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  1. I think washington trades for Watson. Seems like a Dan Snyder type move. Not saying it's a bad move. But Washington makes the most sense IMO
  2. Houston has had WAYYY more talent than we currently have. Watson will make us competitive. But we have very little overall talent. I'm not saying we shouldn't make the trade. I just want people to remember he isnt going to bring us to the prmise land by himself. I'd expect a regression from Houston since he had more talent around him
  3. Watson would prob cost at least 2 1sts this year and 1 next year. I doubt Houstkn wants a 2023 pick if they can help it. I'd take 2 1sts this yr and 1 next year or #2 this year and both 1sts next year. I still dont think we are ready to make this trade as we still have a lot of bare cupboards.
  4. I agree. I would prefer more back in that trade. I think JD wants to move down and acquire more picks. My guess is he decides to take less compensation in order to secure Smith. As for Smith vs Chase... I have Smith ahead of Chase. I wont lie, in Leary of anyone who took the year off. Maybe that's unfair, it's worth discussing but to me, it shows a lack of accountability to your team. As for trading up for Pitts.... I have him WAYYY ahead of Pat F and rated him as the #7 on my big board. I'm also going off the assumption that LaFleur would like a George Kittle type reciever and Pi
  5. Now that we have ourselves a coach its time to readjust our views of this offseason. Resign: - Maye, S - Neville Hewitt, LB - Terell Basham, LB - Pat Elfien, OG Free Agency: - Joe Thuney, OG - Corey Davis, WR - Romeo Okwara, Pass Rush - Jason Verrett, CB NFL draft: **Jets trade #2 to Atlanta for #4 and, 2021 2nd and 3rd. Atlanta moves up for its QB of the future and keeps its 2022 1st rounder. ** #4 DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama **Jets trade 1st (#23 via seattle) and 3rd (#66) to Arizona for #16.** #16 (via Arizona
  6. I actually really dislike this years crop of pass rushers for some reason. I feel like its ctazy strong at CB, WR, and QB. Btw... am I the only one who thinks Mac Jones could wind up being really good? I watched some tape and feel like he gets a knock for running an offense perfectly since he has so many tools... but he was really really good. Imagine getting DeVonte and Jones in the 1st somehow....
  7. I'd rather sign Leonard Fournette and use that pick on an OL, Pass Rush, TE, or CB. Fournette will be cheap, hes young and he's proven. We arent going to be a power running team so Etienne makes more sense than Harris does anyway.
  8. Agreed. Watson would prob cost us AT LEAST both our 1st round picks (#2 and #23). We arent the team to trade for Watson. Chicago has the most reason to try and swing a trade. Same with Carolina or Washington. Chicago, Carolina, Washington, and Oakland are the teams that make the most sense (teams on the verge of being great but missing a competent qb).
  9. The absolute biggest holes we have are actually on defense. We have barely any pass rush and our CB depth is poor if not atrocious. As of now our top 2 outside CBs are pretty much 2 rookies (Hall and Guidrey). In fact Guidrey is more of a slot corner anyway. We need help big time on defense. I expect our 1st 2 picks to go offense and then I expect to see a lot of defense rounds 2-5.
  10. Trade down and draft Devonte Smith. Hes the best wr prospect in a while. Out performed Jeudy last year too. Almost perfect route runner with amazing hands and burst. Can catch 50/50's. Will make annimmediaye impact on WR core.
  11. Umm no. Two 1sts against 1st. And the timing is terrible. You have to pay watson a ton. I also dont even know if I agree with drafting a QB at #2, let alone using two picks. Watson wont make this team a winner. Look at how the packers did with no talent around Aaron Rodgers. It's the mistake this franchise keeps making, trying to rush a rebuild.
  12. Ofcourse! He can throw to the worst WR core in the nation and this time we can ruin an already established QB. We dont have the pieces in place to trade two 1sts for a QB when we have minimal talent at the skill positions... Mark Sanchez toom us to the AFC title game.... MARK SANCHEZ. You dont need Watson to compete, just talent. Talent wins out and makes QB's look better or worse. Stop trying to trade away the teams future for 1 superstar. Have real patience and let JD build a team.
  13. If anyone checked out my mock I had Campbell as my #1 choice and Daboll as my #2. Campbell is a culture building coach. That's what we need right now more than anything.
  14. If Boyle was that good why would the packers feel the need to draft Love?
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