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  1. If we had a Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Deandre Hopkins, Keenan Allen level player I'd agree. The gap between Hollywood, Watkins, Bateman isn't anywhere near the gap those teams have.
  2. Spreading the ball around will be the key this year. Everyone on the field needs to be a threat. Lamar needs to trust his eyes and arm.
  3. Fine move. Couldn't go into the season with Tyre Phillips as our only option at RT.
  4. If he can pass protect in the playoffs it's worth it.
  5. Yup, going to have pick places/positions where we have to sacrifice. Going to be a lot of penny pinching/pushing money out going forward.
  6. I think both will be gone after 2022. I'm just against investing any money into a FB/blocking TE now when Lamar is going to get $35-40M a year.
  7. Rather not have a $11 million (Ricard 4, Boyle 7) allocated to two guys who's primary job is to block and provide almost zero in the passing game. And since we can't get rid of Boyle, Ricard is the man that might have to go. We can adequately replace him with Mason or a vet min guy.
  8. This will be Ricard's last year with the team I think. Can't afford to pay him and Nick Boyle (his contract is ugly if he doesn't come back 100%) with Lamar making real money now. Hopefully we see AV or Kelly signed this week to start at RT. Hopefully Phillips develops but I don't have my hopes up.
  9. No idea, but he probably takes Tomlinsons spot.
  10. With Andrews, Boyle, Dobbins, Gus. Sign Villanueva or Kelly and let’s dance.
  11. Just going to pick WRs until they hit lol.
  12. It’s the 104th pick in the draft. If the FO likes a guy, I want them to take him and not worry about where they’re picking him. It’s not like we took him at 50.
  13. I am now the worlds biggest Stephens fan because of everyone hating on the pick. Might even have to buy a jersey from China.
  14. With Bateman, hopefully this means more 3 WR sets and less Boyle/Ricard on the field at the same time. Hollywood/Watkins/Bateman/Duv is a nice little grouping we have now.
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