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  1. I'll wait until tomorrows practice to be concerned about Stanley. If he doesn't go tomorrow, we'll most likely get Fluker.
  2. Tannehill can't be the worst QB in the AFC south because that title belongs to one Phil Rivers.
  3. They were too busy watching Evan Mathis and claiming he was the GOAT.
  4. Was arguably the best passing game I've seen from him. Beside his one wild throw, his second worst throw was a TD. He usually isn't that good on the run (which the media gets wrong), but his throws on the move yesterday were fantastic.
  5. Not the best from Fluker today. Tough spot for him I know.
  6. Just catch the ball dude. So many dumb mistakes this game.
  7. Well hope Marlon is okay. Defense looks just like last year.
  8. You have Lamar, Ingram, Dobbins and Edwards and you give it to Ricard. Too cute.
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