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    I like most of it. I LOVE the Jones signing but not so much the Armstead or Ashawn signings. Also, if we sign Jones and not trade Slay I doubt Lions would take Okudah.
  2. Love the Lions FA signings but not sure Lions would take a 1st rd CB with Ryan and Slay plus Amari O who looked promising as a rookie last year. My guess is they trade Slay if they get Ryan. Plus, you may consider cutting Rick Wagner from Lions as he may be a cap casualty.
  3. 6 Round Draft

    Agree to disagree. Doubt Miami gives up anything close to that and Brown is superior prospect to Okudah for our defense IMO. A CB has to be special to go top 5 and I don't see special with Okudah, I just see good. BQ and MP need impact players Year 1 and traditionally rookie CBs take longer to develop and rarely make a huge impact year 1.
  4. 6 Round Draft

    That trade down is very unrealistic IMO. Best you could get is Miami's 1st,2nd, and 3rd rd picks. Rather go DT Derrick Brown over Okudah at #5
  5. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    I think a team trades up with Detroit at 3 to get Tua or Herbert in front of Miami. LAC, CAR will want to get their QB ahead of Miami. This may be enough of a threat for Miami to move up truth DET to make sure they get their guy and they have a boatload of picks to play with.
  6. Old Mocks (Brag Space)

    I wanted Christian McCaffery and was told he was a "great white hype" bust that will never make it the NFL. I also said Brian Cushing would be a better LB than Aaron Curry.
  7. 2020 Free Agency

    This is true but it is really the only thing he is successful at in the NFL. He may be able to drop in some zone in some 3rd and long situations just to keep the offense guessing a little bit. For the most part though I would have him blitzing.
  8. 2020 Free Agency

    I see him in Christian Jones role on passing downs to rush the passer. If we were to get a new MLB I think Tavai and the FA LB will man the middle. Jones will play on running downs and JD is put in a role he can succeed and be a blitzing off the ball LB on obvious passing downs. I do not think JD will be starting if he is even on the team next year.
  9. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    As A Lions fan I absolutely love it! I think the Lions will take Young if there or trade back to a team that wants Tua like MIA, LAC, CAR, or JAX maybe even Indy or LV but that may be too far back for Bob Quinns liking.
  10. 2020 Free Agency

    I really like Schobert as well but I am not sure he fits the bigger type of MLB MP prefers. I really think the Lions will sign Bears MLB Nick Kwaikowski
  11. Dang appreciate the effort but Detroit will have close to 60 mil in cap space and won't sign one big time FA? Doubtful. DET will break the bank for a defensive playmaker like Byron Jones or Chris Jones.
  12. 2020 Free Agency

    I actually wouldn't mind this at all. He is a tweener in the Devon Kennard mold which MP seems to covet.
  13. Monday Mock

    Draft is solid but I don't like the Conklin and Waynes FA signings as you overpaid IMO. Maybe a little too much Sparty kook-aid?
  14. 2020 Free Agency

    I will admit I would rather they spent the money elsewhere.
  15. 2020 Free Agency

    Mark me down as a poor signing guy. He was a good player that we are paying like a GREAT player. I hope it was injuries but I don't know how you can say he is worth what the Lions gave him thus far.