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  1. Trade deadline

    Our DL has been a major disappointment! Snacks looks terrible, Daniels looks like a bust signing, Flowers looks overpaid, we get ZERO pressure or pass rush. I am all for getting a pass rusher even if it's a situational guy.
  2. Trade Deadline Rumors

    I would love for Detroit to get Corey Davis! He needs to get out of TEN.
  3. JJ Nelson was released. He has the speed.
  4. ChargIRs place C Mike Pouncey on IR

    My goodness the Chargers have by far the most impacting injuries every year! Its crazy!
  5. Heard some chatter on the radio about AJ Green being traded. Jeff Risdon said Lions would go all out to get him. Not sure what "all out" is but if we could get him for a Snacks type trade I would be all over it. Played with Stafford at Georgia too.
  6. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Yeah poor Jalen. Such the victim
  7. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Just noticed in this message that you are calling Diggs your best WR? I think that is ludacris as Theilen is far and away your best WR.
  8. That is a big "IF" being that he has never stayed healthy and should be part of the discussion on who is better. I would think most 90% of Viking fans would trade Cook straight up for McCaffery if they are being honest with themselves.
  9. I would disagree that Cook is the superior running threat. The easiest way I determine who is the best at a position is to ask: "Would I trade player X straight up for player Y" I can honestly say I would not trade McCaffery straight up for Cook. Even Viking fans would trade Cook in a second if they could get McCaffery straight up. The only RBs I would even consider trading McCaffery straight up for would be Barkley, Elliot, or Kamara. Though I would still lean McCaffery because of his ability to do everything.
  10. 100% McCaffery does things that Cook simply cant and that being mainly he is such a superior receiving RB than Cook. Cook is good but not on McCaffery's level.
  11. I would say that Christian McCaffery is the best RB in the NFL right now. The guy is Carolina's whole offense. Has played EVERY offensive snap this year. He is a GREAT receiver, can run between the tackles, has the speed to get to the outside, and is a team leader. I thought McCaffery would be good in the NFL but I did not see this. To me he is the modern day Marshall Faulk!
  12. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    After reading all of this I really hope the Lions do not trade for Ramsey now. They are rumored to have interest but this guy has seriously clown tendencies! Rashad Melvin has actually been very underrated FA signing by the Lions anyways as the #2 CB. I really do not know why a team would trade two 1st for this guy.
  13. They turned down a Patriots 1st rd pick. That was before the season. Trent Williams is showing no signs of showing up, the Redskins are bad and looks like they will be making changes and rebuilding. A Lions 2020 2nd rd pick and Taylor Decker I think would entice the Redskins. Decker is an average LT that is young and adding a 2nd rd pick I think should get the deal done. The Redskins will not get a 1st rd pick for Williams at this point.
  14. Because the 1st rd pick was by the Patriots which will likely be a late 1st rd pick. The Lions adding a second rd pick and a replacement level player that is young would be more enticing IMO.
  15. I really want the Lions to get Trent Williams. I feel like he would substantially upgrade our OL and running game. Has anyone heard anything about trade rumors? I would think Taylor Decker and a 2nd rd pick would be at least enough to get the conversation started.