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  1. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    Keep coming back to the thought that the young OL did pretty damned good last night against a good front 7. There was also that nice play where Higbeast 1 on 1 took Mack out of a play. Lots to have enjoyed from them last night.
  2. Week 11 - Bears @ Rams

    The boys did good today!
  3. The Myles Garrett incident

    Put a fork in him he's done for this season.
  4. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I agree, and I'm shocked Zaidi didn't trade Bum and more than just him to restock.
  5. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Kind of need to, the farm isn't stellar so everything they can do to boost it helps. Count on Zhaidi doing everything he can to maximize the draft and the international pool.
  6. Astros Stole Signs in 2017

    Cheating sons of ..... Ban them all and take the trophy away.
  7. NFL Week 10 GDT

    You should see how many people including myself have the Saints in the survivor pool.
  8. General Season Talk

  9. General Season Talk

  10. Biggest steals of the NFL Draft?

    Deacon Jones was a 14th round pick.
  11. General Season Talk

  12. Gurley's best days behind him?

    We might see more from him in the 2nd half of the season. But you said it yourself YPC is very similar. Gurley has a longer biggest gain. The only teams that they both played against they were very similar. I think it's like a lot of other things, it's fun to pile on TG so people do it. Henderson might end up being better for us but right now they're not very different. Each was bad against Atl and each was good against Cincy. As for the changing out during a series we haven't seen McVay do that much at all this year. When a back goes in for a drive they almost always stay in for the whole drive. Also McVay is planning on using all of them if people bother to follow the teams reporters.