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  1. I didn't figure you preferred bad quarterbacks to great ones, but you do you.
  2. to be fair, we're all prevaricators here
  3. look prevaricator is a fun word and I don't get to use it often
  4. He didn't say he wasn't going to trade you Burrow, so I can only assume this means you're trying to get Burrow for less than (Counselor thinks) he's worth, PREVARICATOR
  5. JLash is a known prevaricator, he thinks he can convince you to trade Burrow on the cheap
  6. I remember now, I wanted Sweat and Montgomery and you wouldn't move them even though Sweat is like your third Edge player and you have Lawson too.
  7. It was somebody else I wanted then, doesn't matter, still salty.
  8. I'm still salty about you "forgetting" about my trade offer for Javon Hargrave, too.
  9. This may be your only saving grace
  10. Should have paid the price on Darius Slay if you wanted my help.
  11. No, it shouldn't. He'll be fine. EDIT: Now, if there's other structural damage, that could be an issue.
  12. I know he did at MSU, I believe they played him some on the blindside when Bakh was hurt. Not entirely sure.
  13. Wanna say he's played a little left tackle, too.
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