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  1. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    Nice. Sounds like just what they needed at TE.
  2. Running Backs rated 27th in league

    The really glaring example was when Rodgers came back from his injury against Carolina. By then we had an established running game, with Aaron Jones looking really good. They had the running game to take the pressure off Rodgers, who was rusty and not up to full strength. Jones had a couple of big carries right out of the gate but barely touched the ball the rest of the day. He ended with three carries for 47 yards. It was back to the usual offense of the last few years with Rodgers running around trying to find someone to throw to. And it didn't work.
  3. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    Jones is way better, but he needs to stay healthy. He had two fairly serious injuries last year. Both knee injuries, I think. Williams came on at the end of the season. I think he is better than his YPC suggests, because he had such a slow start, and they continually ran him into the teeth of the defense. I think Montgomery is mostly a gadget player, unfortunately.
  4. Agreed. Cutting Nelson and signing Graham was the best move of the off-season, in my opinion. I just hope Aaron Rodgers can develop half the chemistry with Graham that he had with Nelson.
  5. DeShone Kizer

    My basic problem with this trade is that the Packers traded a starter for a backup. You might also say that they traded a player who had an okay year for a player who had a terrible year. I didn't understand until after the trade was made how badly they wanted to get rid of Randall. I just thought they could've gotten more for him.
  6. Crosby has publicly criticized at least two or three of his holders over the years. There will be a lot of pressure on the new guy.
  7. I don't think it's good if this decision was made because of the opinions of the coaching staff. This has "Jon Ryan" written all over it. Vogel was the best punter we've had in decades, and the new guy easily could be a bust. I thought it was funny last year how the coaches continually complained about Vogel being inconsistent and refused to publicly admit that they were impressed by him. He may end up punting for the Vikings, and he'll probably get even better with experience.
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    He knows he's not going to be offered an extension at least until next season, because he doesn't deserve one.
  9. Out with the slow in with the new

    Late round WR picks have a terrible track record in Green Bay, especially in the Rodgers era. I'll be happy if one of these three guys eventually rises to the level of a #3 receiver. I'm expecting nothing from them as rookies. Allison is way ahead of them, and Clark is probably well ahead of them too, after a full year of practice with the team. Davis is looking like a lost cause as a receiver, but he could still make the roster due to his punt returning abilities.
  10. Yes, it was Colby Pearson. [CORRECTION: It was Alex Gillett--see green machine's post below] I think they had a duplicate number in camp last year, but it was players who did not play the same position. For both punters (or another other position) to have the same number would be confusing.
  11. You very well may be right. You've obviously studied this a lot more than I have. But it's hard to believe that after the top three edge rushers there were none worth taking until the 7th round. I know that's not what you're saying, but that is essentially what the Packers said by drafting the way they did. I expected them to use their draft capital to maneuver into a position to take at least one edge rusher in the first few rounds and probably another in the later rounds, but they only took one, and they took him VERY late. When they took the punter, for example, wasn't there an edge rusher available who was worth taking a chance on? Hard to believe that there wasn't. How much improvement are they going to get at punter when they already have a pretty good one? But with edge rusher, you need three or four good ones, and you can use a roster spot to let a young one gain some experience. So I thought it was pretty strange that they waited so long to address that position, especially considering that the free agent market for that position is so poor.
  12. Weird draft. I'm going to need some convincing on this one. The theme seemed to be that the new GM is starting over. He did a do-over with the secondary after the disaster of the 2015 CBs, and he did a do-over of last year's late-round WR picks. He traded away value in this year's draft to get more value in next year's draft. It was a sound move on paper, but questionable for a team with an aging QB that should want to win now. And to not take an OLB until the 7th round was just unbelievable, after so many years when that position has been virtually ignored by the Packers in the higher rounds of the draft. Drafting a punter was another head-scratcher, when our rookie punter last year did such a good job. I sure hope Gutekunst knows what he's doing. It was a very Thompson-like draft, which somehow made it seem all the more like a reprimand of Thompson's recent drafts. As always, we will have to wait two or three years to see how it turns out.
  13. It was awesome when they made him wear boxing gloves in practice because he kept grabbing receivers.
  14. This looks like a great value for the Packers. But somehow I wonder if Gute overthought it. Two great defensive prospects unexpectedly fell to him, at positions of need, and he passed both of them up. I wonder if he thought Alexander was just as good as James, so that's why he did this.
  15. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Agreed. I think a high-priced guard is a better investment for a run-oriented team, which is definitely not what the Packers are.