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  1. Ravens extend Tavon Young CB

    Glad to retain a young player who's a big piece of the D.
  2. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    We basically cut him and got a 4th round pick. His money isn't guaranteed for Denver.
  3. Flacco dealt to Broncos for 4th Rounder

    Best QB of all time for us and it's not even close. Thanks for everything Joe! A little sad
  4. Sign me up baby. That's what we need. OH that FT%?!?! LETS GOOOO
  5. Hey man, 35% on 4 3s a game from a center is huge for a Lebron team.
  6. Nothing people love more than hating on Lakers players. Anyone who watches Lonzo knows his impact on defense. Before Zubac traded, "Overrated, part of garbage offer" After Zubac traded, "Wow, what a dumb trade by the Lakers."
  7. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    He's a big homer man, better to just ignore him.
  8. This x1000. Gus Bradley dominated us, imagine BB.
  9. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    Lakers have LeBron James and a lot of young players with high potential, therefore I am not mad.
  10. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    Okay bub. Have a good day.
  11. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    The Lakers are the largest competitor for the Celtics. If there is no strong Lakers offer, the Celtics have ZERO reason to still sell the house.
  12. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    I don't think the most recent offer will be there in the summer.
  13. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    But why would they bid against themselves? You think Boston is including Tatum if they aren't competing vs the Lakers?
  14. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    Peanuts? LOL
  15. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    No Lakers = No Tatum/Zion. Simple as that.