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  1. My time to make my pick is no longer the longest! 👍
  2. Tell me about it! I lost a starting RB and pick 2.3 fof....Rex Burkhead! 😂
  3. 2019 TAST Dynasty League Draft

    @Hagar selects....TJ Hockenson, Detroit Lions! Sorry for delay, been a crazy couple days. @Dome is on the clock...
  4. Dynasty Rookie Draft Help!

    Deleted...question no longer needed.
  5. Not sure if this is the best spot for this...but is anyone interested in pick 1.3 of this 2019 draft? Josh Jacobs and David Montgomery have been picked. Hit me up soon if interested.
  6. Hey! I would like to think of my team as moderately hot garbage! 😄 I was wanting your team, but I waited too long...ironically I would have probably given it up too.
  7. Husker, I can trade Rex Burkhead back to you for the fleece you took from "me" last year...Aaron Jones and 2019 pick 2:3. Lol. In reality I am looking for a viable backup type QB.
  8. Do we have an idea of when the draft might be?
  9. The FlyingDanes are open and ready for business!
  10. Im interested in team 2 if available
  11. What rookie draft slots does 1 and 2 have? (Presuming it hasn't happened)
  12. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    So....why did we feel the need to rush through both drafts? Long off season now...
  13. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    So if the draft continues at this pace it will be done with phase one in...288 days. 😐
  14. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    Starting on the first isn't AS good as I thought, I will be tied up with kid graduation events Sunday and Monday. Not saying I won't have anytime to check in, but I could slow things down at my picks.