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  1. Pheltz can barely line up and play on the front seven right now. That money is gonna go away fast.
  2. Very, very ready for this week of free agency to end and Week 3 to start.
  3. I mean that's the way to do it, amirite
  4. I wish I could say I kept a list of their names, but I'm not the type to hold a grudge except for Bcb, who claimed I had already quit as justification for keeping Footsy, because that reasoning was dumb af
  5. No worries, they trashed me before I even officially left then begged me to come back repeatedly
  6. Cancun trades 2021 NO 6th S Adrian Amos New Orleans trades S Kevin Byard @WFLukic to confirm
  7. Think it was Jepg, whose scurrilous antics prompted many of the current FA rules.
  8. I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Frankly, I agree with wwhickok that this doesn't make much sense for a player to accept less money/year for a longer-term contract when 3 Downs are a thing and he can just get cut the following offseason with no penalty, but I'm not gonna fight that battle again.
  9. It's always per year. EDIT: No, strike that, I see what's going on. Somebody else can untangle that mess.
  10. Post injury over 30 and didn't play last year. I shouldn't be surprised he didn't last to Shark Tank, but I kinda am.
  11. nah but I did visit Nerdheim while we were there, neat little place
  12. Nice, my sister got married in Savannah about a month ago
  13. Truf I wouldn't have either, hence why I said it was a different situation.
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