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  1. Who is YOUR guy for 2020 Draft

    I'm not sold that Sheldon Richardson is anything more than a rental at this point, so my early bandwagon is for this guy...
  2. Rate the draft and post draft review

    1. If you include OBJ and have an expert-consensus Top 3 CB fall within your Draft haul, I find pretty hard to argue that we didn't knock it out of the park. Even if we didn't take every pick I believed in at their respective draft slots, I can't disagree with their positional targets, even Kicker. 2. Using that draft capital to land OBJ was a master stroke. And trading a 5th in our move up for Greedy not only ensured his acquisition, but also had the added benefit of showing Greedy that we believed in him and really wanted him to be part of our rising culture. 3. My only disagreements involve our 3rd Round target (Takitaki) and the perceived talent I had available in DT Khalen Saunders. I thought that was a missed opportunity to get both someone special and a needed rotational piece is a fairly thin interior DL group for us.
  3. 2019 NFL draft day 3; Dorseys delight.

    I still want at least one interior DL for our rotation: Wren, Watts, Mack, and Willis are the four left that I'd still considerable valuable without being a complete shot-in-the-dark. Edit: Daniel Wise also probably deserves to be on this list, plus we've met with him multiple times.
  4. Rounds 2 and 3 discussion thread.

    So, Greedy?
  5. Rounds 2 and 3 discussion thread.

    Just watching the Tracker here. My prognostication is Lonnie Johnson Jr
  6. What is your worst Browns take since the return.

    This. I was so effing wrong it hurts in that place between my stomach and my nethers.
  7. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    I know this is a WalkTheMock thread, but I've recently found another mock simulation I really like on https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine Recent sample: #49 Trayvon Mullen, CB Clemson #80 Khalen Saunders, IDL Western Illinois #119 Nate Davis, IOL Charlotte #144 Bobby Evans, OT Oklahoma #155 Tre Watson, LB Maryland #170 Evan Worthington, S Colorado #189 Armon Watts, IDL Arkansas #221 Donnie Lewis Jr, CB Tulane
  8. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    You definitely could be right, I'm not sure I'd gamble on him until the 4th, as we all seem to be guessing on his most natural fit. If we're going DL in the 3rd, I'd like someone who could develop as the eventual successor to either DT Richardson or DE Vernon. And I know that's wishful thinking.
  9. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    Collier just feels like an eventual fit as a 5 Tech to me. His strength, hands, and 34" arms seem ideal. I think a 3-4 team will snag him up about the same range as Isaiah Buggs.
  10. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    In a vacuum, end of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd. But in this draft, scarcity at other positions I believe will push him down mid-to-late 3rd.
  11. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    Khalen Saunders is probably my favorite 3T after the first round. His build, coupled with the way he's shown the ability to penetrate, screams high-end contributor on Day 1 to me.
  12. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    Nice synergy with our "interested prospects" thread. Juan Thornhill is probably my biggest Draft Crush. I think he has excellent tools to incorporate if Steve Wilks turns out to be the Cover 3 Zone / Fire Blitz Heavy kind of coordinator he's shown in the past.
  13. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    Question, how do you think LJ Collier transfers into the NFL? I can't tell if he's a Power DE or can put on enough anchor weight to be a 3-Tech.
  14. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    My latest mock from walkthemock.com for CLE via Default ranking 2:17 - OT Dalton Risner, Kansas St. 3:16 - CB Trayvon Mullen, Clemson 4:17 - TE Kahale Warring, San Diego St. 5:6 - NT Trysten Hill, UCF 5:17 - LB Drue Tranquill, Notre Dame 5:32 - FS Sheldrick Redwine, Miami (FL) 6:16 - DL John Cominsky, Charleston (WV) 7:7 - QB Trace McSorley, Penn St. Don't have the nifty upgrade, but tried to keep it fairly realistic. Well, as realistic as getting DT Hill and LB Tranquill in the 5th round, I guess.
  15. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    You got kids?