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  1. JD was mentored by Ozzie Newsome who didnt believe in ever trading up. I'm assuming that trend will continue. Jets will trade down twice in the middle rounds (my guess is once in the 3rd and once in the 4th)
  2. If that were the case he'd still be a top 10 pick....no?
  3. I'd be a huge fan of moving back a few spots at grabbing Newsome II if Harris, Surtain, and Horn are all gone. I get the feeling Fairly's injury concerns will have him fall. I also dont see JD using a prime pick on anyone with existing medical concerns. This team cant afford to waste a 1st on a guy who may not be healthy. We just dont have the talent to overcome if he cant play.
  4. I agree. However, there is a point to be made that Gase mismanaged the run game to the point of negligence. Frank gore getting all those Carrie's really set back JD's ability to judge Johnson and Perine. I'm sure JD was furious after every game seeing Frank Gore outcarry everyone with minimal success. Honestly, Gases insistence on using Gore (on a losing team no less) so much, was basically my #1 reason for wanting him gone. I felt it showed he cared more for Gore's legacy then he did about the Jets. 2020 rushing stats: Gore: 187 Atts, 3.5 YPC, 2 Rush TDs, Johnso
  5. Considering one of philly's biggest needs it OL, I'd be surprised to see them pass on slater and trade down. I love it. I just dont see philly moving down if hes available.
  6. You're right, he only ranked 2nd in the nation in broken tackles...what was I thinking.
  7. The entire package. Etienne can run with power, speed, catch and block. Hes a 3 down rb. Gain well, Carter and Sermon are not. Imo.
  8. It may just be as simple as allocation of minimal resources. Perhaps they feel upgrades at other spots will be more beneficial due to lack of supply. As an example, at #23, I see a significant drop off from Etienne to the next rb. I'm talking, a severe drop off. In IOL I see great talent from 1-3. So If I'm JD I'm looking to fill holes early where the drop off will be significant. Perhaps JD and the coaching staff like a good number of mid/late IOL prospects and has plans to develop said talent. At this point, I'm gonna trust the plan.
  9. That's truly a great point. By trading up for sam we exhausted a ton of draft capital which didnt allow us the ability to effectively provide him with talent. Here, the jets have a big time prospect (in almost any other year Wilson is the #1 pick in the draft), and tons of draft capital the next 2 years to provide a ton of talented young players. We have cap flexibility, and some of the best draft capital (only miami rivals/beats us there) in the league. JD has done a fantastic job of setting us up to rebuild. Now comes the hard part, actually producing results.
  10. I wouldnt be surprised if we went Offense with our 1st 3 picks. Sowmthing like Wilson, at 23 we take Etienne (not a giant fan of rd 1 rb) and 2nd round go OL or TE (The penn st TE was initially a 1st rd lock but noone talks about him anymore and I cant spell his name)
  11. This trade is a massive coup for JD. He has shown to be EXTREMELY shrewd with trades, winning every trade he's made for is thus far (from a value perspective). I would love to see his scouting dept be as apt and shrewd as he is with trades but that's asking a lot. Most "good" drafting teams hit on 50% of their picks or so. A lot of people are claiming JDs 2020 draft was "meh". And maybe so, however I think his draft looks much better than he gets credit for. He hit 3 homeruns in Becton, Hall, and Mann. There's also several others where the jury is still out (Perine, Mims, Da
  12. 2nd 2nd pick? Did we get another 2nd rounder i was not aware of? Sadly, all indications are that the Jets will draft a QB and hold into Darnold and try to trade him at the deadline next season. Rumor is they are not getting the value they want for him and with it being the STRONGEST QB draft in years, his value is further diminished. Look for JD to draft Wilson at #2 and keep Darnold. If we were going to trade Darnold, we would've signed a viable backup QB.
  13. Sustained winning usually yields a stable FO since the team is winning. I'd argue the stable FO is a result of sustained success rather than the other way around. You can also use Pitts RBs as a good example as they seem to just plug in a guy and see success... that's why investing in Olines is important.
  14. I dont see any issue using a mid/late 1st on a rb. I do however believe a RB should rarely ever be drafted in the top 20.
  15. How many teams have sustained success? The one defining aspect of the few teams that see sustained success is a top QB.
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