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  1. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    I've been a member since 2005 and I'm pretty sure this is my first GDT. I'm really hoping this is a lucky charm of sorts. The Bears are 6-3 and favored by 3 points against a evenly balanced Vikings team with a new QB and new OC. The Bears are coming off a dominating game over the Lions resulting in a blow out much larger than the final score indicates. 10Gawd had a near perfect game and was dialed in from the start. Can he build on this momentum and shred a top 10 Vikings defense that is starting to figure it out? I have on idea if the Vikings OL is any good, but if Mack has his way I can see a couple fumbles from Cousins. Fun Fact- Cousins is from Barrington so he should throw a couple of picks to his favorite team growing up. Bears 27-23 in a evenly matched game that's decided in the fourth quarter.
  2. 2nd Viewing OL Thoughts

    Points 6 and 7 make a lot of sense actually. I just don't see any big holes ever. Would Nagy and Harry consider switching to a ZBS at this stage of the season?
  3. What to do with Bryce Callahan

  4. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    You guys can lose this game and still win the division, I don’t feel like we can unless we beat you at home. this is a must win for the Bears. Line has dropped to 2.5.
  5. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Can you PM me where?
  6. Predict the 2019 coaching changes.

    Whoever gets the Ravens job is going to be set up for success. That organization has consistently excelled at drafting talent. We all know its going to be an offensive coach and one that works with Lamar Jackson's talents. McCarthy isn't creative enough for a Mariotta style QB, but he would be a slam dunk hire for them.
  7. Lions @ Bears GDT

    @WindyCity When can we expect reviews from you?
  8. Checking in with Trubisky

    I was 16-17 and then the Bears went 13-3 with **** Jauron and I was hooked.
  9. Lions @ Bears GDT

    I did not like Nagys last red zone play calling, hoping he can get some better calls this drive.
  10. Lions @ Bears GDT

  11. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Miller is a fighter how did he stay on his feet? I thought for sure it was OPI.
  12. Lions @ Bears GDT

    I wouldn’t be upset if they had a couple of good seasons as long as it doesn’t affect us.
  13. Lions @ Bears GDT

    Callahan is earning a pay day.
  14. Lions @ Bears GDT

    I really don’t like that call why get Mitch unnessacry hits?