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  1. Who was that genius GM who took Jalen Reagor ahead of Jefferson?
  2. I’ve always like the Old Patriots logo.
  3. I don't know what the other "we" are declaring, but the Steelers looking that inept against a bottom-3 team? Yeah..I haven't dug into their previous 7 wins, but they've got problems. This is the first team to make the Cowboy's run defense look like gangbusters. Their O-line was just "average". Their special teams was shaky. Ben showed his erratic playstyle yet again. Outside of a dominat D-line (which didn't have their way this game against 3rd-string scrubs), I don't know how they're undefeated and....more importantly, how they going to make it far in the playoffs in the AFC.
  4. Steelers are one and done in the playoffs.
  5. Loving this Rams/Fins game! Goff is getting Son'd out there!
  6. I guess it's true that Agholor just couldn't deal with the stench in Philly..
  7. And now the Legend of "Tha Nooch" begins...
  8. I thought about that but then you have Aldon Smith, who sat out how long, came right in and has been playing 3 levels better than him. It’s part coaching for sure, but I think some of these players just flat out average at best. It would be nice if we had an actual leaders for the defense beside Tank the Skank and Tyrone Crawfish. Stupid “Hotboyz” crap.
  9. 2018 got him paid and he’s now more about his brand than football. I could post GIF after GIF of his hilarious effort this year, but I’m on mobile.
  10. Please take Jaylon Smith off our hands. We’d give you a 7th to do so.
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