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  1. Sorry Rammy thought you were smart enough to know what I was saying and the distinction.
  2. There’s a difference between wouldn’t and shouldn’t. But I don’t expect people to understand that distinction.
  3. Now we know why Lynn is adamant that Tyrod is starting when healthy.
  4. Darious Williams with the huge pick in the end zone. Might have saved the game for the Rams.
  5. Logical? Not that I can think of, maybe the punt team was out there and they're used to just watching the pretty pigskin spin?
  6. That onside kick still baffles me what the Falcons ST's were doing.
  7. Looks like teams trying to block AD99 about every other play.
  8. Condolences to White and his family.
  9. Nope, obvious defense jump offsides so he aired it out like any smart QB should.
  10. This one? https://[LINK ERROR]/592v1x
  11. Allen hauling that in wow good throw too.
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