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  1. I agree with the whiff on the chokeslam off the roof. Hopefully the fun house match is cool like the Boneyard. I'm doubting it with no sell Cena but hoping to be surprised
  2. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

  3. This is the biggest thing in the whole argument. Our new 3 year window starts this season. We need to keep any playmakers for this run
  4. 🦅🤠 NFC East 🤷‍♂️🆘: Now None Good

    That's because.... Dak sucks
  5. is this you making up a trade or rumor?
  6. Gonna get this for sure. Finally a sweet draft hat.
  7. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I believe it lol
  8. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Man those QBs are brutal in those videos
  9. I think 5 of these WRs could end up no 1s. There's tons of talent. The obvious 3 have a really good shot at that. Only would need 2 more if they succeed.
  10. 5 . 5 Will always love you
  11. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

  12. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Just did a predictive TDN draft no trades and Burrow went 20 and lamb ruggs and jeudy were all there at 21. Like wtf. Also got queen with 53