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  1. Can we stop these naked boots with a guy running free at him. My lord
  2. I meant the previous play plus him being offsides in general.
  3. Yup. Going with the if you’re gonna keep it youre gonna have to take a hit.
  4. Well that’s a gift. These qb read keepers look horrible so far.
  5. We should NEVER EVER run a red zone play with Mark Andrews not in the game. And that just proves it
  6. I think I’m done seeing Hollywood screens. He also looks slower today.
  7. You know you're double digit favorites when we're discussing the 3rd string center an hour before kickoff 🤣
  8. Fluker or Powers would be my guess. Would be interesting to see if one of them plays lights out if Tyre gets his job back.
  9. Could be to sign Dorsey to the main roster. I believe they can't call him up and have him revert to the p squad.
  10. I would not be happy with that trade (for us).
  11. Oh I totally meant the ravens of old. Great D and burn clock.
  12. Pats looking like the Ravens hahaha
  13. M.10.E

    2020 ROT

    #LetGusCook? Also, so far the anti RB draft pick crowd just dominating the argument (I was pro Dobbins).
  14. I honestly didn't even realize he was playing besides that sack. I'll wait for someone with Gamepass to break it down.
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