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  1. 1. DT Malik Jackson (FA) 2. DT Khalen Saunders (4th) 3. TE Kyle Warring (3rd) 4. CB Byron Murphy (1st) 5. WR Antoine Wesley (late 3rd) 6. OT Yodny Cajuste (2nd) 7. CB Jimmy Moreland (5th) 8. LB Ulysses Gilbert III (6th) 9. LB Ben Burr-Kirven (5th) 10. FS George Iloka (FA) One big hit in free agency with a depth FS carrying a bit of versatility. Pretty much outlined my hopefully realistic Dream Draft as well.
  2. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    And just to be clear, I'd also bring in Eric Reid to compete at SS on a one year deal. Let Greg Williams have no excuses to field a top-flight defense. Amd dont just hand the SS position to Peppers. I thought Kindred was steady-eddie, but let's shake every position group up and let the chaff fall to the bottom.
  3. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    I'm Team Kendricks. I want to push every starter this year, regardless of Pro Bowl status.
  4. OTA Updates

    Thank you for the compiled updates! @ReggieCamp
  5. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    I have plenty of vintage t-shirts, need to show everyone I'm completely hopeless.
  6. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I'll check him out. The main thing I want the 2019 Off-season to establish is a stable of pass-rushing options to rotate as needed, or fill-in due to injury dings. It'd be great if we can get an all-around stud DE opposite Garrett, but even if they go 3rd down pass-rushing specialists, I just want to be able to keep guys fresh and bring heat.
  7. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I still want another top-flight, pass-rushing DE to go with Garrett. Who's the Hateful Eight in that category that I need to study film on? Really want one in the 1st or 2nd Round next year.
  8. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    My BOLD prediction is getting my first Cleveland Browns' QB Jersey since Bernie Kosar. All-In. Putting my heart out there this time. Eff it.
  9. Your Personal Draft

    Pick #1: QB Baker Mayfield - It was a toughie to decide here, I like Darnold a lot too. But as far as QB's since The Return, Mayfield is the first one I've been "all-in" on since Couch. Pick #4: DE Bradley Chubb - I'll continue to pound my mantra, "You can never have enough pass rushers". I believed there was enough talent in the DB class to see one fall to us in the 2nd. Pick #33: CB Isaiah Oliver - Still think he's a first round talent and already has some of the cover nuances you see if experienced NFL press-man corners. He was my #2 CB behind Ward. Pick #35: WR Anthony Miller - Both Gordon and Coleman insurance. The type of competitor I want to pair with Mayfield for their careers. Pick #67: OT Joseph Noteboom - After Brian O'Neill, this was my last moldable LT available that I believed in. Pick #105: DT Maurice Hurst - I wouldn't have believed his talent, albeit with medical risk, would be still around at this point. This would've been my quickest dash to the podium. Pick #150: LB Genard Avery - Loved this pick, his film is awesome and he seems to accommodate to everything his coaching staff asked of him. Pick #175: RB John Kelly - North/South runner with excellent balance after contact. Love this guy's stiff arm. Pick #188: OG/C Tony Adams - Versatile interior blocker, started almost 4 full years and repeated as All-ACC in 2016-2017. Compact, powerful frame with wrestling experience.
  10. Why are you here? (10,000th post)

    I grew up a Browns fan, instilled by my grandfather and my father. I literally remember going to a charity basketball game when I was young and watching Webster Slaughter dunk on a local firemen/policemen intramural team in Bellefontaine, OH. Art Modell nearly ruined the NFL for me forever, I boycotted it from 1995 to 1999. I became a fervent Buckeye fan and immersed myself in college football nationwide. The Return in 1999 was bittersweet, I've felt like a fan of an expansion team instead of a storied franchise ever since. I just want a little sustained success, prove we're not a fluke, and that we belong again. 18 seasons. One playoff loss. The NFL Draft became my mantra right after I graduated college in 2003 and researched mock drafts in every corner of the InterWebs, if I could divine the right players to pick with a modicum of success then our professional scouts should be able to do it, right? That's when I stumbled upon this forum. I posted maybe a dozen times, always between the Scouting Combine and the NFL Draft. That was my sweet spot, but it was mainly just to read. When they "upgraded" to the new format, I decided to become a more frequent poster. If nothing else, I can maybe make my chops at sketch-comedy writing in here.
  11. Where you stood on April 26, 2018

    Pre-Hee-Hee, I was fully in the Darnold camp. Post-Hee-Hee, I was fully erect...ing a monument to sky dive into the Mayfield camp at #1. Sidenote, I had Chubb too.
  12. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    Bold Prediction: Our Passing Offense Ranks Top 8, with two 1000 yd receivers (Gordon, Landry).
  13. Baker Mayfield No. 1

    Honestly, it's May 8th, I expect all QBs to have miscues and mechanics critiqued at this point (except Josh Allen, who legitimately sucks car exhaust, and will for a career, Oh gawd thank you Dorsey for not drafting him and casting me into a pit of despair), it waaaaaay too early. I can only hope that the combo of Haley and Zampese are enough to grow Mayfield into a starter. I'll count my chickens when I see his first NFL action. Just avoid the Cleveland Clinic, Baker. I remember what happened to LeCharles Bentley...
  14. Baker Mayfield No. 1

    I was a RT in a fully-committed read-option/wing T offense in college for 4 years. I don't think we ever threw the ball more than 50 yards in a game, but we hit 400 rushing yards in most.
  15. Baker Mayfield No. 1

    I can't believe I did that. Totally liked a DizzyDean post. I also concur with Dizzy's uniqueness quip. Baker is a hard player to get a total comparable for, because he's not a archetypical QB in my estimation.