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  1. I like this too but I messed around several times and couldn't get Grier or Finley to fall to our pick in the 4th. Maybe they could and I would love it.
  2. Finley doesn't make a lot of mistakes which makes him great for a backup, great for a developmental team, and a great anti-Fitzpatrick.
  3. My thinking is having a QB who's worth good trade value in a few years. I'm thinking about when the Redskins drafted RG3 and then doubled down with Kirk Cousins. It turns out the Cousins pick was a good one. If Finley shows potential this year, perhaps we don't need to go QB in round 1 next year but rather BPA depending on where we land in the draft order. Yes, we could get a guy in the 3rd to compete for a starting position but there are no QB's worth more than Falk or Rudock after round 3 this year.
  4. Just thought I'd post a mock I did using "Steve's Big Board" on Fanspeak. https://fanspeak.com/?utm_source=OTC Round 1, Pick 13 Rashan Gary, 6'4" 277 lbs, DE, Michigan Round 2, Pick 16 (#48) Chris Lindstrom, 6'3" 308 lbs, G, Boston College Round 3, Pick 14 (#78) Ryan Finley, 6'4", 213 lbs, QB, NC State Round 4, Pick 14 (#116) Dennis Daley, 6'5" 317 lbs, T, South Carolina Round 5, Pick 13 (#151) Shareef Miller, 6'4" 254 lbs, DE, Penn State Round 7, Pick 19 (#233) Chris Slayton, 6'3" 307 lbs, DT, Syracuse Round 7, Pick 20 (#234) Deion Calhoun, 6'3" 320 lbs, OL, Mississippi State I'm gonna miss Cameron Wake but hopefully Gary will ease my pain. With Coach Flores having experience as a DC, I'm excited to get him more pieces for the defense. However, the real problem in Miami for the past several seasons has been the O-Line. Lindstrom and Daley hopefully develop quickly to protect QB Fitzpatrick's life. We don't have much depth behind him. I don't think QB in the 1st round this year is the right move but the 3rd round seems to have some quality QBs. I really like Finley. I still believe in selecting a QB in round 1 or 2 next year, but he should be a quality option down the road.
  5. Jason Witten just retired. There may be a mad rush for Goedert now.
  6. I'm excited about Fitzpatrick! I never really believed he would fall out of the top 10. I would have been happy with Edmunds as the pick, too, since LB is a priority need and his father played for the Fins. But we will need all the help we can get to defend against the slew of QB's coming to the AFC east. I gotta think LB is the next pick. TE maybe.
  7. Hey Guys, I was playing around with first-pick.com to make a draft and I decided to pick (no trades) only players that have been interviewed by the Dolphins' staff. Here's what I have to share... http://walterfootball.com/prospectMeetings/byteam https://first-pick.com/NFL/DraftGame.aspx My Results: Round 1 Pick 11: Vea, Vita, DT. Washington (A) Round 2 Pick 10: Goedert, Dallas, TE, South Dakota State (A-) Round 3 Pick 9: Leonard, Darius, LB, South Carolina State (B-) Round 4 Pick 23: Ballage, Kalen, RB, Arizona State (A-) Round 4 Pick 30 : Benkert, Kurt, QB, Virginia (B) Round 6 Pick 35: Gates, Nick, OG, Nebraska (A) Round 7 Pick 5: Wims, Javon, WR, Georgia (A+) Round 7 Pick 11 : McCrane, Matthew, K, Kansas State (B) Discussion: Would you be happy with this draft? Do you trust the Dolphins' front office? How often do you agree with media "scouts?" Good luck, Phins!
  8. http://www.rotoworld.com/teams/clubhouse/nfl/mia/dolphins Dolphins ink 34 year-old Frank Gore to a 1 year contract. The former Miami Hurricane will be a veteran presence along-side Kenyan Drake.
  9. I went with Fitzpatrick here. I love Nelson, but Fitzpatrick's versatility to play both S and CB is exciting.
  10. The Dolphins managers are clearly onto something here... They know they have too much talent on the roster right now to be considered for last place in the AFC East. Fortunately, the Jets have a ton of money to spend in free agency and the Bills have a ton of Draft picks. Next, the Dolphins need to cut Cameron Wake. I still can't believe they only restructured Reshad Jones' contract.
  11. Cutler 2017 Stats: 14 games, 62% completion, 2,666 yards, 6.21 Y/A, 19 TD, 14 Int, 80.8 Rating T-Hill 2016 Stats: 13 games, 67.1% Completion, 2,995 yards, 7.7 Y/A, 19 TD, 12 Int, 93.5 Rating Neither have mind-blowing stats but Tannehill is better. Fun fact (or not so fun depending on how you look at it) - Culter was pick #11 by the Broncos in 2006 I still believe in Tannehill, for better or for worse.
  12. Nice Find! It's a crime he wasn't invited to the combine. My Pick Frank Ginda - LB - San Jose State He reminds me of #54 Zach Thomas - (Fins Up!) *Video is copyrighted. Not sure how to delete the link* Aside from my obvious favoritism, Ginda tackles hard an can be a contributor on any team.
  13. I like Benkert a lot. The knock on him has been inconsistency in accuracy and mechanics. But when he is on, he is ON! He needs a good QB coach in the NFL. Kiser was super productive. I wouldn't be surprised if he was taken on Day 2.
  14. I'm excited to see what this guy can do in the NFL. He was a playmaker at UCF and his athleticism jumped out at me.
  15. Wilkins is one of my favorites. He has good athleticism and can lower his shoulder for the "big boom." Tiller is an unknown to me. He doesn't seem to have great length to play 4/3 DE. Maybe 3/4 OLB? Wilson is coming out as a Junior without a whole lot of production. I like his potential though. Carter is 5'9" 180 lbs.? It's tough to make it in the NFL at that size. I can't think of any NFL comparisons off the top of my head. Haynes is another good one. That first step IS lethal! He might need to get stronger for the run game, though.
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