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  1. He'd be our CB2 in this case which would be at least a little worrisome but you can only do so much in a draft. I agree with you and@EaglesPeteC that going Horn at 12 would have been the better option. Having Horn at CB2 and add one of the later LBs like Cox, Browning, McGrone, Surrat, etc. in the mid rounds. Overall, it's a very good draft.
  2. I agree and would like to see Quez get more snaps especially in the slot. I would want to have Bateman, Reagor, and Fulgham out there in 3 WR sets. I think in this scenario, Hightower is the odd man out. Bateman, Reagor, Fulgham, Ward, Watkins and Newsome would be the six. Hightower is like 25 already and cant catch.
  3. Christian Uphoff S Illinois St. is my top guy. Also like these guys: KJ Britt Tony Fields Dez Fitzpatrick Rachad Wildgoose
  4. Nice, Wilson was a player I wanted the eagles to sign. I didn't think he'd be this cheap/we could afford him but I'll take it. They should try to get steven nelson next.
  5. If we are up again soon Do we still have the second fifth? If so, I gotta vote for David Moore grambling.
  6. McNeil was very likely boa at the time. Getting him where he did was a steal.
  7. What do you think we our needs our now? Did we trade Ertz? I'd say our needs are TE (if Ertz is gone), Safety, WLB, DE, RB, double up on CB, O-line and double up on WR. In that order.
  8. Wow, I totally missed that... I think he's gonna be pretty old for a draft pick next year. I may be wrong but I thought he was already 23.
  9. Kuony Deng LB California Avery Williams CB/RS Boise St. Grant Stuard WLB/ST Houston Idk if David Moore G Grambling St. counts but he might go late in the draft and really outplay his draft stock. Stuard and Williams have ST value. Deng is extremely intriguing.
  10. Yeah, I don't know how they thought that was a good response. Like they must understand the value of moving up a few spots in the top 10. It was just demonstrated today. We would not have gotten a first round pick next year without losing week 17.
  11. That's what I thought as well when I read this. I know he played like 99% of the snaps on defense and was graded well by off. I think it would be an underrated signing.
  12. Ok, I misunderstood what you meant. Yeah, you could definitely be right. As a fan, this just seems like a limited/stunted transition year for the eagles. They don't have the cap space to make all the moves they want to IMO.
  13. Except the Eagles are in way obligated to not replace Hurts at any point. He was a late second round pick not the second overall pick. Maybe Hurts can be something and maybe not, but by next year the Eagles will have a good idea of what they have in Hurts and be able to pursue every available option at QB.
  14. Well, we really don't have the money to spend anyway.
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