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  1. A "Fant-astic" Mock

    Serious question but does it make sense to draft any TE in rd 1 financially? I feel like they have to be really special to take one in rd 1 just because they do not get paid much in FA. Wasnt Ebrons 5th year option like 9 mil? That is Gronk/Kelce money! Draft is ok though, I would have chosen different players but like the positions you hit. Love the trade down (Assuming Bosa, Allen, QW, Oliver were all off the board at 8)
  2. First-Pick Mock with Tradeback (Washington)

    LOL sometimes I feel the same way so maybe they will take him in rd 2? This will be a really fun draft IMO. I have to prepare myself for being slightly disappointed but I have learned to trust BQ and his drafting. I will call myself out as I did not like the Decker or Ragnow picks at first, JD was blah, same with Teez, I HATED the Kenny G and Tracey Walker picks in rd 3 as I thought they were massive reaches. I thought we drastically overpaid Flowers but I have been more wrong than right with BQ in charge so I am optimistic.
  3. 2 Week Prior Mock

    IDK the most we would get for AR if he were to sign a massive contract is a 3rd rd comp pick. I will admit he was playing really well at the end of the season but in the beginning he was a healthy scratch. I say we get what we can while his value is high. Plus, it has been reported that he would like to get back down south in a warmer climate when he hits FA. Heck I was even optimistic about getting a 3rd rd pick and was just playing off Arthur Blank's recent comments about getting better in the trenches for the Falcons.
  4. 2 Week Prior Mock

    FA after this season and is expendable with the drafting of Oliver.
  5. 2 Week Prior Mock

    It has been a while so I figured I would try another mock. 1- DT/DE/OLB- Ed Oliver- a trade down would be tempting but there is NOWAY I would pass on Ed Oliver for this defense. Guy would be an awesome Swiss Army knife in this D. 2- G/T- Dalton Risner- Guy is an Alpha dog that we need on the OL and starts at RG day 1. TRADE*** AShawn Robinson traded to Atlanta Falcons for pick 79 3- CB- David Long- Thrives in manto man coverage and had an exceptional 3 cone drill which is what the Lions look for in CBs (according to Erick Schlitt) 3- TE- Dawson Knox- Not great production in college but fantastic athleticism and underrated blocking ability. Reminds me of Aaron Hernandez the player not the lunatic. 4- QB- Will Grier- Not sure if he will be here but his name is all over the board. Lions look to find their long-term back up with potential. 5- WR- David Sills- Back to back WV picks but this guy could be a steal. He maybe the best RZ weapon in the entire draft with over 30 TDs the last 2 years of college. 6- MLB- Cameron Smith- The Lions covet big LBers and Smith has the size at 6'3 250 lbs and really was productive at USC. 6- WR- Hunter Renfrow- I dont know how or why but most mock have him dropping to rd 6 or 7. Guy is the perfect slot WR and can take over for Amendola after this season. 7- RB- Bryce Love- This is where you take risks with injured players and Love if healthy gives us the Home Run threat we lack in the backfield right now. 7- OLB- Andrew Van Grinkel- BQ loves Wisconsin LBers as he has picked up multiple in his time and AVG ran a 4.5 40 and has shown in the past the ability to pressure QB and drop into coverage. He had a much better Jr year than Sr year.
  6. First-Pick Mock with Tradeback (Washington)

    Be prepared. There is NOWAY the Lions take that guy with his past assault! NOWAY what so ever and I wouldnt want him on the team either.
  7. Under-Rated Draft Prospects

    WR David Sills and TE Issac Nauta. Sills especially. I will even say CB David Long as well, I think he would be a steal in rd 3.
  8. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    Lions insiders said there is a zero percent chance Lions with take Greedy Williams. I guess he is allergic to tackling which eliminates him from consideration for MP. They even said they doubt the Lions would take him in rd 2.
  9. Titans sign Adam Humphries WR 4 years 36 mil

    Of course the Patriots wanted him LOL. I cant imagine what BB will offer when Christian McCaffery becomes a FA.
  10. Titans sign Adam Humphries WR 4 years 36 mil

    Thats a good deal!
  11. Titans sign Adam Humphries WR 4 years 36 mil

    I wanted the Lions to get Adam Humphries. He is gonna be a FA steal depending on contract. Anything up to 8 mil a year is a good price for him IMO.
  12. trey flowers signs with the lions

    I HATE this signing for the cost. 17 mil a yr for Flowers? Thats terrible! I really hope this doesnt remove us from the possibility to getting Anthony Barr and a S.
  13. LOL....He hated Jameis Winston!
  14. Lions are in on both Mark Ingram and CJ Mosley. BQ looking to spend this offseason from the looks of things. Lions have been rumored to be in on L.Collins, Barr as well.
  15. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    I dont want Flowers at all. I hope MIA signs him with his price being rumored at 17 mil a year...HARD PASS!