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  1. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    I'd be very happy to get both. Sanders def has a couple seasons left in him. CHJ is sweet too. Maybe that'll boost this teams spirit a bunch
  2. They shouldn't want to look into that mirror. It's hideous
  3. Don't want to see Wentz hurt with something that can mess up next season
  4. Just sit our guys. This is the worst. No need to risk injuries. We've already had to many
  5. Bring in McCown f it at this point to finish the game
  6. The refs feel bad 4 us and we still can't get them off the field
  7. Would anyone be mad at a dak cheap shot? Lol jk
  8. Just said this to my wife. But then I remember pre McNabb
  9. Wonder if cooper rush would light this def up