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  1. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    Playing Green Bay week 1 is rough. I expect us to come out a little flat on offense as that is our MO every year, but there were moments this preseason that made me believe it was possible this group could start more quickly. Either way, this game wont be a good indication of how good either of these teams will be for the year, but i think it will be the game that determines whether or not we have homefield advantage in the playoffs. I expect it to be sloppy in the first half and pick up in the 2nd with a 1 TD game
  2. Cassius Marsh Trade

    What is your point here other than to try and find away to make yourself sound smart? He's a great player to have on your punt and kickoff team and he brings high energy. Nothing about this game proved that wrong. NE was forced to use him in a way they never intended to use him because of Hightower's injury less than a week after he got to NE lol
  3. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    Definitely. I'd have to look at contracts, and it depends on what he is classified as, but that could be the cheaper option. Though Aaron Donald is going to wreck the franchise tag cost for a DT when LAR finally signs him
  4. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    Giving up a late 2nd for a better chance at a super bowl and getting a late 3rd back is just fine as a business model.
  5. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    On the contrary; I don't think there's a team in the NFL as willing to trade 1st or 2nd round picks as Seattle is.
  6. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    For sure. I am not saying I am confident he'll be gone, I just would not be confident this is more than a 1 year rental
  7. Cassius Marsh Trade

    He's a better fit as a 3-4 OLB than he is as a DE. I expect in New England he'll benefit from limited snaps that scheme to put him in a good position. Overall, we'll miss his special teams play a little but bass won out
  8. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    Sheldon Richardson will have to be truly elite (top 3 as an interior pass rusher) for the Seahawks to rationalize paying him. They just resigned Bennett, Clark will need to be kept, and Avril has a couple years left. Schneider has always been aware of comp picks and knows that he's going to get a 3rd out of Richardson if he walks after the year
  9. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    Nah, just means Malik is out for the year
  10. Fantasy Football Question: RBs?

    I'd say between Lacy and Rawls it is a bit of a gamble as to whole will be the better fantasy back this season. In the end, I think whichever one is healthier comes out on top. Not that that is any sort of revelation, but more so a statement on the injury issues. Carson looks like he's making a push to be the 4th RB
  11. Seahawks lose LT George Fant to torn ACL

    It really sucks to lose Fant. I know we were all excited about his progress this offseason. We're in a bit of an awkward spot with him going forward now too as you don't really know what he truly has to offer
  12. Britt extends for 3 more years

    Really critical signing and shows a lot of good faith in what he has done. All you hear this offseason is how much of a leader he is too
  13. Alcohol Thread!

    This statement is an oxymoron
  14. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    you not liking a character does not mean no one else likes that character. If we are going to make large, overarching claims, the Missandei+Wormtongue relationship is one a ton of fans, especially female ones, really like. They'd be remiss not to appeal to half their audience
  15. Alcohol Thread!

    Disagreed. There's a time and a place for mezcal, but it is a different flavor profile and unnecessarily complex at times. To be fair, I am not one who loves the smokey flavors. If you are someone who loves the peat in a good scotch, I'd highly recommend giving mezcals a try