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  1. he will probably cover multiple people
  2. Alongside their others this year. They're better at UDFA than the draft.
  3. This is absolutely spot on by Cam Newton and a stark difference in leadership from the style people were accustom to with Tom Brady.
  4. Let's go!!! Yet another one of my favorite UDFA's this year.
  5. I think Rex Burkhead could lead in carries but my choice is Michel for the poll. Cam is capable of throwing a TD this week, but it doesn't seem like he needs to do it to prove to me he is becoming a great Patriots passer. I'll pick the Seahawks at home with Russell Wilson, but the teams are pretty evenly matched. I think that just because I pick the favored team, (Seahawks), doesn't mean I don't believe the Pats can't or won't actually win. I am just being ultra conservative with my pick and expectations. Adam Butler is going to be key on the ground all season long but especially against the Seahawks with a thick and slippery QB, not to mention a tough lead runner in Chris Carson. Butler, if healthy, is going to do well in the middle against the run as usual. Cam Newton I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed with an interception or two against the Seahawks playmakers on defense. I think he could come away unscathed in terms of turnovers and painful hits, but it is probably best case scenario if either or both happen.
  6. I doubt the Ertz idea a bit but it wouldn't be a bad trade for a or third and maybe something else. ARob for a first and Michel would be steep but worth it with an contract extension. A second and Michel is fairer. I think the Pats are considered legit contenders by themselves most importantly but by others as well.
  7. Favorite Team: Patriots Week 1 Pick: Redskins Week 2 Pick: (for fun)
  8. @Deadpulse Yeah I agree kind of haha but why not "Oh yeah" ? 🤔
  9. No ****, I've been saying it since Daboll rejoined the Pats, nevermind when he left again. Flores was a bit of a loss as well. Can only hope that the Belichick doesn't retire because Daboll and Flores are legit. Patricia, O'Brien, McDaniels are jokes and always have been. At least as head coaches. Judge, Crennel, Weis, Mangini are the definition of nondescript/average/JAG's.
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