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  1. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    I’m seeing Diaz, Alvarez, Wong and Robinson for Manny and international money we are using for Mesa. Mesa will replace Diaz and we have a handful of guys like Alvarez. Wong and Robinson are nothing exciting.
  2. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    Shame on Jared for not putting up as good of numbers in his first year starting at Tom Brady in his 17th. How will us Rams fans ever be able to cheer for a guy like that. Brandin Cooks will have a good year this year in LA with Jared Goff throwing to him in Sean McVay's offense.
  3. Cardinals suspend GM Steve Keim 5 games

    What I heard was it would be in the off season/preseason. A time a GM likely does more impactful work.
  4. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5-year extension

    Great news and the terms look about as expected.
  5. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    Score if true https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1019304242341928960 Donalds extension will happen. He is working out like Pace used to for us. Hold out to avoid camp and injuries then sign in time for the season.
  6. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    Rumor is the piece was upgraded so they would take Forsythe to keep us under the next level of luxury tax.
  7. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    True but the counter could be said as well, the Hall will be around for forever, and the blemish that's TO will be forgotten in a dozen years when a player is inducted who was better than TO on the field and did it without the circus side show. The next generation of fans won't care that either side did this when their players are inducted.
  8. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    To not go and accept the honor with all the other people inducted with you seems just as petty. Neither the Hall or TO get a pass in this. But the complaint that he's not getting a video or anything during the induction ceremony is all on TO himself.
  9. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    They will acknowledge him, his name will be read at the start of the event along with all the other inductees. If he doesn't want to be there then why should they devote time to him other than that? He made the choice to not go, he's gonna have to live with the being in the Hall but not having an induction.
  10. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Isn’t that what OJ went to jail for in that Vegas hotel incident?
  11. Rams OG Jamon Brown suspended 2 games

    From watching him play when he was in and in the preseason. Havenstein at guard was bad so was Brown at RT.
  12. Rams OG Jamon Brown suspended 2 games

    He’s quality but might be the weakest link on the line. Austin Blythe saw time at Guard last year and iirc started week 17 when we sat our starters. He showed really well there last year and could get the nod. This is a contract year for Brown and we drafted Jamile Memby late to probably take over so if he shows we’ll in camp it could also be him.
  13. Jamon Brown suspended first two games

    Idiot, start off your contract year like this. So I'm betting either Blythe who put in time at Guard last year or Demby get the nod.
  14. Kam Chancellor announced his retirement

  15. Browns sign OT Greg Robinson

    Wow yeah I never knew the details of that trade /s