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  1. What Happened to the Bengals?

    I think the Bengals problem starts with coaching, and everything else, which everybody else stated by now.
  2. SNF: Green Bay (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

    Defense was gassed out and didn't help with Vic out.
  3. SNF: Green Bay (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

    New stadium smell, probably out looking around.
  4. SNF: Green Bay (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

    Bears has always played Falcons tough, games always ended up close, since Matt Ryan was drafted that is... Not to mention Bears field was terrible.
  5. SNF: Green Bay (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

    I try to avoid big name restaurants now, some of the best food are from restaurants without a big name.
  6. SNF: Green Bay (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

    My friend said the same thing once, he said the subway he worked at, said they would sometimes leave the meat out and put it back in the freezer one hour before opening. He also said something you stated, they would just copy the previous day's temperature readings.
  7. SNF: Green Bay (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

    Would be a great trend to start.
  8. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Chiefs should be #1.
  9. Lol, what are the odds. I wish my Braves would sign him, but I know that's not gonna happen, its gonna be Yankees, Red Sox or Dodgers that get him I bet.
  10. So the japanese Babe Ruth? Lol.
  11. You never know with these Japanese players, you either get something great like Ichiro Suzuki, or you end up with another Daisuke Matsuzaka.
  12. Probably another over-hyped Japanese player.