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  1. S Tashaun Gipson released

    Doesn't it feel like we should have been able to get something back for our starting safety, even if it was a lower draft pick or some other player we wanted that was in roster limbo? Sometimes it feels like BOB is allergic to value. OTOH, if we did end up signing Eric Reid, we could have the most confusing secondary ever with 3 Reids running around.
  2. Tunsil? BOB is incredibly, incredibly stupid. Legit dumber than average, which means he's a drooling idiot compared to most coaches and GMs. However, even a moron understands he's sending out next year's 1st and 2nd for Tunsil, regardless of his roster status. That means you'd have to at least offer BOB your 5th rounder and your worst contract to take Tunsil off our hands. But don't worry, he'll throw in our 3rd next year to make it worth your while.
  3. Round 4, Pick 126: OT Charlie Heck

    Why? Why would you spend a 4th on a perpetual bench player that only comes in if injury strikes? Sorry, that is what teams with an overload of draft picks can do. Draft strapped teams don't draft speculative backups.
  4. Round 4, Pick 126: OT Charlie Heck

    He looks like a fine prospect and value at the spot, but we just broke the bank on one tackle and drafted another in the 1st last year. Why put limited draft capital into a position that is already set? BOB logic.
  5. Ha! In that case, thanks for cutting us a deal, Laremy.
  6. I actually think Tunsil's agent failed him. Hear me out. Yes, he got him double the expected raise over top paid OT and an 85% guarantee. But that is small think. BOB basically couldn't say no to anything that doesn't violate the hard cap ceiling. Keep in mind, if BOB refuses, Tunsil plays for $10m this year, gets to ignore BOB completely the entire season, then signs for a more proper $18-20m/yr with a competent team of his choice, never having to deal with BOB again. The Texans then get a comp 3rd at best, and only if drooling incompetent BOB doesn't sign too many FAs for the holes made due to missing draft picks, while the Texans would still have to hand over a 1st and 2nd to MIA for a player that just walked. Seriously, we should probably be writing thank you notes to Tunsil's agent for letting BOB off with only a serious overpay. I'd fire him if I was Tunsil, he must have left at least $2-3m/yr and a 100% guarantee on the table. Welcome to the life of a Texans fan.
  7. Texans trade for WR Brandin Cooks

    Don't give BOB ideas. He'll trade more high draft picks for someone that was good 4 years ago, like a 2nd and 3rd for Jimmy Graham. That feels like a BOB trade. Schedule the indignant press conference for the week after so BOB can tell fans we're stupid while Cal sits meekly behind him hoping BOB doesn't fire him.
  8. Texans trade for WR Brandin Cooks

    This guy gets it. But just to be clear, BOB traded DHop for a negative value RB AND a negative value 4th round pick swap. The two negative value returns could arguably justify the 2nd rounder w/o DHop. Meaning he valued a potential HOF WR in his prime as a throw-in. It's mind-blowing. I feel like this is asking if I'd rather be served a dinner covered in broken glass or barbed wire. I'd choose to fire the cook, preferably into the sun if possible.
  9. Texans trade for WR Brandin Cooks

    Sadly, we didn't. We traded DeAndre Hopkins for Brandin Cooks, a year's devaluation on a 4th round pick, and the boondoggle contract of a washed up RB. Cooks is a good dude, but he's declining and has concussion concerns. Just like DJ is a good guy, but has never been better than average (and usually well below avg) after injuries. I'm beginning to think BOB stopped watching football in 2016, and makes all deals accordingly. Everyone around him is afraid of getting fired (probably including Cal, somehow) and won't tell the emperor that he's not wearing any clothes.
  10. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    A 2nd and 2021 4th for Hopkins is a very bad value, but it's miles better than the current dumpster fire trade. It's probably the best case scenario, because BOB could find a worse way to screw up the trade if he got a full mulligan on it.
  11. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    Did anyone else see what BOB said and wonder if he doesn't actually know the final trade? Like he was so eager to be rid of Hopkins he just signed off on whatever his lackey put in front of him and said "good riddance". He talks about "getting picks", but he only netted one pick. The other was a net loss. I'm not sure which is worse: that he's too neglectful to account for what he traded, or if he actually thinks he did a good job trading a potential HOF receiver in his prime for a worse value than BAL got for their backup tight end.
  12. FFMD II '20 - Houston Texans Front Office

    PMed you pick ideas, @jch1911
  13. 2020 Stupidity Virus Outbreak

    Probably because BOB has that money earmarked to overpay some more JAGs in free agency. I wish I was kidding.
  14. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    If it was the exact same trade, replacing Hopkins with Fuller, we'd still be getting the short end of the deal due to Johnson's contract. Fuller is in a contract year, whereas Johnson is locked in WAY above market value for at least a couple of years. A 2nd or 3rd is the expected value for taking on DJ's contract, meaning the actual trade is their 4th next year for Fuller + our 4th this year. It assigns a negative value to Fuller, which isn't realistic. He's probably worth a 3rd to 4th round pick on his own, he has a lot of upside when healthy and he's entering what should be his prime. The fact he's in a contract year probably devalues him, so let's call him worth a 4th to 5th round pick. At worst, a Fuller - Johnson swap should look like this: Texans get: Johnson, 3rd, 5th Cards get: Fuller Realistically, the Fuller version of the trade would be fine if we remove the 4th rounder going to them. Nothing wrong with Fuller for DJ + 2nd + 4th next year, in terms of value. The dagger in the Hopkins - Johnson trade is that 4th rounder from us to them.The value hit from that 4th rounder takes the hypothetical Fuller trade from acceptable to a bad value, and the real Hopkins trade from a terrible, lazy trade to a legendary, historic disaster.
  15. This is what happens when a bunch of cheap impersonators get hired to do their impression of the master. Belichick is a coaching god that also had a QB fall in his lap that was not only very skilled and extremely driven to win, but was also willing to take undermarket deals that allowed BB to keep other important players (mostly on defense). Fortunately for Brady, he had a talent for getting the most out of mediocre receivers, because that wasn't what BB was using the extra cash on. That isn't something you can re-create. The odds of finding another Tom Brady-like QB are incredibly low, and the vast majority of BB's underlings have shown what mouth-breathers they really are once they were out on their own.