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  1. I don't wish an injury on anyone, but major injuries are part of football's reality. He just torched $30mil+ guaranteed to childishly force his way into a deal that has 1 year and $9mil guaranteed. If his knee gets blown out in the first half of this season, goodbye $21mil. If he loses a step when he recovers, he may never see the field again. Exceptions get made for top end talent, not guys who used to be great but can't quite find their old form, and Brown has proven to be a walking exception.
  2. Why did the Raiders release him instead of voiding his guarantees and burying him on the suspended list for the season? Why give him exactly what he wanted? I guess Brown figured out how to get his way, but at what cost? No sane front office would give him more than a 1 year deal going forward, and everyone will be on to this trick the next time he tries it. Was it really worth tossing all potential for long-term money to game the system and get a year with the league's top team? It's the most short sighted power play I've seen. Very weird for a football player since it's nearly universal to seek long-term security in a game where you could be crippled any given sunday.
  3. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    This is going into the NFL pantheon of all-time trade fleecings. The only possible good outcome is if it finally gets O'Brien the hell out of Houston.
  4. The 2014 Draft - How Did You Do?

    I'll take a swing at the Texans draft: 1-1 Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina -- Very good player who thinks he's elite. Dominates over stretches and then fades out of notice. Solid result, but underwhelming for a first overall. 2-33 Xavier Su'a-Filo, G, UCLA -- Bust. Given every chance to succeed, always performed around the bottom of NFL OGs, let go after rookie contract. Embarrassing waste of a valuable pick. 3-65 CJ Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa -- Joined an already crowded TE roster, played inconsistently, retired early due to multiple concussions. Semi-bust. 3-83 Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame -- Loved the pick during the draft, but Nix busted out hard. Was he ever even on the roster past camp? Just terrible. 4-135 Tom Savage, QB, Pittsburgh -- Good backup, didn't have what it took to start. A fine result for a late 4th QB. 6-177 Jeoffrey Pagan, DE, Alabama -- Marginal roster player, but what do you expect for a 6th round DE? 6-181 Alfred Blue, RB, LSU -- Stuck on the roster, possibly due to ST play? He's always been JAG at RB, at best. Fine for a 6th rounder. 6-211 Jay Prosch, FB, Auburn -- He's consistently made the roster, though it makes little sense because FB is a nearly extinct NFL position and he's not a versatile receiver type. 7-216 Andre Hal, CB, Vanderbilt -- The gem of this draft. Converted to safety and played quality time as a starter. Greatly outperformed his draft slot. 7-256 Lonnie Ballentine, FS, Memphis -- Marginal roster player, but a better result than many Mr. Irrelevants that never make the team. Clowney turned out more or less exactly as I expected, though it looked grim at first when he injured his knee on our since-replaced crappy playing surface. If you look at the round 2 & 3 results, they're absolutely prototypical for Rick Smith drafts, which is why avid fans despised his drafting. He actually did better than normal on day 3 picks in 2014 though, so kudos for that.
  5. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    It's not that Clowney is a bad player, it's that I don't believe we can sign him to a deal that matches his value to the team. Part of the problem is that the market for pass rushers has been high this off-season, giving him a lot of leverage. I also believe he and his agent view him as elite or close to it when he's not. Pardon the baseball-speak, but he's a 3 WAR guy that thinks he's an 8 WAR guy. An above average starter/marginal Pro Bowler (NOT All-Pro) that thinks he's an MVP/DPOY, basically. Between the inflated market and Clowney's inflated self-valuation, there's not going to be a contract agreement that makes sense for the value he provides. Factor in his difficult injury history (partially our team's fault for crappy turf) and the perception that he plays hot and cold, and I think we should have tagged and traded him. I'm pretty sure we've missed the boat on that opportunity this year since the draft already happened. Even if he has a monster year, I still favor trading him or letting him walk. I find it unlikely he will keep outperforming his current level, and he would command an even bigger contract if he has a career year. The only scenario I see for resigning him is if he underperforms and we believe we have inside information that it was a fluke, allowing us to sign him for something closer to his realistic value. Paying someone a big premium to be "good enough" is how cap hell starts. Especially when good enough is playing on bad knees. EDIT: before someone comes in to "well, actually" me, he did get selected All-Pro in 2016 by PFWA & SN, but not the AP team. That said, I still believe his value on the field, especially his forward-looking value in the years he would be under monster contract, is more modest than All-Pro.
  6. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    We should trade him for a 1st while the value is there. This gets him paid by a new team (good for him) and nets better value than hoping for a compensatory 3rd if he signs elsewhere next year (good for us). It also protects both sides from an injury derailing that value. Personally, I've never really liked Clownshoe so it won't break my heart to see him soak up a big chunk of cap space elsewhere.
  7. Your team relocates, are you still a fan?

    Yeah, I'm struggling to think of a scenario where a team moves and the abandoned city feels sympathy for them. Every move I can remember was predicated on owner's greed (new stadium paid for by new city, bigger market, etc). The team becomes a symbol of the owner blackmailing then stealing from the former home city. Even if you still like the players, that's really hard to cheer on and support. I have friends whose families came from a different NFL city and grew up loving their family's team despite always being from Houston. Maybe they would be less affected by a move since they aren't really connected to the home city? I don't know, that's not my situation. If the Titans headquarters burned down overnight and no one was injured, I'd be smugly happy about it. Doubly so if Bud Adams' ashes are stored there.
  8. Owners vote to challenge all pass interference calls

    NFL games have already steered more and more towards watching an unpleasant combination of a court case and a cable news debate show instead of a football game. Replays get run 50 times while announcers argue the minutia of something that happened in an instant, and call up former refs to get their opinion on the rules. Then the game ref gives a confusing minute long explanation and changes the clock because god forbid a couple of extra seconds ran off in the middle of the 3rd quarter. But don't worry, they also found time to run 5 minutes of commercials about trucks and pizza. Now we can review any given pass play and decide to add or remove PI calls. Cheers to more inane arguments and game stoppages.
  9. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread - 2019 edition

    We had a bunch of lucky breaks in close games last year to get to 11 wins. At least 4 close games were won in spite of BOB coaching rather than because of it. With a tougher schedule, luck coming back down to earth, and (currently) no action taken on upgrading the O-Line, 6-10 could be optimistic. I have no idea what it takes to get BOB fired, but I hope he figures that out for us.
  10. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    Is she the one Brent Musberger spent an entire Alabama national TV game creeping on? Anyway, McCarron is fine as a backup. Would have preferred someone better able to emulate Watson's scrambling ability so the offense had to adjust less, but McCarron is a better option than Weeden.
  11. Raiders release T Donald Penn

    Not via free agency. The only OL move so far is letting OT Kendall Lamm sign elsewhere. He was not a starter, or at least wasn't meant to be one. From what we can tell, the FO is banking on Seantrel Henderson returning healthy and making a difference. This is not a good omen. Overwhelming sentiment is they needed to bolster the line, and the higher end options have signed elsewhere already.
  12. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    What if Cal McNair isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and plans to literally spend money on things since he heard spending money improves your team? "This new gold-plated Maybach is nice, but my team is terrible. People lied to me!"
  13. Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets for real this time

    There's a lot of funny math going on limited information in this thread. From what I can tell, Bell threw a year-long drama tantrum to realistically get $2mil more in guaranteed money and a much lower AAV if he performs well for at least 3 years. He sure stuck it to the NFL.
  14. Why are you not trading for AB?

    If we didn't have Hopkins, I would be game. Since we do, this would just be inviting an ego clash between dominant #1 receivers having to fight for targets.
  15. What is Rosen worth and to who?

    I really want to see the Cards ship out Rosen and draft Murray #1 overall. Not because it's necessarily a good idea, I just want to see the experiment in bucking convention played ALL the way out. Unconventional head coach choice gets the polarizing Heisman QB prospect he gushed over in the past while running the previous QBOTF out of town. That would be a lot of fun to watch as an outsider. It would stress the hell out of me as a fan. And to stay on topic, my guess is they can get a second round pick for Rosen no problem, possibly a first if they can draw in several bidders.