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  1. Surprise Teams of 2019

    Detroit The defense is going to be really, really good if they stay healthy and the offense will be a surprise as well as Kerryon Johnson and Hockenson have looked very, very good.
  2. Lions Cut Theo Riddick

    Zach Zenner has impressed in camp thus far. He just seems like a Bevell type RB with his ability to run between the tackles. Camp notes: -- With Kerryon Johnson out and Theo Riddick gone, C.J. Anderson was the No. 1 back. But man is there still a lot to like about Zach Zenner. He said after practice he’s bigger than ever, weighing between 220 and 225 pounds, but he moves well too. That includes exciting the (modest) crowd by scooting untouched through the second level during team drills. Anderson might wind up winning the No. 2 job, but I’m not ready to give it to him either. Zenner did a lot of good work down the stretch last year, and still looks like he can be an effective runner, especially between the tackles.
  3. Training camp day one recap

    Kinda figured after Humphries left. Didnt know if Watson was an Arians type WR as he seems to like the smaller fast guys (John Brown, JJ Nelson, etc)
  4. Training camp day one recap

    Is Justin Watson going to make your guys team? I remember him from last preseason and was impressed with his speed. I didnt really see much of him last regular season so wondering if he was on the bubble.
  5. Lions Cut Theo Riddick

    Cannot agree more. I like Theo but he was a one trick pony and Zenner has outperformed him as he is a better runner and really he was more effective in the passing game because for some reason Theo was no longer able to make people miss for YAC last year and Zenner was more effective even with YAC and much better in the screen game.
  6. Lions sign Former Packer DT Mike Daniels

    He did!
  7. I mean I know we all can get blinded by our Honolulu Blue and silver glasses but to say Lions will have a top 5 pick next year I think is crazy. That being said most experts are saying we are going to suck. What am I missing here as I think we are a 9-10 win team.
  8. Veterans From Other Teams Who Could Help The Lions

    Yea I think we severely lack a WR that is a speedster. I also like Morris Claibourne as a #2 CB.

    With Quinns comments on Tavai I think we would have taken Leighton VanderEsch last year over Ragnow if he dropped one more pick to us. Which really disappoints me even though I like Ragnow.
  10. UDFA Tracker

    WR Andre Wilson from UAB to the Lions.
  11. UDFA Tracker

    Dammit Sills signs with Buffalo. Only UDFA I wanted the Lions to sign!
  12. UDFA Tracker

    David Sills shocks me!
  13. Day 3 Discussion

    Daylon Mack, David Sills, and Sutton Smith are my hopefuls now
  14. Day 3 Discussion

    Love It! I thought he would go in rd 2.
  15. Day 3 Discussion

    They will probably take the dude from Arkansas. He is boys with Ragnow.