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  1. Jalen Ramsey requests trade from Jaguars

    Ramsey doesn't seem like a Mayock guy, especially after this Antonio Brown saga. The need and fit make sense but if the Raiders make a huge investment in another guy who is mercurial and demanding a trade on top of being kind of a diva/hothead, well then, Iā€™m glad Iā€™m not a Raiders fan because that just screams of ineptitude, insanity even because of recent history potentially repeating itself.
  2. Jared Veldheer decided to retire and Yodney Cajuste got hurt or wasn't ready for some reason. That hurt the depth for sure. I think not paying Trent Brown was fine, but they now are sort of in a worst case scenario at offensive tackle. At least Scarnecchia decided to coach another year so it isn't all bad.
  3. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread (through Week 2)

    SB Favorite: 1. Pats SB Contender: 2. Ravens 3. Cowboys 4. Chiefs Playoff Contender: 5. Rams 6. Packers 7. Chargers (by end of season) 8. 49ers 9. Seahawks 10. Vikings 11. Falcons Competitive: 12. Saints 13. Titans 14. Texans 15. Bills 16. Eagles 17. Colts 18. Browns The rest. 19. Redskins 20. Bears 21. Bengals 22. Lions 23. Raiders 24. Buccaneers 25. Panthers 26. Cardinals 27. Steelers 28. Broncos 29. Jaguars 30. Jets 31. Giants Pushover: 32. Dolphins MVP: 1. Lamar Jackson 2. Tom Brady 3. Patrick Mahomes 4. Dak Prescott 5. Deshaun Watson 6. Carson Wentz 7. Aaron Rodgers 8. Myles Garrett 9. Russell Wilson 10. Dalvin Cook
  4. I doubt a trade for Trent is made the skins have full leverage knowing the pats are kinda desperate
  5. Around the NFL 2019

  6. Pats Sign OL Caleb Benenoch

    Patriots sign an olineman. First response: šŸ˜­ Typical follow up response later in the thread: In Dante We Trust
  7. Around the NFL 2019

    I knew it at the time, but man did the Patriots miss an opportunity not drafting Mark Andrews. I thought he was a first round talent. Could have had him instead of Duke Dawson. To be fair, I liked Dawson, but not as much as Andrews.
  8. Who will win league MVP?!?!

    Not if they're already wide the frick open to begin with from a (usually) busted coverage.
  9. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Jets black home jerseys are nice, its the hideous green jerseys when playing away that make it a terrible change.
  10. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    Keep in mind the Jets have no Quinnen Williams or CJ Mosley. Trumaine Johnson has been essentially been benched for this game against the Browns. Since Falk came in, Robby Anderson and Bell have impressed. Add in Jamison Crowder, Demaryius Thomas and the Jets are way more challenging than the Dolphins. The Jets actually have a defensive front capable of doing something. By the second time the teams meet, they should have their very talented tight end Chris Herndon off suspension and possibly Sam Darnold back from his sickness. The Jets are still pushovers for possibly the greatest team in NFL history, (the 2019-20 Patriots), but at their best it's not even a comparison to the Dolphins.
  11. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    I think the Jets would have been better off starting Luke Falk instead. Guy knows the team and system. Trevor ***** doesn't.
  12. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Whoa. Who tf is this Scottish Hammer?
  13. MNF: Browns @ Jets

  14. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    I spit