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  1. I just don't think Mitch has the mental ability to read defenses at the level Foles does. I think the job will be handed to Foles by the end of "training camp."
  2. He should notice that they lost to a generational QB. I think he should blend his style with a HOF QB. His offensive line is not at all on the same level of the Niners. I also suspect the Niners will not make the Superbowl again because of Jimmy G.
  3. So dissappointed, we didn’t even try to get a QB in this draft.
  4. What happen to Randy Moss's son? Was he drafted?
  5. Time to give Pace credit for drafting two linemen. Bow to Pace!
  6. What are we grading here? How good the player will be or if they provide a need?
  7. Great great pick for them. When Josh Allen busts he can help transition.
  8. OL would have been great or a QB. We always need edge players but felt offense should feel taken priority. i think this staff is just better at scouting defense.
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