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  1. 49ers sign jonathan Cooper Guard

    Well, that's very clear now.
  2. DAL signs WR Deonte Thompson 1 year 2.5M

  3. BUF WR Zay Jones Arrested in Nude(???) Meltdown

    Either some chemical imbalance he's harbored for awhile, had a mental break-down or was on some psychedelics. It didn't sound like he really committed a crime (harming/threatening anyone) so it'll come down to the discretion of the Bills. He's not a Cowboy, so this incident will only take-up 3-4 pages on this forum. Wish him well.
  4. Fullback trade Raiders send Olawale to Cowboys

    Meh. I wished we had resigned Keith Smith. He was a gamer and a banger. When this deal first came out I didn't care too much about the draft swap terms of it (one of our two late 5th rd. comp picks to move back 20-something picks in the 6th). To hear that this FB will cost us $1.5M when we could've (should've) coughed-up another $600k for Keith? That part makes me a sad panda. Sure, I hear that the Cowboys are familiar w/Olawale (I don't remember him) and he's a more offensive/faster player than Keith, but in terms of tackling on special teams and blowing-up LBs, I can't be convinced that they're equal in the physicality sense. Keith is our Jeff Heath of the offense. Young, hungry, versatile and durable "football" guys are integral to every team. Guys fed off Keith....and why wouldn't you when the guy had no shot to make it into the league, got cut and resigned ~20 times by the Cowboys and when asked to convert from LB to FB he was like "Whatever you need me to do". Yes, I rue losing Keith Smith. Losing Wilber, Scandrick or Cooper? Meh. I loved Hitchens but he truly would've cost too much to retain. We should've coughed up the minor dough for Keith, however. Raider fans will find out soon what kind of player they have in K. Smith and they'll fall in love. Bottom line: I'm hoping that the offensive skills of Olawale are worth it but I have serious doubts with Garrett and his lame attempt at emulating the Patriot's 12-personnel back in 2013. Garrett just isn't creative enough to use Hybrid TE's, scatbacks, pass-catching FBs, 4-wide formations, etc.
  5. New football league, the AAF, debuts next year

    The small insight into some of the rules are interesting. I'd definitely watch.
  6. 49ers sign jonathan Cooper Guard

    Waiting to hear about the terms of the contract, but Cooper was more than serviceable for Dallas and flashed some of his old athleticism in the 2nd-level blocking that he had in UNC. He's an intelligent, great character guy but seemed to have a rough start to his career in the NFL. He is coming off a knee surgery, though (probably not a big deal if the Niner's were confident in signing him). I have to go off on a tangent here: It had everything to do with a two-part crap cocktail that was the Chaz Green scenario: - Dallas, and us fans, saw how well Chaz stepped in for Tyron early in 2016 at the LT position and immediately thought he was the swing tackle extraordinaire from that point on. Had Dallas not have messed with it, maybe all would have been fine with Chaz. But.... - Dallas decided to get cute and utilize the "put your best 5 O-linemen" on the field (whether it's a fit or not) and had Chaz spending the entire training camp at left guard. He did "okay" there, but not great...certainly not any better than Cooper. But still, the brain trusts at Dallas persisted with this notion that anyone that can play tackle can easily convert to guard. In short, they stunted Green's growth, clouded his head and pushed all of the marbles in that he could be an LG and, in a pinch, swing back out to tackle. [Reality hits you hard, Bro!] Whelp....Chaz ended up losing the starting LG spot to Cooper early in the season, sat the bench and when he was called-on to fill in for an injured Tyron in the Atlanta game, he made Atlanta DE Claiborne look like a pro-bowler. That Atlanta mauling that he and Byron Bell allowed (8 sacks plus around 10 QB hits) screwed-up Dak's confidence for the rest of the season. Had the Dallas coaches left Chaz alone and let him spend his time in training camp taking developing snaps at OT, we probably wouldn't be talking about the depth behind that O-line. The LG position with Cooper/Loonie was not a weak link. The breakdown had everything to do with the LT position and the lack of competent depth. You can't screw that position up or it will sink the ship when utilizing a stale, slow-developing 90's passing scheme like Garrett has installed. Hopefully, the Dallas FO have learned a lesson and now see that the depth behind the tackle position is too critical get cute with. Now, if they can also apply that philosophy with other positions on the defense (DT's and Safeties)...
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I'll check a few pages back and look into your Observation of him. Thanks. Irritated? Possibly. There are about 3 to 4 "Footballsfuture OGs" in this little Cowboys forum that I've been on the receiving-end of some pointed responses before...some even siding with some trolling divisional rivals. I guess you could say that, as an outsider, this Cowboy forum's "welcoming mat" was covered in animal feces and cigarette butts. If the minority of 12-15 Cowboy fans on this forum want to maintain this "Lord of the Flies" society and gang-up on the new guy, so be it.
  8. Free Agent Rumors

    Not really at all. I believe he's just about all out of guaranteed money and working with a, IRRC, ~$7.5m base salary. Any season we get 12-14 games out of him, we're getting a steal. His durability robbed him of a mega contract he deserved but we all know that Sean is one of those guys, like Witten, that would play for free if there was no buyer.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    DaBoys hinted at you being the poster that found this "gem" so would you do me the honors of linking me to a post containing your break-down of said LB? As for "odd conclusions": I made no conclusions other than stating that I was not picking-up the hype that some of you guys were laying down. I said that in the first friggin post. I don't hate him, but I simply don't see the late-1st rd player I've seen trumpeted. Just no. If you don't "value my opinion"..I don't care. I'm not about to get into a "youtube scout vs. youtube scout" debate about this. You think he's worthy of our top pick and I do not. There's no road to go down with this, man.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    Dang..even Roquan and Edmunds have their "flaws". We may have to trade up in the 1st to ****** this bluechip.
  11. Is the front office really going to hire and put up with a perennial loser like this Nussmeier clown? Wait a minute (looks are coaching staff), never mind...
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    So it sounds like this guy is a 1st rd. talent in your mind, no? You comfortable taking him at #19?
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I think his first injury (that kept him out of the Falcons, Eagles, Chargers game) was the groin sprain, then later the knee. Either way, his back didn't play any part in him missing games but it sure doesn't stop people from talking about it.. And on the record, I don't want this "Leighton Vander Esch" kid, especially not in the first 50 picks. I guess I just don't see what a few people are seeing in him.
  14. RB Kareem Hunt Accused of... Pushing & Shoving

    No charges brought forth to the DA? Definitely no way this turns into a 13-month league "investigation" and 6-game suspension for Hunt..
  15. Best SB Winner Since 2010

    Well, let's use the logic. If we're to assume that Wentz would've played better than Foles in the SB, then how many more points than 41 would the Eagles have scored? Would the Eagles have scored 48 points? 51? 55? Foles played lights in the last two games of the post season. Had Foles bombed in the playoffs, then I'd be right there with everyone saying "Wentz would've given them a waaay better chance in those games."