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  1. The second an offense throws a wrinkle at them, this defense can’t think. They have let hurts just live in their head.
  2. Every single one committing penalties. Lamar brain farts. Hollywood cant do a lick of YAC. Unbelievable
  3. There’s something wrong with this offense and it needs to get fixed in the bye. Everyone is just off.
  4. I’m going to spend the bye week adjusting my expectations for this team. We’re back to being a defense first team with a supplemental offense. The ravens are back baby
  5. Lamar what are you doing man. Do NOT throw that just cause it’s the first read.
  6. Wentz comes from the Fitzpatrick school of loving to get hit.
  7. Hasn’t done much to prove the “throwing outside the numbers” people wrong.
  8. They are coming downhill so fast, need to do quick passes from the pocket.
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