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  1. the internal drive is in its own module and not soldered on the motherboard. they created it be "repairable". the ssd can be upgraded. touchpads have their own haptic feedback it seems like. thoughts on this? @elevators_rule @Heimdallr @Shockwave
  2. High ceiling, a good enough starting point physically to play early, good work ethic. I'd say Perkins has the greatest improvement from college to Pats from this draft class when all is said and done. (Though I like me some Quinn Nordin.)
  3. Not that bad or desperate if you have Bowser and Oweh to build off of already me thinks...
  4. @elevators_rule watch this and tell me your thoughts
  5. Jaguars have the best shot.
  6. *in the regular season Losses: Bills 1x, Titans, Chargers, Cowboys, maybe Buccaneers Close wins: Bills 1x, Browns, Panthers (nasty defense), Dolphins week 18, maybe Buccaneers, Falcons (TNF/short week+travel vs. explosive young offense and strategically sound HC) Fun games: Jets x2 (Douglas and Wilson make them exciting for future), Jaguars (youth+Urban Meyer matchup), Texans (beating up on another team can build confidence), Colts (Wentz is just an easy target to cheer for INT's now and plus it's the Colts), Dolphins 1x (always nice to get a win against a t
  7. This team is getting 12-13 wins.
  8. Yeah I didn't really care for many of the movies. A lot of decent but almost entirely forgettable movies is how I see them. Thor movies and Guardians movies in particular stand out to me as bleh that seem critically acclaimed as far as Marvel goes. My favorites: Dr. Strange Infinity War Endgame Iron Man 1 Black Panther HM: Captain America, Winter Soldier, Civil War, Avengers, Age of Ultron, Far From Home, Captain Marvel
  9. Michel is a tough cut/trade and more likely to make it than not, but I think they'll be fine without him.
  10. Feel free to include any player predictions as far as acquisitions and assessments that could lead to them. Maybe you see one injury leading to an unexpected trade at or before the deadline. Maybe a veteran is hanging out there later in the year that you can see being brought aboard to help. Practice squad rules are different this season like last year I think. More players on the squad and fewer restrictions? QB: Cam, Mac RB: Harris, JJ, White, Stevenson, Bolden HB: Jonnu, Jakob WR: Meyers, Bourne, Olszewski, Agholor, Zuber, Slater TE: Henry, Asiasi O
  11. Pats are gunna surprise people how well they do. Shock others. https://twitter.com/keaganstiefel/status/1413891745989939202?s=21
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