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  1. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Misery loves company, right?
  2. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    It's nice when a divisional opponent hires a guy that was fired for glaring performance deficiency a month ago to the same position. The Vikes were noticeably better without this guy, and he was known for being unable to adjust to the strengths of his personnel. As a Texans fan, I love the hire. I hear Teryl Austin is still available if they want a first year mid-season firing at DC to pair with him.
  3. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    I would strongly prefer we do not bring back the previous HC as OC. I like Kubiak as a person, but his time coaching here ended for a reason. If we're going to force an offensive change, let's get creative and find someone whose system matches Watson's strengths.
  4. Sooners' Kyler Murray officially declares for NFL draft

    Personally, I think there's a good chance Murray won't be outstanding as a pro in either sport. Assuming he's a top 10 NFL pick, that means around $20mil guaranteed vs $4.5mil guaranteed in baseball. Even if I'm wrong and he is on a star trajectory, an injury can derail any athletic career and an untimely regime change can screw up your development. Athletic careers are fickle and often short, so guaranteed money is the only real money. If he has high confidence he'll go top 10 in the NFL draft, it's the right monetary move.
  5. Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsburry as next Head Coach

    Based on his head coaching credentials, he was objectively bad in his only experience. As an OC, he would look pretty qualified.
  6. Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsburry as next Head Coach

    The dissonance in this post makes my head spin. Texas is the single biggest talent pool for college football, period. TTU gets enough talent to win, especially in the weak Big 12. Each of the 3 coaches before Kingsbury had winning records, covering a 25 year span between them. Leach even went 11-2 one year. Kingsbury had 3 straight NFL QBs to run his offense, and he ran off a #1 overall draft pick in favor of a future NFL benchwarmer (but an NFL QB none the less). Maybe the NFL will indeed be better for Kingsbury. But he was an unmitigated failure at TTU, despite the school having a winning program for 25 years prior to his arrival.
  7. Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsburry as next Head Coach

    Umm... he chose Davis Webb over Mayfield. Mahomes came later. How does that choice look now? Oh, speaking of Mahomes, Kliff also had a sub-.500 record in the two years he had this year's NFL MVP running the show. But I'm sure he's just a misunderstood genius that Tech couldn't properly appreciate. Spike Dykes, Mike Leach and even Tommy Tuberville had winning records at Tech, even though the talent pool was likely even worse for them. Leach had to win with garbage-tier QBs like Kliff Kingsbury, and he won a lot. Before the obvious retort: I didn't go to Tech and I relish watching them lose.
  8. Wild Card Round - Texans vs Colts

    That was the most BOB 4th down call ever. Moronic.
  9. Week 17 v Jax - Division Title with a W!

    Watson bails us out from BOB play calls. J'ville back out on offense to remind us what happens when you draft poorly AND have a coach similarly incompetent to BOB.
  10. Week 17 v Jax - Division Title with a W!

    And the predictably terrible play call follows.
  11. Week 17 v Jax - Division Title with a W!

    Hey look, a call they forgot to screw us on.
  12. Week 17 v Jax - Division Title with a W!

    I'm speechless, these refs would be in mortal danger if this was a soccer match and they were this blantantly incompetent or bought.
  13. Week 17 v Jax - Division Title with a W!

    TV timeout while the refs decide if they would like to steal from us again.
  14. Week 17 v Jax - Division Title with a W!

    That was the worst call in the history of football, full stop. Good thing the Jags are the most incompetent offense in football.
  15. Week 16 GDT: Texans vs Eagles

    I really, really, really, REALLY wish I didn't watch that game.