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  1. Kyle is right there rude to just pretend he doesn't exist, he has feelings too man
  2. Don't know why y'all are thinking I only have one running back when Kyle Juszczyk is right there
  3. Jace Sternberger waived by the Packers after two years and 18 games played. Very next pick was Terry McLaurin. Kinda sums up Aaron Rodgers's frustration with this front office in a neat little package, don't it
  4. That Jazz offense is nasty and the defense is pretty good too. I don't think a very underwhelming Gotham offensive backfield and short-handed defense is going to cut it here.
  5. The center and/or QB is going to make line calls based on what they see, like every professional offense does.
  6. So you just assume that one of my guards is going to stand there being useless all the time, cool
  7. One team gave me bulletpoints to refer to instead of walls of text, easy vote for Anchorage.
  8. I mean there's more to say here but the lack of secondary depth is brutal against Rodgers and Berlin's receiver corps. Also I assume OL4 for Antarctica is supposed to be Aaron Banks, not Aaron Brooks.
  9. This is such a great game, I could see it going either way. I hate to say it but it comes down to quarterback for me: I see Brady coming up with more big plays than Tannehill.
  10. Between Seoul's offensive tackle struggles and poor cornerbacks that Rome immediately took advantage of in the gameplan, I think this one gets ugly early and doesn't let up.
  11. Did I say somewhere that we're sliding help to O'Neill's side? Or do you just think one guard is going to be standing there with his thumb up his *** the whole game?
  12. That's an awful big ask there, wwhickok Anyways, I like Cuba's gameplan, but I don't think Cuba has the secondary talent to consistently take advantage of forcing DV into long down and distance situations by stuffing the run. Conversely, I don't think Cuba's offensive line does enough to protect Carr against the DV defensive front, although James Pierre is getting toasted this week.
  13. Tough breaks for Raleigh at cornerback, as I think they have the offense to keep up in a shootout otherwise. I think Camden gets more stops with a slightly better defense.
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