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  1. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t me. He didn’t seem to have that extra gear he was hitting last year. Hopefully it can come back sometime during the year.
  2. Not sure if Zac Cunningham got faster this offseason or if Lamar is a hair slower this year than last. But he could not get the edge most of the time in this game.
  3. For the life of me I couldn’t find a bar showing this game so am watching the Sunday Ticket shortened version now. OL still wasn’t great but I feel like Lamars pocket presence was also bad as well today. Seemed off on some of his runs as well. Need some quick slants and curls going forward and more passes to the RBs. 4th quarter first drive looked better. All in all we won by double digits on the road against a top 10 qb. Next Monday!
  4. I'll wait until tomorrows practice to be concerned about Stanley. If he doesn't go tomorrow, we'll most likely get Fluker.
  5. I feel very confident about this game which scares me.
  6. Tannehill can't be the worst QB in the AFC south because that title belongs to one Phil Rivers.
  7. They were too busy watching Evan Mathis and claiming he was the GOAT.
  8. Was arguably the best passing game I've seen from him. Beside his one wild throw, his second worst throw was a TD. He usually isn't that good on the run (which the media gets wrong), but his throws on the move yesterday were fantastic.
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