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  1. What about HH + 1st + 3rd rounder?
  2. I live in Wisconsin and actively root against the Packers, so not really? Selfish but *shrugs*
  3. If you're paying someone 70 million to sit on the bench, I'm pretty sure the entire management is probably behind the decision.
  4. If you're paying a guy 70 million dollars to sit on the bench, chances are he sucks, a lot.
  5. Chris Jones worries me vs Bozeman/Skura.
  6. Lamar Jackson QB1

    I'll never in my entire life underestimate Bill Belichick.
  7. Lamar Jackson QB1

    We'll find out in week 9
  8. Apparently 2 first for Jalen on top of paying for him. Probs not happening boys.
  9. Fitzpatrick to Pittsburgh so he can get burnt two more times by Hollywood
  10. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Reason #83483 the QB rules exist.
  11. When I made that Mack argument, I didn't think it'd come into play this fast.
  12. Lamar Jackson QB1

    Risk v reward. If that 6 yards gets us a first down or a TD, we're fine with it. But if it's to get from the 50 to the 45 then it's not worth it.
  13. Lamar Jackson QB1

    I think we all agree on this. Also, the Cardinals were giving Lamar the run, they sold out on coverage and it burned them on the ground. Teams aren't going to be able to stop all three parts of our offense.
  14. 2-0 but don't trust them.

    Need to pump the brakes a bit here man. I do think we are division favorites and arguably the third best AFC team but it's not this easy. (I'm also a Ravens fan).