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  1. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    You cant argue against hindsight, too bad we cant access it so we can make an educated knowledge...instead we are stuck with educated guesses.
  2. Vikings select...Ade Aruna, DE, Tulane

    We're going to have a DE play some on offense?! Now that's a new way to keep players involved! 😀
  3. In my head I was just referring to the Hughes pick, temporarily forgetting about the other 2 rounds. I will see, however, what I can do about pushing Hernandez down...or moving us up.
  4. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    As much as we need OL help....I LOVE defensive picks!
  5. I, too, graduated in the Met Center!
  6. new and improved INTRO thread

    Name: Brad Age: 47 Family: wife, 3 girls, 2 female cats (completely out numbered) State born/live in: MN/MN Interests beyond football: watching kid play softball, frisbee golf, White Castle burgers Favorite current Viking: Theilen Number of Vikes games att1, a fourth preseason game...does a starterless game really count though. Favorite all time Viking: Bud Grant, Scott Studwell Any current player on another team I want on the Vikes: healthy JJ Watt Any past player I want on the Vikings: John Elway If anyone could make me a Hagar the Horrible (comic) avatar-thingy would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Valhalla Mock: Oakland on the clock

    3, this poll closed Thursday at noon. So we've missed Friday, Saturday, and now Sunday.
  8. Valhalla Mock: Oakland on the clock

    If a name ever fits a team it's Payne/Oakland. For that reason I voted for him...along with other actual football reasons.
  9. Valhalla Mock: San Francisco on the clock

    Ditto, at least a replacement for Foster...or a great tandem.
  10. Valhalla Mock: Chicago is on the clock

    This where it gets tougher. With the "elite" players gone and QB hungry teams out of the way it comes down even more to needs...and Chicago has a few. To me I came down to Ridley and Ward, For me defense comes out on top...Ward it is.
  11. Valhalla Mock: Tampa Bay on the clock

    James for me, but a couple great options.
  12. Chubb has to go here!
  13. Valhalla Mock: Denver Broncos in the clock

    Close vote, I'm going to root for Keenum...and his protection. Nelson. (With only one vote separating 2 players currently...how would possible tie votes be broke?)
  14. Valhalla Mock: Cleveland Browns on the clock

    As I figured, Barkley feel to #4. However I didn't expect Chubb to still be available which makes this pick tougher. I am going to stick with Barkley. Presuming Darnold plays this year at some point Barkley will take a lot of pressure off Sam by adding a top weapon and keeping the pass rush more honest.