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  1. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Agreed on front 7. Do not pay Judon and Pierce long expensive contracts please, please, please. You do not pay not elite players, elite contracts. That's how you become a bad team. Barring a shocking BPA, two of our first three picks should revolve around the trenches.
  2. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    This is where I'm at as well. We need to bring in someone established this off-season. A WR and IOL are the two offensive position that need to be addressed.
  3. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    Agreed. He doesn't attack the ball most of time. On his out routes he drifts away from the LOS instead of going towards it.
  4. We lost on first down way too many times in this game. Titans didn't make mistakes, and capitalized on ours. They stayed true to their identity and we didn't. Every game we lost this year had to do with a turnover then allowing a big play TD. Chiefs: turnover on downs, Chiefs get two TDs drives after including the 83 yard TD. Browns: Ingram fumble, then trade TDs, then 88 yard Chubb TD Titans: turnover on downs, 45 yard TD. We allowed too many big plays in our losses.
  5. This is just absurd. Chiefs game we go down early and abandon the run. Same thing here.
  6. Were they interviewing during the first browns and chiefs game? This game was a carbon copy of the Chiefs game.
  7. Blaming this loss on coordinators is fine. Blaming it on them because of job interviews is f'ing stupid.
  8. This season was like Game of Thrones. Took a little while to get started, then was great and super popular. Long break for the final seasons (game) then just crapped the bed and everyone forgot it happened cause it was so bad.
  9. Lamar Jackson QB1

  10. Literally almost everyone. When you get whooped, the blame goes everywhere.
  11. Read it out. It's pretty funny.
  12. Honestly, as I get older these losses bother me less and less. 19 year old me would be devastated.