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  1. Matt Stafford

    The thread that just got locked got me researching. I would even say Matt Stafford is a top 10 QB and at minimum a top 15. 1. Brady 2. Brees 3. Mahomes 4. Rodgers 5. Wilson 6. Rivers 7. Big Ben 8. Watson 9. Ryan 10. Stafford Stafford on another team would be a consistent playoff winner and looked at even higher on this list. The media loves to dump on the Lions and nevermind the fact that Stafford: Fastest player to reach 15,000 career passing yards (53 GP) Fastest player to reach 20,000 career passing yards (71 GP) Fastest player to reach 25,000 career passing yards (90 GP) Fastest player to reach 30,000 career passing yards (109 GP)[150] Fastest player to reach 3,000 completions (125 GP) Most passing yards in first 100 games First player in NFL history to complete 60% or more of all passes in each game in a season (2015) Most fourth quarter comebacks in a season: 8 (2016) Most game-winning drives in a single season: 8 (2016) Sixth in NFL history in comeback wins: 26
  2. Trent Williams

    With Taylor Decker's terrible performance last week I think I would at min see what they want for Trent Williams. What would you be willing to give up for him? Maybe Decker and a 2nd?
  3. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Noway. Someone in the NFL will offer a 1st rd pick for MP.
  4. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I would absolutely do that!
  5. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Yea I think AShawn for sure if leaving us this offseason so it may be enticing for Miami to acquire him as he has mentioned he would like to play in the South again. I doubt that package would be enough for Fitzpatrick though. It would need to be our 1st rd pick.
  6. Trent Williams

    That is what I was thinking. A'Shawn, Decker, and a 2nd rd pick.
  7. Stafford EASILY! Cam has been McNabb level of inaccurate throughout his whole career. Stafford on Carolina would make them perennial SB contenders.
  8. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I would do it! He is the perfect type of guy the Lions look for with his versatility. I think if they feel he can play outside CB opposite Slay or maybe Slays replacement in a couple of years do it. Right now it may be redundant if he only wants to play slot CB because we have Coleman. I still think our biggest need on the team is a solid LT so it would be hard to give up the 1st it would take to get him. If we offered our first I think the Dolphins would take it as most national people think we are going to have a top 10 pick.
  9. Trent Williams

    Ideally they would take Wagner back who too be honest has looked better than Decker. I know we cannot have to attach a TE to help Decker out all season. If he cannot be a viable LT then I think we should explore Trent Williams. I know he is 30 but LT often play well into their mid 30's or at least the elite ones do (see Andrew Whitworth)
  10. Chiefs extend WR Tyreek Hill (3 years, $54M)

    Kinda fitting he gets injured last week? Karma!
  11. Not quite the same player status but Titus Young was way worse. Allonzo Spellman from back in the day was bad as well.
  12. Trade Rumors

    Christian McCaffery says Hi!
  13. I just dont see HoF for Boselli. he didnt play long enough IMO.
  14. Chiefs extend WR Tyreek Hill (3 years, $54M)

    Character is part of football...is it not?
  15. Chiefs extend WR Tyreek Hill (3 years, $54M)

    Wow! I hope the Chiefs fail miserably now. I guess character means nothing to them?
  16. Matt Stafford

    Then you are one of the lunatics! Even if you stated Rodgers has more physical talent then Brady (I would agree) but as a QB its not even close. Brady is a waaaaaaay better QB. Better leader, better in game adjustments, more clutch. I think Manning is great, but physically he is not close to Brady.
  17. Christian Kirk--Trade Target?

    At least a 2nd rd pick i would imagine. Probably more considering he was the #5 pick in the draft in 2017. Maybe Marvin Jones and a 4th rd pick which I would absolutely have no issue with doing.
  18. Christian Kirk--Trade Target?

    I was hoping the Lions would try to get Corey Davis from TEN. Just seems like he doesnt fit the offense with ground and pound and short possession type WRs (Humphries, AJ Brown)
  19. Matt Stafford

    If anything those stats show how close Stafford is to Rodgers (also considering Stafford missed all of 2010) and Rodgers being on much better teams. That being said, there is NO DOUBT Rodgers is a great talent but he is 36, more fragile, terrible leader. Going forward say the next 5 years I would say give me Stafford that is all. I just mentioned that Rodgers may be the most overrated QB of all time because there are some fans that say he is the best QB to ever play and is much better than Brady which I think is INSANE....Its not even close!
  20. Matt Stafford

    Going forward I would take Stafford. Rodgers WAS great. Now he is injury prone and has really been average the last couple of years too be honest. While Stafford didnt have a great season last year, he was pretty much handcuffed with a bad OC (Jim Bob), no running game again after Kerryon Johnson went down, and it was Kenny G and misfits at WR (Andy Jones, Powell, Chris Lacy, and nobodies at TE) but the previous years 2015-2017 Stafford was easily a top 10 QB. Here is a hot take. Rodgers may be the most OVERRATED QB OF ALL-TIME! He has great talent there is no doubt about that but there are people that would actually say Aaron Rodgers is the BEST QB of ALL-TIME! That is INSANE! Brady, Montana, Marino, Brees, Manning, Elway, Steve Young, ALL are much better than Rodgers.
  21. Matt Stafford

    I think Stafford is easily better than all of those guys. Put Stafford of those teams and they are Super Bowl contenders.
  22. Matt Stafford

    Not to mention. Matthew Stafford has had a total of 9 100-yard rushers in his career. In those 9 games, Stafford is 8-1.
  23. Left Guard--Do We Make A Move For A Legit Starter

    What about Josh Sitton? Him and TJ Lang are close friends and even Mike Daniels mentioned him. I would think he would listen to our offer and would be an upgrade over what we have at LG? Havent followed after he left the Bears.
  24. Matt Stafford is the WORST QB in the NFL

    Some people just love attention!
  25. League Wide Cuts

    Interesting name. I liked him coming out in the draft.