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  1. We had Chris Borland.Did a damn fine job as linebacker...i was impressed. Ordered his jersey... 4 days later he retires...Can't remember if it was his rookie season or the season after.
  2. Wow i didn't know that. I think he was with the SB for 10+ years. Well, I LOOOOVE this deal and i am more than happy we can put a check mark on this. Now is the contract length six years (he had one year left?!) or did the new contract replace it and its really "only" five ?
  3. A day after he talked **** about KS i ran into him in Santa Rosa (I live 1 hour north)... i wanted to hurt him Matt Barrow is the better man but the Sacramento Bee sucks..
  4. Cohn is a moron. With or without caps, but a lot of times he does seem to have an insider so he could be right and Kittle just trolling which perfectly fits his persona (not negative). I'd love for it to be true !
  5. Now, i didn't really watch it, some highlights once in a while. But wasn't the XFL overall well received and had good ratings ?
  6. That is why i have my hopes up. I am aware of his injuries but it is only a one year deal. In case he DOES stay healthy, it's a steal , given he can show his A-Game.
  7. Solid signing imo. He used to be my favorite TE. I just hope he can stay healthy.
  8. Well, that does make sense now. I haven't followed the contract situation so closely. Would be sad to see him go. I think KS got the most out of him and he is a perfect fit. Who do we got left if he leaves ? Coleman and McKinnon ?
  9. I don't understand why he wants to be traded ....Seems strange to me. But we are living in strange times.. so .. whatever.
  10. This guy has some sick concept helmets / jerseys... wow
  11. Arizona Cardinals - Fitzgerald Atlanta Falcons - Ryan Baltimore Ravens - Lewis Buffalo Bills - OJ Simpson Carolina Panthers Kuechly Chicago Bears -Payton Cincinnati Bengals - Dalton Cleveland Browns - M " The Helmswinger" Garrett Dallas Cowboys - Emmit Smith Denver Broncos - Von Miller Detroit Lions - Megatron Green Bay Packers - Rogers Houston Texans - Watt Indianapolis Colts - Luck Jacksonville Jaguars - Ramsey Kansas City Chiefs - Holmes Las Vegas Raiders - Jackson Los Angeles Chargers - Rivers Los Angeles Rams - Warner Miami Dolphins. - Marino Minnesota Vikings. - Peterson New England Patriots - Brady New Orleans Saints - Brees New York Giants - Manning New York Jets - Sanchez Philadelphia Eagles - Foles Pittsburgh Steelers - Big Ben San Francisco 49ers - Montana Seattle Seahawks - Lynch Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Evans Tennessee Titans - Walker Washington Redskins - R. Sanders
  12. I think they were giving this a long thought. They have to do what is best for the team/franchise. It hurts to see Buckner go, but that's part of the NFL...and he found a team that will pay him. I do think it was the right move and the Colts gave us a great pick. I wonder if we are going to use it or give it away for more picks.
  13. They should do a halftime Motown show the next time. "Papa was a rolling stone" one time and we are good for the second half.
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