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  1. Trade up! The only thing that is going to excite me about the Bears is a QB prospect. Falcons are right there at #4.
  2. What job allows so much freedom!?
  3. The best fried snickers bar you've ever had.
  4. It's unfortunate we will have to draft another CB in the second, but it's necessary. I would like to see Tevin Jenkins at #20 if he was available.
  5. Yep live in Chicago (Wicker Park).
  6. I watched him against a medicore South Carolina team and came away pretty unimpressed. I think he has the skillset but I'm not sure if he has the big game and mental experience to produce at the next level. At the same time, choosing a QB is a total crap shoot, there was nothing I saw in Justin Herbert's college performance that would make me thing he would end up being this good as a pro.
  7. His mobility is ideal for Shannhan's system. What becomes of Jimmy G now..
  8. Let's roll with Andy and get a future LT in the first.
  9. Massive trade by the Niners to go to top three. This trade on paper looks worse than what Pace did to move up a slot in the 2017 draft. Getting a QB clouds all GM's judgement.
  10. The Cohen signing just never made much sense to me. He's been a solid contributor, but nothing special worthy of his contract size.
  11. I don't even understand why you would give Dalton $10MM when you have the same player in Foles. How much money do we have invested in the quarterback position in 2021? It's going to be a QB carousel of complete crap.
  12. Foles and by mid-season they switch to Trask. I was not impressed with Trask at all during the bowl game. Without the elite TE prospect he looked very generic.
  13. Has it ever gone smoothly when a player get's franchised.
  14. I don't know what to think here, Pace is pretty good at hiding his intentions, why would he reverse course? Are the Eagles just attaching the Bears name to drive the market value against the Colts?
  15. What is the background on Barry? Is he underqualified, inexperienced or incompetent
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