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  1. Barrett 6.0. 3 round draft w/trades!

    The Patriots still employ Josh McDaniels unfortunately.
  2. Bowl Season- Prospect Discussion

  3. Barrett 6.0. 3 round draft w/trades!

    What I said doesn't apply to each the same; second round or higher for each prospect I expect. Ceiling though? Sure, I could see one team taking any of them in the first. Tim Tebow went in he first round, let's not forget. Things happen.
  4. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    Yeah, i feel OG to OG and OT to OT regardless of side is different than FS to SS and vice versa.
  5. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    I could agree with you on: Cunningham for longevity over Martin. Gino for overall contributions to the franchise. Gray as a replacement for Light. Nelson over Slade in overall accolades. And Allen over Bailey. BUT, I disagree on replacing Jon Morris completely based on accolades. Morris was a perennial All Star in six consecutive seasons. Brock never once made a Pro Bowl. Also, even though Light never played RT, I asked Scarnecchia directly one time if he thought Light could, (seriously), and the answer was a convincing yes. I imagine Mankins could play RG much the same as how he shifted between LT and LG, or Joe Thuney played LT in college, LG for the Pats, and RT week 1 against the Steelers last season. I just took the two best offensive guards and tackles that played that position primarily, regardless of side. So for instance, I would replace Matt Light with Leon Gray, certainly at LT, and move Bruce Armstrong over to LT then, perhaps. Because they all played tackle primarily.
  6. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    Thanks, how do you figure this team stacks up against the rest of the teams?
  7. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    Welker had basically six consecutive 1000+ yard seasons, was equally competent as a returner, didn’t drop or fumble like Edelman, and was more durable. Better receiver overall, but Edelman did have more clutch moments. To me, Edelman over Welker is like Hightower over Slade. There is an argument but... not the strongest one. @m haynes @Yin-Yang @Deadpulse thoughts?
  8. If Brady does in fact leave...

    Unless Jordan Love falls to their pick in the first, or one of Eason/Hurts/Fromm is sitting there in the third, I don't think they'll take a QB that isn't a random sixth rounder at like pick 199 or something.
  9. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    @m haynes @Yin-Yang @Troy Brown Care to elaborate or edit this?
  10. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    QB: Tom Brady RB: Curtis Martin RB: Jim Nance WR: Stanley Morgan WR: Wes Welker TE: Rob Gronkowski LT: Bruce Armstrong LG: John Hannah C: Jon Morris RG: Logan Mankins RT: Matt Light DE: Andre Tippett DT: Vince Wilfork DT: Richard Seymour DE: Willie McGinest LB: Chris Slade LB: Tedy Bruschi LB: Mike Vrabel CB: Mike Haynes FS: Devin McCourty SS: Rodney Harrison CB: Ty Law K: Adam Vinatieri P: Jake Bailey HC: Bill Belichick
  11. If Brady does in fact leave...

    This is Stidham's team now. Until Jake Fromm takes over and leads for half a season.
  12. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I agree they probably want draft capital, not an equivalent. However, given the situation I see a compromise on an equivalent increasingly likely. For the Jags sake, I hope the fans get what they want. Eagles fans though?