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  1. Sub-230 linebackers who are worth anything are really rare. Lavonte David and Deion Jones are very much the exceptions, not the rule. That said, it would be nice to get actual measurements for prospects this year, and I doubt we will.
  2. White was bad even without the injuries. I always thought Gregory was overrated as a prospect. Noting you didn't say anything about dudes like Patterson tho.
  3. I mean I had Montez Sweat as a top-10 pick when he came out, saying I'm leery of JUCO prospects doesn't mean I think they're trash. Feels like you're projecting your own insecurities with drafting onto me, bro.
  4. I don't either, so I don't know what you're going on about
  5. You don't know what the word "leery" means, do you
  6. You're right, guys don't pan out all the time, why bother trying to figure out which guys are more likely to pan out or not
  7. You only know those guys because they panned out. Nobody keeps track of all the highly-drafted JUCOs who bombed like Kevin White, Cordarrelle Patterson, Sylvester Williams, or Randy Gregory unless you really go looking for them. EDIT: Forgot Damarious Randall, too.
  8. Did I ******* say no JUCO players ever have panned out
  9. One guy 15 years ago, great example, definitely representative.
  10. I've been leery of JUCO guys ever since the Kevin White debacle.
  11. No third round, I feel discriminated against.
  12. Trolling aside, I thought guys like Kevin Dodd and Kony Ealy were bad prospects when they came out of college and feel very vindicated to be right. It's a good feeling when a guy you don't think is any good and gets drafted high turns out to not be any good.
  13. Neither of those players was a good pick at the time tho
  14. I literally just explained it's a team blowing what should be an easy situation.
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