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  1. I mean I know we all can get blinded by our Honolulu Blue and silver glasses but to say Lions will have a top 5 pick next year I think is crazy. That being said most experts are saying we are going to suck. What am I missing here as I think we are a 9-10 win team.
  2. Veterans From Other Teams Who Could Help The Lions

    Yea I think we severely lack a WR that is a speedster. I also like Morris Claibourne as a #2 CB.

    With Quinns comments on Tavai I think we would have taken Leighton VanderEsch last year over Ragnow if he dropped one more pick to us. Which really disappoints me even though I like Ragnow.
  4. UDFA Tracker

    WR Andre Wilson from UAB to the Lions.
  5. UDFA Tracker

    Dammit Sills signs with Buffalo. Only UDFA I wanted the Lions to sign!
  6. UDFA Tracker

    David Sills shocks me!
  7. Day 3 Discussion

    Daylon Mack, David Sills, and Sutton Smith are my hopefuls now
  8. Day 3 Discussion

    Love It! I thought he would go in rd 2.
  9. Day 3 Discussion

    They will probably take the dude from Arkansas. He is boys with Ragnow.
  10. Day 3 Discussion

    Is he a team captain and a boy scout? If not...no go for Bob quinn.
  11. Day 3 Discussion

    I am hoping for CB- Owariaye, WR David Sills, DT- Daylon Mack, DE/LB- Sutton Smith, WR- Hunter Renfrow, G- Frejorie from Ark, RB- Bryce Love
  12. 2nd day big board

    I want Risner or Chase W in rd 2. I hope we trade back a bit and get an extra 3rd
  13. A "Fant-astic" Mock

    Serious question but does it make sense to draft any TE in rd 1 financially? I feel like they have to be really special to take one in rd 1 just because they do not get paid much in FA. Wasnt Ebrons 5th year option like 9 mil? That is Gronk/Kelce money! Draft is ok though, I would have chosen different players but like the positions you hit. Love the trade down (Assuming Bosa, Allen, QW, Oliver were all off the board at 8)
  14. First-Pick Mock with Tradeback (Washington)

    LOL sometimes I feel the same way so maybe they will take him in rd 2? This will be a really fun draft IMO. I have to prepare myself for being slightly disappointed but I have learned to trust BQ and his drafting. I will call myself out as I did not like the Decker or Ragnow picks at first, JD was blah, same with Teez, I HATED the Kenny G and Tracey Walker picks in rd 3 as I thought they were massive reaches. I thought we drastically overpaid Flowers but I have been more wrong than right with BQ in charge so I am optimistic.
  15. 2 Week Prior Mock

    IDK the most we would get for AR if he were to sign a massive contract is a 3rd rd comp pick. I will admit he was playing really well at the end of the season but in the beginning he was a healthy scratch. I say we get what we can while his value is high. Plus, it has been reported that he would like to get back down south in a warmer climate when he hits FA. Heck I was even optimistic about getting a 3rd rd pick and was just playing off Arthur Blank's recent comments about getting better in the trenches for the Falcons.