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  1. Top 5 AFC/NFC Teams post NFL Draft?

    My initial response was yes. But now that we're well past the draft, I have changed some things around. I do think the Seahawks will win their division but the Rams I have at 10-6 and just because they're a lower seed doesn't make them an inferior team necessarily. That said, I have a lot if faith in the Seahawks organization with what they've accomplished the last five-or-so-years. I like the mojo of their quarterback and roster development in combination with their history more than I like the Rams coming off perhaps a minor Super Bowl hangover. My playoff teams are, in order and by conference: Patriots/Colts/Chargers/Steelers/Bills/Titans and Seahawks/Saints/Cowboys/Packers/Eagles/Rams
  2. Chris Jones vs Fletcher Cox

    I see what you did.
  3. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I'm going to read and respond to all five hundred-fifty six and counting pages of this thread.
  4. Chris Jones vs Fletcher Cox

    I like Cox.
  5. Patriots extend WR Julian Edelman

    After the diving play against the Falcons in the Super Bowl, Edelman's legacy was cemented forever with the Patriots.
  6. @SBLIII I hope you understood that sarcasm
  7. Which teams improved/regressed the most on paper?

    Most Improved Offense/Defense: Titans/Chiefs Least Improved Offense/Defense: Chiefs/Saints
  8. Can't be replaced that easily.
  9. I'll on a whim and guess it's Danny Shelton...
  10. Starting left tackle guys. Listen to me.
  11. 2019 roster discussion

    Brandon King with a two year extention.
  12. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Kyrie could go to the Nets, Knicks, Lakers, or stay with the Celtics. He could have squashed the rumors but because he didn't doesn't necessitate his departure. Kyrie also started the whole fiasco essentially by promising to re-sign so early in the season. No one knows what he is going to do yet. I think Kyrie had a lot of emotionally charged moments throughout the season of his own volition but in part due to the dynamics of the team that formed this season for the Celtics. I believe Kyrie is wanted back, is motivated to stay, and mostly I believe Kyrie knows the Celtics will be a much different team going forward.
  13. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Horford has said he is open to a team friendly extension for two years. There is a good chance he opts out if Ainge asks him to. From there it is anyone game what happens of course. Hayword played his first season for the Celtics just this season while recovering from a traumatic injury and rehabbing physically and mentally all while playing on a team full of guys with selfish mentalities. By the first playoff series Hayward had shown tremendous upside heading into next season and while struggling against the Bucks like everyone else in the NBA this season, Hayward still showed he can play very good defense. Golden State's motivation for such a move to acquire Hayward and/or Horford is to continue competing for the championship next year while filling out their roster with the departures of several players including KD in this scenario and likely Boogie Cousins.