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  1. Corys first Mock of 2020! 3 round

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. It’s my first mock so it is a little idealistic and I’m sure as it was pointed out some of these guys will won’t make it to FA.
  2. Corys first Mock of 2020! 3 round

    Cut Trumaine Johnson Brian Winters Daryl Roberts Josh Bellamy Avery Williamson Resign Brian Poole- had a fantastic year and will hold down the slot corner for years Jordan Jenkins- continues to improve just need a more impactful rusher opposite him Robby Anderson- Would really hate to see Robby leave. When we fix the O-line Robby will be able to expose defenses even more down the field. Terrel Bashem- Solid backup Neville Hewitt- Great special teamer who showed he can play on defense this year Trade Leveon Bell to Kansas City for 2nd round pick. I think this just makes sense. Get rid of the contract and with an improved O line our run game will thrive even with a possibly lesser talented back. Free agency Matt Breida- change of pace back to go with whoever we draft to be our bell cow Anthony Costanzo -The franchise LT we haven’t had since Brick retired. If he hits the open market this becomes a no brainer. Halpoulivaati Vaitai- The JD connection is there and let’s not underestimate the player this kid is Austin Blythe- Guard with starting experience that at the very least provides great depth. Matthew Judon- A force on the edge that when teamed with Jenkins gives us some juice at pass rusher Logan Ryan- He comes Home and finishes his career in Green. Not the athlete he once was but his awareness still make him a playmaker. Anthony Brown- Depth corner who has experience outside and in. Draft 1st round Jedrick Wills- Love the pick here and with us getting our LT in free agency he can stay on the right side like he did in college. 2nd Jk Dobbins- Bell Cow back who will thrive behind this impressive O line we suddenly have Michael Pittman- This kid brings the size dimension at WR our offense lacks. NFL bloodlines and having chemistry with Darnold already makes me like this pick even more. Would be a day 1 pick if he had more consistent QB play over the last two years. 3rd KJ Hill- Our new Jerricho Cotchery. Not the most athletically gifted WR but he always seems to get open, is tough as nails, and doesn’t put the ball on the ground. Him and Pittman solidify our WR core for years to come Alton Robinson- Developmental pass rusher who won’t have to play right away but I can see him pushing for situational snaps. A lot of length and other physical tools with enough production to get you excited. Darnold Dobbins Breida Anderson Pittman Crowder Hill Enunwa Herndon Griffin Constanzo Vaitai Harrison Blythe Wills Q Williams Phillips Fatukasi Mclendon Anderson Sheppard Jenkins Bashem Mosley Hewitt Burgess Cashman Judon Robinson Ryan Hairston Adams Milez Maye Farley Poole Brown Austin Maulet Appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks guys
  3. First Mock of the year ( 3 Rounds)

    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I definitely have questions about Joseph but I did see him flash a lot in the Florida games I watched. 3rd round might be too high for him
  4. First Mock of the year ( 3 Rounds)

    Jets Offseason Resign Quincy Enunwa Andre Roberts Josh McCown Henry Anderson Morris Claiborne Sign Leveon Bell- The best RB in the league. The security he will provide for our young QB can’t be quantified Roger Saffold- A top 10 guard in the NFL. Changes our O-line immediately Mitch Morse- The Center that solidifies the position Justin Houston- He gets cut and we sign him to a deal less than what he was making but we make sure we don’t get out bid Cameron Wake- I think he will get cut and the Jets pounce on him and make him a rotational pass rusher. Limit his snaps and he can still be productive Steven Nelson- Solid cover corner who isn’t afraid to tackle and has outside and slot versatility Draft Trade 3 overall to Jaguars for #7 overall, 2019 2nd and 2020 2nd 7 overall Montez Sweat- This kid blew up the combine but he’s far from just being an athlete. He had big time production in the SEC and I love his Motor. Sweat, Houston and Wake suddenly give us a pass rush to be feared 2nd Round Hakeem Butler- The big body receiver our offense is missing. I think this kid could be a true number 1 receiver in a couple years if he limits his drops and polishes his route running but for now he can be an instant impact Red-zone receiver and chain mover. 3rd Round Daylon Mack- I like the motor and pad level this kid plays with. He’s short but has a wide base that helps him anchor down. I think he’s a plug and play NT for us Vosean Joseph- One of my favorite sleepers in this draft. He doesn’t play with the physicality necessary for the NFL yet but he has good instincts in the run and in coverage. I think he could get playing time as a rookie in obvious passing downs.
  5. Jets trade up to 3

    It’s about time we got serious and aggressive about finding our franchise guy. If we hit on the pick ( big if), three years from now we won’t care at all about 3 2nd round picks.
  6. FA Thread 2018

    Good day overall. Id like to see Ryan Jensen and EJ Gaines signed tomorrow but I think Claiborne is more likely at Corner
  7. Off from Work Mock Offseason

    If this happenes I’d be excited. This team is young and athletic
  8. Da mock.. first post combine mock 7 rounds

    If you don’t think Kelvin Beachum should be in the NFL then you are clearly the one that didn’t watch enough football.
  9. Does a FA class bet the Browns

    1. That team would beat a lot of teams not just the browns. 2. Pointless topic
  10. Da mock.. first post combine mock 7 rounds

    Saying you don’t like it at all because I got us a franchise quarterback that you happen not to like is a reach. And for the life of me I don’t understand the Cousins hate. He’s started 3 full years in the NFL and the one year where he had all his receivers , a healthy O-line and Jordan Reed he almost threw for 5,000. He’s been an above average quarterback all three years but only had above average Weapons 1 of those years. Protect him, give him some playmakers and continue to grow the deffense and you could win a super bowl. And the arguement “ The Redskins let him go for a reason” is hilarious to me as if Dan Schneider and the Redskins have a great track record with free agency and just general decision making.
  11. Cut Muhammad Wilkerson Buster Skrine James Carpenter Sign Kirk Cousins- We get our guy. Zack Fulton- Versatile player that will Be our starting center Justin Pugh- Solid guard with tackle versatility who is well versed in the zone blocking scheme EJ Gaines- Like this kid a lot. He’s a fighter on the boundary but could also kick it inside to cover slot guys Malcom Butler- I think Jets fans will like this guy once he’s in our colors. He’s by no means a shut down corner but he’s scrappy and makes timely big plays. Plus he wants to stick to the Pats more than any player in the league so that’s just a bonus. Resign Demario Davis Josh McCown Quincy Enunwa Kony Ealy Draft 1st Round Bradley Chubb EDGE North Carolina State - We finally get the guy off the edge who offenses have to worry about and game plan for. His presence will open lanes up for Leonard and Jenkins 2nd round 37- Jaire Alexander CB Louisville- The kid blew up the combine. I loved him before because of his bulldog mentality and his ability to play both outside and the slot but now you throw 4.3 speed into the mix and you might have something very special. 49- Mike Gesicki TE Penn State - I’m not as huge on bringing ASJ back as many are. He was no doubt an upgrade over what we had the previous couple of years but it seemed at times that if we weren’t in the red zone he was a non factor. With this pick we bring in an absolute physical specimen who like Alexander tested off the charts at the combine. 3rd round Kerryon Johnson RB Auburn- I don’t think his straight line speed will wow anyone so GMs might draft other RBs who test a little better in front of him and forget how good a football player this kid is. He runs with a patience and sudden burst that can’t be taught. Reminds me of a young Frank Gore. 4th round Marcell Ateman WR Oklahoma State- This could be the steal of the draft. Their are some concerns about him only having one year of production and not running an NFL route tree in college, but this kid has some tools. He’s a natural hands catcher which you don’t often see with players his size and he his terrific with jump balls. I think early on he could be a solid red zone target with eventually developing into an above average WR 2. 5th round James Hearns EDGE Louisville- Not the greatest athlete but someone who found a way to apply pressure in college. Was also solid in coverage when asked to drop back so he is a good fit for the 3-4 OLB position. 6th Joshua Frazier DE Alabama- He was never able to crack the starting lineup at Bama but the kid has talent. He was a top 100 recruit in highschool and flashed on tape in some plays. You’ll never get much of a pass rush from him but at his best he might turn into a rotational D line piece who can set a solid edge against the run 7th Daniel Carlson PK Auburn- A highly decorated college kicker whose 15 and 16 seasons were lights out before he hit some struggles this past year. You hope he finds his old form and takes the job and runs with it. Depth Chart Cousins McCown Johnson Powell McGuire Anderson Enunwa Kearse Ateman Gesicki Tomlinson Beachum Winters Fulton Pugh Shell Pennel Ealy McClendon Williams Foster Jenkins Martin Lee Davis Chubb Mauldin Hearns Butler Adams Maye Gaines Alexander Edwards Carlson
  12. The 13 hr Work Day Mother of Mockers

    I feel uncomfortable giving Robinson a 5 year deal coming off an ACL. I think I would only think about signing him to a one year prove it deal like the Eagles did with Alshon
  13. Last Pre Combine Mock

    The Comp isn’t that far off. They have similar running styles the only thing is Jones isn’t the receiver Kamara was coming out of school.
  14. Last Pre Combine Mock

    I like this mock and offseason a lot. It doesn’t matter who is playing receiver with this O-line Cousins would have all day to throw. Still worry a little about our pass rush though
  15. Last pre combine mock . 3 rounds

    Pugh has the tackle versatility but I think his best position is guard. So for the sake of my mock the line would be from left to right Beachum Winters Richburg Pugh Brown