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  1. Rally Around the QB Mock Draft

    It sounds like Jordan Love of Utah will not be declaring this draft. He would be a great pickup in round 3.
  2. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    I know, I always say it sarcastically. I routinely tell coworkers we need to get off the bus running too.
  3. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Classless guy. But like when the Patriots were running up the score in 2007, do something about it.
  4. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    There was this great article in the Milwaukee Sentinel when the Packers went to the NFC championship game. It highlighted the struggles of the Packers in the 70s and 80s. The picture in the article was a fan at Lambeau with a sign "loyalty has it's limits." One of my coworkers is 25 and is a huge Packers fan - he has literally never known them to be bad.
  5. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Bear weather baby!
  6. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Link to this picture?
  7. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    How in shape with Hicks be going into this game? I'm hoping his conditioning isn't a problem and we can use him on 60% of snaps.
  8. Can Ryan Tannehill be THE GUY for Tennessee?

    This is one of the biggest problems in sports. Draft status or money gets in the way of who is the better player. I'm glad Tannehill is having success on a new team.
  9. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    Vegas has the Packers as either a 7 or 5 point favorite against the Bears. I guess they aren't buying our three game win streak. I think Packers win 23-20 in a close game.
  10. Bears @ Packers, 12/15, 12:00 GDT

    He played solid but we didn't blow them out as we should have.
  11. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    Loosened up more- are you asking Rogers to expand his risk appetite, throw some more picks in order to get potentially better offense? I always felt that’s what made Rogers elite he never throws the game away.
  12. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    As an outside viewer this is my thought. Rogers has no elite weapons. He’s playing really well stats wise with a bunch of average talent. the coaching must be really good because you guys are winning without a dominant O or D which leads me to believe you never turn the ball over and never commit penalties.
  13. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

    I saw this and I thought you hijacked his Twitter.
  14. Around the NFL Thread

    He’s been horrendous this year. How do you throw two picks against the benegals?
  15. NFCN Rivals - Packers Thread

    Vikes should have won the first game. They don’t impress me at all - their stats on offense and defense are not great. i have no idea how they are winning - I guess disciplined coaching and zero turnovers.