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  1. Corys first Mock of 2020! 3 round

    with his salary, we would be lucky together a 4th round pick
  2. No, O-line need is greater, the WR
  3. NOT SURE WHAT TO SAY. This is the worst prediction I've ever seen. He lives in Florida, we have Cam Newton if we don't want to start over with a rookie.
  4. 1st Of The Year - Just One Round - Some Trades

    Ill take it!
  5. Championship Week 1 Round with trades

    Cam Newton is not going to demand that much in return. He has a huge salary, he's hurt and his stats have been going downhill for the last few years. (1) third round rookie pick will get him.
  6. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft - Updated 2/4

    QB is their biggest need then O-Line,
  7. no way, Cam will not get anything close to this, maybe a 3rd round, not move up and get extra picks........ Why would SD do this rather than just sign a rookie with a way lower salary and longer future.
  8. Below is a list of the BIG free agents that could help us. I estimated the contracts based on player ratings and comparable salaries taking into account the rise in the salary cap. Every year we have the new highest paid player at his position because of the increase of the cap not necessarily because of talent. Best player at the right time. If there is anyone you think I should add, let me know. I would hope we re-sign the 2 of our own in green. If we re-sign those 2 I would hope we could land 2 of the others listed with at least 1 being Thuney, Scherff or Conklin. Im not high on C because I think we can get a serviceable C in the 3rd round and it would be way cheaper. CB - Brian Poole - $9 mil 4 years, same contract as Justin Coleman, last years best slot CB available CB - Byron Jones - $15,500,000 5 yrs, best free agent CB get new highest amount for CB EDGE - Jadeveon Clowney - $20,000,000 5 yr close to Frank Clark, Demarcus Lawrence contracts for last year, not at Khalil Mack level EDGE - Yannick Ngakoue - $20,000,000 5 yr close to Frank Clark, Demarcus Lawrence contracts for last year, not at Khalil Mack level EDGE - Bud Dupree - EDGE - Shaquil Barrett ------------------ I think these 3 will get in the $13-$18 mil range like Dee Ford, Preston Smith, Za'Darius Smith EDGE - Dante Fowler Jr. EDGE - Jordan Jenkins - $10-$12 mil - a step below the 3 listed above G - Joe Thuney - $14.5 mil to be come the highest paid G for a minute G - Brandon Scherff - $16 mil passes Thuney to become highest paid guard T - Jack Conklin - $16,000,000 in the Nate Soldier, Trent Brown range T - Halapoulivaati Vaitai - $7-$8 mil range C - Connor McGovern - $9-$10 mil range like Matt paradise got last year C - Graham Glasgow - $9-$10 mil range like Matt paradise got last year WR - Amari Cooper - $22,500,000 5 yr to become highest paid WR in football
  9. 2019/2020 Offseason

  10. 2019/2020 Offseason

    Ive seen this a few places but why, he played hard and had a sucky o-line. If the line gets better so will he. I think we keep him, draft a replacement in the later rounds.
  11. 2020 off season

    I feel this should be a semi re-building year. We are not close to the playoffs but have a bright spot at QB, thus all the o-line protection. We need to get some long term players in the draft at positions of need. No more of drafting best player available, we need to fill positions on the field!!!! Cut Trumaine Johnson Avery Williamson Brian Winters re-sign our players if contracts are reasonable B Poole Copeland Compton J Jenkins Burgess (RFA) D Thomas Hewitt Fickens (ERFA) Luvu (ERFA) Draft need OT/O-Line multiple CB Edge WR - later in the draft Sign cheap second tier free agent like below to short contracts reasonable priced OG - Thuney OG - Glaslow OT - Buluga CB - A Talib CB - Eli Apple sign Jamal Adams to the big deal he's going to get 6yr/$90 w/ $45 guaranteed try and trade a second round pick for Trent Williams