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  1. I think it's ridiculous that nobody is calling out Dak for encouraging the fans to throw things at the refs. I can't imagine the response from the national media and fans would be the same if this was an Eagles QB given the reputation of Philadelphia. I have to say, I think Dak and McCarthy not taking responsibility bodes well for Eagles. That doesn't seem to something you would see from a winning franchise.
  2. I don't see the Eagles staying put with their picks. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see a slight trade up from 15 and then trade out of 16 or 19. I don't believe they make 3 1st round selections this year and I'd be amazed if they decided to stand pat and make their selections at 15,16 and 19. If Hamilton drops into the right range I'm fine with trading up to get him. Not surprisingly, the Eagles get better draft results when they have higher picks and have struggled with picks in the back half of the draft.
  3. How about those Cowboys? Dak encouraging fans to throw things at the refs. Dak blaming those refs for his own stupidity. McCarthy also blaming refs for his own stupidity. Why take any responsibility when you can just deflect the blame towards the refs?
  4. I wouldn't expect him to be be better than Hurts or at least not significantly better. I think he would be a good fit as competition for Hurts. However, I'd be rooting for Hurts to win the competition outright. Maybe, like I said about Trubisky, Mariota would be too expensive to consider for this type of situation but the goal would be to add competition and then be the backup to Hurts. Hurts and Mariota have similar traits and I think he would fit better as a backup than Minshew. I think it's better for the offense if the backup can run the offense in a similar manner as the starter. I think
  5. I think the Eagles should target Marcus Mariota in free agency. Sign him for a short term deal. I think that's a way that the team can hedge their bet on Hurts. My reasoning is that Mariota has the ability to run an offense similar to the one we ran with Hurts and would facilitate the competition/evaluation process. Let him and Hurts battle compete for the starting job next year. Mariota would be my number one choice for that scenario. Trubisky could possibly provide the something similar but at his age, I think some team may price him out of the range the Eagles would want to pay in that situ
  6. This. I wish the Eagles would have had a better showing but they were in the playoffs ahead of schedule. The Eagles played one of, if not the best, quarterback in history (especially in the post-season). The Eagles we're 8-9 point underdogs whereas Dallas was favored to win. It's not even close.
  7. You're really blaming Sirianni? God, I hope we get a real QB that can actually read the field. Hurts missed wide open receivers and was consistently slow reading the defense. He left at least 14 points on the board.
  8. Yeah, he's good. If he doesn't get re-signed by Cinci, the Eagles should kick the tires on him at least. I also like Justin Reid from the Texans. I don't see how Reid re-signs with Houston so he should be available.
  9. It really seems like at least Douglas would have been able to be a quality CB for us under Gannon. I don't doubt we could have gotten something out of Jones as well but Douglas has especially shown he is a playmaker he just didn't have the ability to consistently carry his man down the field without help and we made him do it too often. In the right scheme, Douglas clearly has value. I can't give Schwartz credit for being an improvement over Billy Davis. Schwartz had some good qualities and I have soft spot for him because of the SB run. However, I definitely don't think he was ever i
  10. Poyer also played CB for the Browns after he was with the Eagles. So at least we weren't the only team who failed to see his potential at Safety but it's still not a good look. Over the past 15-20 years, the Eagles have been awful at developing talent at CB. Douglas and Jones failure to develop here was due to Schwartz's stubbornness. He put CBs on island with no safety help or just a single high safety 95% of the time. He refused to play to his players strengths. We finally moved Mills to safety in their final year with the team. I have no idea why Douglas wasn't given a chance at Safety or w
  11. Yeah, I was pretty sure he was going to declare. Not a fan of any players returning that play at a position of need for the Eagles. At least to some degree, it hurts the Eagles chances of finding value at that position. He seemed to be a solid option for the Eagles second round pick.
  12. Please, don't go there Doug. Pretty much everywhere else I can have some measure of support for him but not if he goes to a division rival.
  13. Ok, I wasn't sure if I just missed him or that you didn't have him ranked highly. I think what you said here is a fair assessment. He is a bull in RAC situations. He's got a big frame and strong hands. Plucks the ball out of the air in contested situations. Also, he does a good job of stacking his man and then tracks the ball really well. He can adjust and control his body in the air to make acrobatic catches. He has the size and athleticism NFL teams want in their perimeter WRs. I think one weakness he has is that he isn't required to run many different routes at Texas Tech. He will likely ne
  14. Nice. This would be would be a pretty ideal outcome for the Eagles.
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