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  1. If Biegel really is good now, and this is not just a statistical fluke, what happened? Did he improve his body? Did he improve his technique? Is he playing in a system that suits him better? Because I thought he looked completely out of his depth when he was in Green Bay. I didn't even see a glimmer from the guy. I haven't really seen him play for the Dolphins. Maybe Biegel's improvement (again, assuming he really is a good player) gives us more reason to hope Rashan Gary amounts to something.
  2. Aaron Jones

    I'm on the fence about re-signing Jones when his contract is up (or before it is up). If the team does not intend to re-sign him, though, they should use a high pick on an RB with a similar skillset. I think the only high pick they've used on an RB in the past 20 years or so was for Eddie Lacey. That may need to change. Jones has made a big difference.
  3. 2019 WR Corps

    The amount of playing time that Sternberger got was easily the most surprising thing about this game. Until then, there had been no indication that Sternberger would be a significant part of the team's plans this season. The fact that he appeared to block competently was a pleasant surprise. Sternberger's playing time could mean a couple of things. One is that the coaches may be acknowledging that the Jimmy Graham show is just not good enough at the TE position. Another is that Robert Tonyan's injury may be more serious than the team has let on. When Tonyan got hurt, there was speculation that he might not even miss a game, and now he has missed several. I like it that Matt LaFleur is looking for ways for this team to evolve as the season progresses. The offensive scheme appears to have some flexibility, and he is showing flexibility with personnel as well.
  4. Haven't you been listening to the announcers? They have been telling us for years that Aaron Rodgers is the "master of the play clock." Seriously, I've given up on hoping for him to get the ball snapped with plenty of time left on the play clock. As long as he gets the play off in time, I'm fine with it. But he couldn't even do that yesterday--in a home game, no less.
  5. Credit must be given to Kyler Fackrell for making the stop on the final play of the game. He also came close to getting a sack earlier in the game.
  6. Yeah, I was disappointed that they did not go for the first down at the end there. I always try to think of it from the opposing team's point of view, and I bet the Panthers were happy that the Packers punted.
  7. That's almost five yard per carry for Williams. He was very good, and he is saving Aaron Jones from taking all of the punishment. It was an ideal mix today.
  8. I've seen some criticism of King here, but I thought he played a good game. He was way off the receiver on that play near the end because he couldn't get any traction on the field. It got weird with the field getting slippery at the end.
  9. Did MVS even play in the second half? Was he hurt? Are they giving up on him? Lazard did not have much of a game, but maybe he is becoming the #2. Kumerow had a nice two-play sequence where he made a good block on a running play and then made a catch.
  10. Going for the TD on the 1-yard-line to end the half was the right call as far as I'm concerned. It's a percentage play. It's a better than 50% chance to get 7 points, instead of a near 100% chance to get three points. And the O-line was getting a good push on most running plays. They just blew it on that one. Such is football.
  11. They didn't win by much, but there were a lot of things to like about this game: The O-line bounced back with very good run blocking and good enough pass blocking. Aaron Rodgers threw the ball to Davante Adams in the flow of the game rather than forcing it to him, as he has in the past. Jace Sternberger was on the field a lot. He was not targeted, but he did not embarrass himself out there, and I saw him make a nice block on a TD run. Ibraheim Campbell was also on the field a lot. He could be an important player for us down the stretch. Kenny Clark made some plays for the first time in ages. The defense looked like it was playing with a little more attitude--and they got the job done at the end. It did not feel like a lucky win. On to San Francisco!
  12. do we pay Kenny Clark?

    It depends whether his dip in performance this year is due to injury, and if it is, whether the injury will affect him long-term. As long as the answers to those two questions are 1.) yes and 2.) no, then I'm fine with paying him the big bucks. But the drop-off is a concern, and it may make this an awkward time to be thinking of a contract extension. The team may be more inclined to see how he plays the rest of the season. As for the other D-linemen, I think it's possible that Adams may be affected by an injury as well. I thought he looked good in the preseason and the first game, and he hasn't looked the same since. Lowry is a decent rotational player, but nothing more. He could be good enough if he's playing alongside one or two really good players.
  13. 2019 WR Corps

    Or you can assume that Rodgers is not throwing to him because he's not open. That's what I think is happening most of the time.
  14. I didn't mind the vanilla defensive scheme against the Chiefs, because they only allowed seven points in the second half, and they won the game. Against the Chargers, the scheme didn't work, but I think it was mostly a case of the players coming out flat and not winning their matchups. It was the same thing on offense and even on special teams. Interesting quote from Aaron Rodgers after the game: "We've got to be honest with our routine and the decisions we made in the last 48 hours, and make sure that our head is in the right place the next time we come on a big road trip." Sounds like maybe they had a little too much fun in LA. I suspect that if they had blitzed more, they would not have gotten home and the coverage would've failed, because they were playing like crap.
  15. Random Packer News & Notes

    I guess I'm out of step on this one. I live in the upper Midwest (Duluth, MN) and haven't done much driving far from home in the last few years. Mostly I travel in northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. A couple weeks ago I drove down to the Twin Cities and was surprised that a lot of traffic was going 70 mph in a 60 mph in a construction zone. Some people were going even faster, but I assumed they were maniacs who deserved to be pulled over and ticketed.