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  1. I die every time Lamar fakes the hand off with his back to the weak side, then rolls out to Ricard or Boyle in the flat with a free guy running at him.
  2. That's part of it. They're focusing a lot more taking the edge away this year.
  3. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it feels like teams are daring us to run up the middle with Lamar this year.
  4. I don’t even think anymore needs to be said until this Pittsburgh game. We’ve just repeated ourselves every week haha
  5. Next 5 games are Steelers x2, Colts, Patriots, Titans so we’ll see how good this team really is.
  6. Think we’re gonna have to abandon the ole “Not let Lamar run the ball in the middle of the field” plan.
  7. I’d like to thank the Titans for getting us a bye before the Steelers game.
  8. All that for that lol. This Pitt game is going to say a LOT about this team. My confidence isn’t very high.
  9. I feel like not wanting Lamar to run up the middle is really hurting this offense.
  10. Two all pro CBs and that happens. And that’s why you don’t drop gimme picks.
  11. Only a matter of time until we got A roughing the passer. So stupid.
  12. It’s like he doesn’t think he has the juice to get it there on some throws even though he does. He just needs to let it rip
  13. The second an offense throws a wrinkle at them, this defense can’t think. They have let hurts just live in their head.
  14. Every single one committing penalties. Lamar brain farts. Hollywood cant do a lick of YAC. Unbelievable
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