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  1. I cannot WAIT until we pick a DB in round 1 and this place catches on fire. You just know it's going to happen.
  2. I have zero evidence to back up my take because I'm 100% ignorant on draft prospects, but I want zero to do with Terrace Marshall. Please respect my take that has zero reasoning behind it besides a gut feeling.
  3. WR doesn't get the ball = WR unhappy. Been like that for a while, will always be like that.
  4. Depends on how the FO views Mark Andrews. If they don't think they're going to re-sign him then a high draft pick would be well spent.
  5. Stanley - Bozeman - Linsley - Powers - Wagner; Mekari, Bredeson, Phillips, Rookie OT. I'd be happy with that assuming we get a 1st for Brown.
  6. In terms of our offense in the playoffs I’d rank our reasons for losing (personnel wise): OL, big gap, QB, WR/TE. Our OL has just been getting worked in the playoffs which then causes Lamar to panic in the pocket. I think this offense CAN win with mediocre weapons. I don’t think this offense can win with a mediocre OL. Give me a top OL signing and a non flashy WR over a top WR.
  7. Then we need to re-tool our defense because without BWill it's somehow, someway extremely mediocre and absolutely horrible vs the run.
  8. Agreed. I'm fine with wanting weapons, just make sure it's after we pay the OL. Either BWill or Peters needs to go if you want more money for weapons IMO. Also adding, paying Andrews this offseason would be a mistake (unless he takes a cheap deal). Not an elite athlete and drops too many balls for my liking.
  9. Change mid-round option to 2nd or 3rd tier vet option and I'd be satisfied. I'd sacrifice pass rush for more WR money. I want a Marvin Jones level WR or less. Don't need tier 1. Spend money on OL. Corey Linsley/Joe Thuney + 8M WR > Allen Robinson at 20M or whatever he gets.
  10. We have like a top 3 most expensive secondary in the NFL which helps with having lesser EDGEs. If you want to spend money at EDGE, I think the money needs to come from the secondary. Our defense doesn't seem to really play towards an elite pass rusher. I'm against breaking the bank for an EDGE unless they're elite, which none of ours are.
  11. We have enough DL over 30 making a lot of money next year. So unless he's going to take a massive paycut, I'm good.
  12. Best TE, best QB, top 3 WR don’t mean jack if your OL isn’t good.
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