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  1. Dak - Grown Man

    Even Barry's Liver could make go of it!
  2. Dak - Grown Man

    Well, the last team to have that close of a stacked deck was prior to the salary cap and wore Stars on their helmets. It was completely unfair to the rest of the league, it was that talent-stacked. Hell, even Coach Garrett could've done something with that roster!
  3. Dak - Grown Man

    I'm not saying Dak has potential to do big things on the big stage, by any means. I still contend that we'd probably need a top-5 in QB, RB, WR/TE and O-line in Garrett's offense..oops..I mean "Linehan's offense", to have a shot at the big one.
  4. Dak - Grown Man

    89, 90, 91, 92 16, 17, 18
  5. Dak - Grown Man

    Troy didn't win his first SB until his 4th season, but point taken. I think having the NFC version of Marvin Lewis as our HC is the true bottleneck for this team's SB aspirations. Carrot-top needs a NFC Pro-bowl roster just to get into the NFCC/SB
  6. NFC Wild Card Philadelphia @ Chicago

    As a bystander of this cat-fight, you're emotion has taken over. You've made 20+ posts the last 10 minutes, using stale sarcasm, to lash out at everyone/everything. In reality, this is an internal battle you should be fighting with...
  7. Divisional round

  8. The Eagles, with their backup QB, beat the Colts... Let That Sink In
  9. NFC Wild Card Philadelphia @ Chicago

    It's true..and he won't be on your team next year. Howie is gonna stick with the Milktoast Ginger.
  10. NFC Wild Card Philadelphia @ Chicago

    Thank you Philly! Buh-Bye, Bears fans! Also, Buh-Bye Wentz! No way are the Philly fans going to allow their good luck charm in Foles go next year.
  11. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    I think it's supposed to mean, in our total history in the playoffs, we've played against every single NFC team except the Saints. It's just another one of those stupid stats that I can't believe anyone would waste their time digging up.
  12. Who are the GREAT teams in the NFL this year?

    IMO, none this year. Everyone of the "great teams" have shown flaws.
  13. Is anybody else picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl?

    Quote them on this forum. Cowboy fans didn't start this thread (rather a suspected long time Cowboy-hating troll did) and I doubt you'd find single quote on this forum, in the past month, from a Cowboy fan talking Super Bowl aspirations. Excited about the Defense? Yup. Stoked we beat up the Saints (a geographical rival)? Yup. Happy that Amari is playing way beyond expectation? Yup. Any expectation we make it to/past the Divisional round? Nope. I'm still on record, much to another Cowboy fan's dismay (name rhymes with 'fatts') that Garrett is like a governor to this engine. You simply can't get to the Conference Championship or beyond with him. No need to keep reshuffling players or coaches at this point. He's the bottleneck. He's the poor man's Marty Schottenheimer.