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    2020 ROT

    #LetGusCook? Also, so far the anti RB draft pick crowd just dominating the argument (I was pro Dobbins).
  2. I honestly didn't even realize he was playing besides that sack. I'll wait for someone with Gamepass to break it down.
  3. This was just a weird game overall. Maybe the first time in Ravens history we weren't satisfied leading 31-10 before backups came in. Didn't help that it looked like the WFT didn't even think they could win just throwing 2 yard passes the entire game. Offense still too clunky for my liking, but we have the next two weeks and a bye to iron that out before the tough part of the schedule.
  4. Let’s hope Fluker plays better than the Browns game. We’re also 100% tagging Ronnie.
  5. M.10.E

    2020 ROT

    The only OL changes I can see happening are C/RG. I HIGHLY doubt they'll even consider touching the tackles and Bozeman. I also don't think the OL is as bad as people are saying. Have they had bad plays, yes? But they aren't bottom half of the league bad. Both PFF/Ken McKusick think our OL played well enough to win last week.
  6. Is Ronnie Stanley the Anthony Davis of the NFL? Just consistently has minor dings but plays most games (and is good).
  7. This was the play that pissed me off the most last week. Finally found a clip of it. Just all around horrendous. We look like the Titans the year we sacked Mariota 12 times.
  8. Also seeing the old format and my join date SHEESH. Started as a teenager and now in my late 20s.
  9. I think we know who this is going to be reserved for based on how things are going.
  10. Love it. Second most important/best player on the team IMO.
  11. I agree with this after watching last night. If Mahomes is going to make that Tyreek Hill TD pass and beat us that way. I'll tip my cap and say good game. There were WAY too many throws where receivers had 5 yards of space in every direction.
  12. Yeah I just ignored his captions haha. Some of these plays are just so bad. Like worst in the NFL looking defense bad.
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