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  1. MNF Week 6: Colts @ Titans

    I'll second that, going to lose on MNF to him.
  2. Week 6 - Rams at Jaguars

    I think they're going about it wrong. Get some chemistry going with th short and mid range stuff. Stop force feeding deep balls. He can make plays after the catch no need to have most all of the passes to Sammy be deep.
  3. NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers take 2

    Post game nterview I'm sure you've seen by now he said Wade was being held out for the save.
  4. Sorry for that idiot, he doesn't represent all of us. Best of luck the rest of the way.
  5. Week 6 - Rams at Jaguars

    Wasn't pretty but it was a good win. Our young team is now 3-0 on the road guys let that sink in! Defense balled out after surrendering that long TD and Special Teams were awesome. Time to take care of the Cards in London and then enjoy a week off.
  6. Week 6 GDT

    Same thing happened to the Rams last week. Called a touchdown for Gurley call reversed and ruled a fumble out the back of the end zone and Seattle ball.
  7. NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers take 2

    Why do this Roberts? Watson has a 3 run lead you're just throwing more pitches on Jensen it will be a long series!
  8. NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers take 2

    I hate the rule it will be sad if that play is a deciding factor in the series. When in doubt do what Dodger fans do, blame the Giants.
  9. NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers take 2

    Looks like he broke the Posey rule blocking the plate.
  10. Rams sign Alec Ogletree to 4 year extension

    He hasn't done much to earn that contract this year.
  11. NLDS: Cubs vs. Nationals

    As a west coaster I get MLB wanting to get tv viewers and starting this game this late. But to screw with the two teams fan bases just doesn't make sense.
  12. Rams Cut SS Maurice Alexander

    Yeah he sure is an enthusiastic player. Two reasons he was drafted though, the main being he is talented and Wade liked him. But just as big is both our safeties to start the year are in the last year of their contracts.