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  1. I think he is higher on the Lions board than many may believe. I wouldnt be surprised if he is that "WTF" pick we have every year from most Lions fans including myself (Kenny G, Walker, Tavai, Harris). I think he may be in the running for the pick at #35.
  2. He came to Wyoming as a CB so he has coverage skills as well. He was coached by our coaching staff at the Senior Bowl.
  3. If this is the case we need to start looking at Wilson much higher than he is going in mocks. I personally love the guys potential.
  4. Thats a great point but IMO teams will wait until after the draft and give upa 2021 draft pick for Williams or you guys will not get the full value of Williams if you want 2020 picks (3rd rd).
  5. How are you guys in the best spot exactly? You guys dont even have that many picks so teams know you most likely will take less. Especially considering all your needs. Teams know you guys pretty much NEED to trade back.
  6. Not sure what you are not getting. Even if you trade back it will be to a team that wants a QB. WE GET YOUNG. If you take Young WE GET MORE PICKS. Its pretty simple! Really it would be kinda dumb for the Redskins to stay at #2 and take Young by looking at their roster. Their DL is the strength of their team with Sweat, Payne, Allen, Kerrigan and Anderson. They need an OT, CB, WR, RB. They have no 2nd rd pick. They NEED to trade down honestly.
  7. Don't. Lions will either get Young at 3 or a boatload of picks from a team that wants Tua. We are in the best spot in the draft. Meanwhile, Skins take Young, have no LT, pretty much 1 WR, an average a best QB, and no 2nd rd pick. But you guys will have a nasty redundant DL.
  8. Haskins may not even start in Washington next year! I think Tua to Washington is a lot more possible then fans are thinking. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000001108118/D-Hall-I-don-t-know-how-Haskins-wins-starting-job
  9. I do not think the Jags get a 1st rd pick unless it is late 20s or 30s.
  10. Again very stupid to take Okudah over Young. Like really stupid. There is NOWAY to spin taking Okudah over Young as a good idea.
  11. That would be insanely STUPID!
  12. Home Run draft for the Lions!
  13. Man I really would like to see K’Lavon Chaisson from LSU to round 2. I have to admit, I know its just highlights but he looks on par in explosiveness to Chase Young.
  14. I think they get a 2nd. Maybe a late first from a playoff team looking for a player to put them over the top.
  15. Harris I agree with. He seems to be a much better player than Nick Williams and he was cheaper. I dont get it at all. Darby I would have liked as a "take a flyer" player because he is young but I am not too upset about not getting him as I am still holding out hope we sign Logan Ryan who I do not know how is still on the market.
  16. Agreed. I do not think they will get a 1st for him.
  17. I still haven't given up on Sammy Watkins. I know...I know.
  18. I dont see it that way. Its better than letting him walk for nothing.
  19. Source is edited above. As far as compensation I could see maybe the following trade: Jags get #3 and Jarrad Davis. Lets Jags get Tua Lions get Yannick, #9, and #42
  20. Lions supposedly interested in trading for Yannick. Obviously wont be for pick #3 but I thought it was interesting to hear. I personally dont think he is worth trh 18-20 mil a year contract but I wouldnt hate him on the Lions. Probably depends if we could get more picks on draft day. l
  21. As crazy as it sounds the Browns may have made the right call. Chubbs hasnt been anything special so far. Ward I believe made a PB year 1 right? That being said I want Young over Okudah ALL DAY!
  22. You do know the this only happens on First-pick mock draft simulations right? Jk but there is Noway that is a realistic possibility.
  23. You're probably right. I just hope you are wrong for no other reason to upset you. You can bet your a$$ I will be sending you a LMFAO message if you do if fact take Tua over Young.
  24. Man I really hope you guys take Tua now! Just to piss you off, no other reason just you!
  25. LOL That is pretty much the same thing! "We'll go into camp believing Dwayne Haskins is the starter". I get it. You are most likely right and the Redskins take Young but the obnoxious "this will never happen" attitude is a little much. Honesly, you cannot see any reason for the Skins to take Tua or even think it is a possibility?
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