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  1. I know he rubs people the wrong way sometimes, but he's got a nice thread of our defense just looking lost. Sometimes simple is better
  2. Need to be up by a million, leave Lamar in and get some live passing game practice for everyone involved.
  3. Alright lets have a good game here boys. Hopefully get things on track again. Hope to see Madubuike for the first time. Good test for our OL/Lamar with this DL even though they lost Chase Young.
  4. Someone fire up the WFT GT. We need to get rid of this stink around here.
  5. I'm more concerned about Lamar's pocket presence than I am about our OL. He's been outright bad these last two weeks. He's leaving way too many okay pockets.
  6. I think his pocket presence or lack there of is more concerning than his throws at this point this year. Don't disagree on point 2.
  7. Off the top of my head, both Hollywood Brown throws. One was a tough deep ball and the other was the layup he cannot miss. There are probably a couple other ones but I can't recall right now. There's also the issue of him just panicking in the pocket and bringing his eyes down (yes, he was getting pressured but you still can't do that).
  8. M.10.E

    2020 ROT

    Yeah I'm not there yet. I think the personnel is there to at least COMPETE in the playoffs/other teams, we just seem to get scared and panic. Get back into a rhythm this week and start fresh.
  9. I don't disagree with any of that, but if Lamar is who we think he is and how we're going to pay him, he needs to do better. Whether that's just settling down in the pocket or making the easy throws, he seems to let those get into his head sometimes. He looks visibly rattled which you can't have your QB doing. Yes I know he was let down by his teammates at some points, but that doesn't excuse it. I understand that this is a very high bar I'm setting, but this is where we are with this team now. Sidenote, where were some of the routes we were running against Cleveland. No comebacks, hitches, outs etc. Everything seemed to just be routes over the middle which KC just sat on.
  10. I'd like us to get ANY of our players the ball in space that isn't a WR screen.
  11. Bless them for taking the attention off of us.
  12. looked like it too. Except he played worse (as did everyone). We complain about not running the ball, but that means we’re letting our MVP QB who we’re going to pay 40M a year to throw the ball. If we’re complaining about that, what does that say about what we think about Lamar when push comes to shove. Every single time the Chiefs ran the ball I had a sigh of relief. We put the ball in our best players hand and we complain. Now I fully believe he's capable of carrying the load, but for some reason this team/him pees down their legs sometimes and I can't explain it besides it being a mental thing. also Duverney needs to play more.
  13. Aight. Good night boys. Lets hope we show up in January...
  14. Stay outta there and off social media for a while my man. Will do no good.
  15. It's a trend. The 12 team also played great playoff games the previous 6 years against good team and never crapped the bed. We've played HORRIBLE in the 2 playoff games we've played in the last X years. Played the same exact way against the best team in the AFC.
  16. Yup. We hear it all the time but we have no evidence it's not true (unless it's against a bad team ala the Browns).
  17. I mean even our own players acknowledge it. I'm done giving the benefit of the doubt. Hell, lose a close game and I wouldn't complain, but we just pee down our legs.
  18. The Chiefs game last year which was a carbon copy. The Titans game as well. Our best win last year was the 49ers game. Patriots turned out to not be good. Seahawks defense was horrible.
  19. We are bullies against the teams that aren't top tier in the NFL. When we get punched in the face by an equal or greater opponent we just collapse
  20. Not one offensive player earned their paycheck besides Nick Boyle.
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