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  1. Nick Chubb

  2. 2018 Head Coaching Candidates

    I think all of these teams should find new head coaches in 2019: Jaguars (Doug Marrone) Dolphins (Adam Gase) Jets (Todd Bowles) Cowboys (Jason Garrett) Buccaneers (Dirk Koetter) Browns (Gregg Williams) Packers (Mike McCarthy) Broncos (Vance Joseph) Less likely but still on the hot seat: Giants (Pat Shurmur) Bengals (Marvin Lewis) Ravens (John Harbaugh) Cardinals (Steve Wilks)
  3. What movie are you watching?

    Currently watching Outlaw King on Netflix. Pretty enjoyable.
  4. What is the most underrated NFL Rivalry?

    It's funny though because the New England Patriots have played the Panthers head-to-head only seven times including the Super Bowl, (the fewest of games against any one team).
  5. What is the most underrated NFL Rivalry?

    Still a good rivalry dating back to the 2003 season.
  6. What is the most underrated NFL Rivalry?

  7. Who are the top 5 RB's since the year 2,000?

    Dillon, Lewis and Jones-Drew I agree deserve to be mentioned but Frank Gore already was and statistically anyways is clearly top five.
  8. Pats sign S Obi Melifonwu

    Maybe he can play wide receiver, tight end, outside linebacker as a pass rusher and special teams too.
  9. kc isnt the challenge to me, so much as the Chargers (in the afc). kc, pit, and hou all seem very beatable for the pats. in the nfc, look out for the saints and panthers more than anybody else. more than min, more than la.
  10. I saw cannon out there on the field.
  11. Is Julio still the #2 WR in the league?

    Gordon maybe not since he seems to lack the speed he had, but top ten for sure. Adams is debatable but I prefer his YAC to put him over the top of the other guys.
  12. Is Julio still the #2 WR in the league?

    1. Julio Jones 2. Antonio Brown 3. Odell Beckham Jr. 4. Devante Adams 5. Josh Gordon 6. DeAndre Hopkins 7. Tyreek Hill 8. Michael Thomas 9. Adam Thielan 10. AJ Green
  13. Who are the top 5 RB's since the year 2,000?

    HM: Clinton Portis, Jamal Lewis, Curtis Martin, Marshall Faulk, Ahman Green, Ricky Williams, LeSean McCoy, Tiki Barber, Corey Dillon, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Johnson, Shaun Alexander, Matt Forte, Willis McGahee, Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles, Edgerrin James, LeVeon Bell, DeAngelo Williams, Brian Westbrook, Preist Holmes, Maurice Jones-Drew. Anyone I'm forgetting?