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  1. We're going to see Godgers tonight. I wish it wasn't the case and that we can finally be done with Rodgers, but he's got a few more seasons worth of drama left in him.
  2. Graham has become one of the most underrated edge players of the past 5-6 years. The Eagles franchise and fans can eat hot-****, but I wish Brandon a quick recovery.
  3. OH. MY. GOD. This 100% is a phrase I started to hear in the Dallas forums over a decade again. So much so, that I started using it myself. The common denominator? Jason Garrett. Yeah...he's not your Head Coach yet. Well, he wasn't initially our Head Coach, either. He was just our under-qualified OC under Wade Phillips that wormed him out of the position with a season worth of shotty play-calling. Coach Judge is a dead man walking unless he DDPs that daywalker on his ginger head.
  4. Despite looking like a trash fire on paper, it will probably end up being an entertaining game.
  5. *disregard* (I'm watching this game with about a 15 min buffer)
  6. A little bit of holding there...
  7. This. Dallas: - Plays down to lesser teams but usually wins in squeekers - Doesn't hit .500 against average teams. - Gets throttled by above-average teams - Against clearly superior teams? They play like its their Super Bowl and sometimes get the upset win. Do I think that's happening this Thursday? Well, not at all...which means they probably will.
  8. Because it gets a reaction! Seriously, I'd rather have Minshew, Mullen or Flacco over the backups we have in Dallas.
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