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  1. Cowboys sign S George Iloka

    I wonder how this signing affects Jeff “The Goat” Heath’s HOF trajectory..
  2. Tyrone Crawford in Bar Incident (video recording)

    He should get exactly the same punishment as Lesean McCoy got when him and his crew stomped on some undercover cops at a club: How many games did he get again?
  3. Cowboys re-sign FB Jamize Olawale

    Now Dallas comes with the HEAT!! Blockbuster move locking-up that FB!
  4. Earl Thomas close to signing with Browns

    My post wasn't suggesting we needed to make him the highest paid safety or that we should even sign him. I'm attacking the Cowboy's FO for being complete cheapskates at the Safety/1DT position, in terms of draft capitol and $$$. Oh, sure, they'll grab some journeyman 1DT real soon and then maybe a second-rate safety in the 2nd wave of FA. Xavier Woods and Jeff Heath? XAVIER WOODS and JEFF Friggin' HEATH? "We really like our guys.." - Jason "Da Genius" Garrett
  5. Earl Thomas close to signing with Browns

    And I hope they get him. Better than Earl taking some lowball offer from the Cowboys that are so friggin’ self righteous about the Safety and DT position being low importance areas.
  6. Chiefs sign Damien Wilson

    After striking relative oil from the Big-ten with a 4th rd pick in Anthony Hitchens (a highly productive College prospect that was lacking in the measurables), Dallas decided to try their luck again in the following draft with another Big-ten LB (same lack in measurables but with a little less College productivity). Hitchens clearly produced better at the NFL level but we don't know if it was entirely Wilson's fault. Hitchens was forced to jump in as a rookie due to Sean Lee's ACL injury, Rolondo McClain being unreliable, Bruce Carter putting on a skirt and Justin Durant being clapped-out. Surprisingly, Anthony put together a really solid rookie season and had a nose for run-stuffing at short yardage. Due to his so-so speed and quickness, he was not a sideline to sideline tackler and was suspect in coverage. He was played at all three LB positions, but his true position was at the Mike. Damian Wilson is a hitter. He's shown ability to shed blocks, stick his nose in there and lay the wood. He's flashed a little more speed/violence on the edges than Hitchens has. Primarily, Wilson was used as a SLB, so there weren't a lot of snaps in coverage. He really hasn't gotten a lot of snaps, but we don't know if that was because he didn't earn the trust of the coaches or if it was because from 2015-2017 Sean Lee, Hitchens and Wilber were the starting 3 LBs with Jaylon getting snaps in 2017. So...at the price the Chief's got him at, I think it was a good deal. At worst, he's a decent SAM with special teams ability. At best, he might be able to develop into a MLB like Hitchens has. He just hasn't shown/been given the opportunity to prove that he's either "pretty good" or that he "sucks".
  7. Bills sign Cole Beasley

    I pointed out that he was "wishy-washy" about football. That makes me bitter? Ever heard of any interviews asking him about his favorite football player, favorite football team growing up, if he even keeps up with the rest of the league? Dude's made it clear that he prefers basketball, making rap and a whole lot of HIM. I don't know if you venture outside of this forum (which has like 8 Cowboy fans) but Beasley started to show his true colors this past season and fans didn't care if he walked. But that's just bitter ole' me talkin'..
  8. Bills sign Cole Beasley

    Well, he's into making rap albums, so maybe I should've used "Lil" But seriously, the guy is so wishy-washy. He actually quit the team during his first offseason...said he didn't want to play football. Then he came crawling back at the end of training camp. He then complained about how many targets he should get (this started right after Cooper joined the team), not getting paid enough, and then eventually took to twitter where he and his wife acted like idiots with cryptic messages about his future in the sport/Dallas Cowboys. He's no Edelman so he's not worth the distraction.
  9. Bills sign Cole Beasley

    Because he was starting to take over Dez's role of being a little diva.
  10. Cowboys tag Demarcus Lawrence

    Both sides probably acknowledge that this is a $20M+ AAV contract, they're just stuck on the guaranteed money. If they ink a 5 year, $105M contract with $60M guaranteed, they can distribute the money throughout the years and potentially restructure/extend later....that's more flexible/ideal than the tag for both parties. But, when you tag a player, boom..it's all guaranteed for that season. BTW, DLaw has held off getting shoulder surgery as leverage against the tag, so he's "gaming" this as well. If he doesn't get the guaranteed money he wants, he'll sign the tag mid-July and then 1st week of training camp get shoulder surgery that he can milk the season away on. We saw this already with another DE, "Almost" Anthony. He signed his tag and then immediately had a micro-fracture procedure on his knee during training camp. Out all season with a fully guaranteed payout.
  11. Cowboys tag Demarcus Lawrence

    I don't get this outrage. They tagged him so that they can keep negotiations open longer (until July 15th) versus him hitting the streets in a couple of weeks. "Dumb" would literally be not tagging him and allowing a team with big cap space like Indy to lure him away. Besides, the Cowboy front office wants a deal, because this 2nd tag is $20M+ fully guaranteed money. That's a $20M+ cap hit in 2019 versus spreading money forward.
  12. Report: Todd Gurley has arthritis in knee

    Yeah, it's like this place is an open forum or something..
  13. Eagles won’t tag Foles, set to become Free Agent

    Better get some adamantium for Wentz.
  14. Cowboys decline WR Terrance Williams option

    "Will be an option for teams looking to add an outside speed WR." T.Will has 4.5x speed and feet for hands. Even if he breaks open, he'd have a better chance of the ball getting stuck in his facemask than catching it with his hands..