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  1. The NFL is basically unwatchable as of now

    This new hitting rule is to save pretty boy QB's like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers careers.
  2. Falcons S Ricardo Allen tore his Achilles

    This season is weird.
  3. I can smell a rebuild coming soon for Bengals.
  4. You have Andy Dalton... enough said. You need a new QB.
  5. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    I hate these refs.
  6. Bengals, Miami, Jax, Denver are sure locks of QB change if season goes south. Browns, Ravens already have future QB's.
  7. Week 1 picks

    Falcons at Eagles Steelers at Browns 49ers at Vikings Bengals at Colts Bills at Ravens Jaguars at Giants Buccaneers at Saints Texans at Patriots Titans at Dolphins Chiefs at Chargers Seahawks at Broncos Cowboys at Panthers Redskins at Cardinals Bears at Packers Jets at Lions Rams at Raiders
  8. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Ryan is going to make Ramsey look silly, Julio is going to abuse him. Ramsey is no Deion Sanders. Figures, it's always Shanahan, but lets be honest here... Matt Ryan didn't need Kyle. Kyle needed Ryan... which got him a HC job, which he is going to end up losing.
  9. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    Can't wait for tonight.
  10. Mercedes benz stadium has cheap food.
  11. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    There's no point.
  12. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    Falcons can beat any of those best 4 teams in the NFC.