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  1. Yeah fan perception wasn’t very high for Waldron, he struggled early and it wasn’t entirely his fault. The 2019 and 2020 seasons when he was pass game coordinator were steps back for the Rams.
  2. I'm sure he'll get looks because he's been with McVay for a few years now. His impact is hard to tell from a fan perspective. McVay does the game planning and play calling. KoC implements the gameplan during the practice week and gets the guys ready. When he does we'll see Zac Robinson and especially Thomas Brown move into OC roles with the Rams or with KoC if he gets a HC gig. The one I hope never gets touched is Eric Yarber, mans one of if not the best WR coach in the game.
  3. Mundt got hurt and McVay said something about it being serious.
  4. Good win and great 5-1 record. Sooner or later we're going to have to have a good first quarter though. The bad 1st against the Cardinals is what buried us that game and it can't keep happening. Celebrating the win!
  5. 653 yards 7 TD Pretty good start there Mr Kupp.
  6. Yup he goes from a bad Jeff Fisher Rams to a bad Lions team.
  7. Sitting the old man with the game well in hand. Never saw him hurt or getting looked at.
  8. After all the trash Rapp has taken around here no props for his int? He's used right and makes some plays I'm happy for the kid. Also Kupp is returning punts because McVay doesn't trust Atwell yet back there with his hands. Anytime the returner is lining up inside the 20 it will be Kupp if it's outside there it's Atwell. The rookie needs to figure it out.
  9. I'm too old for this kind of stress! Great series and season Giants fans.
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