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  1. Add to that the unknown that is David Long is only signed through 2022 and it’s a very real need imo.
  2. Would like to sign him for more than just the one year tender but glad this is done.
  3. There are Rams fans who think McVay is on the hot seat too. Four winning seasons and three playoffs after fifteen years of the worst football ever. I may not agree with things he and Snead do but we have it pretty good. As for Tomlin it makes sense, he gets a couple years after Ben to build his team and we’ll see where it goes.
  4. Wouldn't hate it but I question whether the Rams are that interested in an ILB. They haven't shown a great interest in drafting anybody at that position or signing a free agent. Add that to the fact that Howard had the job before he got hurt last year but he should be back this year and I honestly would be shocked if we draft one before the 6th round. I'm in the camp that CB is a major need. Williams might (he hasn't signed the tender yet and could be signed away though not sure it's really a possibility) and we lost Hill who played like 96% of defensive snaps. Unfortunately Long hasn't
  5. Time to rename the comeback player award.
  6. Also not in his character. The only way I could see something like that is if the guy tries to change the target to any of his family or friends who were there he'd sue to counter any money the guy wins. There are clearly people who went too far but I just can't see AD doing this. Most of the people at this party were supposedly his friends and/or family.
  7. Yeah there are definitely some people who pushed it way too far as usually happens in these situations. But I think this clears AD and the notion that he's just a violent guy that can't control himself some pushed just doesn't mesh with what those of us that have followed him see from the guy. Everybody gets some personal fouls on the field and guys like AD and double teams and hit as much as he gets it will get bent once in a while. On a side note the guy who pulled him off was his brother and unconfirmed reports are the Rams are checking with AD to see if his bro can play anything on the OLi
  8. I think we're more likely to see one of the Edges or a CB if the board falls like it does here. Unless Morris changes the pattern for the Rams they just don't seem to put much emphasis on an ILB. The guy who was slated to start there last year is an former UDFA who missed last year to injury but is coming back and they seem to love him. We brought back Floyd be we don't have much opposite him though there were high hopes for Lewis last year in the 3rd but like in college he just can't seem to stay healthy. At CB we lost Hill who took something like 95% of snaps and Williams hasn't signed
  9. Works for me, I think I'd be happy with almost any of the picks left on the board at that point.
  10. I'm on board with CB being a big need. Not sure how big of a need the Rams think it will be but with losing Hill and him taking 95% of defensive snaps last year that's a lot of game time to be replaced. We quite honestly haven't seen enough of Long to know if he can do it and we also don't know if we sign Williams for anything more than a year. It is a need for this year IMO and a huge need for the future. And Samuel isn't the only one I'd target in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  11. @ET80 Might want to open back up the thread in new sub with the video evidence but it looks like AD going to be just fine. The guy should be thanking him.
  12. Donald's lawyer saying there's video and eye witness reports that AD actually saved Spriggs. https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2021/04/16/interview-with-aaron-donalds-defense-attorney/
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