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  1. Week 15 - Rams at Seahawks

    McVay discusses TruJo is good to go that he was incorrect initially reporting that he was in concussion protocol It sounds like only Rob Havenstein and Robert Woods would have been limited had they practiced today. He says both should be good for Sunday though.
  2. What's Up With Sammy Watkins?

    Yeah that all depends on some cuts that may or may not happen. It really is going to come down to his salary wants and how much he likes the Rams coaching and the offense with Goff going forward.
  3. What's Up With Sammy Watkins?

    Gotcha a month ago, since then they've announced the cap will go up between 10-12 million. Figure it'll go up 10 just like the last couple years under the current TV deals. Some sites right now are factoring us at 50-52 million depending on their preferences.
  4. What's Up With Sammy Watkins?

    Not. Sure where you're getting 8 from. We currently have 51 with a potential 5 rollover. We can also move or cut Austin, Quinn and Barron and save about 30 more. We could head into next year with as much as $85 million. As I said we have plenty of cap space.
  5. What's Up With Sammy Watkins?

    We have plenty of cap room to keep those guys and extend AD. And can make more with a couple of trades or cuts.
  6. Week 15 - Rams at Seahawks

    McVay has said Tru is good. He had a stinger and was never in concussion protocol like somebody reported.
  7. General Season Talk

    And the big man doing good on his birthday.
  8. Week 15 - Rams at Seahawks

    Nope NFL feels JuJu is a problem but what those scumbags led by Bennett did is fine.
  9. General Season Talk

    Happy birthday to our stud LT.
  10. Week 15 - Rams at Seahawks

    We need Saffold to plow that piece of dung Bennett like this about a dozen times.
  11. Week 15 - Rams at Seahawks

    Gotta be honest with the state of officiating and with the NFL being completely dishonest in it's discipline. With the fact the union is just as much to blame for all this for agreeing to all of it during the last CBA negotiation. With how much it costs to be a fan of this game and how they treat us fans. I'm really losing my interest in this league. I've loved this game for a long time, being a Rams fan for 38 years now. And I've never been so disgusted with anything in my life as the current state of the NFL. The fact that none of those scumbag Seahawks are going to get suspended for the crap they pulled at the end of the game yesterday just might push me away from this game. I really want to get excited for this game but I just can't bring myself to that level at the moment.
  12. The Seattle vs Jacksonville Incident

    Add Carolina fans to the list. They were throwing stuff on Chris Long after he was ejected three years ago. Rumors are, though many people are claiming it's a lie, that Rams fans on the Metro after the game were chanting acl when Eagles fans were also there. There are disgusting people in every city and fan base.
  13. General Season Talk

    Cooper Kupp has set the Rams record for rookie receptions with 55. He needs 142 yards and 2 TD to break those numbers. Receptions and Yards rookie numbers were formerly held by Eddie Kinnisson and TD's were I believe held by Holt.
  14. Week 14 - Rams vs Eagles

    Regarding Trumaine any ref worth a damn would have seen both guys were doing it and it was instigated by Jeffery and let it go or at worst call off setting. That was just one of many many bad officiating moves today though. I'm pretty sure your interior linemen still have their hands on Donald's jersey and one guy has his arm still wrapped around his neck, which is an accomplishment with him being on a flight back to Philly. There were so many bad calls going on it was sad. Call it bad both ways and that's tolerable. The way this went down is a sour pill to take.