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  1. Baseball forum experiment

    Sorry really don't have the time right now I'd be somebody's helper at best.
  2. Tavon Austin

    Trading for him right now is very cost effective actually. We already paid his roster bonus and it's on our books. His base pay is all a team would be on the hooks for at $3.5 million. Next year he has a roster bonus of $5 million that becomes guaranteed on the 3rd day of the league year. So he could essentially be a 1 year $3.5 million rental.
  3. NFL Nearing 5-year extension for Roger Goodell until 2024

    He'll stock around for a new CBA and the LA and LV stadiums opening then retire a very rich man.
  4. Expectations for Jared Goff

    Full McVay presser http://www.therams.com/videos/videos/Sean-McVay-Postgame-Press-Conference-8-19/be035b46-50f4-40bd-9601-2c89c388ca4e Full compliment of them up at the site too including that bust Goff.
  5. Dodgers trade for Curtis Granderson

    I know you were hoping for more but he's really just looked like a AAAA reliever who just came back from the DL. He debuted on our rankings after being drafted and never really impressed.
  6. Preseason WK2: Rams vs Raiders

    Watching the replay now, I was at a baseball game. This is a very rewarding watch. Goff has looked very good. Gurley is running well, hitting the holes and following his blocking while not going down on first contact. The OLine has been very good, Mack's one sack that sent the Raiders announcers into a state of collective orgasm was against 2 TE and neither are known for their blocking. All Kupp does is make plays. Defense for missing at least half our starters has been good in the first half. This referee might be worse than Millen which is an accomplishment. So very happy so far with our draft's performance, haven't watched the 2nd half yet though.
  7. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    They just can't help themselves it seems. Every game we concede one in the first couple minutes of the 2nd half.
  8. The LA Dodgers Thread

    Yu Darvish wasn't with the team last night. He stayed behind in LA for a couple days to house hunt. I like the sound of that if he's buying could signal he'd want to resign after the season.
  9. Expectations for Jared Goff

    Hey if you want to get all your Rams news from Gonzalez then by all means enjoy. Rams fans have talked to him at camp and asked him why he doesn't report anything positive after Goff does well and he laughs them off. Personally I'm going to watch video's of the practice and see what Rams fans say, both good and bad. And get a variety of sources. Some people just thrive on the negative though. We'll see how he looks tonight.
  10. Preseason WK2: Rams vs Raiders

    More snaps from Goff and how the right side of the OLine particularly Brown does. Ready to see Reynolds and Thomas in action and see what they can provide. I'm curious to see if those guys that sat out last week on defense get some action even if it's a limited couple of series. That's my watch list for tonight.
  11. Dodgers trade for Curtis Granderson

    https://mobile.twitter.com/Dodgers/status/898760602239156225 Cleared room for him on the 40 man. Joc could be going to AAA to get some AB to break out of his slump with Grandy and Taylor platooning in CF.
  12. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Back to launching things into orbit in Florida it seems.
  13. Dodgers trade for Curtis Granderson

    I wonder if there's another move. We have Bellinger who'll be spending time in the OF with AGon back, Chris Taylor, Joc Pederson and Puig to go with Grandy. We have an abundance of left handed bats as well.