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  1. Perfect example is Justin Herbert - does not get any first team reps all training camp and then Tyrold Taylor gets injured forcing Herbert to start. He was not setup for success and he killed it. His OC was our own Pep Hamilton...
  2. Paraphrasing here - “no training wheels required, this kid is not Mitch.”
  3. I think Quinn was injured, I'm hoping he can at least give us 7-8 sacks next year. That signing was actually a pretty solid one based on his production in Dallas. The Foles and Danny T signings were just bad. With how desperate teams are for QBs and potential injuries, I can see a team trading a 7th for Foles.
  4. I was planning on getting my wife pregnant with #2 based on what happened in the draft. I can deal with a tired and hormonal wife if I have to watch Andy Dalton take every snap. We now have to modify our family plans because of Fields.
  5. Didn't Aaron Rogers come from a Cal program that produced mediocre QBs such as Kyle Boller? It's lazy thinking.
  6. Pequods is a very good competitor to Lous. I've also heard good things about Art of Pizza and Chicago Oven Grinder.
  7. Yep Lou Malnattis! Good bump on this post. Based on Pace drafting Justin Fields, I had a different use for my tears.
  8. How many teams passed on Watson and Mahomes? Did they all know something or did they just screw up?
  9. We have to do a great job of protecting Fields while providing more weapons. I could care less about the defense right now. if it turns into a top 15 unit that is completely fine. We need our offense to be the identify of this team. Let's get more OL and WRs. CB can be a 5th-6th pick.
  10. I agree, we need to stick with whatever CB we get in the later rounds and focus on the OL and add another WR. If we can get a future LT and a playmaking WR we would be in a great spot. Clearly with the Fields pick, Pace and Nagy have plenty of time left on their contracts. Let's try to make some long term decisions.
  11. I'm beyond thrilled with this pick. I remember watching the Clemson / OSU game and thinking this kid has a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove that OSU is not going to be walked over. It reminded me quite a bit of Watson. We desperately needed a legit QB prospect and some how we got one. This is probably the same feeling I would have had if we drafted Watson.
  12. I didn’t even go to the draft when it was in Chicago.. I prefer to be at home and checking Twitter and goofing with friends.
  13. I really hope the Bears are able to move up and get one of the top QBs. We have to take a shot.
  14. Lous pizza and maybe drink my tears depending on what Pace does.
  15. Great point on touches. A TE just does not have the kind of impact on a game that a DE or a QB would have.
  16. I would also agree with this. I think GMs may value Zach Wilson differently than fans.
  17. This would be a slam dunk draft. I'm really hoping Pace makes a move to get a top QB. If he swings and misses again, at least he tried. We are going nowhere without a potential starting QB.
  18. Dan Wierder from the Chicago Tribune wrote a great story on this. It was honestly very depressing to hear how quickly ALS has spread.
  19. This is the key and unfortunate reality for GMs. The league has turned completely into a QB driven one. It doesn't matter how well you draft, until you have a QB you don't have a shot and your W/L record will reflect that. He needs to take a bold shot at QB in this draft and hit that pick to change the narrative around his GMing.
  20. I will add that there is an insane amount of luck involved with acquiring the right QB. We have to keep taking shots until we find our guy. We cannot wait till all the conditions are perfect to draft a QB.
  21. Trade up! The only thing that is going to excite me about the Bears is a QB prospect. Falcons are right there at #4.
  22. What job allows so much freedom!?
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