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  1. Tommy Lawlor suggested that the Eagles should look at a Ertz for Jordan Hicks trade with the Cardinals. According to what every media source says Ertz is likely to be traded or cut at some point this offseason. With the Cardinals selecting two linebackers in back to back drafts, Hicks could be on the way out in Arizona. If Arizona is looking to part ways with Hicks, I wouldn't mind bringing him back into the fold. Hicks, Wilson, Singleton, Edwards would be a decent rotation.
  2. If Kerrigan fails the Eagles are out 1m. If the eagles trade for Julio and he fails, the eagles are out a first round pick. Also, the standards for success are different for the two players. Kerrigan has to be a productive part time passrusher for 1 year to be a successful signing. Julio would have to play at a very high level for several years for it to be even close to worth trading a first or second round pick. Maybe you are right and Kerrigan is done (even though you have a complete lack of evidence to support your claim) and it ends up being a wasted signing. Who really cares that much wh
  3. Any talk of giving up on Reagor is ridiculous, IMO. The quality of QB play that the Eagles had last year wasn't really conducive to getting the most out of a rookie WR. The casual fan is talking out of their a** if they think they can tell you Reagor or any other young players future success. I really like his skillset and hopefully the team does a better job of using him in the offense.
  4. Uh oh, I'm sure they gave him a huge bloated contract to come in here and be the 4th best tackle on the eagles roster. But anyway... This is a guy Sirianni is familiar with and hes here to compete for a backup spot.
  5. I'm sure the consensus is that the Eagles are bottom of the league team. I don't know how many proplr are saying bottom 3 team but whatever. They should be projected towards the bottom of the league. Nobody's arguing that. Just because you think the WFT are good and I think the Eagles are only marginally worse, doesn't mean I think the Eagles are good. That's where there's a gap in your logic. I've never conceded that WFT is a good team. Here's the thing though, Washington could definitely come in 3rd in the NFCE, which is the worst division in football. Sorry, I don't think the WFT are that m
  6. Not even remotely a "yikes" moment. Up to 3.5m is nothing. All that matters is the guarantee. Also, it would be a good thing if he were to earn all of that 3.5m because it would mean he hit his contracts escalators. If they didn't guarantee any or much of the contract then there is nothing to really dislike about this addition.
  7. Just speaking the truth, y'all are the ones who are sound sore about Kerrigan leaving and acting as if he's not just signing with a negligibly worse team. Just responding to that notion since it seemed to be the prevailing thought on this signing and it's clearly misguided. Sorry, I don't think the WFT are that much of a threat in the NFC.
  8. This is accurate. I'm shocked the man was on the field though. Its really weird. Sorry Jags fans I don't know if anybody has much to say in regards to Houston. But this trade is more about the pick for the Jags. From the Eagles perspective, they need to add as much talent they can and Scott seems to have at least some upside considering he was just drafted in the 4th round last year and was considered by PFF to be the 91st best prospect in last year's draft. Personally, I'm not expecting much from this obviously but he could end up having value as competition for the slot CB role.
  9. Nobodies talking about the football world just WFT fans here. Nobody has an issue with the idea of WFT outperforming the eagles in the upcoming season. The problem is every WFT (instead of commenting on Kerrigans ability or fit in a new scheme) took it upon themselves to be like, "oh how unlucky Kerrigan is to go to a team who has won the superbowl and been to the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years. He'd be so much better of with the WFT who made the playoffs with 7 wins and immediately lost."
  10. Yeah, the Eagles may be bad this year. I really doubt the WFT are much better and noone in their right mind would have any confidence that the WFT will ever have any real success. Again, the notion that the WFT is a quality franchise is laughable. You win the division once with seven wins and it goes to your head lmao. Enjoy it while it lasts because history shows what a Dan Snyder team does. I think Kerrigan wanted to go to a team who has actually seen success in the past 20 years. He's obviously been missing that his whole career.
  11. That's honestly what I'm saying at the end of the day. I also concede that in all likelihood the WFT will suck less then the Eagles.
  12. Calling us sensitive when every WFT fan in here is salty? I'm just providing some perspective to WFT fans who think the Eagles are somehow a lowly franchise while the WFT are somehow some super desirable destination. Yes, I expect WFT to be better than the Eagles. No, I don't think they are definitely better than the Giants or Cowboys. They could easily be 3rd in a terrible division.
  13. At what point did it sound like I thought the NFCE had a clear winner? Its absolutely a toss up between basically Cowboys, Giants and WFT. WFT could wine 9-10 games or they could win 6-8 games
  14. It was in response to some of the other posters as well. But I'm just pointing out their overconfidence in themselves and responding to notion that really any team can think they are about to rise to the top of NFCE when nobody has won it twice in a row in a decade. Not to mention their team doesn't have an established franchise QB and barely won seven games. That doesn't exactly scream "We're on the rise".
  15. Y'all act like youre dominating the division. You won 7 games last year and probably would have been 6 if the Eagles gave half a sh** about winning a pointless game. Only homerism and bias could convince you that Washington is in the the driver's seat to win the East. Your team doesn't have a starting quality QB and no team has repeated as NFCE champs in like 15 years.
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