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  1. Defense should dominate with the team/OL the Eagles are trotting out.
  2. He was terrible in coverage any way you put it. Just because you're running faster doesn't mean it's a better kind of suck
  3. Think we need to slow the Patty Queen hype train down just a bit. He was just benched two games ago because he was absolute garbage in coverage. Yes, he has a lot of potential and is making some nice plays but lets relax a bit. Also CJ Mosely has become quite underrated here.
  4. This x100. With no pre-season and limited TC, we need as many reps as we can get for the weaker parts of our team.
  5. Who’s the Steelers WR scout? Triple their money.
  6. This is the Titans game from a couple years ago. Burrow just horrible at getting rid of the ball.
  7. This. It’s bigger than this game. If this team is going to get better it has to come through the passing game. Plus if we’re gonna pay this man $40 million a year he better be able to do it.
  8. I don’t hate passing the ball. I hate how horrible (hyperbole) we are at it.
  9. Lamar needs to throw it to Ricard way earlier. Getting 5 yards is OKAY on 2nd and 7.
  10. Man, the Browns game looked so good. Idk what The hell is going on.
  11. It’s not just that play. We just rarely throw the ball quickly unless it’s a trash screen.
  12. We need to improve our passing game a ton. This basically live practice.
  13. Do we have zero hot reads on every play?!?! Or is Lamar just not taking them.
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