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  1. Pretty fair assessment of the Rams. You and I have talked about the oline leading up to the draft. I get that you question our replacement for Saffold but McVay and Kromer have a plan and the Rams draft ahead of a position being a need. Last year Noteboom and Allen were taken to give them a year to learn without having to slot in a rookie. Both were given a lot of first team practice and are further ahead than people outside of the Rams realize. I’m not saying Noteboom is going to step in and it be a flawless transition but there is a lot of confidence from the coaches in him and Allen. Let’s not forget that Saffold was a good lineman, not the pro bowl caliber player he is now, and he was improved by the coaching and scheme. The same guys that did that, resurrected Blythe and somewhat Sullivan feel confident in these two second year players. Looking at this years draft you can count on Evans and Edwards to be the depth at Guard and tackle. One of them will be the successor to Noteboom next year with him replacing Whitworth. There are a lot of question marks at edge for sure. How much will Clay provide! Fowler in spite of not putting up big sack numbers had a good run with the Rams. Ebukam has some huge games and some games you had to check he was even active. One guy you didn’t mention that I saw was Obo Okowronko. He was basically red shirted last year and will have a shot this year. Lastly thank you for mentioning special teams. Coach Bones is very good at what he does and we love the guy. Returner is up for grabs imo. Will Henderson get a shot there or will one of the UDFA unseat JoJo Natson. That might be the only real camp battle outside of the Edge depth.
  2. First football game I watched was Super Bowl XIV. I picked the Rams before the game and have stuck with them even living in enemy territory my whole life. I’ve watched Rams players on tv most people here have never heard of.
  3. That's a 2 dual edged sword though because at times he could, like most all scrambling QB's, make them look bad and cause holding penalties or ineligible lineman downfield penalties. We've seen it countless times in the past. He'll have some great plays and some that hurt them. He's dynamic and they should be better off for it but both will happen.
  4. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Rams and Raiders to have joint practices in Napa. August 7th and 8th. They play their preseason game the 10th in Oakland.
  5. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Lots of joy one day of pain. Life will go on I'm sure.
  6. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Thank you for this! Haven't had this good of a laugh in a very long time. After all the garbage the Dodgers took around here for saying teams were stealing their signs in the playoffs. And then Walker 3 hit shutout 0 bb 16k Buehler happens tonight. I appreciate you making this Friday night so entertaining.
  7. There goes the neighborhood.
  8. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Ryu has a 17:1 k:bb ratio and none of his 5 walks on the year have scored.
  9. General Season Talk

  10. General Season Talk

    You guys are welcome to worry about it all you want. But until we see something or hear from the Rams that there's a problem we can only go off what they're saying.
  11. General Season Talk

  12. General Season Talk

    Former Ram Eric Patterson, a CB who didn't play much or for long with the Rams. He might have only been a practice squad player. He died to a gunshot wound today.
  13. Jets hire Eagles VP Joe Douglas as GM

  14. General Season Talk

    And they're all signed.
  15. Come see the LASED