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  1. A lot of good options on the board for the Vikings. I would find it hard for them to pass on Dillard with the state of our Oline woes...that said, if we don't go oline Hock is a good option imo. He is well rounded and can help in all aspects of the offense.
  2. Worst 2 Rounder You'll Ever See (No Trades)

    I agree, I think I would go Risner here too.
  3. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    This winter they seem one in the same...
  4. I believe Mike McCarthy is still available, thoughts on him? (To be honest im not even positive he is offense minded...but I presume so.)
  5. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Week 17: I'm going to drive this CARR to the end.
  6. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Week 16....Josh Allen
  7. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Week 15....Dak Prescott (one week too late).
  8. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Trubisky...unless I've used him.
  9. Valhalla Fantasy Football, Season 4 2018

    The Horribles haven't really lived up to their name...especially with their #1 pick sidelined for going on 7 weeks this season. Now hoping my long shot handcuff gets me into the Championship...hunt.
  10. 5,000 or Bust '18

    I've lost track of who I have used but I know I haven't used... Baker Mayfield
  11. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Kirk Cousins
  12. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Carson Wants
  13. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Cam newton
  14. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Week 9: Aaron Rodgers