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  1. our cap space with rodgers gone will be plenty for chubb 5th year.
  2. hi,i know this topic is wandering at times but time for one last guess on topic. We trade rodgers,king and p.smith. for surtain, chubb and 1st rd in 22. plus 2nd and third in 23.(we also will get comp pick of a 3 for adams) we can extend tonyan and maybe ol patrick this year and alexander next. we still should be able to win division this year with rookie qb and improve next year. would like to acquire a dl space eater to make young ilb better this year. sit back and draft ilb and wr's next year. who knows what tues.brings.....
  3. throwing in my 2 cents(that is all its worth prob) before something really happens. AROD +King for Surtain+2nd-3rd in 22,and 2nd-3 rd in 23. I hate being in this cap hell and by 23 we will be in a better place. My logic is based on the fact that 35-40 mij on one player(any sport) hurts this game which is supposed to be teamwork. With this years 2 first rounders(with Surtain) and 10 picks in the next 2 years in the first 2 days of the draft, should set the pack up for the long haul. Also to counter loosing AROD we need a cheaper and hopefully capable game manager with Love taking contr
  4. yes Ghost,and if traded correctly with Miami we could have 2 on rookie contract...
  5. taco bell? must be a demolition man fan...lol
  6. guru,do you think the trade values are about right?
  7. GB trades Rodgers and pick 62 to Miami for Tua picks 6,18 36 and 50. We are in cap hell right now no matter and Aaron is a big distraction,plus we would never get any more for him than now. 6) Surtain or best CB. 18) Collins or best ILB. 29) Mayfield or best OT. 36) Marshall or best WR. We have great luck with WR 's in 2nd. 50) Mienerz or best C/G. 92) Brown or best DL. We use the last 7 picks for development. 1 of each best pick at random with players. WR,DL,TE,RB,QB,CB and S. This draft could put us in the top 5 in D. Let Love and Tua battle it out to
  8. hi,like the packers picks but i think they will trade QB Rodgers for QB Donald. Pack trades Rodgers and their original 7 picks this year. For all of NYJ's picks this year. I know cap hell this year with dead$ but look good in the future,they also have 2 1 round QB's to choose from. Jets get a chance for the playoffs next 3 years. The pack fills all its holes by draft but concentrates on D in the draft to get them to playoffs this year. Plus chances are pack trades 2nd pick 1st round for more and or higher picks this year.
  9. I am hoping they trade down a little and get edge Griffin,Sweat or Armstrong. WR would work for me to.
  10. I was looking at the future costs with Rodgers. Also the first 4 picks should upgrade our defense. Taylor adds a different dimension than Hundley and given a better running game this team would be fun to watch.Two TE 's should help also.You could swap out Rudolph QB at 21-22 picks.that could carry us if taylor smells it up.
  11. packers trade Rodgers QB and Cobb WR the Cleveland for picks 1-4-33-35 and 2 in 19.Then trade number one to buffalo for picks 21-22 and tyrod taylor. with pick no. 4-fitzpatrick CB 14-vita vea DT 21-davenport DE/LB 22-vander esch ILB 33-okorafor OT 35-Michel RB 45-gesicki TE 76-white SS 114-fumagalli TE 133-white QB 150-nelson CB 172-benkurt QB 174-toth OT lst 3 picks trade for lower ones in 19. this will make us competitive and cost fit for some time.
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