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  1. Idk why we don't run it behind the left side with Boyle there as well.
  2. Bruh Marty. Just hand the damn ball off. Most predictable screen of all time with the weather.
  3. I have zero faith in this defense stopping anyone in the playoffs. I have more faith in our offense than our defense. What is this season
  4. Going to miss parts of the next two games due to flights. If we blow it while I'm on a plane...
  5. RT, ILB, Pass Rusher, WR
  6. The "Common opponents" tiebreaker doesn't come into play unless there are four or more teams involved. Once we play the Colts we'll have that activated.
  7. Lets get a TO and a quick score before half. Kthx.
  8. I don't know how you let Crowell beat you on that play. Absurd.
  9. What in the WORLD was that series of play calling at the goal line????? Designed QB run, pass to a blocking TE? I'd rather just give Collins the ball four straight times (up the middle)
  10. I wish I could show this to Harbaugh/Marty and just ask WHY?
  11. QB: Rivers or Dak Flex: Jordy or Alex Collins Thanks bb's
  12. And I have much more faith in the FO finding a RT than a WR.
  13. We lost the same way two years in a row to our biggest rival. This team has a problem holding leads. Hell, if our lead wasn't huge in the Superbowl, we lose that game too. We've done NOTHING to fix it. How many times must it happen before we change SOMETHING?!?! Everyone saw that coming on Sunday Night. I had zero faith in that team to hold the lead.
  14. Also ILB. As "loved" as CJ Mosely is, he's a complete liability in coverage.
  15. This x1000. Hump was the only player to actually cover someone yesterday. Everyone else got undressed.
  16. This defense's stats and ego we inflated due to playing horrible QBs most of the year. Frauds.
  17. Pass rusher, pass rusher, pass rusher. No one on this team can consistently rush the passer.
  18. Whatever. I'm not even mad, used to this by now. Team is just going to keep hyping itself up only to let me down once again.
  19. I mean c'mon. Even with how bad Pees is, you don't give up 39 points unless your players aren't performing.
  20. As much as I dislike Pees, our players need some accountability as well. Mosley is awful in coverage. The DL got zero pressure. Our safeties do nothing.
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