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  1. Mo Claiborne to KC

    He was drafted into a dumb-*** defensive scheme under Rob Ryan. Aside from having his confidence shattered from such an overly complicated coverage playbook, he also suffered from an inordinate amount of injuries (mostly soft tissue) that kept him from gaining any rhythm. Mo, when healthy and confident, is a really good CB.
  2. Eagles sign CB Orlando Scandrick

    That dude is still in the league?!
  3. Giants WR Golden Tate suspended 4 games

    John Mara will not stand for this suspension. It'll get reduced to a $500 fine and 6 games to Zeke.
  4. If NFL expands again, what cities are possibilities?

    Definitely put a team in Oklahoma. The football frenzy up there rivals Texas.
  5. Was Zeke generally aware of this?
  6. If the NFL expanded to Canada

  7. Adam "Pacman" Jones retires

    Hmm..I thought he retired a couple of years ago.
  8. Keep One/Delete One

    General Manager or Head Coach Get rid of Jerry, which means the new GM will fire Garrett immediately. Two birds-one stone. Offensive Coordinator or Defensive Coordinator Keep Rod Marinelli, delete Kellen Moore. Best Offensive Player(non QB) or Best Defensive Player Keep Zeke, delete D.Lawrence Kicker or Punter Keep Punt-isher Chris Jones Team Jersey or Team Helmet Keep helmet Team Nickname or Team Colors Keep name.
  9. Steal 1 Player From Division Rival?

    Can it be a coach? If so, I want one of the divisional teams to steal Jason Garrett. He'll get you solid 8-8 seasons and you'll never have to worry about working past January.
  10. Raiders trade Kicker Eddy Piniero to Bears

    Chris Blewitt? That's a ready-made headline.
  11. Jimmy Johnson. Oh..."player". I guess I'd go with Darren Woodson
  12. Biggest Freak of all time?

    Larry Allen
  13. Predict the 53 - Post Draft (WAY TOO EARLY!)

    I think Wise goes to the PS (unless he just pulls an Antuan Woods in Training Camp). That opens a spot.
  14. Predict the 53 - Post Draft (WAY TOO EARLY!)

    Never too early! - I hope they only go with one back-up QB. You only want to waste a QB3 roster spot if you're grooming/shielding a young prospect. - I think only one of Allen Hurns/Noah Brown makes the 53. - We need at least 6 LBs, and you left off Chris Covington, so he's going to be in the mix for SLB while Joe Thomas will back up MLB. - I think Daniel Wise is going to the practice squad. I've read that he, like Jelks, need at least a full off season in the weight room to be able to compete with NFL O-lines. - Is Kavon Frazier eligible for the practice squad? And even if he is, he'll easily sign on to someone's 53 just for special teams ability alone. The Safety position is going to be weird. They're only going to carry 4 and you already know that Woods and Heath are taking 2 of those spots. The 2 remaining will be interesting. I believe it will be Wilson and then one of Iloka/Frazier.