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  1. Yeah, the Eagles may be bad this year. I really doubt the WFT are much better and noone in their right mind would have any confidence that the WFT will ever have any real success. Again, the notion that the WFT is a quality franchise is laughable. You win the division once with seven wins and it goes to your head lmao. Enjoy it while it lasts because history shows what a Dan Snyder team does. I think Kerrigan wanted to go to a team who has actually seen success in the past 20 years. He's obviously been missing that his whole career.
  2. That's honestly what I'm saying at the end of the day. I also concede that in all likelihood the WFT will suck less then the Eagles.
  3. Calling us sensitive when every WFT fan in here is salty? I'm just providing some perspective to WFT fans who think the Eagles are somehow a lowly franchise while the WFT are somehow some super desirable destination. Yes, I expect WFT to be better than the Eagles. No, I don't think they are definitely better than the Giants or Cowboys. They could easily be 3rd in a terrible division.
  4. At what point did it sound like I thought the NFCE had a clear winner? Its absolutely a toss up between basically Cowboys, Giants and WFT. WFT could wine 9-10 games or they could win 6-8 games
  5. It was in response to some of the other posters as well. But I'm just pointing out their overconfidence in themselves and responding to notion that really any team can think they are about to rise to the top of NFCE when nobody has won it twice in a row in a decade. Not to mention their team doesn't have an established franchise QB and barely won seven games. That doesn't exactly scream "We're on the rise".
  6. Y'all act like youre dominating the division. You won 7 games last year and probably would have been 6 if the Eagles gave half a sh** about winning a pointless game. Only homerism and bias could convince you that Washington is in the the driver's seat to win the East. Your team doesn't have a starting quality QB and no team has repeated as NFCE champs in like 15 years.
  7. True but I guess I just look at it as more lottery tickets or **** to throw at the wall and see what sticks. It's not a huge chance of success but it's a possibility one of those UDFAs can add at least a little more than somebody who would have otherwise made the team and seen the field.
  8. I think Newman and Grimes both make the team. Maybe Jack Stoll makes it after we ship Ertz. Its really strange to me that they didn't sign any DBs in UDFA. There were a few available I would have thought they would've kicked the tires on.
  9. I see what you mean now. The Eagles have up more value over what the expected value was for their trade. That makes sense, I thought you were saying the eagles traded more than a first round pick a third and a fourth or whatever the Giants got. I get ya now.
  10. I agree I think GM Howie Roseman (Eagles) should be on the hot seat but seems firmly entrenched as Lurie's guy nonetheless.
  11. What are you talking about? I'd like to hear how the Eagles have up more to get Smith than the Bears did to move up for Fields. Care to explain your reasoning?
  12. I mean its really just seems likes he's projecting because the Giants have been so bad to mediocre for the past decade. The Eagles have every option available to them next year in regards to who they start at QB. What happens if D. Jones plays pretty well next year? Giants gonna pay him?
  13. 1991 Eagles Defense (No. 1 vs. both pass and run) vs. 2017 Eagles Offense. Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Clyde Simmons, Seth Joyner, Wes Hopkins, Andre Waters and Eric Allen would be tough to contend with. It would be fun to see the 2017 O-line battle that 91 D-line. Im giving it to the 1991 defense.
  14. I absolutely believe this. I was actually going to post on here that this is exactly what I thought happened, that Donahoe wanted McNeil. They probably had both DTs with a similar grade and wanted to accumulate more draft capital. They had confidence that one of them would be there and they made the trade. Was it a prudent decision? We will have to wait and see. Eagles did turn that 6th rounder and a late 7th to a 5th next year. I think it's smart that the Eagles have a plethora of draft capital next year because the draft should be stacked due to players returning to school amidst covid.
  15. I hope so much that that is the case. It was so annoying to see a LB or DB show blitz and show the back end coverage with too much time on the playclock. The opposing QB/coach were able to get out of good plays all the time. Any coverage/blitz disguising, d-line stunting, exotic blitzes/zone blitzes and multiple front looks would all be a nice change of pace.
  16. Oh, didn't see re-signed. Yeah I agree if they can find just a serviceable starter next to Slay, I'll be happy. Maybe Breeland? I don't know how pricey S. Nelson would be but I think he would be an excellent signing for the eagles if they can get him for the right deal.
  17. Yeah, that's true with Ertz being traded it opens things up. I'd be fine with T.J. Carrie. What do you think about Steven Nelson?
  18. Gotta say I'm surprised the eagles didn't sign any UDFAs dbs. It doesn't seem like they have the cap space to sign a vet CB and they need both a no. 2 CB and depth. It's hard to see them entering the year with this group.
  19. Our UDFAs this far: Trevor Grimes WR Florida Jack Stroll TE Nebraska Harry Crider C Indiana Jamie Newman QB Wake Forest Jaquan Bailey DE Iowa St. Jhamon Ausbon WR Texas A&M
  20. Lol, didn't look at it and just posted quick. I thought it was fast that they signed all those dudes haha.
  21. They go by their board. They need depth on the D line. They had no one behind Graham, Barnett and Sweat. They only have Ridgeway behind Cox and Hargrave. Ridgeway hasn't been healthy is just a backup. Both Barnett and Sweat are on their last year of their deals. On top of all that, they are transitioning to a new scheme. They still have undrafted free agents and regular free agents they can add.
  22. I really like this pick. He should be a nice weapon for the Eagles. Great receiving back.
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