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  1. I had read that the Raiders were really disappointed with his speed, that he was slow. Not sure what he ran but I think he'd be a better slot WR type player than a running back.
  2. Im not sure why this is surprising, people are going to get this. Its very contagious but so far seems to be very mild in healthy younger individuals. Lets hope its very mild and symptoms pass quickly.
  3. I agree and I think we can get a guy with one of the later 3rds or even the 4th. DPJ, Golden-Gandy are bigger box out types and even tho he's smaller I think Bowden would be a nice addition with one of the 3rd rd picks.
  4. Curious what people's thoughts are on Marlon Davidsons ability to fit into our defensive scheme? He's a good athlete, great motor but seems more like a 43 DE to me. He seems like a difference maker tho and we could use that on the defensive line.
  5. Epenesa isn't going to WOW you but hes just a darn good football player. He always seems to make plays when you need it and stuffs the box score. I watched him wreck Nebraska last year when Iowa played them. He's a solid player and if we took him I wouldn't hate the pick although Im kinda hoping Fulton is still available at 46 and I really like Duggar also.
  6. I have seen this as a possibility as well. The guy on NFL Draftnetwork had us trading to 11 to get Simmons as his reasoning was Fangio would be one of the few defensive minds who would know how to utilize Simmons skill set best. I think if he falls you have to make him the pick.
  7. Do you see Jefferson as possession guy? I think he's a stud and instantly makes this offense better, he plays in the slot but guy had lots of touchdowns last year and many were over the top.
  8. I gotta agree with you on this. Staying put at 15 and grabbing BPA and letting the draft come to us will allow us to stack this roster with a few more starters and some much needed depth! We've been depleted on overall roster talent for way too long and this year will allow us to fill spots of need and build up a few key backups, next year we go hard after the missing pieces because lets face it we aren't a Super Bowl contender this year.
  9. So rumor is OBJ is possibly heading to Minnesota for a 2nd and 5th, Next Year! Would you be interested in bringing him here for that compensation, seems cheap.
  10. Cephus impressed me every game I watched him..He seems to run good routes and makes plays...He comes with baggage and his 40 time wasn't good but he can play. I think I saw Okudah say he was one of the toughest matchups he had all going against him.
  11. Would be very happy with this mock although I don't think Ruggs lasts until 15. Not sure if Nick Harris has the bulk/strength to hold up, I watched Senior Bowl highlights and Ive never seen a guy get pushed around like he was during drills. Overall I like it.
  12. I'm going to say I'd go for one of the Offensive lineman or Defensive players. I think with our next pick we can still address another Wr and there will be a quality player there because the WR class is so deep this year.
  13. One of the guys on this list that impressed me is Donavon People's Jones. Hes a big body guy that can go up and get the ball, has good speed and I think hes ends up being a really good pro.
  14. SO I haven't seen this question asked but thought I would post it here. Would you rather have Todd Gurley on his 1year deal or Melvin Gordon? I know Gurley's knee is about to blow up but Gordon doesnt' exactly have minimal wear and tear either...Personally I'd rather take Gurley on his cheaper deal than Gordon, I still think Gurley has home run speed where Melvin doesn't. Thoughts??
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