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  1. If we could trade a 3rd for Marshon Lattimore, I'd be giddy!
  2. Love the fore site, I would trade a first for Marshawn Lattimore, and I think NO might go for that if they were out of the playoffs, but they won't be sure by Oct 8, so I dont think it would happen. I don't think GB would trade Adams. I think they would try and trade Rogers first since they drafted an early round QB this year. I would not trade for Dante Fowler unless it was a very late(6 or7 round) draft pick. I think if anything, he would be cut by Atlanta and we could sign him next year without parting with a pick.
  3. The Jets own Seattles first and 3rd round picks from the Adams trade
  4. The Jets own Seattles 1st and 3rd round picks next year from Adams trade
  5. We just lost an All-Pro. They don't come along often. I hope we can turn those picks into talent!!!!
  6. Trent Williams went for a 5th this draft and a 3rd next year........... had we been able to get him for that, we could have got a top WR in the first and changed the whole draft..............
  7. Didn't they just announce they re-signed K- Fickens? Why resign him if you were gonna draft a K?
  8. How about Carter Coughlin with our last pick>?
  9. Im ok with this...... cheap 4 year punter
  10. As much as I liked the 1st (3) rounds........ I hate the (3) picks in the 4th round............. WR - GANDY-GOLDEN CB - BRYCE HALL C - TYLER BIADIAZ ALL AVAILABLE we get three projects that won't contribute this year
  11. Baun is a little small for OLB......6'2"238 lbs
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