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  1. Can Ryan Tannehill be THE GUY for Tennessee?

    something something Nick Foles
  2. We're on to the bye...

    Of course I want to see the Niners lose. Only team I want with the top record or to be undefeated is the Patriots.
  3. We're on to the bye...

  4. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I agree, even though there is certainly a market for Betts over $300 million, I don't think he is worth it to the Red Sox.
  5. Boston Celtics Thread

    Javonte Green is going to make Semi Ojeleye more expendable. Hopefully Tremont Waters gets some run too eventually if Brad Wanamaker doesn't start to establish consistency. Theis played slightly better tonight than the stink he's been otherwise this season. So there's that too.
  6. Who are the top ten QBs right now?

    No. Th rest of the list looks solid, but this.
  7. Who are the top ten QBs right now?

  8. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread (through Week 8)

    Rams belong in the same tier @RandyMossIsBoss as the Bills and Panthers. Raiders through Cardinals is a different tier.
  9. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | luka doncic

    Still early but the Celtics have shown resolve. I like their chances a lot this season.
  10. Boston Celtics Thread

    He wasn’t good defensively in the first half at all. I stopped paying close attention in the second half.
  11. Boston Celtics Thread

    Theis has been awful lately.
  12. Quarterback Rankings (through week 9)

    I mean, the money quarterbacks are paid has been ridiculous for a few years now. Not the biggest secret that the position is inflated, (i.e. overvalued). Then again, compared to the NFL owners, players generally stand to take a bigger piece of the pie home. 🙄
  13. Midseason Survey

    I think Michel is currently an above average NFL back who he has been let down by the offensive line as well as play-calling/game planning. Great runner? Eh, definitely not elite but certainly a capable full time starter. Michel has break away speed, good blitz pickup, and is dynamic enough to function as a pass catcher as well as a short yardage back. Gore, Bell, White Chubb, Mixon, Connor, Ingram Mack Jacobs Barkley, Elliott Cook McCaffrey Kamara David Johnson Gurley Carson Those are the upper echelon backs. I put Michel in the same category with: Lindsay, Breida, Ekeler, Miles Sanders, Gordon, Fournette, Kerryon Johnson, Henry, Coleman, Dion Lewis, Damien Williams, Howard, Aaron Jones, Royce Freeman, Jamaal Williams, McCoy, Hyde, Peterson, Devin Singletary, Gus Edwards