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  1. I got a mid first grade for Taylor and he’s the top RB in the draft for me so have him qued up, but if gets taken I’ll go with Dobbins who’s my #3 RB. ETA: Taylor went, so took Dobbins.
  2. Swift and CEH went late round 1. So it’s Dobbins or Taylor with a couple of picks to go.
  3. So snagged 1. Herbert 2. Jeudy 3. Jones with the three first rounders. Tempted to take one of Taylor/Dobbins with the early 2nd to give complete the offensive revamp.
  4. Urlacher was never athletic enough to play safety in the NFL.
  5. Simmons doesn't even qualify as a tweener. Tweener means someone who is caught between two positions. Simmons can PLAY both positions. He's not a guy who is "too small" for LB, or "too slow" for DB- he's simultaneously athletic enough to play DB, and big/long enough to play LB. He can cover like a corner, and rush the passer like an edge. We really have never seen anything like him before.
  6. I think he goes in the teens but we’ll see.
  7. Unless Jefferson falls to them, that could makes sense.
  8. I like Niang and Wilson as well, but Cleveland has the potential to be a shutdown LT in the pass game which has great value. Sure he's a muffin in the run game, but protecting your QBs blindside is still the name of the game. Jones and Jackson have that potential as well, which is why I expect all 3 of those guys to go in round 1. Niang and Wilson are a RT and OG respectively for me, but should be quality starters at those positions. Both will be solid Day 2 picks.
  9. I have them ranked in the order I wrote them, so hopefully Jones makes it there. But Jackson could be a good option too, as he'd likely have a year to develop (while playing) before having to protect the young QB.
  10. Ya the top 4 OTs went quickly. Jones, Jackson, and Cleveland are still on the board though, so think I'll gamble that one of them makes it to 26.
  11. I've got the Dolphins in a board mock on another boasrd, and Jerry Jeudy has fallen to pick 18. Do I pull the trigger? That's great value and gives you a true #1 going forward for your new QB (Herbert as Burrow/Tua were gone).
  12. Present tense “endorses”? Or are you talking about a company he was involved with over a decade ago?
  13. People love to tease Brady for his diet, but at what point do we ask ourselves... maybe this 43 year old superstar actually might be onto something?
  14. I think the options for TB at 14 in this scenario are Kinlaw, Josh Jones, Swift, and Ruggs. Kinlaw represents BPA, but with Suh signed and Vea present, IDL is hardly a need for 2020 and we are in win now mode. Josh Jones represents the biggest need which is RT, and Arians appeared to rave about him during the combine citing an OL who dominated Senior Bowl drills as catching his eye. Ruggs and Swift are the weapons who represent decent value but also fill a need to add a dynamic playmaker to feast on the lack of attention they will get with Evans/Godwin/Howard/Brate hoarding defensive attention. Right now I'm leaning towards Ruggs. Imagine Ruggs in the Welker/Edelman role?
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