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  1. If you are talented enough at the right type of job then yes, an employer will look past the fact that you smoked weed. There's no reason why he should not be able to be signed by an NFL team. If he is talented enough to demand a contract to play WR professionally then he should be permitted to sign with that team. Also, the guy got suspended or kicked out of the league for smoking weed. Who cares if the guy smokes weed? Even if he is reinstated, I don't know who would have interest in him at this point.
  2. I'd even go as far as to say Gladney's a real goofball.
  3. I liked what we saw from Gannon's defense. They ran both 3 man and 4 man fronts. We actually saw DBs making plays on the ball. There were PBUs and *gasp* even legitimate chances for interceptions. They played 2 deep safeties and didn't allow any huge plays on double moves that we as fans have been accustomed to seeing. It's so nice to see our DBs make plays rather than constantly be put on islands in man coverage with no safety help.
  4. Two recent fourth round picks at WR were cut today with Antonio Gandy-Golden 2020 4th round pick (WFT) and Dez Fitzpatrick 2021 4th round pick (TEN) both being cut. I don't know if the Eagles would have any interest in either player.
  5. I know a couple of you guys were high on Antonio Gandy-Golden. He was released by Washington today. I don't know if the Eagles would have interest in him or not. I don't know if they would swap out JJAW for him or not but that's who I think they would swap him out for.
  6. They both were probably cut before the deadline so their contracts don't get guaranteed. Its seems like Rodgers will come back after Jackson is put on IR.
  7. The problem with saying you'd rather have depth than a 6th round pick is that Pryor would've been cut and therefore not adding any depth to the o-lineman. The Colts made the trade so they didn't have to hope Pryor made it to them in the waiver wire/free agency.
  8. That is definitely just someone trying to be a contrarian for clicks. In my opinion, Pryor was at best the Eagles 11th best o-lineman. He was getting cut and the Eagles got value. There's nothing to not like about this trade.
  9. Also, teams starting to gameplan for him instead of considering him an afterthought. I'm not surprised he got cut at all really.
  10. I think we all agree the Eagles don't have an established QB right now. Honestly, the Eagles may very well be the best option in the entire league for Minshew's chances to start at some point this year. Although, he will likely only play sometime later in the year if Hurts plays poorly. I think it's a priority for the Eagles see what they have in him this year.
  11. I hope the Eagles are out on him. Before, all the allegations I would have been all about acquiring him but I would hate it now.
  12. I think Skippy is just trying to say Hurts will be a good value as a Fantasy QB not that he is a Franchise QB. Which to me isn't a crazy take. I think it was 2019 when Josh Allen was still throwing a lot of picks and hadn't established himself yet but he still finished as like top 5 fantasy QB because of his running ability. Not saying Hurts will become a franchise QB but he could outplay his ADP in fantasy which is a huge difference.
  13. I agree that more modern players probably will have longer lifespans than those used in the data set. How much longer, though? If you read the second source, it indicates the biggest cause of death was heart disease. So while the NFL has tried to minimize head injuries, they weren't the main reason for early death among NFL players anyway. However, the study did show that NFL players do also tend to develop neurodegenerative diseases earlier in life too. So, it's really not that crazy to think that Peters only makes it to his mid 60s at best. Being 350lbs is not healthy even if you have low bo
  14. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/05/former-football-pros-die-faster-rate-baseball-veterans-and-reasons-are-surprising This is a better one and showed the life expectancy of an NFL player to 59.6 years old.
  15. https://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/New-NFL-goal-A-longer-life-1272886.php If you Google NFL player lifespan this is what Wikipedia will tell you and this is their source. They say 53-59 years old depending on position. I don't stand behind these numbers completely or anything only because I don't see where they show the data that proves the claim. I'd like to find a better or corroborating source on it.
  16. The average lifespan of an NFL player is like 56 years old. So that's not a bad guess.
  17. See TRM's post as to why Mims can eat a d***.
  18. I don't disagree that Ward is a better WR than Hightower at this point. How he's able to get open and the routes he runs is important though. He is a small Jordan Matthews. Ward can get open and catch balls on 2 yard routes out of the slot. Maybe last year he was the of the more consistent receivers on the team but that's not an accomplishment. He has no upside whatsoever and had a redundant skill set. They have Smith, Reagor, Watkins, Goedert and Ertz who can all work out of the slot and are all way better options. The Eagles have Fulgham as their lone WR with any size. That being said, I am
  19. I mean Ward really operates as a short route runner from the slot. Ward runs a lot of short routes, at one of the highest rates in the league. Ward can only play in the slot and that hurts his value significantly on this team. Hightower offers more size, down field catching ability and more on special teams. Smith, Reagor, and Watkins can all play in the slot. I don't really think he's way better of an option than Hightower in as a 5th receiver. Especially on this team, he doesn't offer anything unique or valuable. I would much rather keep Hightower or even JJAW who has been a willing a capab
  20. My thoughts: This prediction is not necessarily what I think the Eagles but what I would like to see as the 53 man roster. I probably should add a player on offense and subtract a defensive player but I don't want to. QB - Nick Mullens is not worth carrying as a third QB and I'd rather just carry a 3rd on the PS. RB - The news hear is that Jason Huntley makes the team over Jordan Howard. Huntley is younger and a better special teams contributor. This would leave the Eagles without a true power back but I think the Eagles could keep Howard on the PS (I believe he's eligible unde
  21. QB - Jalen Hurts, Joe Flacco (2) RB - Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, Kenny Gainwell, Jason Huntley (4) WR - De'Vonta Smith, Jalen Reagor, Quez Watkins, Travis Fulgham, John Hightower (5) TE - Dallas Goedert, Zach Ertz, Richard Rodgers (3) OL - Jordan Mailata, Isaac Seumalo, Jason Kelce, Brandon Brooks, Lane Johnson, Andre Dillard, Jack Driscoll, Nate Herbig, Brett Toth (9) Offense: (23) DE - Brandon Graham, Derek Barnett, Josh Sweat, Ryan Kerrigan, Tarron Jackson (5) DT - Fletcher Cox, Javon Hargrave, Milton Williams, T.Y. McGill (4) LB - Eric Wilson, Alec
  22. I think it's hilarious that HTTR used pff's power rankings to discredit the Eagles when they have WFT as no. 20 in those same rankings.
  23. You are correct about him being the o-line coach then D coordinator but it was Andy Reid who was coaching at the time.
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