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  1. The defense is going to be top 5 next year. We have the talent and just need 1-2 more pieces.
  2. Why exactly? He wasn't great when he was part of the Bears coaching stuff with Turner. He also didn't do much with Herbert, Tyrod Taylor was the starting QB and Hebert had zero reps. I think Hebert was going to be good no matter what.
  3. Anyone from the Shannhan tree would be great as well. Their running scheme mixed with PA is just perfect for Fields.
  4. I'm fine with this hire. I'm more curious who the OC is going to be.
  5. God that blurb really tells us nothing about him. I’m ready for the data to come in - who does he hire as HC? Who does he draft in 2022? These will give us a hint of if this guy is legit or another mistake.
  6. I'm happy we got our guy, but who knows if he will be any good. 36 years old is pretty young to be the GM of a team. After Emery and Pace I'm not going to be over the moon with any guy. Let's see how his first draft turns out.
  7. I'm not so sure about that. He would be perfectly fine in Pittbsburg, Denver and and probably New Orleans. People care more about ability rather than political views.
  8. How about the Niners current OC. It’s all about staff building. John Fox was able to build a great staff. He just didn’t have talent.
  9. Who does Poles bring with him as an HC?
  10. I have been celebrating not only Robbie's kick but Jimmy G's post game comments regarding the Packers.
  11. Jim Caldwell just screams John Fox.
  12. Chargers have the same "problem" with Staley. If Fields is the real deal, prospective OCs are going to be desperate to coach him next. He will make them look good and jumpstart them to be head coaches. Buffalo will have no problem finding the best available OC when Daboll departs.
  13. I guess what I'm saying is, Fields will develop those skills regardless of having Daboll or not. I don't think it's really something you can teach.
  14. That is pretty good news. This Frazier to the Bears never made any sense to me. But we do need to hire the best available coach rather then falling in love with an OC. I don’t think it’s Daboll I think it’s Allen. He was playing lights out and outside of offensive structure.
  15. Bears fan here, but I wanted to rejoice in the collapse of the Packers. I offer you this lovely treat - the last throw to Adams and Lazard is wide open. Rogers went full mitch trubisky on this one. https://twitter.com/BenFennell_NFL/status/1485261036404027393?s=20
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