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  1. Bears Covid Group Chat

    bump this thread - some time this weekend?
  2. Post Free Agency Mock Draft

    I love the double dip at OL but with how good this WR class is, I think we need to use one of our top two picks on a WR.
  3. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Enterprise sales for a software company. I travel almost every week for work, so this new all remote lifestyle is something very new.
  4. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    I feel like Pace's MO has been to draft the Endmunds of the world and he changed that to get Roquan. The guy just can't get it right. I think we should have gotten Mike Mcglintoch (sp), the RT for the Niners.
  5. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    How many comp picks are we going to get next year? Nick, KPL, Lucas. Pace can draft at the lower end of the draft, just seems to be horrible at round 1.
  6. If they are average in talent, why did they block so poorly? We were 28-30th in YPC last year. The talent should have us around the 17th to 20th YPC. Coaching was a big problem last year.
  7. I think QB's play a role in avoiding sacks by pocket presence and getting the ball out fast. I think Foles will be adequate in that. I also expect the Bears to draft an OT in this draft. Mitch was pretty awful this past year and wildly inconsistent, I think we'll see a modest increase in offensive production from 29th to 18th. I don't think that is unrealistic to expect with Foles and some additional upgrades. With a defense that is likely top 10 to top 5, why can't we make the playoffs?
  8. Cam is not a QB for this system and Dalton is mediocre. Nick was my top QB minus the compensation. I think this is a good choice by the Bears. Nagy has a QB who can actually run his system without being confused. I think that was the critical issue last year. I'm excited to see what Foles can do. All he has to be is average (15-17th best QB) for us to get to the playoffs.
  9. OL and WR in rounds two.
  10. I think what this is really telling us is that the Bears huddled up in the offense and agreed Mitch is a central reason for this offense failing. They all agreed they had to do something to get competent QB play regardless of the cost. That is pretty telling of what will happen to Mitch this season.
  11. Guy he isn't coming to be QB2, hes going to be the starter.
  12. I for one do not hate this move. This guy has shown to effectively run this offense. If the Jaguars are taking the cap hit in 2020, how does that affect us? I hate that we lost a 4th round pick, but I think the Jags were really unwilling to budge. With Foles, I feel good about the offense taking a step forward and being competent.
  13. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Cam is not a good player and just doesn't fit Nagy's system. I wouldn't mind Foles or Dalton, but now with Brady to the Bucs we have serious competition
  14. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Dan is always so pessimistic. I agree about Shaheen being a bust, but not Floyd. He was a productive player, just not the sack specialist we hoped for.
  15. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I think we could honestly see anything. I think Pace is banking on BPA. I would love an OT/G in the second along with DB or WR.