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  1. I am going to say Isaiah Simmons with a caveat being where he is selected. It takes a good coach to use someone like Simmons and move him all over the place. I like Simmons but it is a little scary taking a guy without a defined position in the top 10.
  2. Unfortunately I think he will be right and get his way with Skins drafting Young....then again it is the Washington Redskins and Dan Snyder.
  3. I think its going to be the Chargers. New Stadium Need to fill seats Not a lot of huge needs
  4. I think there may be more trades prior to draft day this year. With the uncertainty of the draft flow I can see teams wanting to get trades out of the way earlier. The Eagles trade up for Wentz pick 9 days prior to the draft. I can see a trade happening next week if Lions get an offer they like.
  5. No doubt and they probably will take Young. Redskins need picks more than the Lions do (they dont have a 2nd rd pick). Every beat reporter for the Lions has stated if Chase Young is there at #3 the Lions will simply take him and not think twice about it. I am going to assume they know and have heard something for it to be that much of an unanimous line of thought.
  6. I have no doubts they would take Chase Young. Biggest need and best player. The already have 4 picks in the top 85.
  7. Lions would take Chase Young and not even think twice about it.
  8. I admit that the Redskins will most likely take Young but this is a little interesting.
  9. I doubt it was since "day 1" especially since he was a 3rd rd pick. My point was he was never the best DL on even his own team (Campbell).
  10. Yannick is a tough player to gauge his value on the trade market. He def can rush the passer but he is not great against the run. He has always played on a DL where he was probably not the focal point of the OL when you consider he played with Campbell, Dareus, Fowler, and Josh Allen. Add that to the 17-20 mil a year he is seeking, I just dont see the 1st rd value.
  11. What in the world is going on with CB Logan Ryan? Does he want too much? Does he has a handshake deal? Waiting for other pieces to fall (Clowney to TEN)? It just doesnt make a lot of sense he is still a FA.
  12. I like WR Will Hastings from Auburn. He is a fast slot WR that reminds me of Cole Beasley with more deep speed. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2019/08/after-lost-year-auburn-wr-will-hastings-ready-to-prove-himself-again.html
  13. BZski

    MLB Logan Wilson

    I hope the Lions take him in rd 2 LOL. I must not see the lack of splash plays. I see a 3 down MLB that is really, really good against both the run and the pass. Poor mans Luke Kuchley.
  14. I like the players you picked and picking up Ingraham but not sure DEN would make that trade. Love the Okudah, Ruiz and Wilson picks
  15. Where do you guys see this guy going? I personally am starting to hope the Lions take him in rd 2.
  16. I would go Wilson because I do not see the DT that can create the pass rush we need. None that are better than Hand. Defense in this scenario: CB- Trufant, AO CB- Okudah, Roberts NB- Coleman, Hill DE- Flowers, Okwara DT- Hand, Williams NT- Shelton, Williams Jack- Chaisson, Collins, Bryant MLB- Wilson, Ragland, Tavai WLB- Collins, Davis (If he isnt traded) SLB- Tavai, Jones S- Walker, Muse, Kearse S- Harmon, Harris I would take that D. I think it would be much improved!
  17. I was thinking the same as DT is still a need but I just have a feeling the Lions like Wilson a lot. Tavai can move over to Christian Jones role as SLB with Wilson/Ragland at MLB, Chaisson in the JACK (Kennard) role and Jamie Collins as your floater/WLB.
  18. Yeah plus he can replace Marvin Jones next year. Gives him a nice year to ease himself in. He reminds me a lot of Kenny G.
  19. Lions trade out of #3 to LA Chargers for #6, #37, and #71. I know its a lot but its less than what the Jets gave up to move up 3 spots to get Darnold. Chargers really dont have a lot of holes and the really need a face of the franchise QB that will SELL SEATS! Tua is the best ticket seller in this draft IMO. #6- Jeff Okudah- Best CB in the draft and fills a need. i personally think Derrick Brown is very high on Lions board as well. In this case I will go with the masses and take Okudah. Lions trade up with, you guessed it NE, for pick #23 for #35 and #71 #23- DE/OLB- K'Veon Chai
  20. Guys that I would be interested in would be: 1- LAVISKA SHENAULT- I think he may drop because there are some serious injury concerns. Most likely will go in top 2 rounds. 2- Michael Pittman- Love this guy. 6'4 220 lbs 4.5 speed. 3- Donovan Peoples-Jones- All the talent in the world but lacks production.
  21. Not bad but I do not think there is anyway Jalen Reagor is there in rd 3. He is probably going in rd 1.
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