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  1. So what exactly was Panagno's strength? It seemed like he played a standard zone rush the passer with the front four scheme.
  2. If we were to get Minshew, we should talk about this trade with Foles. We want to make sure his feelings aren't hurt, George made it clear the culture of this organization is about feelings and friendship. Winning is a result of the friendships you make along the way.
  3. Agreed. In fact he turned into a bargain after that picture. This isn't a guy who had tons of character concerns and this was the icing on the cake.
  4. I agree - we need to modify the scheme to focus a bit more on sending extra guys rather than just sitting back and hoping we get front four pressure.
  5. I would take a shot with Minshew. Could we get him for a 5th?
  6. Plus with Goldman back I think the defense can return to top 10 status. It won’t matter becuaee we don’t have a QB and end up with the same close games that we end up losing.
  7. It’s time to move on Mitch sucks. He cannot play well against good defenses.
  8. I think that would be hard for them to part with. The sunk cost to acquire him was quite a lot. Would be great for us though!
  9. Getting Tua would be an amazing get as a prospect. Watson to the Jets would be awful for Watson. Why aren’t the Pats involved?
  10. Oh I totally agree I was speculating on. Worse case scenario. It’s just going to be very challenging for the Bears getting their guy.
  11. Lance, Wilson, Justin Fields, Lawrence, Trask and Jones. That is 6 QBs in the first round. I'm trying to think of all the QB hunger teams - Jax - 1 Lawrence Jets - 2 Fields Dolphins 3 - maybe? Falcons 4 - Wilson 5- Bengals - no 6 - Eagles - no 7 -lions - maybe? I guess even by 7 we have potentially 6 QBs being taken.
  12. I think Tannehill is the strongest example of a QB resurrecting's his career after getting meaningful time as a starter. Warner nor Favre received that amount of playing time. My belief is that it's extremely rare and not worth the effort to pursue Darnold or Rosen or any of these players who failed with playing time. The most I would give Darnold is a 5th and at that point you're just gambling for a lucky lotto ticket.
  13. Bingo this is exactly how I feel. My boss is a die-hard Cowboys fan and has similar apathy for his team. He said he use to live and die by the Cowboys and now he watches but that same obsessive fire is gone. I think that is pretty sad, but also where I'm headed too.
  14. Can you give an example of a QB who is a bust at one time that turns into a good QB in another team? The only one I can think of is Brees.
  15. I have a 4.5 month old so I plan on checking out of Twitter and coming into this forum once or twice a day. I do not plan on watching a ton of NFL playoff football, since it just pisses me off so much that the Bears are the disaster that they are.
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