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  1. 18 minutes ago, Sllim Pickens said:

    Eh, Sportrac has them at similar market values.  I think this is a case of wanting what someone else has and not liking what we have, but in actuallity they are similar.  Perhaps in a more aggressive system, Okwara would put up even better numbers and improve in the run game.  But PFF has a god idea in how to grade a play and have multiple people grading so I am guessing they are pretty similar. Hendrickson might be slightly better but honestly I am guessing there isnt a huge gap. 

    Could be the whole grass is always greener syndrome but from the eye test I think Hendrickson is way better. He wins matchups a lot quicker, he gets one on one sacks were some of Okwaras seemed like “right place right time” sacks. I think Hendrickson is the type of FA you pay money too that has broken out and will continue to rise. Okwara is too up and down so far in his career and athletically go look at Hendrickson’s combine, he is way more athletic (ran a 4.65 40)!

  2. 1 hour ago, Sllim Pickens said:

    He seems awfully similar to Okwara.  Good sack numbers, struggles against the run.  If he doesn't get a sack, he isn't making plays.  

    He is way better than Okwara IMO. The guy gets consistent pressure. Run grade could be scheme specific as we all know our priorities here in Detroit was run first/pressure 2nd (or never in our case). NO scheme was more aggressive so harder for PFF to grade IMO.

  3. Scary thought with Parcells ties that both Campbell and Glenn have been on record saying BP as their mentor, is he had Todd Haley on his staff as an offensive coach (Parcells didn’t have OCs). I would not want Haley as OC here.

  4. 2 hours ago, Lions017 said:

    Glenn seems like a great hire. Wouldn't surprise me if he ends up getting a HC job in the next couple of years, which would honestly be great for us since it would mean that he was successful here. 

    Plus the extra 2 3rd rd picks!

  5. 47 minutes ago, Just Want A Title said:

    I think Daviyon Nixon could be a really good player but he won't make it to the second round.  He and Christian Barmore seem to be the only DTs with top 15 grades.  In fact, they might be the only DT with first-round grades.

    You could be right. Right now he is projected a 2nd rd pick but he is someone that mag rise by draft day.

  6. 7 minutes ago, diehardlionfan said:

    It’s also likely one of the top WR will be there at pick 7.

    True but I’m on the Parsons train. The only WR I would consider taking at 7 is Chase.

  7. 14 minutes ago, diehardlionfan said:

    I really like it. Especially moving Golladay. I would like the Lions to keep him but don’t think he’s worth tag money. He’s great at what he does (contested catches) but he doesn’t get separation. I think they can improve the WR room by looking elsewhere.

    Yea I agree. For me it’s all about what Kenny wants and I read it’s close to $18 a year. That’s vastly overpaying IMO. It’s a pretty deep FA WR class as well.

  8. 45 minutes ago, Sllim Pickens said:

    I really like this.  Wouldn't mind adding another DE, especially if we don't keep Okwara and trade Hand. But like adding Thomas and Nixon to the interior of our D line.  You have added talent to each level of the D and the revamped WR core is solid even if it is a slight downgrade from where we are now.  

    Or maybe a cheap vet like Ryan Kerrigan as a pass rush specialist 

  9. 40 minutes ago, Sllim Pickens said:

    I really like this.  Wouldn't mind adding another DE, especially if we don't keep Okwara and trade Hand. But like adding Thomas and Nixon to the interior of our D line.  You have added talent to each level of the D and the revamped WR core is solid even if it is a slight downgrade from where we are now.  

    Yea agreed. I forgot to use the other 3rd pick for Kenny G in this mock so maybe a DE there. But I  think they give Austin Bryant and Julian Okwara DE reps opposite Flowers plus Thomas can play the big DE role as well as he has position versatility.

  10. 1 hour ago, TL-TwoWinsAway said:

    Although he may be an "unusual" selection, I like the "leader of men" pursuit with Campbell. I still believe that this roster has plenty of talent, and that a quality offseason could have us back in the right direction quickly.

    I agree. We just need an average defense or he’ll just not the worst defense and a playmaker at WR.

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  11. 39 minutes ago, HashtagFTW said:

    Ok assuming it’s Dan Campbell... what coordinators would you like to see? I think it’s pretty important that we get coordinators with HC experience. It’s no secret that the players love plying for the guy, but how would recently fired HC’s work with him?


    Potential OC’s: Anthony Lynn, Adam Gase, Jay Gruden, Dirk Koetter

    Potential DC’s: Steve Wilks..... idk who else is out there tbh. 

    Some good options for OC honestly. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dirk Kortter as OC with Stafford. He likes to throw deep in his scheme.

    DC will be interesting. Wade Phillips, Kris Richard (seems to fallen fast), I is think it will be someone who runs an aggressive scheme going off Campbells comments about D needing to play “balls to the walls”

  12. Anyone else get the vibe that Chris Speilman is going to have a much bigger role than they put on? I think he may even have final say on draft picks. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but Barry said Chris was running the interviews. Holmes is a scout essentially, they interviewed Campbell before the second interview with Holmes. I think these hires are both Speilman’s. I don’t hate it but I’m pretty sure Campbell was not a Holmes hire and I think Speilman has a much bigger role going forward. 

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  13. 9 minutes ago, Superduperman said:

    Don't mind the picks or the cuts. I don’t think Arizona would do that trade, and if you're gonna keep Stafford and tag Golladay then you should keep him too.

    You could be right. I have been trying to find a way to get Isabella since his draft year. Maybe wishful thinking but they never use him it seems. I wouldn’t  mind keeping Kenny G if the price is right but there are a lot of good FA WRs that I think will be cheaper than Kenny G. Davis, Juju, ARob, Chris Godwin, Curtis Samuel, Will Fuller are all FAs and all won’t get the $18 mil a year Kenny G reportedly wants. I wouldn’t pay Kenny G over $12 honestly.

  14. First and foremost extend Stafford to gain cap space. 


    Justin Coleman

    Desmond Trufant

    Jesse James

    Christian Jones

    Danny Shelton


    Kenny G transition tag and traded for a 3rd rd pick.

    DShawn Hand traded for WR Andy Isabella. This adds speed to our WR corps and Isabella is vastly underused in ARI.


    Cap space of about $30 mil:

    WR- Corey Davis- Came on strong this season. He will replace Kenny G at a lower cost.

    WR- Josh Reynolds- the Holmes connection and LA Rams drafted Van Jefferson to make him expendable. Good slot WR for us.

    LB- Alex Anzalone- fast LB that is ready to start. Has the NO connection with Campbell.

    FS- Marcus Williams- Walker and Harris are probably not starting quality and Williams is a solid FS.

    DT- Solomon Thomas- coming off injury but started showing signs of being worth the #3 pick before he got injured. Perfect gamble FA.

    CB- Akello Witherspoon- tall outside CB that can battle for the starting job or be good depth for injuries if not.

    CB- Desmond King- strictly a NB but the guy just seems to make plays. We need that.


    1- MLB- Micah Parsons- difference maker! Tone setter for the middle of our D.


    2- DT- Daviyon  Nixon- this guy is becoming my favorite player in the draft. Love the way he plays! Can pressure from inside.

    3- S- Paris Ford- excellent playmaker for the S spot. Another big hitter playmaker.

    4- LB- Pete Werner- our LBs are atrocious so adding more speed.

    5- CB- Ambry Thomas- sat out the year but has man to man coverage skills and has NB potential.

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  15. 13 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

    Do you think the Lions will be in a position to be a playoff team by next season? Because that is when Stafford's contract is up. Do you see the Lions re-sgining a 35 yr old Stafford to another top $$ contract if they are not in position to win now? 

    I love Stafford. I agree that our issues don't fall squarely on him. But I'm also quite aware that we are not one or two pieces away. We are YEARS away. Prime years for Stafford. Prime years he could be playing for superbowls with teams that are in position to win now. And I think he deserves that. 

    I also think the Lions many holes could be addressed better with the $33 million we are paying Stafford to wait around for a miracle at the moment. 

    Stafford has a good 5 years left which is a long time in the NFL. We’re not in bad cap situation and if we release James, Trufant, Christian Jones, Daniels, Coleman we will have about 30 mil in cap space. That’s a lot of space to fix a defense to just average and sign a WR in FA. I would even extend Stafford honestly to get more cap space. I don’t even think we should consider drafting a QB high until after Staffords 35 yr old season (3 seasons from now)

  16. 12 minutes ago, Louis Friend said:

    Then why wouldn't you want to see him moved to a team with a defense and run game so that Stafford can shine? Do I think the Lions HAVE to move Stafford? No. But it's a possibility that favors both sides. As long as they can find a suitable offer for him. 

    NOWAY! Stafford isn’t the problem. It takes to long to find a franchise QB as good as Stafford. Build around him and let him win in Detroit. The NFL is setup for quick turnarounds. Just get an average D and running game around Stafford and Lions are a playoff team.

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  17. 44 minutes ago, Superduperman said:

    Call me when your dude beats a team with winning record. 9-54, man, NINE and FIFTY FOUR.

    *for any non-lions fan reading this and who gives a crap (0) I don't actually hate Stafford, I consider him above average but not an elite QB. unlike this stan right here

    Yea because it’s all Staffords fault he has had a terrible running game and defense his whole career. “SuperDuper” good point! 

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  18. 2 minutes ago, Superduperman said:

    Yeah the idea is to turn that around. This is, after all, a thread about them hiring a new GM, not about Stafford.

    You know what would be an undeniable sign that the Lions are going to continue to operate like a sub-NFL level franchise? If they do exactly as you're saying, assume Stafford is the best player they're ever going to get, stick with him until he's 40, and never shoot for something better.

    Stafford is staying bro. Haters gonna hate. I never understand the Stafford hating sewer rats in the Lions fan community. 

  19. 12 hours ago, Sllim Pickens said:

    I agree, they don't need to trade him.  But they also have gone through four coaches and three GMs with him and nobody is building a winner with him.  Get something for him and try a new path.  We have been reliving the same season for 10 years for the most part.  And the reason those journeyman QBs are relevant is that Stafford has produced barely more wins than they have.  Its not all on him but his below .500 winning percentage means something.  

    Rumor I read is that Holmes and Dan Campbell are big Stafford supporters are want to build around him. That’s partly why they got the job.

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  20. 1 hour ago, Karnage84 said:

    In recent Lions fashion, a new HC hire is going to begin day 1 with controversy over past remarks/actions. 

    Campbell made a homophobic comment at a pep-rally while at Texas A&M. 

    That just Justin Rogers being stupid. He said “I’m glad I go to a school where men like women and women like men” 

    Not exactly that bad for a 20 year old. Rogers is just trying to be relevant with this BS!

  21. 16 minutes ago, Millenhater said:

    I saw that Philips was wanting to return and figured he's be an option. 

    1st time head coach with extremely old DC who has HC experience...I feel like I've seen this played out before but where...?

    LA Rams with McVay and Phillips. 

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