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  1. #PaperGate - Have you ever seen something so weird in the NFL?

    He used it as a straight-edge not a gap-feeler. I understand your concern, though.....with your HFA in jeopardy and all.
  2. That was after Wilcox's 2013, '14, and '15 season of getting FS snaps to "develop". In 2016, he flashed here and there but was in no way a quality starter...even among the average DB players we had. My contention with starting Heath over Wilcox was that he (Heath) was misdiagnosed as a player due to of a few forced outings in 2012 as a UDFA. The very few times that Heath was on the field, he made huge splash plays. My belief is that had we given all of those developmental snaps to Heath instead of Wicox, Heath would've actually developed and benefited the team to a better degree. Instead, we wasted 4 years on Wilcox.
  3. Either my sarcasm meter needs calibration or this is a serious question. Regardless, even during the 2014 season, Wilcox's sophomore season, I would've chosen Heath. Not that Jeff was tearing it up but because Wilcox was such a bonehead back there.
  4. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    Brady, Rodgers and Wilson disapprove of your attitude.
  5. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    Make sense. Two rules have been modified after screwing over the Cowboys in the playoffs, now a non-unique rule might get changed that actually benefited them. Neat.
  6. No...you'll get about 250-300 yards and like it.
  7. I am looking for a team to follow outside of the Browns

    Yup. If you want to upgrade to the Browns 2.0, become an Eagles fan. Same great non-Super Bowl winning flavor but with added regular season wins sauce. Same let-down, but slower time release. Act now and receive free snowballs and locks to throw at popular figures! PS. Stay the course. Stay a Browns fan.
  8. I can confidently state, as a Cowboys fan, in his 40's, born and raised in DFW, I've never felt a consensus from other local Dallas fans that we really cared that highly about the Houston Oilers/Texans. As far as we were concerned, it seemed more like they (Houston) were interested in some "intrastate rivalry" that simply wasn't there. Our rivals have always been the Redskins, Eagles, Giants and 49ers (not so much anymore). After that, we've had a recent decade of heated rivalry with the Saints and their fans. Casuals and the media didn't pick up on that rivalry, but in NE Texas, we kinda loathed the Saints and their "Who Dat" fanbase. It was partly because they owned us a lot with Brees, but moreso because they are geographically the closest NFC team to us (thus the back and forth between our fans). It's died down a bit, but it was white hot for awhile there. BTW, please fire Payton so he can come back home to Dallas. Now that's just my experience with football. I can't speak to lesser sports like bat-ball or shooty-hoops...
  9. Giants trade for Luck?

    That wouldn't be a smart move. They should use this rare opportunity of being at the top of the draft to pick one of the young QBs...even trade up to get the one they really want.
  10. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    You're completely right. No one ever mocked/meme'd Romo's injuries. What was I thinking. I get that, but I literally posted a gif of Decaprio *shrugging*. Someone's QB goes down? Oh well, I remember my first beer.... <--that was my message. Now, had I gone to the Eagles forum and posted that, I'd understand it would be "classless".
  11. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    I took out the ISIS comment so everyone can put the focus back on what I originally posted. After watching Romo get injured season after season (and everyone laughing, making memes), I'm just not sympathetic to any other fanbase when their QB goes down, especially not Philly.
  12. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    It's not for everyone..
  13. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    God forbid there be any humor here.
  14. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    An Eagles fan talkin’ about “class”? That’s so rich. Why are you in the Cowboys forum anyway?