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  1. Alex Smith leg injury and what it means for the NFC East

    Your continual Cowboy hate won't help Howie's cap situation going into this off-season. Gonna need some top-level drafting to replenish your aging/depleted roster since his "go-to move" of throwing cash in FA won't be much of an option for the foreseeable future..
  2. Alex Smith leg injury and what it means for the NFC East

    We're 5-5. I'm not saying that that defense can't cause some noise, it's just that Garrett has done nothing in the post-season to give me any faith that, if they were to luck into the playoffs, they'd even get past the Divisional round, much less beyond. He coaches scared..ooopss...I meant conservative. Coaching like that doesn't get you to the big games.
  3. Alex Smith leg injury and what it means for the NFC East

    Did someone forget to start a "Week 11 Overreactions" thread? Because that's where this comment belongs.
  4. Week 11 GDT

    Carson Peterman lol!
  5. Week 11 GDT

    I thought that kick hit off the cross bar.
  6. MNF GDT: Giants @ 49ers

    Toilet Bowl XXXVII
  7. Darby blown ACL

    But you've still got the best young QB and a Savvy GM...they'll figure it out.
  8. Darby blown ACL

    That sucks to hear It couldn't be any worse timing considering they're heading into New Orleans next week. Last year, they won it all without their starting QB, LT, MLB and Scatback. Where's your faith?
  9. week 10 - Game Balls and SLappers -

    Can you show us a few of those posts? I can't imagine anyone hating that win on the Road against the Super Bowl Chumps.
  10. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Philly Fandom 101. Everyone's heard about it, but since the Eagles are now truly relevant (popped their SB cherry) the other non-NFCE fan-bases are seeing it for what it is.
  11. Media obsession with putting Rodgers in the GOAT convo

    I dislike NE as much as GB (both in Top-5 list of 'I hope a nuke drops on the field of play'), but I've felt Brady became the GOAT a couple of years ago and now even more.
  12. Week 9 GDT

    Saints were the better team tonight and won it fair and square despite the homer's cry of "the refs screwed us...I got analytics to prove it, bro" posts.. You're 8-1. Act better than this.
  13. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    https://247sports.com/nfl/dallas-cowboys/Article/Jerry-Jones-owned-Texans-name-rights-allowed-Houston-to-use-122812756/ "Houston is one of my favorite places in the country," Jones said. "No one worked or stood any harder on the table to have [a franchise] return to Houston. As a matter of fact, I actually had the rights to the name 'Texans' when Houston came. Bob McNair wanted that name, and I agreed to stand down and [figured] that would be great for them to call it the Texans." If Jerry had his way, there would be 60 teams in the league. He loves to make money and anything to make the league more money, adds to his bottom line. He was one of the loudest voices in supporting Kroenke's move back to California. IIRC, he was also key for the last minute financing of the Raiders' new Stadium, IIRC. Why? Because those moves would make more money for the League. Back on-topic: IMO, if a new team emerged in San Antonio, it would likely generate more new fans than stealing any away from the Texans or Cowboys.
  14. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    Although a 1st is a round too high for Cooper, this isn’t even in the same stratosphere as the Roy Williams trade. RW was all used up by the time Dallas traded for him. Thay gave up more than a first rd pick and signed a large contract before he was to hit the field. Now that was a heist!
  15. Cowboys Record in 2015 with Romo

    10 games. The running game regressed with McFadden as RB and Dez missed a good bit of the season (looked like crap when he returned, too).