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  1. 2019 Draft Recap

    NYRaider. I think the reasonthe Raiders picked Ferrell over Josh Allen was they felt Ferrell was more mature than Josh Allen and if you looked at the difrence between the two players when they were first presented themselves on draft night then Ferrell was the hands down winner. That was the finial interview the players gave before their employers chose them for their team. Josh allen had his name on material on the inside of his jacket which made him look inmature. Even if the Raiders thought they were equal in skill the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas next this year after the season. The Raiders most likely do not want to chance taking a player that they do not feel is mature enough to handle that environment. If I was drafting a Player to go to Las Vegas I would talk to that players mom as part of my pre-draft interview and offer to pay mom to come to Las Vegas for a Year and help her son out for the first year [Dad too] Its easy to get into trouble in Vegas and having the players parents to help their Son stay out of trouble would be a benefit to both the Team and the New player. Skill Wise its hard to compare a 4-3 DE and a 3-4 OLB. Josh Allen is a 3-4 OLB the Raiders paly a 4-3 defense. Its not just rushing the passer its stopping the Run and setting the edge Ferrell is better in those catagories than Allen Allan is the better Pass Rusher. I also think Ferrell will help out Key and other DE as he will demand more double teams now. I don't know if he would demand more double teams than Allan just more in general.
  2. Final 2019 nas mock, 2 rounds

    The Compensation is off for the Raiders Rams Trade the Rams would have to give the Raiders their 3rd and take a 4th back in 2020.
  3. Happy Draft Day mock

    Sucks for the Raiders. Oliver would have to play at 9T we have Hurst and Hall at 3t Hankins and Jelly at 0T. You failed to address the Raiders #1 need Edge/DE. We might like Jacobs but cannot pick him at 24 we need a Edge rusher. We might pick him at 35. The Raiders could easily pick Bryce love in round 4 he will be there and he is as good as Jacobs as soon as he fully rehabs his knee and has a decent oline to run behind. He was Heisman runner up 2 years ago. Fant is a very good pick at 27 I hope he is there tonight.
  4. My one and only mock (4 rounds w/trades)

    I think you Just kinda threw darts at the wall for the Raiders picks, The Raiders can wait till round 4 to take a RB Bryce Love still will be there at 106 he is only 1 year off off a Heisman Runner up he was hurt and the Cardnials oline sucked. The Raiders need to take 2 DE in the first round or one in round one and one at 35. There is no way the Raiders will pass Josh Allen if he is on the Board, I think the Jets will take him if they don't trade the pick.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    If we picked Oliver we would have to play him on Rundowns on Keys side and paly Key on Pass downs and still get a DE for the other side. I would not be opposed to doing this I WIlliams and Allen were off the Board. I still think we should make the Cards an off to trade up to #1 to Take Bosa. I would offer the Cards our 2020 1st from the Bears and a 2021 conditional 3rd based on Bosa playing time and Sacks total. If we picked Oliver our Run defense would improve a lot.
  6. Final 2019 First Round Mock Draft

    The Raiders do not need aa RB to be a lead blocker they have a Full back to do that. Give us Sweat and Allen then if he is there take Jacobs at 35.
  7. The Plunge Final Mock

    I would rate this mock a C. we got 2 A players though I would rather have Murphy over Williams because he is not afraid to tackle. You failed to address the Raiders #1 need. You Selected no edge rusher Gruden and MM will pick and Edge Rusher we do not need a RB in Round 1. Edge DT and TE please
  8. Final 2019 Mock

    Do your research the Raiders need Edge rushers we have 3 !st round pick and no edge rushers. We will take at least 2 Defensive players in round 1 most likely 2 edge rushers and a TE we may take a CB and then use 35 on a edge rusher.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    The Surprise pick could be a Trade up if MM and Gruden really like Bosa I see no reason they could not explore a trade Up to get him. I think it would be a good idea my self sometimes you have to go after they dynamic player that can change your Offense or Defense. Bosa can be that player for our defense. Offer 4, 27, 104 and a 2020 2nd that's 2800 [4[ 680 [27] 106 [92] 2020 2nd 420 total 2982 ITS A TAKE OR LEAVE IT TRADE No more. We can take other players Heres how this would look 1:Bosa 24 Fant, Risner, Murphy 35 Jacobs, Rock [If we got Murphy then no Rock] Zach Allen we still need a 2nd DE
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    I was one of the people that Mentioned Hockenson ,ight be our quote surprise pick. I do No see it happening. I think it is more likely that we trade up to get Bosa than take Hockenson. I don't even think that the Jags will pick Hokenson at 7 there is not enough value at 7 to take a TE. There are too many good value players to take in the top ten. I do not see taking a TR before 17. 3 QB, 4 DE, 4OT 2 linebackers and 4 DT. This will push down all the WR and TE's. There might even be 4 QB taken in the top 20 if the NY Giants take Danial Jones at 17. The Only teams that I see taking a TE may be the Packers, the Jags. The Packers could take one of the top OT's or a DT instead both are more valued than a TE. I really have no Idea who the Jags are taking.my bet is who ever is highest on their draft board reguardless of position .
  11. The trade with me is a no go the compensation is way off. the forth pick is valued at 1800 points the falcons pick 14 is 1100 points and the 2020 second is420 points that's 1520 points that leaves 280 points. A more realistic trade would be the Raiders pick 4 and a 2020 3rd for the Falcons pick 14 1100 points pick 45 450 points a 2020 2nd 420 points total 1970 points raiders 1990 points. That's why it is so hard to trade up to the top 5 picks you have to give up to much. That's why trade ups are most of the time for QB's.
  12. Around The League V.2

    If we traded for Clark do we have the Cap space for him? I think he would go in the 60 Million + range for 4 years. We would have to give up our 24th pick to get Allen then use 27 to get Fant or a Edge like Winovich or Zach Allen both would fit well in our defense.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    If Bosa and Allen and Williams are gone I take calls to trade down take the best offer if no calls come I take Sweat While he is not a #4 talent sometimes you just have to take the best player available. While the Cards are on the Clock at 1 I would call them up and offer them my #27 pick and a 2020 2nd to move up to number one and take Bosa. I do not think that any other team is going to Trade Up to 2 or 3 to pick Murray. I really like Allen but he is a 3-4 OLB and I feel that we would be a waste of his talent in our Defense. I Do not think he will make it past the JETS he fits their defense far better than ours, The only way that I see the Jets Not Picking Allen if they have a much better grade on Williams or they just get a deal from a team trading up for a QB that is to good to pass up. I have a question for the Nation, I see in a great many mocks that give us RB back Josh Jacobs while he is good I do not feel that he is a Round one pick for the Raiders the Only Offensive players I see us taking are one of the 3 round one TE's I just had a heart stoppage Gruden also picked another TE at 4 in his last stint as raiders HC, does anyone think he might take Hocenson at 4 if Bosa, Allen and Williams are off and pick edge with our latter picks?
  14. 2019 7 Round Mock draft

    To all of the posters making mock drafts the Raiders number one need are edge rushers we had a league low 13 sacks over 16 games, in this draft the mocker picked Q. Williams while Q Williams is a better prospect than Montez Sweat the Raiders will pick Sweat because of Need at DE. Since we have 3 picks in round one + 1 at 35 if we took Williams at #4 then we would take edge rushers/ DE at 27 and 35 leaving us to take a TE Fant or Smith with 24 Josh Jacobs is a pick the Raiders may like but cant use The Raiders have to spend 3 out of 4 of their first 4 on defense. In this mock NOT a single edge rusher was chosen. For the life of me if I was was Mark Wilison and My GM and Head Coach made such a stupid draft they would be looing for work before day 3.
  15. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    Does the Poster understand scheme fit? The picks for the 49er's Jets and the Raiders shows he does not. The 49er's would either p[ick Bosa or Q Williams as Bosa is a 4-3 end and Q Williams can play any place on the D-Line Ed Oliver is a 3T Under Tackle or a 9T DE the 49 er's do not need a 3T they have one of the best Buckner. The Jets are a 3-4 defense so they would eith take Q Williams or Josh Allen not Bosa. The Raiders could take any of the 4 their First take would be Bosa second Alllen [ they would play him at DE even though he is a 3-4 OLB as he is the next best DE If the Raiders picked Williams or Oliver they would play Williams at 0T or 9T as they have Hall and Hurst at 3T. I am not sure whre they would Play Oliver most likely at 3t and find a different place to play hall.