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  1. I agree with EBD. I believe in this squad too. Like he said this teams still almost the same team that kept going to the playoffs with quite a few sweet additions imo. Smith, Dickerson(hopefully can give us some tick), Harris , Kerrigan & Wilson. Yes it all rides on Hurts but I believe in him too. Just like I believe in this squad. I'm not saying SB but a playoff spot or just missing is not out the question. I think it'll be a playoff spot for sure.
  2. Eagles signed another QB https://sports.yahoo.com/eagles-sign-nick-mullens-140745502.html Didn't think this was worth a new thread.
  3. He got hurt. Sucks for him and for us. Really think he has the tools. Eagles obviously don't think so. Good luck on his next team. I'll be really happy for him but annoyed with the birds if he becomes anything. I really like him a lot
  4. And I got my stones broke for calling that guy a troll 🤣 😆🤣. Seems like everyone catching on now
  5. A troll is someone who's just spewing bs for no reason or facts. He obviously missed the part of his career as a Stand up LBer. If you don't see how he's trolling then I dunno what to tell you
  6. Yes I don't care for the excuses but that 20 pounds did do something. Still should of been effective one way or another. You can read that your way or the correct way
  7. He's obviously a troll on a new account. Probably a child too. Who started watching the NFL like 2 years ago.
  8. I agree with you but the 20 pounds is pretty serious when he comes to his explosiveness
  9. Season Team PFF Grade PFF Grade rank 2019 49ers 90.2 1/128 2018 49ers 68.9 51/125 2017 Seahawks 77.1 27/125 2016 Seahawks 79.3 16/125 2015 Seahawks 79.9 5/125 2014 Seahawks 90.5 3/124 2013 Seahawks 90.2 1/118 2012
  10. Brooklyn will be tough for sure. Our Elite Defense and if Tobias and Simmons show up it could give Brooklyn a bunch of issues imo. I think the series goes 6-7 games. Really hoping we're on the winning side of that. Our defense could be the winning formula
  11. Wizards getting smacked again tonight!! Tobias gonna work them again... 25+. Really hope Maxey gets a good amount of minutes. IDC if he's a rookie. He's of the few players we have that can really drive hard and his energy is out of this world for the teammates
  12. That same defense that would of possibly gave up the lead on that drive with less than 2 min ( if they drive down field). Yeah graham Won that at that point. Foles and Graham were the heros. One on each side of the ball.
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