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  1. Romo: best color commentator since Madden?

    Yeah..I still prefer Collinsworth, even if his nasally voice begins to grate on me after 3 qtrs, but Romo is right up there with him. They both exude energy in their voice and make the game enjoyable to watch instead of monotone guys like Aikman.
  2. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    The hearing is set for the day after the Redskins game (30th). The NFL can sit and spin.
  3. 2018 Draft headed to Dallas

    Glad they’re moving it around each year.
  4. One way to address the declining TV ratings

    Socialized sports, Bro! Every gets a trophy.
  5. Aaron Rodgers breaks collarbone - could miss rest of 2017

    Bingo. That title currently applies to the Eagles, unfortunately.
  6. Federal appeals court dismisses Ezekiel Elliott case.

    Zeke was granted a TRO from SDNY Court. He’s at least playing this week and probably the next. For the love of all that is holy, whether Zeke beats this suspension or not, I want to see this go to court and have Goodell and Lisa Friel squirm on the stand.
  7. Aaron Rodgers breaks collarbone - could miss rest of 2017

    Not about to hear any Packers fan talk about "dirty hits to QBs" when Clay Matthews has been getting away with it for years..
  8. Dem Boys

    What is your agenda with Dak? You've parroted that he's a "game manager" for months now...even in threads that are not Cowboy's related. He's been Dallas' best offensive player this year and it's not even close. And this is 2017. The O-line and Zeke have not been great.
  9. Federal appeals court dismisses Ezekiel Elliott case.

    https://usatcowboyswire.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/ezekiel-elliott-discipline-letter_8-11-17.pdf You can skip over the first 2 pages and start with page 3 under "findings". In so many words, they said that every thing that Ms. Thompson accused Elliott of, was substantiated through their independent "investigation". That didn't read like, "well..we don't know if you did it, but it sounds like you did and therefore you're hurting our brand. Bam! 6 games." This letter wasn't about Conduct detrimental to the league. It was pages of "Our evidence proves, without a doubt, that you beat her on separate incidences". Maybe I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I can't take that letter to read anything other than the NFL saying Zeke's a "women beater".
  10. Dem Boys

    I know I'm going to sound like a jerk, but have you watched that O-line outside of the 4th qtr of the Green Bay game? It's been one of the best run blocking O-lines starting in 2014, but it's taken several steps back this year. Some of it is because of chemistry, but some of it is that they are one by one making mistakes on each drive. As far as pass protection? Woof. It was great in 2014. Pretty good in 2015. Good in 2016 (Doug Free was a major weak link). I've casually watched other teams' O-lines in pass protection and I think this current unit is barely top-10.
  11. Federal appeals court dismisses Ezekiel Elliott case.

    I think you're underestimating how lazy the casual observers (aka: not fans like us on forums) are. They don't spend time reading up on anything but headlines and will take the upheld suspension as a sign that he was "guilty", while a vacated suspension will be seen as he was "not guilty". As for if he's doing it for reasons other than clearing his name? Being labeled a woman beater is just a notch below being labeled a Pedo, IMO. It's not just 6 game checks or potential sponsors he's losing, this is something that he'll have to carry till he's old.
  12. Federal appeals court dismisses Ezekiel Elliott case.

    Because he’s being labeled as a woman beater. It means more for him to clear his name than the team’s success at this point.
  13. Federal appeals court dismisses Ezekiel Elliott case.

    They're dismissing Elliott's injunction/case against the NFL that was set to take place in Texas . He'll have to battle it out in NY courts. That won't go well. Ultimately, what this means going forward is that the NFL will always win the "first file" battle since they know exactly when the "independent" arbitrator is going to give his decision.
  14. https://dal.247sports.com/Bolt/Federal-appeals-court-dismisses-case-in-war-of-Dallas-Cowboys-RB-108413624 Probably for the best since the NFL is going to get their "pound of flesh" one way or another. Might as well serve it this season since Dallas' defense is absolute trash and the O-line is all out of wack. Unfortunately, this gives Garrett yet another built-in excuse to save him from getting canned.
  15. Giants fear Odell Beckham Jr, suffered a broken fibula

    Also one more year experience for Coach McAdoo.