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  1. Trubisky 2019 season development & growth thread

    Great backup. Let's get him and draft another QB.
  2. Kyle Long likely to be placed on IR

    I 100% agree. Long no longer had the physical ability to play the position, which is ironic because he was such a freak in his earlier years. If Coward can give us some push and Daniels and Whitehair can start playing like their capable we can have a competent rush game. I'm hoping Leno can stop regressing and actually play at 80% of last year. If we can get a running game going we can really change the narrative of this offense and this season. We need to be 4-2 and in the hunt hoping for a decisive showdown in Green Bay.
  3. Nagy "hopes" Hicks will return this year

    Why didn't they put him on IR then?
  4. Week 7 GDT: The Saints

    Bears open up as 4 point favorites.
  5. Kyle Long likely to be placed on IR

    I’m shocked by this move. It seems like they listened to everyone here on the forum. Nagy probably reviewed the film and realized Long is done. Nagy does not seem like a stubborn coach if he’s willing to think of the team and not one player.
  6. Thoughts and Observations: Week 5 Raiders

    This is an interesting way to look at things. I've seen very good coaches fail at other organizations primarily because of a lack of talent. How good was Chuck Pagano's defense in Indy during his time here? I think you are expecting Nagy to create something out of nothing. He deserves heat for the following: Switching Cody from center to guard - failure Inaccurately accessing the offensive line Putting too much on Mitch's plate when he isn't ready Having the team unprepared for playing in London
  7. Around the NFL Thread

    Baker looks terrible.
  8. Thoughts and Observations: Week 5 Raiders

    Great game plan by Gruden as well. I haven't seen a lot of players wide open against the Bears defense. The physicality of your offensive line was very impressive. I'm glad your team is improving! Good luck the rest of the way.
  9. I can see this team squeaking by with a 9-7 record as a wild card team. I would really love to see the Bears go to the playoffs back to back years. When was the last time that happened? 2005 to 2006?
  10. Perhaps HH really wanted to run this scheme? If so lets let him go. He hasn't really done anything to develop this line.
  11. Agreed - the travel plans just did not work at all for us. We looked sleepy and slow out there.
  12. Couldn't we say the same thing about the Colts vs the Chiefs? What team is perfect week in and week out?
  13. The voice of reason. It's still so early, I think it's obvious this team came out flat in all phases and we still had a chance to win. Before anyone says "but it's the Raiders" - every team loses winnable games. It's the NFL this is what makes the sport fun!
  14. The zone blocking scheme was working so well for this Oline with Fox and Jordan Howard. I feel like we're fitting a round peg in a square hole.
  15. Thoughts and Observations: Week 5 Raiders

    This is on point. Why is he playing? Isn't this suppose to be a meritocracy? I think the line played so much better with Ted Larsen during the Vikings game. The long term trend however, is bad. This line has been terrible at run blocking since Nagy joined the staff. It's definitely part coaching and fit but also it's part players. I would immediately switch James and Cody and see if that helps the interior. Leno really needs to get his head out of his butt. If he can play at last years level we could easily turn this line around. We have to get competition at the line and see if Larsen or Coward can compete. Kyle Long needs to be benched, hes the weakest person on the line right now.