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  1. Duly noted. I don’t know the history of Quinn before Seattle. I’ll still maintain that Schneider is still riding on the coat-tails of a couple of super drafts and Kris hasn’t done anything of note beyond DB Coach.
  2. Thanks for that. I’ve enjoyed listening to 94WIP after Eagles losses because it was a total headhunt fest! Now this?! I so wish that “105.3TheFan” out of Dallas had the cajones to call out our known problem (Jerry Jones the Meddling Owner/GM) but they’re afraid of getting shut-down. Sure, they’ll infer it here and there, but they mostly just call out players, coaches or just poor-mouth the weekly situation. Very refreshing to hear some common sense criticism of a team
  3. This is true. The Legion of Boom really built up the reputation of some of the coaches and even the GM (they caught so much lightning w/the 2010-2012 drafts). Im afraid that Quinn is just another beneficiary of past performance.
  4. This probably means that Wentz will be back. This is a good/bad thing depending on if you’re a NFCE team/Philly. Personally, I can’t fathom Wince doing his pouting-Eli impressions in any uniform other than Philly green. It’s like Gallagher without watermelon props...
  5. Can’t be worse than Mike Nolan, but that’s not saying much..
  6. 1. Go after Stafford 2. Try to trade Darnold, if not, he can stay on the cheap as a backup/developing QB1, and then you do the unthinkable for that franchise for once... 3. Go Offense-Heavy in the draft/free agency. It’s crazy, I know, but the days of relying purely on the defense and a run game based around re-tread RBs isn’t working. Untie those purse strings and act like you want to compete for once.
  7. Unfortunately, my work-order to the site Admin for a Corky Thatcher emoji wasn’t closed-out before this beauty..
  8. I had to use the VPN and fire up Game pass to review it some more. Homeboy said “Calm down, _____, it’s going to be ok!” #myvindicationwillnotbedenied
  9. I must be crazy. Did anyone else hear that analyst on the right say what he said? Either my ears are playing tricks (replayed it three times) or it was a major slip-up.
  10. Rams are finally on the board against the Jets, Folks!
  11. Smoochin' Sammy bout to show Goff how to play QB in the NFL..
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