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  1. I’d have to wait until after the game to rank the winner.
  2. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    OKC for sure. That's a football state that's been dying for an NFL team to get behind. I'm stationed 20 minutes from STL and no one gives a poop about an STL team. It's always been about Cardinals Baseball . Now that the Blues have finally won a Stanley Cup, it's going to be hard to get people back into NFL after the bad taste that Kronke left. The people that are still interested in pro football will have their XFL team here soon enough to fill that small void. Besides, everyone in MO/KS/Southern IL are Chiefs fans (some of them overnight....).
  3. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    We've already seen him as a playcaller. There's a reason why he got those duties pulled from him.
  4. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    Lol! Sounds like more wishful thinking on your part. Garrett is a loser, through and through.
  5. who would you say should be in HOF ?

    Drew Pearson
  6. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    He's an okay "mentor" and had a hand in rebuilding the culture of the team, more specifically rebuilding the O-line (which Callahan probably had a bigger hand in), but that's where I'll stop for positives. He wasn't a great OC. He would never scheme players open or adopt newer philosophies like pick/rub routes. For a time there, he tried to copy Belichick and pushed for running a full time 12-personnel scheme, drafting Gavin Escobar, talking about it...only to abandon it. He was always learning on the job. It just seemed like he was 3-4 years behind any trend. It took him years to finally start running the ball (was probably more of Callahan's doing). As a HC, he gave us nothing on Sundays. It took above average rosters to win despite him. Some believe his headset was tuned into an easy listening station. Clap, raise mic to spit and slap butts. That's Jason. Vanilla, ineffective, spineless, fake, won't take responsibility and will absolutely throw any and everyone under the bus. There are former players that contend that he sabotaged Wade Phillips the year he got fired mid-season. He didn't like Callahan and caused a rift there, causing Callahan to want out of Dallas (Jerry wouldn't allow him to interview...made him stay his last year, which all the more p*ssed off Calahan). Uggg...I'll l stop here. Being real. I really hope that your Giants don't sign him....being serious. Yes, it would be funny/advantageous as a Dallas fan, but the guy never deserved to be a Coach in the NFL and still doesn't. I just can't stand the idea of frauds/shammers like him squeaking through the cracks all of his life (and boy has he since his days at Princeton/Colombia). I'll part with these final words: Someone who worked on his staff was anonymously quoted as saying "He's the smartest dumb **********er I've ever worked with".
  7. Giants hire former Cowboys HC Jason Garrett as OC

    Just know this. You can't sign just one Garrett. It's a package deal that brings the whole caravan of charlatans with it. 5 Minutes after Jason is signed, Judd and John will be given some type of scout or assistant coaching position.
  8. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    And in 2018:
  9. Matt Rhule to become Carolina Panthers next Head Coach

    So Garrett's goin' to da big Apple?
  10. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    “Back..and to the left. Back....and to the left.”
  11. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    It's served many QB's well....well outside of Bridgewater. Sorry for the loss and I hope Wentz recovers 100%.
  12. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Well (if true), look at what that got him. Why doesn't Wilson do this now that the rule says he gets at most an extra yard in forward progress? Situational awareness is like common sense. You don't often "learn it", especially if you don't know what it is.
  13. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Falling head first isn’t what the league considers a QB “giving himself up”. Just in that very same game you could see how it’s done (Wilson). Not saying that Clowney was afforded to make that hit (that other non-QB players take on the reg) but Wentz exposed himself.
  14. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    I'm a Cowboys fan. I, like a few others, also posted 2 weeks ago that we want to lose to WAS to get a better draft pick because Garrett is a loser coach. At best, we'd win a Wild Card game before getting bounced out. Of course Garrett rallied the team to a meaningless blow-out win hoping to save his job, pushing us down the draft order. The one that isn't realistic is Jerry Jones. His loyalty to the Garrett family was disgusting but it's coming to an end. Just have one last Garrett brother in the scouting department to de-latch from the host and then it's done.
  15. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Whether they beat Seattle in Dallas (maybe), they'd get smoked in the Divisional rd. 10 years of this ISH. This 2019 team was especially not going anywhere in the post season except down the draft order. Meaningless. And with today's news of Garrett finally getting the Ax, we Cowboy fans are over the moon right now. Playoffs-smayoffs!