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  1. Now you all forgot to include the coaching staff to these lists. Gotta imagine there are some changes. Gotta HOPE.
  2. I co-sign everything. I am not sure Bolden and Gunner stick come regular season, and I would tend to expect JC Jackson to get an extension at some point if Bill is here because Bill likes him some JC. I agree with Agholor getting cut and although I can see it happening I would still not necessarily expect it to happen. Hightower and McCourty may just go elsewhere but nonetheless I think they're off the team, or should be in 2022, (baring some miraculous resurgence as the season goes along for Hightower and agrees to a cheap contract). Does this mean you think White will recover from
  3. I'd like to see Jahlani Tavai, Kyle Van Noy, Jonathan Jones, and Joejuan Williams gone as apart of that list. I'm assuming guys like Yasir Durant, Gunner Olszewski, Brandon Bolden, Matt LaCosse, and Chase Winovich are gone too. I wonder if Trent Brown is wanted back if this IR situation is just him being lazy. Quinn Nordin, Jakob Johnson, Devin Asiasi, Yodny Cajuste, and Henry Anderson aren't safe either. Shaq Mason could be dangled for trade if this season continues to go the way it has without him and considering how he was doing before. The coaching staff should be completely retooled with
  4. Simple game. Simple rules. It's 2022 and the Patriots as an organization are looking at what they have. Who is here in 2021 that is gone at this point? Feel free to add as many people to your list as you like.
  5. West: 1. Jazz, 2. Mavericks, 3. Warriors, 4. Lakers, 5. Suns, 6. Trailblazers, 7. Nuggets, 8. Rockets, 9. Kings, 10. Timberwolves, 11. Pelicans, 12. Clippers, 13. Grizzlies, 14. Spurs, 15. Thunder East: 1. Bulls, 2. Bucks, 3. Hawks, 4. Knicks, 5. 76ers, 6. Heat, 7. Celtics, 8. Nets, 9. Hornets, 10. Pacers, 11. Cavaliers, 12. Raptors, 13. Wizards, 14. Magic, 15. Pistons
  6. On the contrary, my bold prediction or hot take is I say the Rockets make the playoffs, or are the ninth team in the Western Conference if not.
  7. It's bad when the law enforcement has better pursuit than you do as a safety in coverage.
  8. Splendid post but you left off a fourth reason and that is the decision making on the offensive play calling/game planning. Whoever you attribute that to most is up for debate. Belichick seems to be the one who decides which guys are held out of games for their mistakes and when to punt or go for it, while McDaniels seems to be the one who overthinks way too often with personnel and situational ball. I'm not sure but it seems like both are equally responsible for the abundance of repeat timely penalties, wasted time outs, porous offensive line, and the egregious lack of enablement and trust in
  9. After first six weeks of 2021 szn: 1. Brady 2. Prescott 3. Herbert 4. Rodgers 5. J. Allen 6. Murray 7. Mahomes 8. R. Wilson* 9. Stafford 10. Jackson 11. Ryan 12. Burrow HM: 13. M. Jones 14. Wentz 15. Cousins 16. Carr The top ten on my list to this point are all just playing in general at an elite level in 2021. I don't rank based solely on 2021 which is important for people to note, however I do weekly updates to my list.
  10. Hopefully Kraft hires him in the off season to be their new HC.
  11. Yeah probably. Only thing in their way is the Rams, TB12, Cardinals, and maybe Packers. Then in the big game the Browns, Chargers, Bills, Ravens, and Chiefs could be formidable. But to me, this is the Cowboys year. I am rooting for them if not the Patriots to win it all. (I also wouldn't mind seeing Justin Herbert and the Chargers get one.)
  12. I think Smart/Brown/RWill for KAT/Beasley checks out fine. Probably have picks included. Always is.
  13. ? I don't want Beal and I take it the Celtics aren't that interested either.
  14. @NYRaiderI'd like Karl Anthony Towns. Give up Jaylen and Smart as the main chips and get KAT. Probably throw Rob Williams and Malik Beasley into the deal.
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