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  1. If you're one of the top 14 graded drafts and there are 14 playoff spots, your draft grade is probably considered good. Now, if your draft grade is 14, that may be good, but it is not great. A fringe playoff team isn't considered the contender that a top seeded team is, for example. The context of this Patriots draft is in the Brady situation and the Patriots missed opportunity at getting a potential top pick prospect in Justin Fields for a fraction of the cost to trade up compared to sitting back for a consolation in Mac Jones or some other day 2 level QB prospect. This also re
  2. @VanS please don't heed this advice. Stop telling yourself that.
  3. They're both kind of booty but one plays a safety position so he hasn't gotten exposed as much in coverage one on one.
  4. I think the Niners got a lot better and the Rams have a new QB with a middle of the pack defense. Tough division makes me skeptical of a team without anything elite or side of the ball it excels at over the rest of the teams in the division. Perhaps you're right and coaching compensates a bit.
  5. Tough to say with such a compeitive looking division. Although I will say, between the injury history and QB "controversy" in SF, and the QB/head coach "drama" in SEA, the Rams could sneak ahead of them both. We'll see, because if everything goes right for all four teams in the NFC West, then I think the Rams would get the short end of the stick. Best of luck this season though.
  6. Would be a shrewd pickup. Flexibility between slot back and safety, plus familiarity a little with Pats system and AFC East coming from Brian Flores. Perhaps will have an added motivation too after getting waived by the Pats division rival.
  7. i mean the broncos very well might have a worse w-l-t
  8. nfl division predictions 2021 pats phins bills jets ravens browns bengals steelers titans jags colts texans chiefs chargers broncos raiders wash giants eagles cowboys vikes bears pack lions buccs car atl saints cards seahawks niners rams
  9. maybe Waddle will be out-produced by guys drafted later but Waddle was the clearcut best WR in this draft when healthy if you ask me. Ruggs is nothing compared to Waddle. I agree with you that the Dolphins off season/draft specifically was overrated last year and so far a little this year. However, I think they drafted better last week than they did last year. I think the AFC East is up for grabd and the has the most long term competition, talent, and overall competency that it has had in the last two+ decades.
  10. But they continue to draft well.
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