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  1. I dont think you can sleep on Trey Lance. With JD likes qbs from North Dakota st
  2. Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis - The Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com Can we get a reliable source for the paying off of refs? Because I'm not finding anything.
  3. Would you trade a conditional 5th (down to a 7th) for AJ Green? He is on the franchise tag and missed all of 2019. But if healthy, can easily help bridge the gap on the outside since Mims is unproven and Perriman is, well unproven also. If this is truly a "make it or break it year" for Darnold, I'd really like to see us pickup a bigtime WR veteran like Green or Fitzgerald, both could prob be had with a late round pick.
  4. People think he has a higher potential cause he was drafted as a 1st rounder a few seasons ago.
  5. If that wasnt the case he woulda been traded a while ago lol. 31 other teams would gladly.gove a 3rd for yannick. Jax isnt letting him go for less than an early 2nd. They set the price of yannick, not us.
  6. Jax wouldn't trade Maye for Yannick. Maye's injury history is gonna scare off teams. Maye is prob worth a 4th-5th rounder whole Yannick is worth a late 1st/early 2nd round.
  7. You offer a 4th or so and decide to sign him after the offseason. Small enough investment where if it fails it's not a killer but still nets you a chance at a player with a ton of potential.
  8. While the draft is still fresh and the boredom of life sets fully in, I figured it would be fun to play backseat driver. Therefore i propose a "hindsight is 20/20 draft". By this I mean people say the pick THEY would have made at each selection. At the end of the season we can look back and see how accurate our projections were. Any takers? If so I'll post one as well. Example... 1. (11) pick- Becton,OT my choice- Ceedee Lamb, we And so on for each of our picks.
  9. If he doesnt sign with another team by a certain date he goes back to the giants automatically. Also, it nets the giants a comp pick if he does sign elsewhere (I guess they wouldntve gotten one if not?)
  10. I'd vote that tie breaker would go to 3 correct picks rather then correct positions. Opinions?
  11. I think you were the only one to get 3 correct players.
  12. This next season is about progress rather than results. This is still yr 1 of the JD rebuild. We really just want to see the young guys progress and get better. Growth is name of the game for 2020.
  13. I'd expect this is the closest I've found... amazing. Becton and mims 1st and 2nd pick.... we all thought a trade up if Mims was in play. Also the james morgan pick.
  14. I actually think Davis winds up making the biggest impact from this draft class aside from Becton.
  15. Isnt it amazing how JD was able to vastly improve our Oline and secondary in one off season? I mean every facet of this team is improved from last year imo. I'm excited to see Becton run blocking for Bell this year.
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