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  1. It would be nice to see the player names removed from the jerseys!
  2. One of the top two trades in NFL history. Moss trade and Hershel Walker trade! Moss was traded to the Oakland Raiders for linebacker Napoleon Harris and the Raiders' first (7th overall, which Minnesota parlayed into wide receiver Troy Williamson) and seventh-round picks in the NFL draft. This was a trainwreck. In addition to players, the Cowboys received Minnesota’s first, second, and sixth round pick in 1990; first and second round pick in 1991; and first, second and third round draft pick in 1992. Set up the cowboys for a decade!!
  3. GB defense allowing Tampa Bay to convert 5 of 5 3rd and LONG in the first half along with that fourth and long TD pass to end the first half was the kill shot to the Packers. Too much to overcome when you can't stop a team!
  4. Stafford to Tampa Bay after brady wins the Super Bowl and walks into the sunset!
  5. Fond memories https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_Bowl_(1985)#:~:text=The Snow Bowl is the,known for its heavy snow.
  6. This^^^^^ I certainly would have liked to see your healthy DL against our healthy OL. Losing the #1 left tackle in the league hurts!
  7. Is pittsburgh really 11-2 or actually 2-11? They really look like ***. The bengel defense is writing the script on how to handle the steelers.
  8. This is my thought exactly The onside kick was really poor camera work. Nothing to overturn that one. I thought he was out of bounds when he got control of the ball as well. Both good calls.
  9. I thought the refs got the calls correct. Nothing definitive to overturn the call on either play.
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