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  1. Steelers to release S Morgan Burnett

    Wasn’t this expected with Barron signing?
  2. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Sounds a lot like when we drafted Greg Robinson, only he was drafted much higher.
  3. Lions sign RB Malcolm Brown to offer sheet; Rams match

    We had tendered him original draft round which was a UDFA. Allowed him to go shopping and matched.
  4. Lions sign RB Malcolm Brown to offer sheet; Rams match

    He still might get it, we'll see how McVay dishes out carries this season.
  5. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Or Mark Barron, or Austin Blythe or John Sullivan or many others. Nothing in particular I simply asked a question about a player that was being shopped at a position that we could use unless Clay is going to play there and Littleton comes back. I don't particularly want this guy. Just floating it out there in our pretty dead sub.
  6. Free Agency News & Rumors

    You ask that like we haven't traded for and been rewarded for taking people other teams wanted to get rid of in the past. I get it he's been a disappointment to them. Stranger things have happened though buying low of the scrap heaps.
  7. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Pretty much what I thought. Question becomes then what would we offer? A 6th? We know how Les loves him a 6th round pick.
  8. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Rumor is the Jets are looking for a third to trade Darron Lee. Any takers?
  9. UPDATED MOCK!! (New Coach.....New QB?)

    Aging center is already gone, we didn’t pick up Sullivan’s option. We have Brian Allen we drafted in the 4th last year and he got a lot of first team reps with the way McVay and Kromer run practices. He’s also spoken very highly of by them which makes the pick questionable. Also there is Austin Blythe at RG with center experience but that opens a hole at Guard. Saffold is gone and the plan plan right now is last years 3rd round pick Joe Noteboom will play LG until Whitworth retires then he’ll move out to LT. An IOL makes sense but it may end up being a couple depth guys later. I do do like McCoy and Lindstrom who is another IOL possibility here, just not sure they go that way. Others are likely to disagree with me but I get the feeling this pick will be a depth/rotational guy this year and called on to start next year. Which is why I’m leaning Ya-Sin or Mullen’s here. Talib is aging and on his last year and Peters is on his last year. So a corner taken this year could start in 2020 after being a nickel or dime player in 2019.
  10. UPDATED MOCK!! (New Coach.....New QB?)

    Love the trade down. Not sure we go McCoy though, I like the player it’s just hard to tell right now which way they go. Could be iol, dt, cb, Edge or a safety.
  11. Blake Bortles signs w/ Rams

    Yes it works out with this offset language in contracts that Jacksonville would have to pay the difference between what he signed for and the $6.5 million in his contracts offset money.