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  1. And guess which Division the broadcasters/providers would clamor over the most? It would be lop-sided to the point that the other Divisions would lobby to go back to collective bargaining.
  2. Exactly. Unless he can play 1DT, Safety, CB, Head Coach or GM....he won't be much of a difference maker for us in 2021.
  3. NFCE pays the bills. You may not like the fact, but that's the truth. YOU'RE WELCOME
  4. Wanted Jaycee Horn at #10 but elated/shocked that Dallas traded back to take Parsons (please put Faylon Smith on the bench) and add an extra 3rd.
  5. Rod Marinelli is known for this kind of crap. Every year, in Dallas, there would be a different d-lineman that was in Rod’s “doghouse” that clearly outplayed the guys in front of him but never got playing time. Nah...Rod loved him some Nick Hayden..
  6. Woods can thump for a FS, but he's always a few steps away and almost zero ball skills. Year after year, we waited for him to take that next step, but it never happened. Donovan Wilson (SS) had more flashplays in half a season than Woods in 4 years. Like I said, dude can thump and is durable (I don't think he missed a single game for us), but he's not a real FS. He was one of the players I wanted them to draft in 2017 and was estatic that we traded back in the round to nab him. Good kid,wish him well, hope a new scheme can do something for him.
  7. Sweet. Dallas is picking infront of Philly again. I hope we get another draft night meltdown!
  8. Are they going to perform a labotomy on him? Desean doesn't listen to staff or really anyone but himself. Take it from the Eagles' fans and fans of teams in the NFCE, you'll love his production in the first few weeks of the season..
  9. Duly noted. I don’t know the history of Quinn before Seattle. I’ll still maintain that Schneider is still riding on the coat-tails of a couple of super drafts and Kris hasn’t done anything of note beyond DB Coach.
  10. Thanks for that. I’ve enjoyed listening to 94WIP after Eagles losses because it was a total headhunt fest! Now this?! I so wish that “105.3TheFan” out of Dallas had the cajones to call out our known problem (Jerry Jones the Meddling Owner/GM) but they’re afraid of getting shut-down. Sure, they’ll infer it here and there, but they mostly just call out players, coaches or just poor-mouth the weekly situation. Very refreshing to hear some common sense criticism of a team
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