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  1. Patriots fined and docked draft pick for sideline filming incident

    NFL is as big of a joke as MLB. Just keep rubber stamping cheating.
  2. SoFi Stadium

    I’m not defensive I’m honestly curious why people care so much about this. Instead of comments how great it looks there are negative comments about the cost and overruns. People seem upset that a billionaire and his business partners are upset that they’re spending their own billions to build their own Taj Majal. As I said before at least they’re spending their own money. You’re worried because of some unconfirmed cost number is higher than the initial estimates when that means nothing to anybody other than the guy footing the bill. If this was using public funds I’d care, since it’s not using public money who gives a damn how much it costs.
  3. SoFi Stadium

    And how much would that stadium cost if built in California? Hint a hell of a lot more than it costs in Vegas. Also Vegas is being built on the public dime, that changes everything.
  4. SoFi Stadium

    Yes there’s a lot more in the $6 billion number than just the stadium. There’s also a full years delay due to losing the first year to heavy rains. In the end who cares how much it costs? Stan and his partners are paying for everything, there’s no public money involved.
  5. SoFi Stadium

  6. SoFi Stadium

    Got it you don't know what is going on so you call it a debacle.
  7. SoFi Stadium

    Some new pics the Rams released.
  8. SoFi Stadium

  9. SoFi Stadium

    Financial debacle?
  10. SoFi Stadium

    New drone video of it. The Occulus is a 120 yard long scoreboard that weighs 2.2 million pounds. It is 4k from end to end inside and out. They expect to employ 80-85 people to create content for it. It houses 260 speakers and hosts 56 5g antennas. It took 43 trucks to haul the Occulus to the stadium. The stadium itself will seat 70,240 with the ability to add another 30,000. It's slated to host Super Bowl 56. It's also scheduled to host the 2023 NCAA football championship game. The Mountain West Conference and the Pac-12 will have a new Bowl Game in the stadium, supposed to start this year we'll see about that. It is being added as a site for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, it was left off the initial list of stadiums because it wasn't completed at the time of the bid. It is also involved in the 2028 Summer Olympics. And for some the biggest deal would be Wrestlemania 37 hosted there in March of 2021. It's also home to the Rams and Chargers. Attached to the stadium is also a 6,000 seat performance arts venue.
  11. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Three good college arms! Friedman drafting and developing pitchers and signing/trading for hitters.
  12. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Bobby Miller is somebody mocked to us a lot and the pick makes sense. He even looks like Walker Buehler’s little brother.
  13. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    As a Dodger fan I’m a season ticket holder to the DBacks AAA team and the USL team that plays in the same stadium. It’s the environment and feel for the game that made me fall in love with both sports.
  14. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    It’s a shame that due to both parties a lot of fans are forever going to turn off baseball. I’ve loved this sport and went to my first games before a lot of you were born and I’m not sure I’ll turn it back on again right away or ever. In all this blustering from each side I’ve yet to see either side say anything about the fans except wondering if they’ll be able to get ticket and concession revenue from us.
  15. LA Stadium seeking more money

    Interesting comments blaming Kroeber, Snead and the Rams. This is in large part due to the fact that the Chargers ardunable to sell PSL’s. The financing for the stadium was set up with the Chargers sending an estimated $400 million from their PSL sales. Last report was the Chargers don’t think they’ll be able to reach $150 million in sales. With Stan not needing the money personally and disliking Spanos I’d wager this is solely done to stick him with his share of this money. Also @Danger not sure what you mean by not footing the bill. Aside from the G4 loan this is all financed by Stan and the proceeds from PSL sales. There is no public money and very little from the Chargers revenues. In fact Stan has put in $1.8 billion of his personal money. No public funds to this stadium except a rebate if tax revenues for the city of Inglewood exceed a certain number to reimburse the Rams for paying for the infrastructure work the Rams have paid for.