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  1. Niners had one positive. Ravens have at least 7 and don’t know the full extent of the outbreak.
  2. The Niners only had ONE positive. The Ravens have at least SEVEN.
  3. Nah cause then they’ll miss the cowboys game too.
  4. It'll only play Thursday if there are no more new tests tomorrow or Thursday.
  5. McPhee is our best edge setter, so thankfully the Steelers aren't a big running team. Curious who else is on the list.
  6. We sold our soul to the devil for a divisional round loss.
  7. Yup. This is 100% going to happen. Happened the time we played Christmas, why not do thanksgiving too. Also, the twitter "the team still won, it'll be okay" crowd is REAL quiet now. Looks like playing ugly will eventually catch up to you, like we all said.
  8. I'm fully OUT on this team drafting a WR in the 1st round. Don't trust this team with one. Rather pay money for a proven player. Gimme OL and DL.
  9. Doubt he was going to play anyways. The Steelers run game is their short passing anyways. Need Calais back.
  10. Can't wait for us to trot out a Skura/Ricard/Willson/Ty'Son Williams package vs the Steelers.
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