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  1. I think the options for TB at 14 in this scenario are Kinlaw, Josh Jones, Swift, and Ruggs. Kinlaw represents BPA, but with Suh signed and Vea present, IDL is hardly a need for 2020 and we are in win now mode. Josh Jones represents the biggest need which is RT, and Arians appeared to rave about him during the combine citing an OL who dominated Senior Bowl drills as catching his eye. Ruggs and Swift are the weapons who represent decent value but also fill a need to add a dynamic playmaker to feast on the lack of attention they will get with Evans/Godwin/Howard/Brate hoarding defensive attention. Right now I'm leaning towards Ruggs. Imagine Ruggs in the Welker/Edelman role?
  2. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

  3. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    Just updated post. Traded 62 to the Bucs for their 2021 2nd rounder. Bucs likely taking Dugger who is far and away BPA. Targeting Leki Foto in round 3.
  4. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    Kyle Dugger sitting there at 62, tough to pass up IMO i know you have Minkah, but those two together? Damn. ETA Forgot about Edmunds who you took high just too years ago (who's pretty meh but thats another discussion). Got an offer to trade down for the Bucs 2021 2nd rounder and think I'm going to take it.
  5. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    Gallimore went 48 so traded back for picks 62 and 94. Thinking about Leki Foto and maybe a WR.
  6. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    Gotcha. Will go with Gallimore/Madubuike assuming one makes it to 49.
  7. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    Those WRs are off the board. I like Gallimore and Madubuike but neither are NTs. if they would fit, I could take em but right now Akers is the top guy on my board by quite a bit and think he would add a dynamic element to your backfield that went missing when Bell left.
  8. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    Wilson and Ruiz are the only IOLs off the board. Brown, Kinlaw, Epenesa and Blacklock are the only IDLs off the board.
  9. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    I'm picking for the Steelers in a mock, and the 2nd rounder is coming up. Both Akers and Dobbins are on the board at RB (Taylor/Swift are gone). Both guys would be nice complements to Connor, ya?
  10. Buccaneers New Uniforms Confirmed

    Congrats! Your teams make lots of money! Off fools like you who to pay to watch their mediocre product!
  11. Buccaneers New Uniforms Confirmed

    Just like the rafters in the leafs home rink, eh? Glory years (only your grandpa remembers).
  12. Buccaneers New Uniforms Confirmed

    Jerry Jones is successful in padding his pockets, I’ll give you that.
  13. Official 2020 QB Thread

    In a worst case scenario, I think you can pull the trigger on Ruggs. The 3rd WR spot in Arians offence is a starter and will see plenty of footballs- plus stylistically he'd be a dream fit next to Evans and Godwin. That could be one of the greatest triplets of WRs EVER.
  14. Official 2020 QB Thread

    I agree, Arians will love Eason. I'm hoping for a late first trade up as opposed to taking him at 14 though.
  15. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Don't get the comp. Eason to me is going to be a quality starter in this league. Give him some protection and some playmakers outside and he's gonna make some big time plays for you. Has a way higher floor than guys like Herbert/Love/Hurts. Reminds quite a bit of Carson Palmer. The arm is that rare.