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  1. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    Let's all be thankful that we did not trade up for a QB like Green Bay did. I am definitely pumped that we did not trade up for Jordan Love. I am very excited to see what our offense will be with our injured WR's and Aiyuk added to the mix.
  2. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    I have to trust the front office until I want them replaced. I do not want them replaced, so I will currently believe in their picks. They have taken a garbage roster and turned it into a super bowl contender. I believe Shanahan has learned from his past WR mistakes (you have to have toughness as well as fit the system). I think the Pettis pick has a lot of people questioning Shanahan's ability to properly judge WR's. I think he just got caught off guard by someone who just does not have the drive to become great. Since that pick, we have gotten Deebo who is great and Hurd who looked like he could be great before his injury. If the front office sees an impact player like Deebo then I am all in. I would gladly trade what we did in order to get another receiver along Deebo's caliber. Would you rather have the #1 receiver on our board or the 6th receiver on our board and a 4th/5th Rd pick? I would take the #1 receiver everytime.
  3. Think the Patriots would be willing to trade their third for Nick Mullens...possibly pick up Josh Jones?
  4. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/brandon-aiyuk-is-an-explosive-talent-but-brings-a-difficult-evaluation/ Here is an analysis from my favorite fantasy football podcast.
  5. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    I don't. The DA in the Duke case withheld evidence and lied to the court on numerous occasions in order to get reelected...it was waaaay worse. There were similarities, but I think the DA heard the original story and refused to accept that her changed story was the real one. Also, the DA prosecuting this case might not have been allowed to drop it (if the DA Jeffrey Rosen decided it needed to go to prelim). Not sure what conversations went on in the DA's office.
  6. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Will either be set for trial or there will be a plea...there is probable cause on the gun charge. My guess is that it is pled down to a misdemeanor.
  7. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Not sure what the league will do. Unlike Elliott, the "victim" has recanted her statement and allegedly has video documentation discrediting her initial statement. The league has not had a scenario like this....but if the tape is what they say it is I do not think the league will suspend him for the DV incident....the gun/pot charges are a different story.
  8. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    If there is actually video evidence showing her injuries happened elsewhere...that is completely different than her just recanting her testimony. The DA is stuck in a crappy position. If that tape shows half of what we have been told this case is over. The DA is now on the defensive...and Foster's attorneys forcing a preliminary hearing is about forcing the DA to make a decision. My guess is the DA might be able to win a preliminary hearing....but I doubt it if the tape shows what they claim it does.
  9. Around the NFL

    I just wanted to point out that he is not just a combine warrior. He has great hands and can make plays. I would have no issue grabbing him in the second if he were to fall....though like I said, I really doubt he makes it to our pick in the 2nd
  10. Around the NFL

    I think that game plan was to hand the ball to Barkley or throw the ball to Barkley. Was pretty hammered in Cabo watching that game live...so I can't recall how he performed. I just remember Barkley destroying the Hawkeyes.
  11. Around the NFL

    I am clearly not biased when it comes to Mike Gesicki. Just gonna say that I watched every Penn State game this year and he always came through with a big play when needed. He has great hands and always showed up. I was pissed at his combine because I think he improved his draft position and will be gone before our pick...but I would be thrilled to draft him if he lasted to our second round pick. I think he has Jimmy Graham receiving potential.
  12. My 3 Round Mock Draft

    I feel like the TE addresses the red zone issues (along with ARob). That was a big problem for our offense this past year. Wasn't sure on Brown being a fit....but we need to start thinking about a Staley replacement...Was looking around for a RD 3 edge rusher (which I think is a big need). Wasn't sure which would be the best case scenario for Rd 3.
  13. My 3 Round Mock Draft

    Trades: Send pick 9 to Buffalo for 22, 53 and 2019 3rd Rd pick) Free Agents: Sign: Allen Robinson WR Andrew Norwell G Rd 1 22. Josh Jackson CB Iowa Hopefully he is here...would be an immediate starter Rd 2 53. Nick Chubb, RB Georgia Replacement for Carlos Hyde 59. Mike Gesicki, TE Penn State Love him. Has been a go to big play maker/red zone threat for Penn State the past 2 yeara...he will help our redzone offense immediately and would be the #2 option behind Allen Robinson. Rd 3 70 Orlando Brown, T Oklahoma Terrible combine drops him down here….hopefully he performs like the tape and not the combine. Could be an eventual replacement for Staley 74. Hercules Mata’afa, edge rusher, Washington State Hopefully helps with our pass rush. I know there is a lot of skepticism with Gesicki, but having watched every Penn State game this past season I feel strongly that he will be a great receiving threat (his combine results are annoying as I was hoping he would drop to the 3rd RD).