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  1. Better Peak Larry Fitzgerald V Sterling Sharpe

    Peak: Sharpe Career: Fitzgerald
  2. Football's Future Top 100 -- #7

    He plays in the better D, true, BHAT! he is better than kerrigan, d aside
  3. Football's Future Top 100 -- #7

    Griffen has ascended while Kerrigan has peaked. That is my rationale for Griffen>Kerrigan right now. Plus, Griffen is just better at this point.
  4. Boston Sports Thread

    I mean ya!
  5. Football's Future Top 100 -- #7

    1. Wilson 2. Kuechly 3. Gronkowski 4. Martin 5. Atkins
  6. Football's Future Top 100 -- #7

    Same guys as before: Gerald McCoy and Everson Griffen.
  7. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    1. Saints 2. Panthers 3. Falcons 4. Buccaneers If injuries hit the Falcons on offense, they'll finish last. If not, then they finish no better than second with third place looking the most likely.
  8. Best Group In Football

    Wentz/Foles/Sudfeld is probably the best, but it's close, (assuming Darnold and Mayfield turn out okay relative to draft location).
  9. Best Group In Football

    Other teams: Jets with Darnold/Bridgewater/McCown Browns with Mayfield/Taylor/Stanton Packers with Rodgers/Hundley/Kizer Vikings with Cousins/Sloter/Siemian Broncos with Keenum/Kelly/Lynch
  10. Best Group In Football

    I like there wide receivers a lot but a couple of them are rookies so it'll have to bite the bullet on that.
  11. Best Group In Football

    So the QB group you chose for the Patriots over the entire NFL because of Tom Brady I take it, even though the backups are poopoo.
  12. The Travel Thread

    Definitely Romania here.
  13. What if NBA players came to NFL?

    would be awesome
  14. Football's Future Top 100 -- #6

    I didn't vote for Mack second in the poll because I thought he was already selected. Mack>Miller