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  1. Brady can do better. On and off the field this year. Before, during, and especially after the games. Win or loss.
  2. There are some sneaky teams in the east to contend with outside of Biston this season. Of course, the Bucks, Raptors, and Heat are there at the top, but to get to the finals there aren't going to be any "pushovers" anymore. The Nets, Hornets, and Sixers are still going to be competitive matchups with potential for upsets in a playoff series. The Pacers and Hawks could be a pesky eighth seed as well. Ultimately, the Celtics are well-positioned to represent the East in an NBA Finals this upcoming season. But to @Troy Brown's point, expectations of such a thing should be met with the reality that they are still more than likely counting on one of their rookies or second year players to be a key contributor off the bench, (on offense in particular). Nesmith can shoot at an NBA level and Romeo Langford can handle/defend at an NBA level too already. It remains to be seen if these young guys are 1.) going to remain healthy and 2.) rise to the occassion when it seems like it is inevitably going to fall on them. The biggest improvements to the Celtics roster thus far seem to be how the players flow between rotations with their skillsets. The several years Ainge has constructed a roster with some players that didn't really fit into the rotation well. Now it appears the C's will be much better between first and second units.
  3. Enter the youth @Troy Brown was talking about in Aaron Nesmith/Romeo Langford/Javonte Green. It is a conundrum because the talent is there but expectations for the team should be tempered with youth in such integral roles. Talented for sure, just young. I like to think the battle tested starting five and additions of Teague and TT will balance it out. Putting Theis in the rotation instead of the starting five should help the youth as well slightly. Robert Williams hopefully can take another step forward, stay healthy, and contribute as an option off the bench.
  4. Got too cute with the talent evaluation and draft selection strategy. Just terrible.
  5. best secondary member, as told to you prior to free agency he would be by yours truly
  6. Honestly can't wait to replace both McCourty's. Just pay Gilmore to be a FS/CB hybrid a la Charles Woodson late in his career and call it a day.
  7. Top Free Agents I expect Ainge/Celtics to pursue are: Danillo Galinari Christian Wood Joe Harris Derrick Favors Derrick Jones Jerami Grant I expect Obi Toppin to be a target in tbe draft.
  8. I think Mike McDaniel deserves a mention as the run game coordinator for the Niners.
  9. he has been pretty good lately but nowhere near that good
  10. I'm totally on board with Jakobi Meyers being developed to be the next QB.
  11. First game he got opportunity it was positive. From there on it has been just too much for him on certain coverage assignments and it has affected the rest of his play. Rookie thrust into too big of a role to handle basically early and as a result has seen his snaps shrink in the last 2-3 games.
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