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  1. My final take on our draft.

    Here is my take. We won’t know for 2-3,years. We can predict all we want but is just guessing. Also according to history and saber metrics Allan will be a bust. I hope not. I’ve a lot of faith in “McBean” regime.
  2. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Great points. My feelings exactly. I have great faith in Beane and McDerrmot but this puzzled me. Hope I’m wrong. I heard a quote about Allan-“3rd Round talent with 1st round hype”. We will know in 2-3 years if he is what some people expect since that is usually the bench mark period for a draft
  3. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

  4. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    I don't know you would have to ask Polean. He didn't elaborate.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    I was shocked. For 4 major reasons: 1) only Stafford had a sub 60% passing rating and had big time success in the NFL. 2) a study in Buffalo News early last week showed s QBs ceiling is reached in college 3) He throws a hard flat ball even on short passes. No finesse. Don’t think that can be taught very well. 4) had same hype as Losman coming out of college. How did that work out? IMO C- Edmunds A+. I’m shocked with national media. Some of my data came from Polian, Daniel Jeramiah, Cossell.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Study that came out early last week showed that historically college QBs hit their ceiling in college not the pros.
  7. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Actually Allan's grade was a C- nationally.
  8. Panther Fan 1st Rd Mock Draft 2.0

    Like the Bills move for Mayfield as long as we don't have to give up our 2019 1st rounder. ILB a much greater need than center. Rashaan Evan would be a much better pick at 22.
  9. My 1 Mock Draft of the Year (With Trades)

    for Bills as long as we didn't give away our 2019 1st rounder which should be lower than 12 next year and we kept 1 of our seconds this year
  10. First round mock draft

    Rather have Randolph than Allan fir the Bills
  11. 1 Round Mock Before Draft

    Actually "The Great Train Robbery" Peace
  12. Good Buffalo draft. Thanks
  13. BrownLeader 2018 Mock Draft 2.0

    Only got through 2 rounds and I gave you an F for the Bills. Right Idea in Round 1 but wrong QB. Allan is a failure waiting to happen. Most other drafts he is a 3rd round talent. Having a big arm is to play in Buffalo is media and amateur hype. How many times do you throw down field in winter here in Buffalo or any place for that matter? A study came out earlier in the week that showed the level that a Player meets in college is his ceiling. Another study has shown that only Stafford has had success in the NFL if they had a sub 60% passing rating. For those reasons give us Rosen. Are you talking about Logan Thomas the QB from VT? If so he was a failure and is playing as a backup TE for Buffalo. Secondly we don't need TE. in Round 2 we will go WR , LB, or D line. I realize the time and effort it takes to do one of these. Just have a thing about how bad Allan is and will be.
  14. 2 Round Mock w/ Trades

    love BiLLS and Jets st round picks but not the Bills pick at 56. "56. BUF (f/CAR) - Dallas Goedert, TE, S Dakota, St" We need a downfield WR much more than a TE. Allan is a disaster waiting to happen and it is good to see one of our division rival is making poor judgment on a QB again. Peace.
  15. TheVillain112 2018 1st Round Mock v1.0...

    WOW. Got Mayfield and kept 23. Then used it for Ridley. Awesome draft for the Bills but think you will loose ur bet. 🤡