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  1. Cuts/Let go: RB- Tion Green CB- Nevin Lawson CB- DJ Haden LB- Tahir whitehead LB- Paul Worrilow Trades: RB- Ameer Abdullah for 7th rd pick DE- Ziggy Ansah to CLE for #33 and 4th rd pick #20 to PIT for #28 and #60 (trade in front of BUF to draft a QB) Re-sign: DT- Haloti Ngata- 1 yr 3-4 mil SS- Tavon Wilson- Decent player that will not cost much. good depth guy. FA: WR- Sammy Watkins- May not be a huge need but we add some speed to outside at WR as a deep threat and he will not be paid as much as his talent because of injury
  2. IMO Phillips has raised over Bryan (who I like), Payne, and maybe Hurst because he is a tweener. I think he is going to go higher than many think and may not make it to #20.
  3. I doubt very seriously the Lions just like the Patriots will welcome the "social injustice" BS warriors to their team because it COULD be an unnecessary distraction (see Colin Kaepernick). Eric Reid is a walking concussion and really not as good as you say anyways. Let Killabrew play as he is ready. Also, Eric Reid is NOT a Malcolm Jenkins type talent.
  4. How many that "protested"? .....exactly. I just think there is NOWAY Lions will sign Eric Reid. 1- He is not that good 2- The distraction he could cause.
  5. Damn Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr are gonna be a bargains in about a month.
  6. I would take that bet ALL DAY! Niners are not a very good TEAM.
  7. How many did the Patriots have? I will wait......
  8. Wow! I like Jimmy G but this is just plain DUMB by the Niners! Bad teams just doing what they do well I guess.
  9. To his credit ZZ was pretty bad at PP in the past but he has gotten substantially better at it this past year. I chalk it up as someone who just doesnt pay attention to the games as much as just regurgitation what others say. As far as ZZ playing FB you are right he may have to gain about 10 lbs this off season.
  10. Then I would say you didnt watch any games this past season.
  11. He has gotten a lot better. He missed one block where Stafford hurt his finger and a lot of Lions fans feel the need to call him the worst PB in history because of it. They ignore the fact that he was really, really good this past season at it.
  12. I do not see the Lions signing Eric Reid just due to the distraction he may cause with his political beliefs. I just dont see BQ and MP wanting the unnecessary distraction.
  13. I actually want to see Zach Zenner at FB. The guy is good in pass protection, can run hard up the middle, block, and has great hands. I see him in the mold of Kyle Juzchek out in SF and former Raven.
  14. I am actually not all that impressed by Barkley. I mean he is good but I dont see ELITE. I actually like Sony Michel and Darrius Guice almost as much. I would not be thrilled if we traded up for Barkley.
  15. I think it could be DT- Harrison Phillips! The guy is a monster and had 103 tackles playing DT last year! Lions are rumored to really like him.
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