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  1. I enjoyed the Jackson hit as well. I like seeing someone have their teammates back even if it's boneheaded. If it was the fourth quarter I can see it being an issue but first quarter I'm good with it
  2. Oh ok I did hear that and he laughed saying it. Lol
  3. Who's that? The guy in corner of those AT&T commercials?
  4. Did he really say that about give me the job? I missed that
  5. They're definitely better. Then can get first downs. Unless I missed something Carson has 1 inch lol
  6. I would love to see a drive with real calls. Not this bs we're doing atm
  7. Let Hurts get actual snaps without Wentz on the field Jesus. It's so obvious with Wentz out there
  8. Anyone think a new expansion team with all the free agents out there could beat us?
  9. I never see Gerry making plays so I wouldn't know. Singleton is definitely up there
  10. We all know the OL and coach is dog crap. That excuse doesn't work when he's got time and still plays like crap. A bunch of his wrong doing are on plays when he has plenty of time
  11. But he doesn't like free yards or first downs. Big plays only lol
  12. Someone on reddit brought up that they believe that concussion in the playoffs broke Wentz. I'm starting to believe that's the exact reason too.
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