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  1. Don't usually say something like no chance but there were bridges burned on his way out the door with Snead and McVay. Love the guy and he makes sense but not sure either side would do it.
  2. Another lottery ticket as they say. Yeah I think it would be interesting.
  3. Would be pretty interesting, just not sure we do it with a few projects a TE already.
  4. This will make it hard for him to get on a roster.
  5. First thing I see in his scouting is 96,ph throwing to first. Pitcher convert incoming!
  6. Dodgers are all pitcher picks as well and my Roberts hating dad is ready to fire him and Friedman because of it 😀
  7. Also not coincidence they released these this year. We’re hosting the SB and the NFC is the away team. So we come out with a throwback to what we wore when the GSOT won it
  8. That number font is still complete garbage. The rest is something you can work with.
  9. Reports are he’s retiring due to a chronic ankle injury. He also wasn’t good last year. Not sure I’d get excited about a 30 year old OL with chronic ankle problems.
  10. Not ripping him for how bad they were but ripping him for his selection of ST coach that's 100% his responsibility there's no ducking out from that. Just as he gets credit for hiring Staley he gets the blame for Bonamego you can't have it both ways. Although a lot of people would have thought he'd make a change at kicker sooner. You could also excuse him and Bonamego for some of the problems based on health issues the coach went through which is why he's an advisor now instead of running ST. It has nothing to do with bitter or not it's simply counter to what some people do with the Rams a
  11. It seems Stafford and Kupp are best friends now.
  12. A follow up tweet from Jourdan
  13. From all reports last year Howard was the starter until he got hurt. Granted we have a DC change but one might assume he's in that same spot again going forward with the LB coach staying the same and advising Morris.
  14. You'd have to think with his knees at this point in time he's little more than a veteran 3rd or 4th back. Problem is those guys usually play special teams and I seriously doubt he can do that or hold up long doing it. Not even sure he has any past ties to Lynn so yeah have to think he's just a vet minimum depth at this point in the career. Good guy though, still does community work in the LA area to this day.
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