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  1. Really liking my skill positions on offense for 2022. Obviously would still like to add another big hitter at receiver and a known name at TE would be nice, but both Deguara and Granson are in great spots next year with very little competition for starting jobs. Guard remains a problem area and I'm really, deeply regretting trading Wyatt Teller away as a throw-in early on last year. Need to hope Leatherwood and/or Throckmorton develop into competent starter(s) to shore up the position. Assuming Bakhtiari and Cosmi are healthy, I'm set at the tackle positions and Yosh Nijman is in the wing
  2. No rush, but whenever one of you fine folks has the time to update the 2022 Free Agents page of the doc, I would appreciate it!
  3. Cancun extends 7th Rd RFA tender to WR Jakobi Meyers ERFA signing WR Nick Westbrook-Ikhine
  4. Watson is elite but he was never "arguably" the best QB.
  5. You gotta remember too that a LOT of these teams have been burned by hiring the "hot" candidate. Bears with Nagy and Broncos/Colts with McDaniels come to mind. Not exactly shocking that some teams want a known quantity that isn't going to embarrass them or cost them their jobs almost instantly. I think Caldwell would be a fantastic hire in Houston and smooth over a lot of the friction between players/front office, but they won't do it (and I doubt he wants to be there either). I think Caldwell would do a lot of good for Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville. Not many other places where I think
  6. On the one hand, totally agree that Caldwell is a good hire if you're looking for stability and someone you know is competent. He was never *bad* with the Lions or Colts. That 2-14 Indy team had been barren of talent for years and Manning not being there to cover it up wasn't Caldwell's fault. I don't think Caldwell's winning you a Super Bowl, but he's also not going to run your team into the ground; he'll leave a solid foundation in place for the next guy if he doesn't work out. But at the same time, aiming for Caldwell when there are other candidates out there feels like a bad move. The
  7. No. It's going to be tough to get him under contract, but as long as Rodgers is there, I think Green Bay can make it work. Don't forget that they have a bajillion dollars in cap space next year, they have plenty of space to work things out with players so long as they have low Year 1 cap hits.
  8. Kevin King has $3 million that voids as well.
  9. Cut the Smiths, cut Cobb, and restructure Rodgers' contract. Puts them at $4 million under the cap.
  10. Green Bay can get under the cap fairly easily. They're not anywhere near a rebuild.
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