Moore had no catches (one decent one was wiped out by a penalty) and St. Brown had one for 12 yards. Valdez-Scantling had one catch for 15 yards and looked annoyed after every one of his kickoff returns, which went nowhere. It was Jake Kumerow who had the big play with an 82-yard TD on an out route, then proceeded to win the Dumbass Award by diving into the end zone and injuring his shoulder. (Apparently it's just a stinger and he should be okay, but he wasn't able to come back into the game.) All five of the top tight ends (including Robert Tonyan and Emmanuel Byrd) made nice plays. If they keep four tight ends, Tonyan could make the team, though it would be hard for him to beat out Kendricks if they only keep three. Deshone Kizer looked about as good as Hundley in this game, and it was good to see him throw a TD in the red zone, which he couldn't do last week. Both of the top backup QBs look more than adequate. Boyle didn't get a chance to do much in this game. None of the RBs did anything. Jamaal Willams got hurt, hopefully just something minor. Kyle Murphy got beaten badly for a sack, and Jason Spriggs had a penalty. When the games count, they may have to use Lane Taylor and Justin McCray as backup tackles, as they seem to have depth at guard. McCray suffered a calf injury, though. No report on how serious. He was on the ground for awhile. DEFENSE: This was Reggie Gilbert's coming-out party. Two-and-a-half sacks, including a strip-sack, in a very short time. He was unblocked on one of them, but beat a double team on another. Josh Jackson had a pick-six and seemed to play solid coverage again. As a bonus, he had a long punt return. Jaire Alexander apparently started, but I never noticed him on the field. He must not have played for long, or maybe the ball just never came in his direction. The run defense was pretty bad throughout the game. Oren Burks flashed again and shot a gap on one play to tackle the RB for a three-yard loss. SPECIAL TEAMS: Mason Crosby was 3-3, including a 53-yarder and a 50-yarder. J.K. Scott was inconsistent again. It was something like this: 29, 46, 45, 35, 48. The last one landed around the one-yard-line and bounced into the end zone. None of the punts were returned. The average was 40.5 yards. He kicked off twice. The first one went out of bounds (very, very bad) and the next one was a line drive into the corner of the end zone for a touchback. I tried to see who the long snapper was on field goal and extra point attempts. First it was Zach Triner, then Hunter Bradley, then Triner, then I wasn't able to see them any more because of the camera angles. It looks like they are taking turns. All of the snaps appeared to be good.
  6. I thought Josh Jackson looked very good playing man-to-man coverage in the first preseason game, but there didn't seem to be much discussion about him afterwards. He did get a holding penalty, but it looked like a bad call on the replay.
  7. Spriggs did seem to be playing decently late last season before getting injured. But I don't think he's having a good camp. He got demoted from backup RT in favor of Byron Bell, who looked like he had no business playing that position. I think playing with 20 pounds of extra weight has been a challenge for Spriggs. Bulking up can be a risky move. I'm hoping he can eventually make the adjustment and be a viable backup tackle.
  8. Wide Receiver Outlook

    I think production must have had something to do with it their draft positions. Here are the stats for their senior seasons: Equanimeous St. Brown: 33 catches, 515 yards, 15.6 avg., 4 TDs J'Mon Moore: 65 catches, 1,082 yards, 16.6 avg., 10 TDs Marquez Valdez-Scantling: 53 catches, 879 yards, 16.6 avg., 6 TDs
  9. Wide Receiver Outlook

    From what I've heard, he was having a pretty unremarkable camp until about a week ago. Also, he doesn't return punts, which Davis does pretty well. But if St. Brown keeps doing well, of course he can make the team. As I said, I think it is very close. I don't think he's anywhere near being a lock to make the roster, but neither are most of those other guys.
  10. Wide Receiver Outlook

    I still think they are all in the same boat, except for Davis. It's essentially nine guys competing for six or seven roster spots. Adams and Cobb are locks, and Allison is well ahead of the others because of his experience, so it's really six guys competing for three or four roster spots. Davis is the wild card because he doesn't offer much on offense but has skills as a returner. If they keep him, it's down to five guys competing for two or three spots. Yancey may have less raw talent than the others, but Kumerow is right in there with the three drafted rookies. If I had to guess about the outcome, I would say Yancey and St. Brown get cut, and if they go with six and Davis is one of them, Kumerow gets cut, but it's a razor thin margin.
  11. Wide Receiver Outlook

    I'm not as worried about Moore as most people seem to be. If he catches that bomb from Boyle, we have a whole different narrative about him. The fact that he got open deep in the first place is a big positive. He should've caught that ball, but every receiver drops some of those. I was really pleased with all of the three draft picks as well as Kumerow, and Yancey made some catches too. I think they need to improve in the red zone, though, as the stalled drives with Kizer were partly their fault.
  12. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Yeah, Kizer was not that bad, and that was a heck of a throw. But I think he was clearly outplayed by Hundley. I stand by my comment on the 31-yard punt. That's a terrible punt no matter how you slice it.
  13. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Whose stock rose the most: 1. Marquez Valdes-Scantling: Looked like the #4 receiver. Got open and caught the ball every time. He did not look like a one-trick pony, either. He ran good routes and made a beautiful contested catch for a TD. 2. Brett Hundley: I was hoping Deshone Kizer would beat him out for the backup QB position, and maybe I still am, but Hundley looked way better than he did in last year's preseason, when he mostly just threw short passes. This time, he was looking to throw downfield, made quick decisions, and was accurate with almost every throw. 3. Josh Jackson: Nice one-on-one coverage on play after play. Was called for defensive holding once, but it looked like a bad call on the replay. Maybe he stuck his hands out a little too much so that it looked like holding to the ref. 4. Oren Burks: Covered a lot of ground. Showed some pass coverage skills. Was beaten once, I think by a tight end, but he had a lot of field to defend and the receiver broke to the outside, which is a hard play even for a defensive back to defend. 5. Akeem Judd: Brand-new RB showed some wiggle. I assumed he was too small for the Packers to keep, but I looked him up just now, and it says he weighs 225. He moves like a smaller back. Maybe he could sneak onto the roster or at least the practice squad. Whose stock dropped the most: 1. Quinten Rollins: Gave up a big play on the first drive when he undercut a route and came up empty, then fumbled the ball on a punt return. Somehow, he always seems to be a day late and a dollar short. 2. Deshone Kizer: Made some good throws and a couple of good runs, but the offense bogged down both times they got close to the goal line. He looked very much the part of a QB who can't win an NFL game. Decision-making seemed slow with those throws near the goal line. This could improve with experience in the Packers offense. 3. All of the backup tackles: I'm not sure what Byron Bell was even doing out there. He got lit up for an easy sack and also committed a holding penalty. Kyle Murphy was terrible too. I think Jason Spriggs struggled again as well, though I don't recall him getting utterly destroyed as he usually does. Is it time to try Adam Pankey earlier in these preseason games? Help! 4. James Lofton: By the end of the game, I was wishing we had Rich Gannon back. And I can't stand Gannon. Lofton has a wordy style and made way too many bad jokes. He got worse and worse as the game went on, sounding almost desperate to make an impression on the audience. Miscellaneous: 1. J.K. Scott: Only two punts: A 31-yard stinker (fair caught at the 21-yard line) and a 52-yard beauty that was only returned a few yards. 2. Kendall Donnerson: Kudos to him for stripping the ballcarrier for the defense's' only turnover of the game. 3. Vince Biegel: Recovered the fumble, but mostly he just seems to get pushed around out there, like Kyler Fackrell. 4. Tim Boyle: Made some good throws and some bad throws. Strong arm. Stands tall in the pocket and looks to throw, but ran for about a six-yard-gain one time. Would have had an even better night statistically if J'Mon Moore did not drop his perfectly thrown bomb. 5. I thought there was a high snap on one of the PATs, but there was no replay and no way of knowing which long snapper was responsible for it. Other than that (and I'm not even sure I saw it), the field goal team looked fine. 6. The receivers were fun to watch. The three draft picks, Kumerow, and Yancey all had their moments. After Valdes-Scantling, I would say that Jake Kumerow and Equanimeous St. Brown looked the best. I liked St. Brown's abrupt change of direction after making that one catch over the middle. 7. Good preseason game overall with no major injuries as far as I could tell. Josh Jones walked to the locker room with a trainer at one point, but he was not limping. It was a boring night for the sideline reporters, and that's a good thing.
  14. Not me. Why would anybody be angry about this signing, no matter who the GM is? It's pretty late to find a big-name player, if that's what you're getting at. I agree that Gutekunst's first year has not been all that different from Thompson's last year, but remember that Thompson's last year was not typical for him. Also, Gutekunst made more serious plays for big-name free agents than Thompson had in a long time, even if Jimmy Graham was the only one he actually signed. At this point the jury is still out, because what really matters is how good the team is in the coming years. It's natural to give the new guy the benefit of the doubt until we see how it plays out.
  15. That's what training camp is for. Let's see if he can stay healthy and contribute. But it's hard to see him making the team unless there is a rash of injuries at the CB position.