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  1. Patriots release: 1909 - Nick Thurman - 43DE 0569 - D'Angelo Ross - CB
  2. Top 10 Free Agents You Expect: 10. Russell Okung 9. DeSean Jackson 8. Mitch Trubisky 7. Kevin Pierre-Lewis 6. Kyler Fackrell 5. Denico Autry 4. Matt Judon 3. Trey Hendrickson 2. Jonnu Smith 1. Morgan Fox
  3. Great player, reminds me of Dont'a Hightower in a lot of aspects.
  4. Kerry Hyder, Benson Mayowa, and Tyler Lancaster stand out to me as great value for their position. Nice job.
  5. DeSean Jackson is going to make the Patriots better IRL when Belichick recruits him. But alas, I tried. Good job Bengals.
  6. Just got a weird wave of sadness at how there are no more 90's players active. It's been a while, but I guess that is sort of the point. You forget as time starts to slip by and then see something like this and it hits you. Dam. I grew up with the 90's and 00's. Just thankful to be around for it all this time.
  7. I have little doubt that Jenkins is capable.
  8. Patriots trade 4th round pick, 144th overall, to the Colts for 1356 - Jordan Wilkins - RB.
  9. He’s been known to give me a little red rocket Dalton in my pants before...
  10. Great resource but my iPad app keeps closing out. Manages to update then shuts down. Maybe too much info on the document for the app to handle?
  11. Best of the rest: Celtics, Nuggets, Warriors, Spurs, Raptors, Grizzlies, Hornets, Heat, Mavericks
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