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  1. It can’t be that much shorter can it? I try and watch on delay and usually catch up pretty quickly.
  2. If this is possible I would consider it. His value is much lower to us now that the entire D is a middle of the pack unit. We need to shift to building around Fields rather than the D.
  3. Mack is not a difference maker right now. He just looks like a guy right now.
  4. Just watching Fields play gives me confidence he has it. The guy simply understands how to play the position from a mental perspective. This season will be a total waste but watching Fields develop will be great and 2022 there is a chance we can make some noise.
  5. I cannot believe we are still talking about Mitch as a potential starter in the league. He does not have the skill set whichever way you scheme him to be successful over the course of a full season. He can't throw it deep, and he can't read complex defenses. He will always limit the offense and against good defenses struggle. He is going to be a great backup player in the league and lit it up 1-3 games before falling back to regular Mitch.
  6. I thought Fields looked really good through the game. He’s calm and poised. He looks down field, knows when to run and when to pass it. He rarely produces negative plays, I’ve been pretty impressed by him. He needs to start week 4-6.
  7. Even his success against the Bears was the same stuff. Short throws, getting YAC, roll outs and mobility. He still can’t read defenses or throw deep. He’s going to be a great backup for any team out there and can easily light it up 2-3 games.
  8. This is a complete disaster. I expected an 8-9 season, but with this many injuries we should be tracking around 6 wins this year. Pace is just too aggressive for his own good. The hope for this year is that Justin shows promise and we can have a strong 2022.
  9. It's concerning for sure. This feels like Gabe Camrini.
  10. That point seems so insane to me. When I was 17 the Bears went 13-3 with **** Jauron and I became a diehard fan. I guess in 2001 there were way less options for entertainment. Now it's almost impossible to be bored. I will say my ability to watch a TV show or movie with commercials is nearly 0. The only time I will sit down and watch any commercials is during sports and it usually drives me crazy. Perhaps kids just cannot handle the barrage of commercials that sports has?
  11. They were actually good against the pass and bad against the run. Then eventually they had a huge spurt when they just sucked. I think they will be a top 15 unit. Mack is just not as dominant as he was year 1.
  12. Perfect example is Justin Herbert - does not get any first team reps all training camp and then Tyrold Taylor gets injured forcing Herbert to start. He was not setup for success and he killed it. His OC was our own Pep Hamilton...
  13. Paraphrasing here - “no training wheels required, this kid is not Mitch.”
  14. Is this an article ? Where can I get more ?
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