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  1. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    I think the Goff and Higbee extensions ensure it will be his last year with us. Fowler, Whitworth, Talib and Peters will be difficult to resign as well.
  2. How are the refs so awful

    The worst are the plays where they place the ball after in the wrong spot. A coach challenges the play and they still get it wrong. Everybody watching and even the announcers see it but they get it wrong twice.
  3. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    That throw!
  4. Who will win league MVP?!?!

    Lamar Jackson will be the first RB to win it in a long time.
  5. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    Fowler took 89% of snaps, Matthews 55% and Ebukam 52%. Patrick took 2 snaps. Just fyi
  6. How are the refs so awful

    Absolutely, you asked me a question and I responded. If I’m not allowed to do that just let me know.
  7. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    The run defense rebounded nicely and I agree Hager, while not in a lot, has been impactful in the run game. I expect a guy like Jordan to have a good game he’s very good. No problem with Big Rob struggling. I was annoyed a couple times that Gurley didn’t help chip him a couple times though. Demby started a little rough but settled in. Allen and Noteboom were ok other than a penalty each. They’ll continue to improve IMO. Taylor Rapp is amazing! Such a player for a rookie. Our safeties are set for a few years. Cooper Kupp is my favorite player now. Goff along with the OLine started a little rough but he was nails in the 2nd half. All in all it was a good win and on to Cleveland.
  8. How are the refs so awful

    His tweet is what has people arguing about the rtp on the play that is the only reason I brought it up. I’d also wager he has a pretty good understanding of the rules.
  9. Rams stadium naming rights to SoFi

    Most of us were thinking that from the start which of course is why it didn’t happen.
  10. Brees is a class act, hoping for the best.
  11. How are the refs so awful

    Tell it to Gene, his twitter is right there maybe he'll answer a question.
  12. How your team rookie have looked like week 2

    Taylor Rapp was pretty impressive in both run and pass defense today.
  13. How are the refs so awful

    If I were to guess I'd wager one of two things. Hit to the head or hitting him high and low. But I'm not sure, might be a question for Gene.
  14. Week 2 - Rams vs Saints

    Talk about a stiff arm!