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  1. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Are the steelers really willing to franchise again? They already alienated their entire team with the franchise tag with Bell. Last thing they should want is to continue the same thread where noone would want to go there since players hate the franchise tag and the steelers are very liberal with it and stingy on long term deals. From a fan-service perspective, tagging AB can backfire on them as steelers fans may be tired of the steelers trying to not pay their guys long term deals.
  2. WAY TOO EARLY 2019 Mock Off Season

    Doesnt matter how good you block, if theres 8 in the box and noone to scare them off the line, theyll be no holes to run or time to throw. Even the best LT and OC (unproven rookies) wont be able to block more than 1 guy at a time. Fear of the deep pass keeps defenses honest. Fear of gashing them for 20 yds on blitzes. Thats what will really change this team.
  3. WAY TOO EARLY 2019 Mock Off Season

    Im not a fan of moncrief at all. I dont see fowler as the answer at pass rush either. With 3 sacks on the year youre overpaying for his age, not his production. The jets need talent more than youth at this point. Id prefer us look to sign an Ansah (rumor is he is leaving Detroit) for more money. The bell signing is a no-brainer for us but this offseason brings no real improvement in terms of improving our offensive or defensive scheme. Our WR core would be awfully bad if thats all we did at WR. The problem with our Oline isnt that they cant pass block, its that we dont have WR's that scare anyone so teams can stack the box against the run. Doesnt matter who you sign or draft on the oline, unless you fix WR, the offense wont be able to scare defenders off the line. Look at what pittsburgh done without bell. Having good WR's forces teams to play off the line and THAT is what opens holes for the running game and forces teams to worry about the play-action rather than selling out on the run.
  4. Around The League

    Only 12% of starters were 3rd rounders as of 2014. And theres an 8% chance a 3rd rounder will become all-pro. Truth is, most teams dont hit on their mid round picks. Point is, if a GM can hit on 2 or 3 picks in a draft, they're doing above average. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/prishe/2015/05/22/tracking-nfl-draft-efficiency-how-contingent-is-success-to-draft-position/amp/
  5. Around The League

    Your argument is that because macc cant draft he should just trade the picks away. We dont even know if Macc will be making these picks. The Jets do need offensive help as well, I get that....however our WR core has had a ton of injuries and WR's are easier to get in FA than pass rushers. It def pays to draft an OLB early... if not, why is it one of the most heavily drafted positions in the top 10?? If Fowler was signed to a team friendly 2-3 yr deal I'd be fine with it. I find it asinine for a non playoff team to trade for a rental....and that's what he is. Also, if the jets made that trade they would HAVE to resign him to justify the trade.... that means the jets have zero leverage in bargaining.
  6. Around The League

    Can we remember that Fowler was gotten for a 3rd next year and a 5th and NO, you don't give up two draft picks on the hope he signs long term. The jets can draft their own guys. Not give up multiple picks for a rental that doesnt get us in the playoffs nor has shown to be that good. The Jets are rebuilding, we all knew this. Rebuilding teams dont trade picks for rentals. Khalil Mack wouldve been an exception as that trade was predicated on the team trading for him also signing him. Imagine for a minute we make the same trade for fowler.... Option 1) he plays amazing and the jets have to resign him for a ton. Option 2) he plays mediocre and is willing to resign Option 3) hes terrible and the jets are out two picks. Now, Fowler was mediocre on a team with a MUCH better d-line/pass rushers than the jets.... is option 1 really that likely? Probably not.
  7. Around The League

    Anyone complaining about Fowler is pretty poor at long term solutions. Why would a non playoff team trade for a rental player??? Makes zero sense guys.
  8. Around The League

    I dont see us trading for any players at this point. Bowles/mccaggnan would prob prefer to add draft picks then lose them. I'd expect the Jets to sign players rather than trade for em and continue to build through the draft
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering what everyones idea for a perfect offseasons would look like. Its halfway through the season and while the Jets can beat any team in the bottom 16, they seem unable to stand up against the more talented teams. With that in mind... what would everyone ideally like to see happen in the offseason?? My hopes: I'd like to see us key on a few positions. NFL draft: Draft multiple pass rushers, early and often. While WR makes a ton of sense, Pass rushers rarely ever hit the open market so getting a prime talent is easier for WR than for pass rushing. Wr and Pass rush are the two main positions I'd like to focus on. Free Agency: sign at least 1 big time WR threat. Golden Tate would be a huge target for us, he's one of the best YAC receivers there is and nothing helps a young QB like extra yards after the catch. I'd also like to see us make a run at Funchess or Benjimen as we could use more length on the outside. RB: sign Leveon Bell!! Theres no way the Steelers resign him and the jets WILL ALWAYS be a run first team. RB is a huge need for us and Bell is the best RB to hit the market in years. If in the offseason, we sign a top tier WR, levein bell, and focus on pass rushing in the draft, I'll consider it a great offseason. P.s. the reason I'd prefer to draft pass rushers and sign WR/RB is that it's much easier to get a top tier WR/RB in FA....its very very rare for a top tier pass rusher to make it to FA.
  10. D82's 2019 Mid-Season Mock (w/ trades!)

    I'm not a fan of the jets draft as much. Our biggest need by far is edge rushing, followed by WR, RB, and Inside O-line. Taking a tackle in the 1st is not really a need, and Josh Allen is still on the board there. I'd swap that and have the Jets grab an edge rusher in the 1st.
  11. 4(107). Chris Herndon IV, TE, Miami

    I dont see why that means he needs to be replaced now while not injured? TE depth is big since it also goes to special teams coverage and blocking. Something not to be overlooked.
  12. FA Thread 2018

    We signed two RB's this year. Id wager we dont grab a RB untill the later rounds... at least.
  13. FA Thread 2018

    Inside pass rush is great. But we are still woefully lacking on the edge. If we still had those two 2nd rounders id agree with that statement (assuming we went for a OLB in the 2nd) but even if we grab one in the 3rd, im not sure thats enough. Id say this team needs to add at least 10 more sacks to the defense for the defense to be great.
  14. Jets Closing in on WR Terrelle Pryor

    He shouldve known after the 1st time. In truth, he shouldve known b4 the first time! Why are we excusing his behavior? The guy threatened to rape a police officers wife. I love his talent, but i want him gone. I dont want my kids cheering for him nor representing the team ive rooted for since i was 5. His actions were disgraceful and theres no redeeming factor to them.
  15. Jets trade up to 3

    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport relays that NC State edge rusher Bradley Chubb has gone through a private workout with the New York Giants. Rapoport additionally reports that the G-Men will be hosting Chubb for a pre-draft visit in the weeks ahead. New York's need for a player of his ilk took on an added weight on Thursday with the team shipping Jason Pierre-Paul to the Buccaneers. Chubb is considered one of the safer prospects in the 2018 draft class. Source: NFL.com