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  1. You mean all the coaches that didn’t draft him and the 31 coaches that didn’t sign him this off season with the other one leaving him on the bench behind a QB that some fans think is terrible? Oh and the only reason he started is because that supposed terrible QB broke a thumb then still played better than Wolford even while having his throwing hand thumb the size of a hot pocket. Yeah it’s comical.
  2. This line of thought that Wolford is capable of being a good starter in the nfl is comical.
  3. Wolford excites McVay so he’s pushing Goff was your implication.
  4. Haha ok you got it Wolford is better than Goff. Wonder if he’ll ever learn to slide.
  5. Minshew isn’t an upgrade or somebody to push Jared. A 2nd or 3rd round pick in this draft isn’t very likely to be able to push Jared. That’s where they are screwing this all up the most. Unless they get Watson or Rodgers which are both very unlikely they aren’t getting somebody to push or compete with Jared they just keep screwing up this team with how they’re handling this.
  6. As a business man and what I do if somebody was saying the things like this about my competition and I went in there to secure their business I know I wouldn't have to offer them much because they want to make a change. From a business standpoint this is the absolute worst way to start any negotiations. From a business standpoint in trying to get the most you can for lets say trading Jared they've absolutely dumped in their pants just horrible way to do business. That's why I think this is a bunch of smoke meant to inspire Jared to work harder or they might do something in the future. Snead an
  7. Yeah not upset at this loss honestly. Next man up to get promoted before he's ready because McVay chose him.
  8. Wow they go from Shotty Jr to Waldron? That's brave.
  9. I can't see the NFLPA agreeing to a cut in the salary cap that would have 40% of the teams over the cap and having to cut players to get under. The cap staying flat for a year or two is a much more realistic idea IMO. Even then a handful will have to make some moves but that's the case every year.
  10. Lewis, another oft injured guy to rotate/back up Obo but is there anybody on the roster to do that for Hollins?
  11. So Goff beats Brady, Rodgers beats Goff and Brady beats Rodgers. Life in the NFL.
  12. Fun moments in the clubhouse being on the same team as Ryu and Stripling.
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