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  1. I may not have a need another TE....but Asiasi's potential combined with NE and no other competition to speak of (they drafted Keene, but he is note perceived to be more of a blocker that I've heard) made him hard to pass on.
  2. With pick 3.12 the MinneSorta Nice select Devin Asiasi, TE, NE. @JaguarCrazy2832 is OTC.
  3. Hey, I've got to try live up to my moniker somehow. 😎
  4. How are about trying to make your pick....you are OTC. 😃
  5. Per Flea Flicker....with pick 3.8 @klyon7634 selects Ian Thomas, TE, Carolina.I @ravens_rool28 is OTC.
  6. Are you referring to the beautiful sound of the weekend "screeeeeech!"?
  7. With pick 3.7 we select La'Michal Perine, RB, NYJ @klyon7634s OTC
  8. I was hoping to have picked at least once today... 😶
  9. Me too...as a Gopher fan. 😞 ( "My" 3 wr's targeted in each round round so far has been sniped just before me...twice with the pick before mine. 😒)
  10. Yup, to Brown...in a different league. 😀
  11. With pick 2.12 the MinneSorta Nice select Joshua Kelley, RB, LA Chargers. @husker_vikes3 is OTC
  12. Im still new to this dynasty thing, and trade value still confuses me. In general, what would 1.12 be worth? (I'm sure there are varibles that determine it by team/year.)
  13. I think it's funny how drafts slow down on weekends because apparently most people can only do FF while at work. 😁
  14. With pick 2.7 the MinneSorta Nice select... Justin Herbert, QB, LA Chargers. @klyon7634 is OTC
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