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  1. What is the keeper number? I started to look on top page, but there was a discussion on it and I didn't want to read....
  2. ....and in my defense...why should I read when I can just hand out crap?
  3. Apparently the excitement of the draft has worn off? 😜
  4. No biggie for this, wife and kids need to come first...take care of things there first.
  5. @JaguarCrazy2832is up! (...and don't take my guy! )
  6. Currently only for you. 👦 ....and I should have tried to trade up.
  7. As we take a little nap from the draft (😉) here is a little trade block to entertain those still awake.... RB: Jordan Wilkins WR: Kendrick Bourne TE: Hayden Hurst and Devin Asiasi Enjoy! 😁
  8. @ravens_rool28 is on the clock.
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