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  1. What a BS call.... unbelievable !
  2. Not really a fan of any of them but if i had to choose, I'd take Fields. Yes and i also want to see him perform for a whole season and I'd love for him to have success. I don't know.. whatever you can get out of it.. to bad Bob isn't around anymore. Yes, i do. He was part of a Team that got us to the SB.. he can surely do it again. BTW: There is no QB that can GUARANTEE you a SB win. A QB is just a piece of a puzzle that needs to fit together to win it all.. period. Realistic? I don't know .. maybe. Again.. QB is just a part of a team.. everything
  3. Good on him, i don't want him ! I rather keep Jimmy. Brady and Rogers grew up 49ers fans as well...
  4. WTF ... well that was ridiculous. How can they NOT call this?
  5. That looked ugly as hell. I wish him a speedy recovery but don't think he will play another snap this season!
  6. We had Chris Borland.Did a damn fine job as linebacker...i was impressed. Ordered his jersey... 4 days later he retires...Can't remember if it was his rookie season or the season after.
  7. Wow i didn't know that. I think he was with the SB for 10+ years. Well, I LOOOOVE this deal and i am more than happy we can put a check mark on this. Now is the contract length six years (he had one year left?!) or did the new contract replace it and its really "only" five ?
  8. A day after he talked **** about KS i ran into him in Santa Rosa (I live 1 hour north)... i wanted to hurt him Matt Barrow is the better man but the Sacramento Bee sucks..
  9. Cohn is a moron. With or without caps, but a lot of times he does seem to have an insider so he could be right and Kittle just trolling which perfectly fits his persona (not negative). I'd love for it to be true !
  10. Now, i didn't really watch it, some highlights once in a while. But wasn't the XFL overall well received and had good ratings ?
  11. That is why i have my hopes up. I am aware of his injuries but it is only a one year deal. In case he DOES stay healthy, it's a steal , given he can show his A-Game.
  12. Solid signing imo. He used to be my favorite TE. I just hope he can stay healthy.
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