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  1. It's been interesting seeing some of the external perspectives. Some (not all) are calling Watson spoiled or saying he's inserting himself where he doesn't belong, on decisions made by the business side or ownership. What I think they fail to realize is that Watson isn't viewed that way at all by Texans fans, and that he's speaking the concerns of his teammates and the fanbase itself. Our inexperienced, naive owner is being played by a power hungry up-jumped chaplain, one that is happy to sow division and mistrust around the organization so long as it keeps him where was wants to be.
  2. I've crapped on Cal pretty hard, but being serious: this is a moment for him. This is his first real chance to show he's grown as an owner and is serious about bringing a winning culture to the Texans, who have been much more concerned with making money than winning throughout their existence. O'Brien did a lot of damage, letting his ego run wild and taking on way more than he's qualified for. Easterby multiplied that damage by sowing mistrust and purposely stifling communication within the organization. O'Brien is gone, Easterby absolutely must go. If he stays, Cal isn't serious. Cal nee
  3. F I N A L L Y. Finally, writers with national cred stepped in, did the research, and exposed Easterby for exactly what he is: a ruthless climber with a thin veneer of religion to cover it. Now Craven Cal has nowhere to hide regarding his pet snake oil salesman.
  4. Cobb to IR 6 days ago, Stills cut 4 days ago, Fuller popped yesterday. Close enough. We had a fine backup plan under contract, now we don't. Even if you think Fuller is a lock to play (LOL), you've got COVID concerns that could hit anytime. Point is, this isn't the season to make petty cuts over philosophical disagreements with guys you may need unexpectedly. But of course, Texans gonna Texans.
  5. Only the 2020 Texans could cut Stills one day, then obviously need him the next. With Cobb on IR, you should know you're one ticky-tack Fuller injury away from needing Stills. Granted, Fuller managed to make himself unavailable in a more creative way than usual, but the same logic applies. Foresight level: Texans. Even without O'Brien, the FO can't see past its nose.
  6. It feels great to be rid of O'Brien, and it's also good they canned him immediately since he was also GM and could have done even more damage as he got increasingly desperate. His precious title collection is what probably got him the mid-season boot, ironically. Regardless, BOB did massive damage to the franchise that will take several years to unwind. I'd be interested in quantifying the amount of football value he destroyed with his GM moves, because he has to be giving Matt Millen a run for the money over a 2-3 year span. Millen is only the god of futility because he had around a deca
  7. Doesn't it feel like we should have been able to get something back for our starting safety, even if it was a lower draft pick or some other player we wanted that was in roster limbo? Sometimes it feels like BOB is allergic to value. OTOH, if we did end up signing Eric Reid, we could have the most confusing secondary ever with 3 Reids running around.
  8. Tunsil? BOB is incredibly, incredibly stupid. Legit dumber than average, which means he's a drooling idiot compared to most coaches and GMs. However, even a moron understands he's sending out next year's 1st and 2nd for Tunsil, regardless of his roster status. That means you'd have to at least offer BOB your 5th rounder and your worst contract to take Tunsil off our hands. But don't worry, he'll throw in our 3rd next year to make it worth your while.
  9. Why? Why would you spend a 4th on a perpetual bench player that only comes in if injury strikes? Sorry, that is what teams with an overload of draft picks can do. Draft strapped teams don't draft speculative backups.
  10. He looks like a fine prospect and value at the spot, but we just broke the bank on one tackle and drafted another in the 1st last year. Why put limited draft capital into a position that is already set? BOB logic.
  11. Ha! In that case, thanks for cutting us a deal, Laremy.
  12. I actually think Tunsil's agent failed him. Hear me out. Yes, he got him double the expected raise over top paid OT and an 85% guarantee. But that is small think. BOB basically couldn't say no to anything that doesn't violate the hard cap ceiling. Keep in mind, if BOB refuses, Tunsil plays for $10m this year, gets to ignore BOB completely the entire season, then signs for a more proper $18-20m/yr with a competent team of his choice, never having to deal with BOB again. The Texans then get a comp 3rd at best, and only if drooling incompetent BOB doesn't sign too many FAs for the holes made
  13. Don't give BOB ideas. He'll trade more high draft picks for someone that was good 4 years ago, like a 2nd and 3rd for Jimmy Graham. That feels like a BOB trade. Schedule the indignant press conference for the week after so BOB can tell fans we're stupid while Cal sits meekly behind him hoping BOB doesn't fire him.
  14. This guy gets it. But just to be clear, BOB traded DHop for a negative value RB AND a negative value 4th round pick swap. The two negative value returns could arguably justify the 2nd rounder w/o DHop. Meaning he valued a potential HOF WR in his prime as a throw-in. It's mind-blowing. I feel like this is asking if I'd rather be served a dinner covered in broken glass or barbed wire. I'd choose to fire the cook, preferably into the sun if possible.
  15. Sadly, we didn't. We traded DeAndre Hopkins for Brandin Cooks, a year's devaluation on a 4th round pick, and the boondoggle contract of a washed up RB. Cooks is a good dude, but he's declining and has concussion concerns. Just like DJ is a good guy, but has never been better than average (and usually well below avg) after injuries. I'm beginning to think BOB stopped watching football in 2016, and makes all deals accordingly. Everyone around him is afraid of getting fired (probably including Cal, somehow) and won't tell the emperor that he's not wearing any clothes.
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