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  1. Drink it up then lol. Never been my thing and a forum ain't changing that. Maybe at a party or at a bar but drinking at home is some serious loner stuff. Alcohol and beer just ain't the same at home. If I drink more than 3x in a year that's pretty crazy for me. I like to smoke not drink
  2. I don't drink and was kidding. We'd have to give up way more than the package you said.
  3. Youtube. Maybe 3rd round if he burns cute kittens on live streams
  4. Love this. I like the rotation we have with BG DB and Sweat. Just need one more young guy to add to that
  5. Let's F Goooo Can we please still draft a WR at 6 too. And REALLY COOK
  6. Yeah we could have like 80+ million to spend. Think we got around 70 atm. Howie will wanna try to roll some over I'd think to add to that
  7. Yeah def overkill but some I agree with. Basically the point was we could be players for a few FAs if we truly wanted to
  8. This is where I still love Howie. He's losing my trust slower then most on here but I'm almost fed up. I'm open to him making his redemption tour lol I don't really like eliot parks but you see his write up about creating cap space? I wouldn't do a move or two he suggests but most of the rest I would. I wanna keep Cox and BG. So instead of his suggestion to trade slay you just do the restructure and savings of 9 mil. https://www.radio.com/965tdy/sports/my-7-step-plan-to-fix-the-eagles-salary-cap
  9. That 9 mil helps a bunch. Was surprised too
  10. I can't like him? Got it thanks. Sorry I like consistency. Plus I only said how dumb. Wasn't that drastic
  11. Well that's good then. No reason to create another hole. He's been great for us. It's nice knowing we don't need to worry about one phase of our STs
  12. They traded 8 and 2022 for my #6 in the Simulator. They really wanted Fields apparently lol. Pitts isn't just a TE. If that is how we're only gonna use him then yeah that's a bad pick. Waddle was still on the board at 11 and Slater I believe. I wouldn't of made that trade for them tho so if you nix that trade we still got 2 first and 2nds with one being a possible first. Was just having fun. I already did every other kind of draft without trades and with smaller trades. Had to try a go hard version
  13. The overkill unrealistic draft aka fix the squad in a year draft. Done on PFN Draft Simulator Traded 6 for 8 and got a future first so they got their QB. Traded the panthers 2022 First, our 2022 First and our 2nd 2022 for #11. We still have the colts cond. 2nd in our pocket 8. Ja'marr Chase WR 11. Kyle Pitts TE 37. Asante Samuel Jr CB 71. Eric Stokes CB 84. Patrick Jones Edge 151. Trill Willams CB 153. Caden Sterns S 157. Charles Snowden LB 192. Damonte Coxie Wr 220. Alaric Jackson OL 231. Rakeem Boyd RB 232. Mustafa Johnson
  14. Another draft - Traded back with Panthers and then again to Patriots in first. Used those picks to get additional picks in this draft besides NE 1st next year. 15. Parsons LB 37. Terrance Marshall Jr. WR 39. Asante Samuel Jr. CB 70. Eric Stokes CB 84. Tylan Wallace Wr 102. Kyle Trask QB factory 109. Trey Sermon RB 151. Caden Sterns S 191. Jaylon Moore OL 203. Parrish Ford S 220. LaBryan Ray DT 232. Josh Ball OL NE 1st 2022 Tried to get a few pieces to add to our offensive weapons and nail down the Def.
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